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Let Hand Scraped Flooring Create Its Unique Magic!

To keep your home looking as good as new, you should keep repairing, adding or replacing things to give it a new and interesting appeal. More often than not, especially in old buildings, you will notice that the flooring needs to be changed as it begins to show cracks and signs of wearing out. The rugged look will make your building stand out among all the others, but then, it does need a perfect glossy flooring too.


The same rings true for apartments, bungalows, hotels, hospitals, offices, inns, malls and other commercial and residential spaces. Be it because of years of neglect, placing of heavy furniture, or rough usage, floors in such places require the optimum levels of maintenance and care for keeping them as good as new. In most cases, it becomes essential to look around for other alternatives to impart a fresh and better appeal to the floors too.

Are you also desirous of giving your home space a unique look? Go for hand scraped flooring that would reflect your love for vintage home décor!

Wooden Flooring – The Latest Home Flooring Décor Trend

Flat, glossy and smooth looking wooden floors are quite in vogue these days. Earlier, it used to be difficult task to achieve perfection with regards to level flooring. However, today, high quality level flooring is easily available and serves to be an order of the day. One of the most sought after flooring types are the hand-scraped ones. So, if you are tired of taking care of your existing floor, or are planning to do up your personal space right from the scratch, it would make good sense to invest in the long-lasting goodness of such floors. Go for it.

What is Hand scrapped Flooring?

Hand scraped flooring is a good idea if you want to add a vintage look to your rooms. Hand scraping can be achieved by professionals adept at using certain tools that create their much-needed distressed appearance. Hand scraping is done either by gauging the wood or by scraping the same with wires or brushes. These processes go a long way in bringing out the natural woody look of these floors. Different coloured stains can be used to create the age old look, or the floors can be sanded to create uneven patterns. Either way, you can look forward to gaining the best possible flooring choices for your office or home.

Hand Scraped Floors: Different Types of Surfaces

Hand scraped floors either have unfinished surfaces or prefinished surfaces. There are numerous hand scraped finishes available, each of these finishes are different from one another. All of them are one-of-a-kind artwork. Some of these renowned finishes include Hand Hewn or Rough Sawn with noticeable saw marks and French Bleed which has staining effects that give off the illusion of a bleeding wood. In addition, there are is the popular hand sculpted distressed uniform look; the wire brushed effect that gives a grainy appeal; and the rough texture and time worn aged finish. Extra labor cost is involved in installing hand scraped floors. Ideally, you should hire a professional to do the floor installation for you, so that you get a neat finish for all flooring jobs.

Factors that Make Hand Scraped Flooring a Suitable Option

Hand scraped flooring is way better than all other types of flooring if compared on the metrics of strength, durability and visual appearance. With this type of flooring, you can use your imagination to create unlimited patterns. Different types of wood may be used for creating an overall unique look. Some craftsmen have the ability to make new wood look as if its thousands of years old. Go for them; you will love the impact they manage to create.

These floors are durable because they don’t wear out easily. As they have markings, patterns and scrapes on them already, you need not worry about any scratches and scuff spoiling their appearance. The marks made by your furniture or your child’s toys are not going to stand out or make the flooring look ugly. Hand scraped floors allow you to customize the beauty of your floor as per your interior decoration theme. It is up to you to decide how distressed you want your floor to look. If you want the floor to look centuries old, then you need to go in for more scrapes. On the other hand, if you desire your floors to appear only a few years old, then keep a limit on the scrapes and marks; yes, it’s that simple to get the right look that you demand!

How to Keep the Hand Scraped floors Clean

For these floors to retain their look, you have to take good care of the same. Vacuum the floor at least twice a week to keep all dirt off. If there are wet spills, make sure that you wipe the floors as soon as possible, so that they don’t get time to settle down and create nasty stains. Use an absorbent towel while removing such spills. You may like to use mild liquid dish soaps, distilled white vinegar, or water, to remove the stains off the floor. But then, do resist from using excessive water, as it might affect the floor.

