Why More People Are Buying Mullican Flooring Materials

Mullican is known for producing excellent quality wood flooring materials for years. It is also known for its environmentally friendly manufacturing practice that place Mullican Flooring at the top of the pile. This brand stands out because of its ability and commitment to give its customers endless options and possibilities to match their unique taste.

In the recent years, more people have installed Mullican Floors than any time in the past or any other product. This growing popularity is driven by the properties that this floor variety harbors. Here are some of the reasons given by experts and customers on the increased popularity of Mullican floors.

  • Variety- Mullican Flooring comes in a variety of options including prefinished solid, prefinished engineered and unfinished hardwood flooring. Each is designed to fit a particular installation desire and design. The design, color, patterns and general appearance of each wood variety is different.

The wood also comes in a variety of sizes ensuring that each buyer has the pranks he would want. The sizes are in standard lengths, widths and thickness. This ensures that the floor installed is comfortable, silent and solid to walk on.

  • Quality- wood used to product the Mullican Floors is sourced from areas known to produce excellent quality wood in US and around the world. Some of the woods used include walnut, hickory, oak and maple, among others. The woods are treated using the latest technology that ensures that they retain their authentic feel and texture.

  • Durable- the choice of natural timber and professional treatment as well as installation ensures that your floor will last long. The surface is not easily damaged by activity on the surface including dragging object on it or water. This makes it a preference in places that experience heavy traffic and are looking for an elegant appearance.

  • Innovation- Mullican is a very responsive company. It has a tradition and the facilities to develop products that meet the latest standards in the market. These innovative products improve customer experience and provide comfort to users of these floors. They include surfaces that can be reinvigorated through smoothening the upper layer after some time. Innovative technology also makes it easier for home owners to clean their floors, among other maintenance procedures.

  • Warranty- Mullican has also introduced the first flooring product with a ‘lifetime moisture warranty’. This is a confirmation of the quality in the wood pranks and the technology as well as procedures used in its preparation. The company has been conducting research and extensive development of other products to improve their performance in different environments. This is why their wooden floors are always outstanding.

  • Timeless beauty- hardwood is one of the classic floors that give your room an elegant appearance. With the many options in terms of colors and grains, you are assured of ending up with a floor that is irresistible and which maintains its colorful and classical appeal for years. The fact that you will not need to constantly change the floor means that you maintain the consistently superior appearance.

While you might purchase the best flooring material, enjoying the benefits it offers depends on how well you maintain your floor. Experts have been studying the floor for decades and continually advise home and property owners on how to maintain an excellent floor. Here are tips that will help you keep your floor in excellent shape and thus reduce your repair budget.

  • The floor should be swept or mopped with a dump cloth if a vacuum cleaner is not available. This is meant to remove all dirt and debris that is likely to be lying on the ground.

  • There are special substances used on wooden floors and especially Mullican. Use these cleaners to avoid damaging the surface. The cleaners come with instructions that must be followed to the letter if you are to get the desired results.

  • The mop used should be made of soft fiber that does not scratch the surface. It should not leave behind fluffs or cause a static surface.

  • Clean the floor in sections to ensure that the entire floor is covered. Never floor such a floor because of the danger of soaking the wooden planks.

To enjoy fantastic service from Mullican Flooring you must choose the right product for your floor and have it installed professionally. You must also follow instructions on procedures and substances to be used in care and maintenance of the floor. Mullican is a flooring product that will serve you with dignity for years.

Simple Ways to Keep Your Carpet Tile Clean

More people are turning to a Carpet Tile floor for both residential and commercial spaces. This is because of the huge benefits this kind of floor offers to property and home owners. While installation is easy, the quality of service you get from the floor depends on how well you maintain it. This will also affect expenses related to owning such kind of a floor.

There are many reasons people choose a Carpet Tile floor. Some of the benefits include its durability, the fact that it is economical to install and maintain as well as the stylish and elegant look it gives your room. Further, this floor is easy to maintain and can accommodate extremely heavy traffic without losing its integrity. In fact, the floor has been used on such areas as restaurants, airports, hospitals and office buildings which attract a lot of people.

