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Modern Holiday Flooring Trends

Flooring is a redeeming aspect of home-making; it is one of the first and foremost steps of judging any residential or commercial plot. It is an asset that casts a lasting first impression on the minds of any newcomer in an abode, or those that set foot on the same. Yes, adequate flooring is the most affirmed foundation of any home décor, be it conventional or contemporary. It lays out a flooring canvas that ably complements all the fillers placed on it, or around the same. People with the lack of interest in filling their rooms with furniture or fancy objects of any kind, are also suggested varied types of flooring as per their purposes. An impressive floor surely ascents one’s social status, and adds grandeur to the simplest setting, and in many more ways than one.



In the last few years, the flooring industry has had many new carpet trends, globally. It has seen varied flooring patterns that have evolved and transformed with time. Today, it is quite common to have homeowners with preset moods established for orchestrating their own dream home. Modern flooring trends and smart holiday flooring sale alternatives usually go a long way in solving the quandary of various situations that fulfill the motive and tone of desired owners. Choosing the right material for flooring indicates the kind of lifestyle an owner wants to don for himself and others residing in the same environment. There are various types of materials that fulfill these required purposes of interior designers, homeowners, and those who are looking towards making homes out of houses in rented spaces. These materials serve to be stylish, lavish, luxurious, polished, and refined forms of floor making. Following are the various types of holiday floor sale alternatives that are managing to grab the eyeballs of one and all.

  • Hardwood Flooring

When trends are influenced along the fashion of wider planks and luxurious colors, hardwood method of flooring is preferred as an invariant choice. Boasting of textures that serve to look hand scraped and aged with time, these hardwood floors have a warm and traditional appeal that makes them very different from all others.

The demand of having “something vintage” prevails in the minds of homeowners and designers of this era. In urgent need of getting connected to their roots, they desire to show that the flooring chosen by them goes back to the days of those who depended on natural resources for making their homes. Contemporary hardwood floor designs are generally composed of walnut, teak, birch, white oak, cherry and mahogany. With far more variations and designing trends dominating today’s times, there is no dearth of textures and styles to choose from. Commercial hardwood flooring, in its most adverse states, can now be put to use for making traditional looking interiors possible for their consumers. This in turn has become an appealing factor for most buyers, thereby affecting the market reputation of the products in question.

  • Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is a widely accepted form of modern flooring method. Its most desired qualities are its high reliability measures, durability, and long-lasting nature. In the days gone by, concrete flooring was prominently used for making floor garages, work stations, etc.  Until recent times, such floors were used sparingly with limited scope of development. And then, plentiful possibilities came to the fore, thereby making this holiday flooring sale option a much coveted one. These possibilities generally involve the styles, patterns and colors applied on concrete flooring methods. Another incentive that has made long lasting concrete flooring more noticeable than before is their need for relatively low maintenance. This popular concrete flooring option has a varied list of subtypes, which have been tested and tried over a long time in the history of floors. Take a look.

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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Why should you go for luxury vinyl tile and flooring?

For quite some time now, vinyl has been ‘the way’ for executing flooring jobs for commercial and residential premises alike. What makes it the trendiest flooring option in the lot, and one of the most viable flooring products in contemporary times, is its steady evolution. It has come a long way from the typical gold and dingy orange options, which you can still find, if you look up images using the keywords ‘luxury vinyl tile and flooring’. Modern flooring methods have paid much heed towards the reworking of the luxury vinyl sector, thereby making it a much coveted option for people looking for only the best in their interiors. Additionally, technology is fast improving upon this floor-type’s manufacturing and design techniques, thereby converting it into one of the most resilient and luxurious flooring options.


Illustrated below are the reasons why you should opt for luxury vinyl tile and flooring too.

  1. Varied Styles and Colors.

The second layer of vinyl flooring makes it look astounding and beautiful. This printing is achieved by a process termed as rotogravure, which is used for imprinting all designs on the vinyl formulated base. The press used for printing such designs is the rotary press with photoengraved plates that is functional in creating a plethora of designs. Using this press, it becomes possible for manufacturers to attain a wide range of colors and styles that promise to fit all kinds of setting to perfection.