Before you install hand scraped flooring, make sure you determine how old you want your flooring to look. With a properly hand scrapped flooring in your rooms, your house / office can achieve the vintage look that you desire.

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Give your Home a New Personality with Bruce Hardwood Flooring

ImageAre you finding the floors of your house too boring and feel that it’s time for a new look? If yes, then it is the perfect time for you to invest your money in installing Bruce hardwood flooring in your personal space. To protect your investment, all the different kinds of wood used in the making of Bruce hardwood flooring come with a warranty of their own. The newly laid floor will make your house look much more sophisticated and classy.

Wood flooring always imparts a warm and cozy look to the room. Bruce hardwood flooring is the perfect choice if you want to bring in an air of change in your home. This is where we help you to learn the tips to maintain these types of flooring for long lasting and trouble free experiences.

Different Kinds of Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Bruce hardwood floorings have three different categories, good, better and best. Among these three, the most exquisite floorings are found under the ‘Best’ category. However, they are the most expensive ones too, because of their very high quality and the long warranty period. This does not mean that the other two categories offer inferior products – the difference is in their type of wood and the warranty period. The wood used in Bruce hardwood flooring varies from one plank to another. This variation of wood is present in all three categories of Bruce hardwood flooring. It is because of this variation that Bruce hardwood flooring manages to give your room a unique look.

Care and Caution

Hardwood flooring is usually very solid and has a high power of resistance. But you still need to exercise caution. If your furniture has sharp edges, there are chances that it will leave scratches on your hardwood flooring. This flooring also goes through a natural ageing process, and it is because of the ageing process that the color of the floor fades over time. You will notice this difference in color once you remove the rug that has probably covered your floor for quite a long time. The color of the exposed areas will be lighter than the area which was covered by the rug. To avoid this problem, keep moving your rug at frequent intervals.

How to go about Installing Bruce Hardwood Flooring

In some cases, those who have installed Bruce hardwood flooring might hear popping sounds while walking over it. However, be assured that there is nothing wrong with the hardwood flooring. It is possible that you have uneven subfloors, which creates a gap between the hardwood flooring and the subfloors. So, when you walk over that hollowed area, the wood gets pressed downwards and this creates the noises that you hear. This is the reason, why you need to pay attention during the layout process.

The hardwood should be ideally placed perpendicular to the joist of the floor. It is only then that you will attain the perfect effect. If you are not very sure about the direction of your joist, try to figure it out by following the nails that attach the flooring. While gluing the wood in place, be extra careful about using the trowels properly. If the adhesive has not been applied properly, you will end up with uneven hardwood flooring in the rooms.

Bruce Harwood flooring usually comes in two different styles. One, with the prefinished look, which is shiny and has a polished appearance. The other features an unfinished look, which does not have the shine but adds a kind of raw beauty to your room.

Tips to Keep the Bruce Harwood Flooring Absolutely Clean

Bruce hardwood floors are not very difficult to maintain. A proper sweep or thorough vacuuming keeps your floor in mint condition. But if you decide to wash the Bruce hardwood floors, make sure you use a damp mop instead of a wet one. Do not use excess water because too much water damages hardwood floors. The process of drying should be done by using a soft cloth.

Do not make the mistake of using scouring pads or abrasive cleaners on Bruce hardwood floors as this will leave the surface marred with scratches. They also make the floor lose its shine as they remove the polyurethane coating that is present. At the same time, keep away from floor waxes as they prove harmful for these hardwood floors. If your flooring is of the unfinished type and you suddenly want to go for the finished look, use an additional layer of polyurethane coating to add the shine. To avoid the problem of staining, don’t let the liquid sit on the floor for long. Mop the spill right away, so that it does not get the chance to soak into the wood.

Way Forward

Keep these cleaning methods in mind, and you can keep your Bruce hardwood floor as good as new, for a long time. So, the next time you decide to change the old fashioned flooring of your house, be sure to opt for Bruce Harwood flooring to add warmth and beauty to your house, which it really deserves.