To get the best value from Carpet Tile floor, maintenance is paramount. The beauty of this floor is the ease with which you can maintain an elegant surface. This means less expenditure, a clean and comfortable living space and a prolonged lifespan for your floor. How do you keep your floor looking good all the time and ensure that it serves you for the longest time possible?

Preventive Maintenance for Carpet Tile Floor

Commercial and residential carpet tile floors require regular vacuuming to maintain their integrity. Do not rush through the floor with the vacuum cleaner. You need to make long and steady passes over the floor to ensure that you pick all the lose particles and debris that may be stuck inside the carpet. When this debris is left inside the carpet, it will damage the fiber resulting into a shorter lifespan for the floor. For areas that experience heavy traffic, vacuuming should happen every day. If an area receives moderate traffic, vacuum it twice or three times in a week. You should also consider other factors like a dusty neighborhood or strong winds that might deposit debris on the carpet. If your property is situated at a place that is exposed to excess dust or debris, the frequency of vacuuming will increase. Do not ignore the edges and perimeter for your floor because the areas also capture dirt.

You should always react fast to spills and spots on your carpet. Any surface liquid should be cleared immediately without rubbing it off other sections of the carpet floor. Never allow even the most seemingly harmless spill to turn into a stain. Here are other tips that will help keep the floor clean and elegant.

  • Ink that spills on the carpet should be removed using water and any other spot solvent remover available. Read instructions on removal of ink from the container to avoid spreading it to other areas.

  • Before using a solvent remover, a warm and mild detergent solution is recommended when coffee spills on the carpet. This should be done as soon as possible to prevent the spilled coffee from penetrating into the fiber.

  • Be careful when applying solvents and stain removers on the carpet. Use materials or equipment that control the direction and amount of remover applied. It is recommended that you use a sponge or piece of cloth.

  • Working on spots is tricky because of the possibility of enlarging them. To avoid such a mistake, work on them from outside towards the inside of the stain. Ensure that the cloth is absorbent so that the solvent and other cleaning substances used are removed from the carpet fast without spreading to other areas.

  • If you clean the area with a water solvent, you should always rinse it. The stain might appear completely removed but appears to return once the area dries up.

  • The beauty of cleaning tile carpets is that you can remove the tile, rinse it and then return it to its position. This allows you to clean the underlying surface as well as do a thorough job on the tile.

  • It helps to have a protective mat at the entrance of your door which will absorb excess pebbles and liquid.

Heavy Duty Maintenance of Carpet Tile Floors

The methods and procedures used will depend on the level of exposure to dirt. It is advisable to enlist the services of professional Carpet Tile floor cleaners to keep your floor in perfect shape. Use of recommended methods, substances and equipment ensure that the integrity of the floor is not compromised.

Professional Maintenance Tips for Mohawk Hardwood Floors

The appearance and performance of your Mohawk hardwood require a bit of help from you. Even with the most professional installation, it will take your intervention to ensure that the floor remains strong and elegant. This is especially in your daily routine, the procedures you use for cleaning, activities on the surface and the substances you use on the floor. Beyond the appearance, someone walking on the floor needs to feel comfortable and welcome.

Essential Care for Mohawk Hardwood Floor

The floor requires regular vacuuming and sweeping using a broom or soft bristled attachment. This is especially important on areas that experience a lot of traffic. It helps to get rid of sand and bristle particles that are likely to be pushed into the wood when pressed against the surface. When the floor is not swept regularly and the particles left lying, they will scratch the surface leaving it rough and unpleasant to walk on. If you have to vacuum the floor, ensure that your machine does not have a power rotary brush on the head or a beater bar. They are likely to scratch the surface and cause damage which will be difficult to repair.

UV rays and excess heat from the sun damage the surface. As such, ensure that your this floor is protected from direct sun and light by using protective window coverings. This helps to maintain the integrity of the surface as well as protect it from aging. Wood is known to age fast if it is exposed to excess light. As such, rearrange your furniture around the house often to prevent some areas from aging faster than others.

Protecting the Floor from Damage

The integrity of the floor will always depend on daily maintenance and the activities that take place on the floor. Here are tips that will ensure that you maintain the integrity of the floor and thus keep it attractive and impressive all the time.