Resilient vinyl flooring is the stimulated form of flooring used in enhancing the look of natural substrates such as stone, pile, wood, linoleum, brick, marble and many other options. The possibility of achieving varied colors, stylish patterns, and attractive textures makes this flooring option a much coveted one for home owners and interior designers like you. So, in case you have been looking around for the best floor option for adding a distinctive touch to your personal or work environment, then luxury vinyl flooring and tile is certainly the right way to go.

Makes Cleaning Easy

The beauty of luxury vinyl tile and flooring is well-accounted for by its need for regular maintenance. With time, the cleaning methods attributed to vinyl floors have also gone through unprecedented levels of changes. Vinyl floors are “no-wax” surfaces, these surfaces are easy to clean because the floor shines without waxing. A damp mop can clean the surface in question, while the topmost layer is resistant to any kind of staining and scratching.

It is also important to make note that these “no-wax” floors eventually lose their charm and glamour with time. Manufacturers generally suggest that a “no-wax” material needs to be surfaced upon, especially where the shine has diminished. It is suggested that you use manufacturer suggested coating materials for the purpose, only. This is because, cleaning products recommended by the makers of vinyl floors are devoid of any chemicals or ingredients that may cause scratches on the floors. Affordable and easily available, they go a long way in keeping your interiors spic , span, and shiny. So, instead of investing in just any cleaning or waxing product available in hardware stores, it is a good idea to connect to the dealers of vinyl flooring in your city and buy the products that are certified by them.

Long lasting, Wear Resistant

There are two types of vinyl floors that offer the attributes of wear resistance and a long life span to any established flooring.

  • Printed Vinyl Flooring

It’s a 3-4 layered sandwich put together to create a material, which is both durable and stunning in appearance. The first layer is meant to protect the vinyl texture by the application of felt or fiberglass. The next layer is a printed layer of vinyl that is the main focal point for the entire flooring mechanism. It is possible to achieve a cushioning layer on some of these styles. The final collective layer is called the wear layer, which is also made of vinyl.

  • Inlaid Vinyl Flooring

When the entire vinyl layer is laid out, attractive patterns are created using the thickness of the vinyl. This type of flooring is more expensive. One of the most positive traits related to Inlaid Vinyl Flooring is that even if it is chipped or scratched, the look of the floor is not damaged. The entire pattern is extended until the last layers of the entire depth of the sheet in question. This kind of flooring does not have a ‘wear layer’, but it does safeguard the flooring with its base-backing layer.

  1. Luxury Footfalls

In all probability, there are specific places at home where you spend most of your time walking or playing around; or doing some kind of activity. These places require easy access, without making you tired or discomforted in any way. Here, smart luxury vinyl flooring methods offer the appropriate amount of cushioning, so that you may walk around with optimum comfort and ease.

  1. Easy Installment

Generally, whenever people need to change the flooring of their home or workplace, they tend to postpone the process because of the cumbersome steps demanded by the installation of a new type of flooring. They are also skeptical of creating a huge mess around the areas of operation. Also, as the previous setting has to be removed in order to cover a new type, it becomes a difficult proposition for many. With luxury vinyl flooring, you can simply install the new floor of your choice, right above your previous flooring. You can save a lot of money and the post-operation clean-up time with this luxury vinyl tile and flooring method too. So, instead of waiting any longer, do freeze you decision of investing in this coveted type of flooring and gear up to give an altogether new look and feel to your abode.

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A Little more about Hand Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Hand-scrapped hardwood flooring is almost similar to real hand scarped wood. It is easy to install and often comes with a lower price tag than any other flooring. Though it doesn’t improve the décor and value of property, it is widely used because of its easy installation facilities and warm aesthetics combined. Some of the benefits of installing this kind of flooring are as follows:

The Warm Look

If you decide to opt for an authentic scraped floor, then, it would automatically add to the physical texture of your flooring. However, the look and texture of different hand scrapped hardwood brands differ in more ways than one. To overcome this issue, manufacturers usually dent, scoop and rough these floors, while others sand the same for gaining a distinctive look.  Furthermore, hand scraped laminate generates an evenly distributed texture. These days,  manufacturers strive to scrape the entire surface of the floor to maintain a uniform look across the room, hallway, or wherever the same is installed.

Today, there are many options that are available for grabs for users on online and offline stores alike. Matching any house décor to the hilt, and serving as flattering points of appeal for the  aesthetics of the environment where placed, these flooring options surely go a long way in transforming the looks of any space – in more positive ways of course!

