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Popular Types of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood remains one of the most popular flooring options for residential as well as commercial clients. It has been used on numerous surfaces with exemplary results. Luckily, there are numerous hardwood flooring options in the market to meet the needs of different clients and situations. Armstrong hardwood is an example of why you should choose hardwood flooring. But why do many people prefer hardwoods for their floors?

  • Elegant– wood remains the flooring material of choice whenever you want the classical royal feeling on your floor. This provides the perfect floor for executive homes and rooms in hotels. You will never go wrong whenever you choose hardwood for your floor.
  • Variety– naturally, different flooring surfaces require unique colors, designs, and textures. Wood is versatile enough to provide all the colors, textures, and designs you want for your floor. There are light colored hardwoods as well as the traditional dark color. Technology has also made it easy to manipulate the hue of hardwood planks to achieve the desired shade.
  • Value- hardwood delivers the best value for the money. Your floor appears elegant and is also comfortable to walk on. Hardwood can be installed on any floor without worrying about damage from moisture or traffic. You are therefore guaranteed excellent value regardless of the type of hardwood you choose.
  • Ease in installation and maintenance- the wooden planks are milled of uniform dimensions to allow easy installation. They are stable during fitting and therefore do not require advanced expertise to install. It does not require advanced preparation of the floor and can be installed on any floor regardless of the activities taking place there. Maintenance requires ordinary cleaning without the use of special tools or procedures.
  • Ageless quality- hardwood is not easily damaged by traffic. The planks are also durable and can be renewed from time to time to maintain their elegant look. This is an assurance that you are making a long term investment.

There are other individual reasons why home owners choose hardwood. One must not forget indoor air quality and acoustics. It is worth noting that all these properties are not shared by all types of hardwood. Some hardwood varieties display better performance in some areas and not others. These differences also herald diversity in pricing. Here are popular hardwood options available in the market.

Oak Flooring

This remains the most common and popular hardwood flooring material in the market today. Oak is easy to find in most places which makes it more affordable. Sanding oak is also easy and it comes in different shades that provide variety to home owners. Because of the traditional appearance, oak blends well and naturally with other décor in the house. Its availability in the market and expense makes oak easy to maintain and repair. It is therefore a cost effective way of getting a quality floor.

Installation of an oak floor is a very practical process. This is because of ease in availability. Oak has very strong and classical grains. Flooring experts content that the grains will enable you to hide dents and scratches on your floor. Oak is extraordinarily easy to change color as you refurnish your floor. Furthermore, you can re-stain and re-finish the floor several times over. Oak also comes in white and red shades, giving you the variety you need. This is why it is a common option for homes and offices.

Maple Hardwood

Maple is a popular hardwood option that is also commonly available. Maple hardwood is harder compared to oak and also lighter. It presents smoother grains and its appearance is a bit more modern. This gives you an impression of a hardwood from Northern Europe. Though maple is popular, it is challenging to stain. Its rate of absorption of the stain is not as impressive as you would expect. This almost leaves you with no option but to use it in its natural state.

Maple gives you a yellow and darker appearance. It performs better when you use water based finishing compared to oil. Oil causes the wood to turn yellow, which may not please many customers. Maple is usually more expensive than oak. However, the price is determined by the grade. Lower grades present greater color variations and come with more knots.


Hickory ranks among the hardest hardwood species in America. This makes hickory the best option when installing floors for busy households or where there are pets. It will resist damage while giving you an impressive floor. Its graining is as impressive as that of oak. This makes it a perfect option when you need to hide scratches and dents.

Hickory is preferred because of its incredible color variations. It is possible to get different variations without struggle. You can obtain the traditional wooden feel, natural as well as rustic appearance. The impressive performance of hickory in dynamic situations makes it among the most expensive hardwoods in the market today.


Mahogany is for a floor owner looking for beauty and color. It delivers the natural timeless appearance and is highly durable. Mahogany will give you numerous chances to refurnish your floor. It is resistant to water and absorbs sound impressively. It ranks among the most expensive hardwood flooring materials in the market.

Armstrong hardwood provides numerous other options aimed at meeting the flooring needs of different clients. They include heart pine, Douglas Fir, American Walnut, and American Cherry, among others. Consult an expert in hardwood flooring to establish the best hardwood for your floor.

