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Give your Home a New Personality with Bruce Hardwood Flooring

ImageAre you finding the floors of your house too boring and feel that it’s time for a new look? If yes, then it is the perfect time for you to invest your money in installing Bruce hardwood flooring in your personal space. To protect your investment, all the different kinds of wood used in the making of Bruce hardwood flooring come with a warranty of their own. The newly laid floor will make your house look much more sophisticated and classy.

Wood flooring always imparts a warm and cozy look to the room. Bruce hardwood flooring is the perfect choice if you want to bring in an air of change in your home. This is where we help you to learn the tips to maintain these types of flooring for long lasting and trouble free experiences.

Different Kinds of Bruce Hardwood Flooring

Bruce hardwood floorings have three different categories, good, better and best. Among these three, the most exquisite floorings are found under the ‘Best’ category. However, they are the most expensive ones too, because of their very high quality and the long warranty period. This does not mean that the other two categories offer inferior products – the difference is in their type of wood and the warranty period. The wood used in Bruce hardwood flooring varies from one plank to another. This variation of wood is present in all three categories of Bruce hardwood flooring. It is because of this variation that Bruce hardwood flooring manages to give your room a unique look.

Care and Caution

Hardwood flooring is usually very solid and has a high power of resistance. But you still need to exercise caution. If your furniture has sharp edges, there are chances that it will leave scratches on your hardwood flooring. This flooring also goes through a natural ageing process, and it is because of the ageing process that the color of the floor fades over time. You will notice this difference in color once you remove the rug that has probably covered your floor for quite a long time. The color of the exposed areas will be lighter than the area which was covered by the rug. To avoid this problem, keep moving your rug at frequent intervals.

How to go about Installing Bruce Hardwood Flooring

In some cases, those who have installed Bruce hardwood flooring might hear popping sounds while walking over it. However, be assured that there is nothing wrong with the hardwood flooring. It is possible that you have uneven subfloors, which creates a gap between the hardwood flooring and the subfloors. So, when you walk over that hollowed area, the wood gets pressed downwards and this creates the noises that you hear. This is the reason, why you need to pay attention during the layout process.

The hardwood should be ideally placed perpendicular to the joist of the floor. It is only then that you will attain the perfect effect. If you are not very sure about the direction of your joist, try to figure it out by following the nails that attach the flooring. While gluing the wood in place, be extra careful about using the trowels properly. If the adhesive has not been applied properly, you will end up with uneven hardwood flooring in the rooms.

Bruce Harwood flooring usually comes in two different styles. One, with the prefinished look, which is shiny and has a polished appearance. The other features an unfinished look, which does not have the shine but adds a kind of raw beauty to your room.

Tips to Keep the Bruce Harwood Flooring Absolutely Clean

Bruce hardwood floors are not very difficult to maintain. A proper sweep or thorough vacuuming keeps your floor in mint condition. But if you decide to wash the Bruce hardwood floors, make sure you use a damp mop instead of a wet one. Do not use excess water because too much water damages hardwood floors. The process of drying should be done by using a soft cloth.

Do not make the mistake of using scouring pads or abrasive cleaners on Bruce hardwood floors as this will leave the surface marred with scratches. They also make the floor lose its shine as they remove the polyurethane coating that is present. At the same time, keep away from floor waxes as they prove harmful for these hardwood floors. If your flooring is of the unfinished type and you suddenly want to go for the finished look, use an additional layer of polyurethane coating to add the shine. To avoid the problem of staining, don’t let the liquid sit on the floor for long. Mop the spill right away, so that it does not get the chance to soak into the wood.

Way Forward

Keep these cleaning methods in mind, and you can keep your Bruce hardwood floor as good as new, for a long time. So, the next time you decide to change the old fashioned flooring of your house, be sure to opt for Bruce Harwood flooring to add warmth and beauty to your house, which it really deserves.



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