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The Little Known Benefits of Carpet Padding

Carpet padding can offer some stupendous experiences. Imagine yourself taking a nap on the floor which is a pile of polyester and soft fiber! Wonderful, isn’t it? While most house contractors recommend it, home owners like you might feel that carpet installation with padding would cost you more. However, most people forget that a carpet pad has much more to its credit than just giving off a cozy feel for your feet. Besides making the flooring soft, carpet pads also absorb sound, make vacuuming easy, and trap heat to add to the convenience of home makers. Installing quality carpet padding under your new carpet will help it last longer, feel softer and quieter, and provide the right insulation capabilities.

Here, we take a quick look at how carpet padding has graduated from being an extra, unessential layer to your floors, to something that cannot be done without.


Reduces Noise

Hardwood hallways are lonely and cold. They always echo with each step. However, with carpet padding, they not only give you a soft texture to walk upon, but also absorb the sound of footsteps echoing around. Yes, in most cases, the sound given off by footsteps tends to echo on the wood sub flooring, or hard cement. But then, padding absorbs this sound because of its porosity and thickness. So, if you are tired of the clickety-click of heels in your office, or can do without listening to the noise of your children running up and down the stairs, it is time you looked beyond regular carpets for such spaces. With the right kind of padding in place, you can be assured of a more silent work area or household alike.

Get a Toasty and Warm House

Carpet flooring without padding can be as cold as hardwood hallways. Besides absorbing sound, carpet padding also keeps in the heat. It is very normal for chilled air and breeze to get into your house and make the flooring cold. But a carpet pad prevents cold air from entering the foundation of your house and keeps it warm and cozy. So, if you want to give off a warm and inviting look to your immediate space, it is certainly a good idea to install an extra layer of padding on the carpets and rugs of your choice. With them in place, you can feel warmer and more comfortable while moving from one part of your environment to the other, with or without shoes. If you are geographically located in a place where winters are just about to set in, then, the right time to go about the installation of carpet pads is now. Just go for them, you will not be disappointed.

Spring Cleaning

One more advantage of carpet padding is that it is extremely easy to vacuum and keep clean. A vacuum cleaner works by generating a suction that picks up dust and dirt from the carpet. The padding on the carpet makes the task of cleaning off the dust on the carpet, as well as from underneath it, very easy and convenient. Do remember that a carpet pad acts as a barrier between your carpet and the sub flooring; therefore, it allows for easy cleaning of the dirt beneath the carpet in convenient ways, and at all times.

Longer Lifespan for Carpets

Installing a carpet pad extends the life of your carpet. However, not all padding is the same. Different carpets require different types of padding. If the wrong padding is installed, your carpet may flatten more rapidly than expected. The right padding will keep the carpet fluffy and also extend its warranty. You may like to check out online carpet padding sale for availing different types of pads in various textures, colors and sizes. Once there, assess your immediate and future needs with regards to the kind of expected footfall in your commercial or residential environment. Also, get a fair enough idea of the amount of budget that you would like to allocate for the purpose. With a wide range of padding aids for carpets to choose from, you will obviously be spoiled for choice.

Type of Carpet Padding

The ultimate choice of your floor pad would obviously depend on the type of carpet texture, and the kind of material it is made of. Ensure that you buy the right pad that suits the feel and texture of your carpet, so that it sticks in the best possible way. You may like to avail of generic pads from your home or hardware store, but then, they might be of lower quality than branded pads. Purchasing a high quality pad will make a vital difference in how long it will make your carpet last, and keep it from wearing and tearing under heavy footfall. Generic pads will not offer much protection and will lead to the purchase of new padding, sooner than later.

The Right Choice

Carpet padding may not be the first thing that you notice, but it is one of the most necessary ones. You can check discount carpet padding or sale to avail the best carpet pads for the right price. However, ensure that you also check the quality of the carpet before purchasing the same. Usually, when people think of carpet flooring, they tend to look for comfortable and classy looking carpet padding. The purpose of carpet padding is to increase the durability and longevity of their carpets and thus, require one time installation. Because of their long-term application, it is a good idea to buy the correct one only, even though it may be a tad more expensive than expected. The right pad relives stress on the carpet as well as absorbs the burden on the fibers. As carpet padding makes your carpet last longer, investing in the perfect one can prove to be worthwhile.