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Thing You Need To Know About Mohawk Solidtech and Its Maintenance

Every homeowner desires a floor that is elegant and one that provides quality service for the longest time possible. Mohawk Solidtech is one of the modern flooring materials that deliver to your expectations. It uses the latest technology to make your floor waterproof and also resilient enough to withstand pets and children. It is also stain resistant and will give you the least headache during maintenance. The planks are affordable and will give your floor a classic wooden feel. This allows you to live in luxury without bearing the heavy cost.

Offers a new generation of flooring planks

Mohawk offers a new generation of flooring planks that combine a strong visual effect and the strength of hardwood. It comes as a combination of style, durability, and ease of maintenance. This is a new class of hard surface floors that are versatile for multipurpose use.

Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, & areas contact with liquids

The look is real wood that will surely impress any homeowner or people coming into contact with the floor. The solid tech technology allows production of longer planks that give your room a unique depth that is only achievable using wood. You will get the added advantages of freedom from stain and also anti-scratch properties. This makes the flooring material ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and areas which come into contact with liquids.

The material used in manufacturing Mohawk Solidtech planks is 100% vinyl. The materials are not recycled which gives them 100% performance record. The materials are also impressively high in density and come with a uniclic multi-fit system that simplifies installation.

Dimension of Planks

The planks come in 6” by 48” dimension, and the planks will fit within your space. With reduced seams on your floor, it will be easier to keep the floor waterproof. The thickness is 5.5 mm, giving your floor a solid feel. It also reduces the need for an elaborate floor preparation before installation since the planks will hold firmly.

Mohawk solidtech planks come with 0.3mm wear allowance. The planks are also light in weight, though this does not compromise on their quality. The technology used in the manufacturing of the planks guarantees 100% waterproof and also protects the surface from damage by pet claws. This gives you an ideal flooring material for a home with children or where pets are inevitable. This is your flooring material of choice for such areas as mudrooms, kitchens, basements, entryways, bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways, among other sensitive and high traffic areas.

Maintenance of Mohawk Solidtech

This is one of the easiest floors to keep clean and maintain. It does not require any extraordinary measures to keep clean. Some of the maintenance steps you can take include:

  1. Vacuum the floor daily or weekly depending on its intensity of use. This ensures that dirt, dust, and grit are removed before they are rolled on the surface and cause damage. If the area is not used frequently, you should consider sweeping it to keep it free of grit.
  2. Protect the area under chairs and tables using felt pads. When immense pressure is exerted on the surface, the possibility of damage increases. Once the planks are damaged, they are impossible to repair. They can only be replaced. This will affect the quality and appearance of your floor. These pads absorb the pressure, preserving the integrity of your floor.
  3. Use doormats at all entrance points. The mats capture grit before it spreads on the surface and is trampled upon by people. Rocks, moisture, and other debris will also be sieved at the entrance.
  4. Avoid mats with rubber backing- while they are recommended for some floors, they leave marks on the mohawk solidtech floor or mohawk smartstrand. These stains hold on to the surface over time and are difficult to remove. The process of removal may end up destroying your floor.
  5. Use a damp cloth instead of a wet mop- while the floor is waterproof, it is not recommended that you use a wet mop on the surface. This damages the surface, leaving it rough. It also affects the adhesive holding the planks together. Continued use will compromise the integrity of your floor.
  6. Spills should be cleaned up immediately after they occur. Even the mildest stain can damage the planks during removal. When the stains are removed promptly, they will not stick to the surface, making it easier to clean and preserve its integrity.

Mohawk solidtech planks will come with maintenance instructions. These instructions must be followed at all time to keep the floor in top shape. This will also protect your floor from easy damage that necessitates replacement. Use the right cleaning and maintenance substances and equipment, though they are not any different from what you use on other vinyl floors.

Installation of Mohawk solidtech

Professional installation of Mohawk solidtech floor is the first step towards a durable and elegant looking floor. Prepare the base as instructed to ensure that the floor maintains its integrity in the long run. Wall molding or transition strips should be used on the edges to provide protection. With proper installation, you have a floor that can withstand heavy traffic and the demands of pets as well as children without losing its integrity.

