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Laminate Flooring: A Home Owners Pride

 Hardwood floors are loved by people who are attracted towards timeless and beautiful looks. Being simple, yet elegant, hardwood floors just look stunning. However, have you ever taken a close look at such floors. Chances are that you may find some dents or scratches on such floors. These may be fade marks or stains that can be seen. This may lead to you thinking that these floors are not worth it and will repent your original views.

So what is the solution? Well, if you require timeless appearance and beauty associated with hardwood and still do not want to see and fade marks, dents or scratches, then you need to opt for laminate flooring. Along with being more durable than hardwood, laminate floors are also cheaper than hardwood versions.

So what exactly are laminate floorings?

Laminates are actually composite products which resemble wood based products. However, the major differentiator here is that laminate floorings can be easily taken care of in comparison to hardwoods. Laminates are manufactured using cores of high-density, with images that are placed on top layers along with sealing them with laminate coverings. Laminate floors have water repellents placed above them. Moreover, such floors that are of highest quality have water repellents induced throughout their cores.

So which is the right laminate for you?

Now that the benefits of choosing laminate floors is known, there are some aspects that need a thought when you actually decide to purchase these for your homes.

The primary aspect to consider is the region where these floors are expected to be installed. See whether this region gets heavy traffic. Also check whether this area covers smaller spaces and hence get low traffic. So for regions where traffic is low, you can opt for floors with smaller cores and for heavy traffic regions, you can choose the heavy core options.

Keep in mind that the thickness of the core decides stability. More thick will lead to better stability. Moreover, thick cores ensure that wearing is kept away for long durations. This means that durability aspect of thick cores will never be a major concern for home owners. However, again, the region of installing these floors is important. Unnecessarily choosing thick cores for low traffic region will lead to unnecessary costs.

When you consider flooring for kitchens, laminates can be a good option. This is also so for bathrooms. This is because of the water repellent quality of such floors. So in you kitchens and bathrooms where water is spilled, laminates can act as a strong base. You just need to ensure that you get high quality laminates for these regions.

Laminates are available in variety of colors, patterns and styles. This means that you obtain lot of choices when you intend to get your floorings done. You can easily choose the best suitable option and get your floors done.

Finally, choose the right source to purchase your laminate flooring. Along with high quality products, you can also get proper advice and professional help for installing these floors.



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