  • Trim the claws of pets that play or walk on the wooden surface. The claws scratch the surface and in the process leave marks that damage the quality of your floor. You may also need to designate a particular playing area for them where a rug will be installed. The rug captures stones and other pebbles that when stepped on by people walking will damage the floor. Maintaining the paws of your pets and using rugs also ensures that the pets do not introduce stains to your floor.

  • Wood shrinkage is a common occurrence especially during the cold and dry seasons. The best option to maintain the integrity of your floor is to use a humidifier. Maintaining a constant internal temperature is essential in ensuring that the integrity of the floor is maintained. The cracks will absorb water causing damage to your floor.

  • Wipe stains and any spills on the surface as soon as possible. This will protect your floor from staining. A stained floor requires specialized and sometimes course substances to clear the stain. However, when the stain is removed as fast as possible, it does not stick on the surface and thus is easier to remove. When removing any stain from your floor, ensure that you use the recommended substances. There are care essentials and cleaners designed for the hardwood surfaces by Mohawk.

  • When dealing with hardened substances like wax or plastic that has stained your floor, it is recommended that you use a credit card or a similarly plastic object. The method of removal will protect your floor from being scratched. This also applies to chewing gum that has been pressed on the surface. You should not use a lot of force when removing these objects stuck on the surface. Force is likely to damage your polished wooden surface through scratching. The area is then wiped clean with a soft, clean and slightly damp cloth.

Extra Protection For Your Mohawk Hardwood Floor

To maintain the integrity of your hardwood floor, there is need to invest in mats and rags or protective pads. The pads will ensure that heavy furniture does not damage the floor. Placing the mat at the entrance helps to sieve sand particles that would easily find their way onto your floor and cause damage. The mat also traps substances like wax, chewing gum, oil, etc that would damage the floor.

Maintaining the integrity requires daily attention and caution on what takes place on the surface. This ensures that your floor is always elegant and comfortable to walk on. You will also not have to spend a fortune on its maintenance. This is the way to get incredible long term value.

Is It Time To Install Congoleum Flooring?

The floor sends a statement about your class and style. As such, the choices you make for the floor will determine the impression anyone has of your living space or office. Further, the floor determines how comfortable a person feels walking or living in your house. Congoleum flooring gives you an opportunity to live a stylish life at a fraction of the price.

One thing you want about your floor is certainty. You need to be sure that the color and texture you are looking for will be available. You should also have the assurance that once you have installed the floor, it will last long by maintaining its color and texture. Congoleum floors have been in existence for over 100 years. This is an assurance that you will not be dealing with a trial product. Here are specific aspects of the floor that indicate that this is the perfect choice to make.

  • Variety- Congoleum flooring comes in a variety of colors, texture and sizes to fit your desires. There are luxurious shades and textures that can be used on both residential and commercial floors. It means that ones you get to the store, you are sure to return with the tiles or pranks you have been looking for. You will never have to settle for a floor that does not meet your expectations. This will give your floor a stylish and elegant appearance, raising the profile of your interiors.

  • Resilient- Congoleum floors can withstand dynamic uses including heavy traffic without damaging its integrity. They are perfect for use in kitchens, lounges, living rooms, etc. Because of their resilient nature, they withstand direct elements like the sun and even rain without damage. You will never be disappointed whenever you choose this floor.

  • Stain resistant- it is impossible to keep away stain from floors. Congoleum floor materials are built with the latest technology to keep away stains. Whether you clear the stain immediately or have to wait a few hours, the floor will be restored. In fact, you do not have to use any special chemicals to clean the floor. Ordinary cleaning substances will sufficiently eliminate the stains. This is good news for parents with fast growing children who spill substances on the floor as they feed and play.

  • Luxury- Congoleum is a brand associated with luxury. The floors are designed to produce a luxurious feel wherever they are installed. This makes them a perfect choice for offices, hotels and lounges where image is everything. Even in homes, it will give the interior a classic and luxurious feel that is also very comforting. This is the perfect choice for a property or home owner who wants to enjoy luxury without spending a fortune.

  • Affordable- the cost of installing Congoleum floor is greatly reduced compared to other brands and the traditional tiles. The store provides certified technicians who will produce an excellent floor for you. There are pranks that come with DIY instructions to make your work easier. The cost of a square foot of Congoleum is by far cheaper compared to other brands. This is beside the fact that such a floor will last longer and has less maintenance cost. This is a chance to get a kingly floor at an ordinary price. It allows you to live a life of luxury without spending a fortune.