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Benefits of Having Carpet Padding & Its Types

Carpets are supposed to enhance the performance of your floor. Carpet padding is then supposed to enhance the performance of your carpet. Such double enhancement can be confusing to homeowners. The two must go hand-in-hand with your home to feel comfortable. But if you choose a good carpet, do you still need padding? The answer lies in evaluating the importance of padding:

Here are the few of benefits having carpet padding

1. It Gives Your Floor A Soft Walking Feel

carpets come in different designs and materials. They are placed on floors made of different materials and expected to perform excellently. However, this is not always the case. The padding intervenes to smoothen areas where the floor does not feel soft enough especially for your carpet. There is a perfect padding for different carpets. Ask an expert to get your choices right.

2. Its Easy to Clean

carpets are cleaned using vacuum cleaners. For effective cleaning, the carpet should be lifted slightly off the ground. This is only possible if there is padding. In the absence of padding, the vacuum cleaner cannot lift the carpet meaning that your underside will be left with dirt residue. This becomes a breeding place for allergies, making your home uninhabitable.

3. Carpet Pads Keeping Away Drafts

carpets are sometimes made of porous materials. Padding comes in materials with a higher R-value. This means that a lot of heat cannot penetrate through the padding as it would through the carpet. With the padding in place, your room will be well insulated. It will also be easier to control the amount of heat in the house, making your interior space predictable.

4. Good For Dampening Sound

padding is more important for upstairs rooms. This will also depend on the type of carpet installed. Because of its thickness, it will absorb most of the sound, making your room quiet. Your activities cannot be monitored by people in the lower floors and they will also not be a bother to these people. This makes your room quiet and thus more comfortable.

Types of Carpet Padding

Padding comes in different varieties depending on a material used and the thickness of the padding. Each type offers a different performance because of the properties of materials used in manufacturing. You need to understand each type before buying to ensure that your expectations are met.

a. Waffle Rubber

it falls into the ½ inch recommended thickness. It is among the most common cushions in the market today. The padding performs excellently even on high traffic areas. You might change the carpet several times before replacing the padding. New versions of this padding have been improved to enhance their performance.

b. Urethane Foam

this material comes in different thicknesses and densities. The density is one of its biggest selling points. It is very impressive and among the most valuable padding materials in the market. This explains its preference for executive use.

c. Bonded Urethane

This is the most popular and common carpet padding material on the market today. Because of its performance, it is also referred to as rebond. To meet the needs of different situations and clients, the padding comes in different thicknesses and densities. This is a perfect choice for executive and heavy traffic areas.

Ask an expert to help you choose the perfect density for your floor because it is calculated in terms of pounds per square meter.

d. Flat Rubber Cushion

this is the most durable padding options. It is also preferred for luxury use because of its excellent performance. This has made it a pricey option but the performance will guarantee excellent value for the money. This is one of the few padding options that outlive the carpet and even survive into the second and third installation.

e. Fiber Cushion

this is an option for the environmentally conscious. The cushions are made of jute that is sometimes blended with hair. This reduces the cost of this cushion and makes it inappropriate for luxury use. However, it will perform perfectly in some circumstances.

With different types of carpet padding in the market, the choice of the best padding to use is personal. The quality of material must be considered because it determines quality and durability. You should also consider the price vs. durability. Ensure that the price quoted guarantees excellent value for the money. The density of the padding and material used determine whether you will get value for the money.

Work with a professional like Carpet express who understands padding to ensure that your choice serves the intended purpose.

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How to Use Affordable Sheet Vinyl Flooring to Spruce Your Home

Over the years, vinyl flooring has emerged as the most popular option for all rooms. It offers a good compromise between quality and cost. The best vinyl floors on the market bring a realistic look of natural hardwood or stone in your home without incurring the high cost. If you are planning to install this type of floor, there are many reasons to go for sheet vinyl flooring as opposed to vinyl tiles. This is a cheaper alternative to wood floors while still giving you similar benefits.
It is hard for visitors to tell the difference between natural wood and your sheet vinyl floor. If you have been looking for an affordable way to give your home a makeover, it is time to consider this innovative floor.
As a homeowner, you have to appreciate the importance of choosing the right type of floor for your house. A good floor material not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your living space but also protects the underlying concrete. Such materials should also be safe to use in a closed environment meaning they pose no danger of emissions. When choosing a floor type you have to consider how easy it is to maintain. A good flooring system should be easy to care for.
Benefits of Vinyl Sheet Floors
Looking at these features of the best flooring, it goes without saying that vinyl flooring fits the bill. These floors are cheap and yet they bring in a dash of elegance which every home needs. There are many types of vinyl systems but if you want to enjoy all the benefits that come with this floor, you should consider sheet vinyl flooring. This is the best alternative to natural stone, hardwood, or ceramic tile.
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Surprising Details When You Want To Buy Carpet Online