Just go for these pads for your carpets, and make your flooring accessories last longer.

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The Beauty of Armstrong Commercial Floor Tile

The customers’ perception of your business depends largely on the infrastructure and interior design of your establishment. This makes it very important to make the right choice in terms of floor tile, walls, ceiling etc. If you are looking for any of the above, you will find enumerable options, be it in the form of colors, designs, types, or styles. Here, you get a fair idea about how reputed flooring brands are making a long-lasting impact on the minds of those who step on the beautiful vinyl, and other kinds of floors, in residential and commercial environments alike.
Just like Armstrong, one of the prominent dealers in market today, you will come across plenty of other companies that have mastered the art of making floors an integral part of the décor of offices, stores, hotels, nursing homes, and stores. The tiles and other commercial flooring options used by them in establishments not only accentuate the style of the organization but also beautify the place beyond compare.
So, what makes Armstrong Commercial products, and others in the same genre, a perfect fit for your establishment too? As you go through the distinctive products available on the catalogues of their websites, you will observe that along with being beautiful, strong, durable, and stylish, they promise to enhance the existing décor to perfection. These qualities surely come in handy when businesses are experiencing busy footfalls. Given their easy upkeep and maintenance requirements, even during such times, a simple cleaning give these floors a brand new look. Apart from offering a bevy of choices in designs, styles and colors, you would also want to figure out the type of tiling that would best suit your business. Here’s a small background check of the flooring types available in home and lifestyle specialty stores. They can be best purchased after considering factors like performance, lifestyle and style.
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Laminate Flooring: Install These Floors And Make Your Rooms Inviting


When you look around your home, you may not be satisfied with the existing carpets and designs within your kitchen and bathroom areas. This is when you start to think about all the possible ways that may help you to liven up your space and make it more inviting. You will come to some conclusions regarding changes in flooring. However, for speedy upgrade, you need to know how laminate flooring can actually make considerable difference and give your house the enhancement it requires.

In the present day and age, there is a huge demand of interior design services, and laminate flooring based interior décor is one of them. Essentially, this art of decorating the floor is something that beautifies your home and makes it inviting. Moreover such type of floors are secluded from any kind of damage or smash up that may occur; thus proving to be durable.

Select Excellent Laminate Flooring Quality

Laminate can be used on home floors, office floors or other floors that you may wish to decorate in order to keep them intact. This aspect facilitates you to apply this décor to experience a wonderful interior design. With a well-organized professional designer, you can expect to get good quality laminate flooring, which absolutely matches with the color of the walls of your room.

Prior to selecting and applying this art of décor, it is significant for you to understand the diverse kinds of flooring materials. Then you must opt for the finest material that goes well with the surroundings of your room. You may opt for multi-layer construction, board thickness, or photographic imagery feature as per your choice. As the choice is wide, you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

Factors to Keep in Mind While Opting for Laminate flooring

Footfall on the proposed floor: One must consider whether the floor that requires laminate is expected to have lot of footfalls or not. If lot of traffic is expected then make sure to select flooring that can withstand lot of pressure as of the weight of people who are passing through the floor may damage inappropriate floors.Even though, this flooring can withstand high pressure, but still you must inquire from your interior designer to put heavy flooring.

The designing of the room in question: Selecting the excellent quality of laminate flooring requires you to consider the existing interior design patterns of that particular room which requires re-doing of its flooring. Your designated designer must be able to notify you with the finest flooring to use and moreover which is in demand. However, you must give your opinions as well on the color scheme and imagery pattern likings so that your designer can have the prospect to select from your list of preference.

Since laminate flooring is a big thing for your home, you must look for something very exclusive. However, do you know from where you will get to know what is in trend now? Yes, you can search online for laminate flooring options and you will definitely come across various web portals that are offering these services at affordable price range. You can explain them about your choice and select perfect needs for your floor that matches with your room. In this way, you will also save lot of money and effort of going from one store to the other.

Ensure that the on line option you choose is reputed. They need to have expert professional who can guide you throughout the process of your floor installation and care. Once this is finalized, choosing the floor suiting your requirement is not much of a hassle.

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