  • Easy to maintain- Congoleum floor does not require any special maintenance or care apart from the ordinary procedures of keeping it clean. Your usual rug, detergent and water will be enough to keep it clean. This is a cost cutting option that also allows you to live an ordinary life. You do not have to hire specialists to care for your floor or buy expensive specialized detergents. This does not leave it any less clean and thus is the best option you can think about in your house.

The availability of Congoleum flooring in stores and online means that you will not have trouble ordering your own. There are accredited stores offering the best quality Congoleum floor materials you can think about in almost every neighborhood. You can also order your materials online which will be delivered to the location you have indicated in the shortest time possible. The images you see online represent the actual products that will be delivered. They come with a warranty which is a guarantee that you will have excellent service from these materials. These revolutionary products will transform your floor options and give you the living area you have always dreamt about.

The Secret Behind Carpet Tile 2017

It was common to see the use of Carpet Tile in areas that experienced heavy traffic because they were usable and flexible. However, it has gained a new and fashionable tag because of the carpeting qualities it offers to your floor. It is a perfect choice for both residential and commercial installation.

Carpet tiles are available in different sizes and styles. This has made them the idea option when you want to cover areas that are unconventionally shaped. They have been referred to as the smart side of carpets. The fact that they are available in different shades means that they fit the needs of any customer. Carpet tile is affordable regardless of your budget without compromising on quality.

Installation of carpet tile is easy and can even be done using DIY procedure. At a first glance, the surface is impressive. When you lay your foot on the carpet, the experience is exciting and breathtaking. There are advantages that have made the use of these tiles so popular both at home and on commercial spaces. Here are some of these advantages.

Source: http://carpetexpressusa.weebly.com/home/the-secret-behind-carpet-tile-2017

Why You Will Never Regret Buying a Milliken Carpet

Selecting a carpet for your residential or commercial floor involves more than buying what impresses your eyes or what suits your budget. This is the realization that has led Milliken Carpet to produce a quality product that addresses your comprehensive needs. This is a carpet that offers overall value for money over the short and long term. Here are reasons why Milliken Carpet should be your preferred floor option for commercial as well as residential properties.


Milliken creates floors that inspire a feeling of elegance, class and style. They are designed to give your space the profile and atmosphere it deserves. For example, if the carpet is required for installation on in the CEOs office, the features and properties will differ from what you find at the door when you intend to capture stone pebbles and dirt.

There are incredible designs aimed at giving you the atmosphere and feeling you want for your office. If your target is the hospitality industry, there is a Milliken Carpet that will match your expectations. There are other varieties for education, commercial spaces, etc. These designs will send the message or create the impression that you target with your floor and thus raise the profile of your brand.


Milliken Carpet is one of the most innovative flooring options you will find in the market. It is a product of years of experience and a futuristic research and development path. The carpet is woven using present day technology that makes it durable and elegant to use. It also comes with in-built technology that protects the surface from stains even when your floor has to take significant traffic. It is a product that has evolved to meet the needs of dynamic users.


Each floor requires unique features based on the uses. There are executive commercial spaces whose carpet or flooring requirements differ from public lounges and warehouses. Milliken Carpet recognizes the need to distinguish between spaces and thus provides buyers with incredible varieties to choose from.

The varieties available at Milliken Carpet range from colors to sizes and fabrics. Each carpet is clearly labeled to guide the buyer and ensure that he makes the right choice. There are carpets for use on the surface to protect the tiles or surfaces underneath. There are other varieties that are installed semi-permanently to form part of your floor.

Milliken Carpet also provides variety in terms of colors and texture. There are all colors including the bright shades, mild and dark ones. You will also get colors to suit your hospitality floor, education institutions, residential areas, etc. The patterns available are also diverse including corporate boxes, flowers and plain floors. There is a pattern and carpet for all your desired appearances.

Milliken Carpet also features high quality mats for use on small spaces. The mats come in a variety of textures, sizes and shapes to suit the needs of individual customers. These mats also feature patterns that help to produce an elegant atmosphere for your living space.