Though pictures are said to be worth a thousand words, they can be deceitful. Unfortunately, this is what you rely on when you want to buy carpet online. You are required to peruse through websites and identify the carpet that will perfectly fit your living area.
Buying carpets online comes with its share of advantages. You have a chance to choose from a wide variety of carpets and sellers since there are no restrictions like at a physical store. You also get the carpet delivered to your doorstep.
Some buyers have enjoyed an incredible experience when buying carpets online. They have received the quality they wanted, a wide range of prices, and the benefit of variety. However, some have reported unending nightmares ranging from lost cash to false promises on the quality of the carpet. For others, the carpet promised was never delivered. What therefore is the secret to successfully buying carpets online?
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Bring Your Living Space to Life with High Quality WPC Flooring

Wooden flooring has been around for hundreds of years. It was considered the most beautiful floor type in many classical civilizations and today, you can still add that quaint elegance to your home using this flooring. The problem with hardwood floors, however, is the fact that they are expensive and unsustainable. This is why you need to consider the best alternative in the form of WPC flooring. This is the latest variation in luxury vinyl tiles which imitates the classic look of wood.

Wood Plastic Core (WPC) vinyl comes with a special waterproof core which distinguishes it from other vinyl products in the market. If you are looking for a long lasting flooring system, this new floor offers this and much more. You will get a blend of high performance, aesthetics, safety, enhanced floor protection, easy installation and so much more. Little wonder then that this is now being touted as the future of floors.

One area that most homeowners overlook in home improvement despite its prominence is the floor. A close look at most homes and offices shows glaring neglect of the flooring as more focus goes to the wall decor and fittings. The prominent nature of your home’s floors makes them crucial not only for your home’s decor but also in improving the comfort of your living space.

WPC Floors in Details

A high-quality floor is safe for use by everyone in the family and this is exactly what you get with the popular WPC flooring. This is more than just a luxury vinyl tile as its construction is more specialized to give it longer life and boost performance. The addition of a special waterproof core is one reason this has become a trending floor option today. If you have been struggling with floor maintenance in your home, a WPC floor offers a timely solution.

The secret in the performance of this floor system lies in its unique construction. The WPC waterproof flooring structure consists of 4 layers all made from high-quality materials. These are:

1. Backing layer: This is the part that acts as the backbone of the entire tile.

2. WPC waterproof core: This is an ingenious addition to the ordinary luxury vinyl tile and it has revolutionized flooring today. It is the part that prevents water entry through the floor.

3. Printed vinyl layer: This is where these floors get their luxury tag from. It is the gorgeous printed part of the floor system that gives it an elegant look. Its appearance can imitate stone or wood and the appearance is as realistic as it can get.

4. Wear layer: This is the protective layer that ensures a long life of the entire floor. It is the section of the luxury tile that takes the impact of foot traffic. It protects your floor from dents and scratches and ensures your home looks spick and span.

Advantages of WPC Floors

The major advantage of WPC floors is that you get all the benefits of hardwood plank floors at a fraction of the price. Other reasons to go for this floor include:

1. Durability: The waterproof core adds more life to your flooring. The main reason floor systems fall apart is due to water damage but with WPC tiles, this is no longer a concern.

2. Multiple applications: These luxury tiles can be used anywhere. They are suitable for small businesses and homes. They can be used in your kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and any other living space.

3. Aesthetics: Your house will look elegant when you install these high-quality waterproof luxury tiles. They have a classic stone or wood look. It is easy to blend your floors with the rest of the interior decor.

4. Low maintenance: You don’t have to worry about special care for your floors. Compared to hardwood floors, WPC floors requires zero maintenance. This saves you a lot of money.

5. Affordability: The best thing about these floors is the fact that you won’t have to break the bank to make your home look great. They are affordable compared to hardwood floors.

6. Safe indoor air quality: The best WPC floors are phthalate-free which makes your living space healthier.

7. Improving imperfect floors: If your sub floors are damaged, you now have a chance to perfect them using these high-quality vinyl tiles.