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Carpet Tiles: A perfect blend of beauty and functionality

When you call over guests to your home, you always try to make your best attempt to ensure that they feel happy and comfortable. It is definite that you have a look at everything in your home to see whether it is proper or not. Right then, you have a look at the flooring of our house. If this does not look good and attractive, your hopes of making your guests and also yourself can be shattered.

If you actually love the feel and appearance of carpets in your house, but at the same time do not want to invest your time and effort in its installation and maintenance, fashionable carpet tiles are excellent for you to opt. These tiles truly take the aesthetic worth of your home to a new level and give it a rich and elegant feel.

Ease of use

The geometrical shape of carpet tiles actually make things very simple and easy for homeowners who want to blend functionality with beauty. There are certain things that you need to think about while settling the correct flooring option. These are available in square shapes along with the glue layer at back. Moreover, these tiles are quite simple to install. Besides, if there is any tarnish or dent in any part of basement surface, you may just replace the particular tile rather than replacing the complete flooring. All this proves the worthiness of these tiles.

Carpet tiles come along with varied benefits

There are few benefits of selecting carpet tiles over any other type of flooring. Let us see what advantages you can gain from these tiles.

Versatile and Flexible: If you wish to create a stylish floor covering for the bedroom and durable surface for the kitchen, carpet tiles are considered the perfect option for all. You can get these tiles online in various colors, designs, finishes, and textures. It gives such a wonderful look to your house that you always wished for your property. Apart from giving an elegant appearance to your home, these tiles also enhance the comfort level.

Simple Cleaning and Maintenance: If you have carpet tiles at your house, then you do not need to worry about the cleaning process. Usual and careful vacuuming is one of the best ways to keep the floor clean and dirt-free. In addition, if there is any stain or mark on it, just take that tile out and clean it up with the appropriate products. On the other hand, if it is a serious stain or mark, you must replace it with new one.

Ultimately, the most excellent product would be dictated by the set-up its needs, and your liking. These tiles tend to be an excellent choice for residential as well as commercial settings. These tiles also look good in educational institutions, as repairing is quite easy and straightforward. It is actually worth thinking about the pros of these carpet tile settings in order to give a superior idea as to what works best for you and your house.

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Stick Laminate Floor- Fun And Easy Floor Décor Option


Are you bored with the look of your home? Do you constantly wish to remodel your kitchen and bathroom areas with brand-new floor designs and carpets? If you don’t wish to go through the hassles of a complete makeover of your home, change your flooring. Consider stick on laminate flooring as they look stylish and contemporary, and at the same time, are easy to install too. If quick and simple is your motto, stick-on laminate flooring could be your to-go option, especially when it comes to jazzing up your home surroundings and giving it a new look.

Take a look at how Quick Step laminate floors are what you should be looking at for the best underfoot comfort and appeal.



When it comes to affordability, laminating is a far more cost-friendly option than tiles or wooden flooring. The latter, for a typical drawing room or kitchen, would serve to be a luxury that would cost anything greater than $3 per square foot, based on the kind of wood used. But, with Quick Step laminate, you can gain astonishingly realistic-looking patterns a much lower price per square foot. Not only wood, but also ceramic and mosaic tiles can be reproduced to give your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom an all-out facelift, all within a modest budget.

Variety of Adhesives on Laminates

Laminate floors hold promise when it comes to their wide range. If it is a checkerboard layout that you need for your kitchen, there are different prints that will fit the style you have in mind. Also, if you want a modern tile design, like a geometrical or asymmetrical print, there are different colors to select from. Even if you decide to go for a natural but sophisticated wood design on a vast portion of you floor, there is a variety of colors and textures that you can opt for to create a warm and lively appeal.


