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Stick Laminate Floor- Fun And Easy Floor Décor Option


Are you bored with the look of your home? Do you constantly wish to remodel your kitchen and bathroom areas with brand-new floor designs and carpets? If you don’t wish to go through the hassles of a complete makeover of your home, change your flooring. Consider stick on laminate flooring as they look stylish and contemporary, and at the same time, are easy to install too. If quick and simple is your motto, stick-on laminate flooring could be your to-go option, especially when it comes to jazzing up your home surroundings and giving it a new look.

Take a look at how Quick Step laminate floors are what you should be looking at for the best underfoot comfort and appeal.



When it comes to affordability, laminating is a far more cost-friendly option than tiles or wooden flooring. The latter, for a typical drawing room or kitchen, would serve to be a luxury that would cost anything greater than $3 per square foot, based on the kind of wood used. But, with Quick Step laminate, you can gain astonishingly realistic-looking patterns a much lower price per square foot. Not only wood, but also ceramic and mosaic tiles can be reproduced to give your kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom an all-out facelift, all within a modest budget.

Variety of Adhesives on Laminates

Laminate floors hold promise when it comes to their wide range. If it is a checkerboard layout that you need for your kitchen, there are different prints that will fit the style you have in mind. Also, if you want a modern tile design, like a geometrical or asymmetrical print, there are different colors to select from. Even if you decide to go for a natural but sophisticated wood design on a vast portion of you floor, there is a variety of colors and textures that you can opt for to create a warm and lively appeal.


With so much and a lot more to choose from, Quick Step laminate floors are now making their presence felt in most commercial and residential spaces, and for good reasons too. There are however, certain features, in terms of both efficiency and aesthetics, which a customer must keep in mind before the purchase and installation of these floors.

Multi-Layer Construction

As you go about the task of choosing the perfect floor laminating material, you should look for something that has multiple layers. This will enable the laminate to remain as good as new for a for a longer period of time. The uppermost coating should be scratch-resistant to combat any damages caused by dragging chairs or other sharp objects. It should also be stain-resistant, so as to avoid absorption of stains and discoloration; and thereby make maintenance tasks easier than in other flooring alternatives.

Thickness of the Boards

Since the flooring comprises of layered boards, you have to be sure that the boards are sufficiently thick. This will ensure that the original flooring of your rooms remain protected, while giving a sense of solidness and comfort to anyone walking on the newly laminated floors. It would be ideal if the boards have a combined thickness of 8-12mm, as they would be comfortable to walk upon, and raise the entire height of the floor by only a few millimeters.

Foot fall on your Quick Stick Laminate Floor

Another thing that controls the duration and long-lasting quality of Quick Step laminate is the way it deals with average traffic. While installing these floors, you should keep the expected number of people walking to and fro on the laminated floor in mind. If the expected traffic is high, you need to invest in durable laminate flooring that can endure the immense pressure that it has to go through under the constant changing weight of those walking over it. Even though such laminated floors are built to resist wearing down due to fluctuating pressure and weight, it is crucial to install a floor that can last longer. That is why; always request your interior decorator to put in heavier floors with thicker boards.


Special Features of Quick step Laminate

Something that you as a client and owner of a home should be aware of is the overall look of the floor when put together with the rest of the house, like the walls, furniture, doors, etc. In case of laminate floors, the layers should have some recurrent patterns, grains or images. A contrasting look would give emphasis to the clear base color of the laminate coating. As these coats would form the texture and look of the laminate, their features need to be sharp and crystal-clear to maintain the overall look of the floor. The overall mood set by the floor and the walls should mesh well, and not be clashing or too dull. Also, the elements of the laminate should boast of colors that go smoothly with that of the central color of the room.

Easy Installation

Quick Step laminate can be a fun DIY (do-it-yourself) project to do during a short holiday. Even for someone with less experience, this can be a simple home improvement affair. Your local hardware stores will have all the right tips for easy installations. You can buy a self-securing laminate floor that does not need gluing. Just measure the dimensions of the room’s floor, cut the flooring material to the required size and place over the original floor or the present tile, carefully. Very soon, you shall be able to give your home a fresh, long-lasting makeover that it deserves.



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