WPC flooring will bring your house to life by adding a dash of style and elegance. This is one of the most reliable flooring options you can choose and it seamlessly combines durability and beauty. Go ahead and spruce up your home with these trending floors today.

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Why Every Carpet Needs the Right Carpet Pad

A carpet is the most versatile floor you can choose for your home or office. It comes with immense benefits including enhancing the interior décor, adding warmth to your living space, protecting your floors, and absorbing sound among other benefits. However, most homeowners complain about the performance of their carpets even after paying top dollar to get the best products. From slipping carpets to fast wear, there are many problems that can be solved using a high-quality carpet pad. If you are planning to install a new carpet in your house, it is important to consider adding padding to the floor. Carpet padding enhances the performance of your carpets by complementing some of its functions while also protecting it against damage by the rough underlying concrete floor. Whatever the type of carpeting you need for your house, the cushioning you install beneath it helps achieve its optimal performance levels. A carpet cushion is not only a functional installation in your home but an aesthetically one too.

Why install Carpets?

As a homeowner, you appreciate the importance of a high-performance floor. The type of flooring you choose goes a long way in determining the appearance and safety of your living space. A good flooring system is not only safe for everyday use but also blends perfectly with the rest of your home’s decor.

  • Installing carpets for your floors has a myriad of benefits including:

  • Adding protection to the underlying floor

  • Adding warmth to the living space

  • Enhancing aesthetic appeal

  • Boosting insulation by absorbing sounds

  • Enhancing safety by avoiding slip and falls

  • Lowering cost of floor maintenance

  • Improving indoor air quality by trapping allergens and other contaminants

  • Improved indoor quality using sustainable flooring materials

These are just some of the reasons to install a carpet in your home. If you are looking for a safe, economical and long-lasting flooring material, a carpet is, without doubt, the best option. The best products in the market are a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics thus turning your floor into the focal point of your home’s interior decor.

Benefits of Carpet Padding

For your carpet flooring to function optimally, you need to add a carpet pad during installation. This is one of the most overlooked home improvement techniques yet it delivers a range of benefits which every home needs. Many homeowners believe increasing the pile weight of their carpets will eliminate the need for padding but this actually compromises the performance of the flooring material.

A carpet cushion is an important addition to your flooring and it serves different purposes. These include:

1. Increasing longevity of your carpets: This material absorbs the impact of human traffic thus protecting the binding and backing of your carpet. It also helps keep more dust, dirt and debris out of your carpets thus increasing their life.

2. Increased insulation: It is easier to maintain the perfect room temperature in your living space through the added layer of insulation provided by the cushion material beneath the carpet.

3. Enhanced safety: Carpets can cause slip and falls if they are not held down with any piece of furniture. This is a problem that is effectively solved by adding padding during carpet installation.

4. More comfort: The extra cushioning provided by carpet padding makes your floors softer under your feet. Your kids will enjoy playing on the floor and you will enjoy peace of mind knowing they are safe.

5. Added floor protection: One advantage of a carpet floor is adding protection to your floor. Adding padding to your carpets also offers more protection to the underlying floor. The material used for the padding is stain resistant and will protect the floor against staining or damage caused by moisture.

6. Improved acoustics: Your carpeting will perform better in terms of acoustics through more absorption of noises. Laying a carpet directly on a concrete floor has a lower Noise Reduction Coefficient. This is why you need an extra padding layer to make your floors quiet and comfortable.

Looking at these benefits, it is obvious that your flooring has much to gain through the installation of carpet padding.

Choosing the Right Carpet Padding

The type of padding you choose is determined by the type of carpet you want to install. The most common types of padding in the market are:

  • Rubber carpet cushion pad: Best for commercial carpets designed for heavy traffic areas.

  • Foam carpet cushion pad: Made from foam pieces and offers added comfort.

  • Fiber carpet cushion pad: Eco-friendly padding made from recycled materials.

  • Specialty pads: Designed to solve a specific problem and include moisture barrier padding, memory foam padding, odor eating padding and air filtering padding among others.

A carpet pad might not be visible yet it is an important part of your floor. It protects your expensive carpets and the underlying floor, enhances safety in your home, adds a luxurious feel to the carpeting and helps regulate temperatures in the room. It is one of the most important home improvement techniques.