With so much and a lot more to choose from, Quick Step laminate floors are now making their presence felt in most commercial and residential spaces, and for good reasons too. There are however, certain features, in terms of both efficiency and aesthetics, which a customer must keep in mind before the purchase and installation of these floors.

Multi-Layer Construction

As you go about the task of choosing the perfect floor laminating material, you should look for something that has multiple layers. This will enable the laminate to remain as good as new for a for a longer period of time. The uppermost coating should be scratch-resistant to combat any damages caused by dragging chairs or other sharp objects. It should also be stain-resistant, so as to avoid absorption of stains and discoloration; and thereby make maintenance tasks easier than in other flooring alternatives.

Thickness of the Boards

Since the flooring comprises of layered boards, you have to be sure that the boards are sufficiently thick. This will ensure that the original flooring of your rooms remain protected, while giving a sense of solidness and comfort to anyone walking on the newly laminated floors. It would be ideal if the boards have a combined thickness of 8-12mm, as they would be comfortable to walk upon, and raise the entire height of the floor by only a few millimeters.

Foot fall on your Quick Stick Laminate Floor

Another thing that controls the duration and long-lasting quality of Quick Step laminate is the way it deals with average traffic. While installing these floors, you should keep the expected number of people walking to and fro on the laminated floor in mind. If the expected traffic is high, you need to invest in durable laminate flooring that can endure the immense pressure that it has to go through under the constant changing weight of those walking over it. Even though such laminated floors are built to resist wearing down due to fluctuating pressure and weight, it is crucial to install a floor that can last longer. That is why; always request your interior decorator to put in heavier floors with thicker boards.


Special Features of Quick step Laminate

Something that you as a client and owner of a home should be aware of is the overall look of the floor when put together with the rest of the house, like the walls, furniture, doors, etc. In case of laminate floors, the layers should have some recurrent patterns, grains or images. A contrasting look would give emphasis to the clear base color of the laminate coating. As these coats would form the texture and look of the laminate, their features need to be sharp and crystal-clear to maintain the overall look of the floor. The overall mood set by the floor and the walls should mesh well, and not be clashing or too dull. Also, the elements of the laminate should boast of colors that go smoothly with that of the central color of the room.

Easy Installation

Quick Step laminate can be a fun DIY (do-it-yourself) project to do during a short holiday. Even for someone with less experience, this can be a simple home improvement affair. Your local hardware stores will have all the right tips for easy installations. You can buy a self-securing laminate floor that does not need gluing. Just measure the dimensions of the room’s floor, cut the flooring material to the required size and place over the original floor or the present tile, carefully. Very soon, you shall be able to give your home a fresh, long-lasting makeover that it deserves.

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Every Heard Of An Environmental Friendly Carpet? Its Smartstrand

You can quite easily change the paint from the interiors of your homes without much fuss and money required; however, carpets are aspects that are somewhat permanent for your homes. Changing them regularly will require effort coupled with money. For this reason, the choice of carpets gains prominence for house owners. It is a lifestyle decision that needs to be taken with care.

Are you nervous already? Well, the market provides you with variety of choices that can suit different lifestyle needs and tastes. Moreover, this choice is accompanied with expert advice from seasoned professionals. With the advent of online stores, your choice has been all the more widened. So choosing a carpet is no more a hassle. As a fact, this activity can be fun; only if you are completely prepared and know what you want.

A revolutionary carpeting solution

One carpeting solution that has made a strong impact on consumers everywhere is SmartStrand carpet. According to Mohawk that manufactures SmartStrand, this carpet is one of its kind due to being resistant to soil and stain. This ability is because of the built in resistance facility inside its fibers. Further, the company even claims that these carpets will never wash or wear off and are extremely easy on the cleaning front which requires just water or some mild detergent.

Worried about mishaps? Not anymore

Carpets form an important and essential element for home decoration and almost every home owners is extra cautious while selecting them. The comfort and look are aspects that are given primary significance during selection. Additionally, the fear related to stains such as sauce spills or red wine during parties or pets leading to scratching are aspects that are always at the back of mind while choosing carpets. Due to the fear of such accidental mishaps, it will be extremely necessary to purchase a product that keeps you free from these worries. This is where SmartStrand carpets score.

