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The Little Known Benefits of Carpet Padding

Carpet padding can offer some stupendous experiences. Imagine yourself taking a nap on the floor which is a pile of polyester and soft fiber! Wonderful, isn’t it? While most house contractors recommend it, home owners like you might feel that carpet installation with padding would cost you more. However, most people forget that a carpet pad has much more to its credit than just giving off a cozy feel for your feet. Besides making the flooring soft, carpet pads also absorb sound, make vacuuming easy, and trap heat to add to the convenience of home makers. Installing quality carpet padding under your new carpet will help it last longer, feel softer and quieter, and provide the right insulation capabilities.

Here, we take a quick look at how carpet padding has graduated from being an extra, unessential layer to your floors, to something that cannot be done without.


Reduces Noise

Hardwood hallways are lonely and cold. They always echo with each step. However, with carpet padding, they not only give you a soft texture to walk upon, but also absorb the sound of footsteps echoing around. Yes, in most cases, the sound given off by footsteps tends to echo on the wood sub flooring, or hard cement. But then, padding absorbs this sound because of its porosity and thickness. So, if you are tired of the clickety-click of heels in your office, or can do without listening to the noise of your children running up and down the stairs, it is time you looked beyond regular carpets for such spaces. With the right kind of padding in place, you can be assured of a more silent work area or household alike.

Get a Toasty and Warm House

Carpet flooring without padding can be as cold as hardwood hallways. Besides absorbing sound, carpet padding also keeps in the heat. It is very normal for chilled air and breeze to get into your house and make the flooring cold. But a carpet pad prevents cold air from entering the foundation of your house and keeps it warm and cozy. So, if you want to give off a warm and inviting look to your immediate space, it is certainly a good idea to install an extra layer of padding on the carpets and rugs of your choice. With them in place, you can feel warmer and more comfortable while moving from one part of your environment to the other, with or without shoes. If you are geographically located in a place where winters are just about to set in, then, the right time to go about the installation of carpet pads is now. Just go for them, you will not be disappointed.

Spring Cleaning

One more advantage of carpet padding is that it is extremely easy to vacuum and keep clean. A vacuum cleaner works by generating a suction that picks up dust and dirt from the carpet. The padding on the carpet makes the task of cleaning off the dust on the carpet, as well as from underneath it, very easy and convenient. Do remember that a carpet pad acts as a barrier between your carpet and the sub flooring; therefore, it allows for easy cleaning of the dirt beneath the carpet in convenient ways, and at all times.

Longer Lifespan for Carpets

Installing a carpet pad extends the life of your carpet. However, not all padding is the same. Different carpets require different types of padding. If the wrong padding is installed, your carpet may flatten more rapidly than expected. The right padding will keep the carpet fluffy and also extend its warranty. You may like to check out online carpet padding sale for availing different types of pads in various textures, colors and sizes. Once there, assess your immediate and future needs with regards to the kind of expected footfall in your commercial or residential environment. Also, get a fair enough idea of the amount of budget that you would like to allocate for the purpose. With a wide range of padding aids for carpets to choose from, you will obviously be spoiled for choice.

Type of Carpet Padding

The ultimate choice of your floor pad would obviously depend on the type of carpet texture, and the kind of material it is made of. Ensure that you buy the right pad that suits the feel and texture of your carpet, so that it sticks in the best possible way. You may like to avail of generic pads from your home or hardware store, but then, they might be of lower quality than branded pads. Purchasing a high quality pad will make a vital difference in how long it will make your carpet last, and keep it from wearing and tearing under heavy footfall. Generic pads will not offer much protection and will lead to the purchase of new padding, sooner than later.

The Right Choice

Carpet padding may not be the first thing that you notice, but it is one of the most necessary ones. You can check discount carpet padding or sale to avail the best carpet pads for the right price. However, ensure that you also check the quality of the carpet before purchasing the same. Usually, when people think of carpet flooring, they tend to look for comfortable and classy looking carpet padding. The purpose of carpet padding is to increase the durability and longevity of their carpets and thus, require one time installation. Because of their long-term application, it is a good idea to buy the correct one only, even though it may be a tad more expensive than expected. The right pad relives stress on the carpet as well as absorbs the burden on the fibers. As carpet padding makes your carpet last longer, investing in the perfect one can prove to be worthwhile.

Just go for these pads for your carpets, and make your flooring accessories last longer.



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