Ease In Installation

Installing Milliken Carpet depends on your preference. You have the option of DIY based on the complexity of the area you will be installing the carpet. There are professionals accredited to install these carpets through specialized training. They ensure that your floor achieves a professional and elegant look.

The ease in installation reduces the cost of having an elegant space either at home or in the office. This reduces the time you need to disrupt services at work or comfort at home to install the carpet. The work can be completed a few hours after work in the evening or over the weekend. This saves time and resources.


Carpets in the past have been associated with allergies and chemical exposure. Milliken Carpet has maintained an impressive record by being the healthy carpet of choice. It does not hold on to dust and allergens and is also easy to clean and maintain. This makes it safe for use in homes or areas where there are children and/or pets. The fact that it is easy to maintain means that you can keep allergens out of your home.

Are you looking for a quality carpet for your residential or commercial floor? Milliken Carpet remains your most ideal choice. Its price is affordable with incredible variety to meet the style needs of different buyers. The carpet will enable you create the kind of space you want for your commercial, educational or residential space. Its ease in installation and maintenance will give you long term peace of mind.

How to Avoid Scams When Buying Discount Carpet

Everyone desires to get a good carpet at a bargain. The lure for a discount carpet exposes many to fraud. You either lose money or get poor quality mat. Regardless of whether you have bought a mat before or not, it is difficult to detect a scam. However, experts have provided a guide on differentiating a quality rug from a scam. Here are tips you should consider.

Know What You Want

A carpet plays different roles in a house. You could be targeting a rug that absorbs sound to minimize noise as people work within the room. In other cases, the target is to improve the appearance of your office by giving it an executive look. There are rugs that protect your tiles from damage due to traffic. You may also use a rug capture stone pebbles and other particles that may damage your carpet. These reasons should guide you on the qualities of carpet to choose.

It will be disappointing to buy a silk carpet if your intention is to capture stones or pebbles at the entrance of a room. Look for a discount carpet that matches your expectations. For instance, you might need a hardcore rug at your door beyond the executive carpet you have installed for the rest of the office. It is only with full knowledge of what you need that you can be sure of the best carpet to install.

The thickness of a carpet will affect sound absorption. It will also affect how warm the floor feels. If the intention is to absorb sound, the thickness of your carpet does not have to be at the extreme. However, is you use a carpet that is too thin, it will not be as warm as you might desire. You need to find a perfect balance between sound absorption and warmth, without compromising on the appearance of your floor. This calls for you to pay attention to other factors beyond the price of the carpet.

Get Accurate Measurements

The price you pay at the discount carpet store near you will depend on the size you buy. Small scale carpet installation or buying definite sized carpets does not require the intervention of an installation professional. However, if you are installing on large scale, you need to buy a size that fits the area you will be installing.

There are carpet salesmen who are trained on measurements and installation. By getting the measurement, you will determine the overall size. The size of individual rooms gives you a hint of the number and size of rolls you require. Most of the scams happen during measurement. To avoid being conned, it is advisable that you get measurements from three or more sales persons. This will give you a more accurate idea of the size of the space to be carpeted.

Related Costs

While many carpet buyers focus on the price when buying, there are other expenses associated with installation and use of a carpet. A discount carpet may be affordable to buy but expensive to install. The costs beyond purchase include preparation of the basement and maintenance. Mats that are laid on the surface to absorb sound or protect the underlying surface from damage by traffic might not come with installation cost. However, carpets that need to be installed permanently or semi permanently call for preparation of the underground surface. This is likely to raise your expenditure significantly.

Remember that poor installation will affect the appearance of the surface and eventually the lifespan of your floor. It might cost you more to constantly repair the floor if it is not done properly. Will the rug you are buying at a discount require special cleaning and maintenance procedure or substances? Does it require special equipment to keep it clean? Will it handle your normal traffic and still remain clean? These are related costs that must be considered as part of the long term price you have to pay.

You need to identify a reliable installer. Check installers who are licensed and accredited or get a recommendation from the discount carpet store. You may also get a referral from a friend whose floor has impressed you. Reviews by clients who have enjoyed carpet installation services will also help you identify a reliable installer in your neighborhood.

The best discount carpet is one that gives you excellent value for money. There should not be a compromise on quality or hidden long term expenses. The benefits of the discount should extend to the life of the carpet and not be just at the point of sale.