SmartStrand carpets are recognized of being the toughest of the lot and also extremely easy to clean. This makes them a perfect carpeting solutions for households; especially those that have pets and kids. With use of advanced innovation with regards to fiber, these carpets offer highest quality and enhanced beauty along with high performance level and comfort to households. It can be said that these are life time worry free solutions.

A perfect solution

You may be surprised to know that SmartStrand is the first to introduce new fiber to carpeting and is the only solution that can boast of permanent and built in solution for stain resistance. This makes it extremely durable and provides users with utmost satisfaction levels.

According to Mohawk, SmartStrand carpet is a unique product as they have minimized natural resource use; thus enabling them to reduce energy consumption. This has also helped in creation of long lasting fiber that resists stains. Cleaning it does not need cleaners or chemicals too. All these features mean that these carpets are a big step towards provision of a completely environmental friendly flooring solution.

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Transform Your Dwellings Into Beautiful Spaces With Bruce Hardwood

It was in demand in the 60’s, not in trend in the 70’s and 80’s and again it had come back in 90’s, and then there has been no looking back. In the present day, hardwood flooring is quite popular and you get to see different varieties to choose from.

People are in search of ease and flexibility in their homes. Essentially, it comes in assortment of styles as well as colors like maple, oak, cherry, teak, pine, and lot more. One of the famous manufacturers in the market is for such type of hardwood is Bruce hardwood flooring. It has gained immense popularity; both amongst home owners and decorators alike over the years due to the array of benefits it renders to users.

Always Purchase Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Installation of Bruce hardwood flooring in your home is the excellent outlay that you can ever make. Not only it adds to the ambiance of the room, but it also augments the worth of your home whenever you wish to sell it off.

The grade of wood utilized in Bruce hardwood possesses a warranty of its own. Opt from these grades of hardwood: good, better and best in order to possess hardwood floors together with knots and character. The ‘Best’ evaluation in Bruce hardwood flooring is extremely expensive and has the excellent quality of wood and outstanding warranty. However, low cost or high cost, one aspect is sure with this brand of hardwood floors – You will get durability and design brilliance for your floors.

You will see changes in wood in each plank with Bruce hardwood flooring. This actually gives the floor a unique look, which you actually want to achieve. The change subsists in every quality of Bruce flooring since no two boards are same.

In addition, you need to be cautious with hardwood even if it is solid. Placing furniture of sharp edges on this kind of flooring makes dent on it. Bruce wood flooring undergoes a natural aging procedure which makes it sturdy enough. However, even if it is sturdy, refrain from using sharp edged furniture on any floor and help increase its life.

How to take Care of Hardwood Flooring ?

When you opt for Bruce Flooring, you have to be certain that wood is not at all exposed to moisture. And if anything leaks on the floor, you must clean it instantly. Hardwood floors need to be properly cleaned, or else, grime and dirt will accumulate.

Moreover, if the floor shows any sign of beading up, the floor may require refinishing. Water scratch may spread easily all through the flooring if you do not look after the problem instantaneously. Crowning and cupping are two kinds of moisture harm that hardwood floors may sustain. This flooring also does not do well where there is temperature change from one extreme to other.

One of the challenging tasks about Bruce hardwood flooring is actually its installation procedure. It is advisable that you consult an expert for the installation to get excellent looking results. It can be easily done online and you will definitely get best expert help there. The experts are experienced in laying and finishing the flooring and hence it is good to leave this job for them, rather than trying to do it by yourself.

Finally speaking, this flooring is quite distinctive and special and makes use of the most recent technology to transform a simple room into a conversation piece. You just need to find the right source to purchase these floors and get it installed by experts. Once done, these floors will completely enhance the look of your homes.

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