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Top 5 Reasons to Buy Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Why should you go for luxury vinyl tile and flooring?

For quite some time now, vinyl has been ‘the way’ for executing flooring jobs for commercial and residential premises alike. What makes it the trendiest flooring option in the lot, and one of the most viable flooring products in contemporary times, is its steady evolution. It has come a long way from the typical gold and dingy orange options, which you can still find, if you look up images using the keywords ‘luxury vinyl tile and flooring’. Modern flooring methods have paid much heed towards the reworking of the luxury vinyl sector, thereby making it a much coveted option for people looking for only the best in their interiors. Additionally, technology is fast improving upon this floor-type’s manufacturing and design techniques, thereby converting it into one of the most resilient and luxurious flooring options.


Illustrated below are the reasons why you should opt for luxury vinyl tile and flooring too.

  1. Varied Styles and Colors.

The second layer of vinyl flooring makes it look astounding and beautiful. This printing is achieved by a process termed as rotogravure, which is used for imprinting all designs on the vinyl formulated base. The press used for printing such designs is the rotary press with photoengraved plates that is functional in creating a plethora of designs. Using this press, it becomes possible for manufacturers to attain a wide range of colors and styles that promise to fit all kinds of setting to perfection.

Resilient vinyl flooring is the stimulated form of flooring used in enhancing the look of natural substrates such as stone, pile, wood, linoleum, brick, marble and many other options. The possibility of achieving varied colors, stylish patterns, and attractive textures makes this flooring option a much coveted one for home owners and interior designers like you. So, in case you have been looking around for the best floor option for adding a distinctive touch to your personal or work environment, then luxury vinyl flooring and tile is certainly the right way to go.

Makes Cleaning Easy

The beauty of luxury vinyl tile and flooring is well-accounted for by its need for regular maintenance. With time, the cleaning methods attributed to vinyl floors have also gone through unprecedented levels of changes. Vinyl floors are “no-wax” surfaces, these surfaces are easy to clean because the floor shines without waxing. A damp mop can clean the surface in question, while the topmost layer is resistant to any kind of staining and scratching.

It is also important to make note that these “no-wax” floors eventually lose their charm and glamour with time. Manufacturers generally suggest that a “no-wax” material needs to be surfaced upon, especially where the shine has diminished. It is suggested that you use manufacturer suggested coating materials for the purpose, only. This is because, cleaning products recommended by the makers of vinyl floors are devoid of any chemicals or ingredients that may cause scratches on the floors. Affordable and easily available, they go a long way in keeping your interiors spic , span, and shiny. So, instead of investing in just any cleaning or waxing product available in hardware stores, it is a good idea to connect to the dealers of vinyl flooring in your city and buy the products that are certified by them.

Long lasting, Wear Resistant

There are two types of vinyl floors that offer the attributes of wear resistance and a long life span to any established flooring.

  • Printed Vinyl Flooring

It’s a 3-4 layered sandwich put together to create a material, which is both durable and stunning in appearance. The first layer is meant to protect the vinyl texture by the application of felt or fiberglass. The next layer is a printed layer of vinyl that is the main focal point for the entire flooring mechanism. It is possible to achieve a cushioning layer on some of these styles. The final collective layer is called the wear layer, which is also made of vinyl.

  • Inlaid Vinyl Flooring

When the entire vinyl layer is laid out, attractive patterns are created using the thickness of the vinyl. This type of flooring is more expensive. One of the most positive traits related to Inlaid Vinyl Flooring is that even if it is chipped or scratched, the look of the floor is not damaged. The entire pattern is extended until the last layers of the entire depth of the sheet in question. This kind of flooring does not have a ‘wear layer’, but it does safeguard the flooring with its base-backing layer.

  1. Luxury Footfalls

In all probability, there are specific places at home where you spend most of your time walking or playing around; or doing some kind of activity. These places require easy access, without making you tired or discomforted in any way. Here, smart luxury vinyl flooring methods offer the appropriate amount of cushioning, so that you may walk around with optimum comfort and ease.

  1. Easy Installment

Generally, whenever people need to change the flooring of their home or workplace, they tend to postpone the process because of the cumbersome steps demanded by the installation of a new type of flooring. They are also skeptical of creating a huge mess around the areas of operation. Also, as the previous setting has to be removed in order to cover a new type, it becomes a difficult proposition for many. With luxury vinyl flooring, you can simply install the new floor of your choice, right above your previous flooring. You can save a lot of money and the post-operation clean-up time with this luxury vinyl tile and flooring method too. So, instead of waiting any longer, do freeze you decision of investing in this coveted type of flooring and gear up to give an altogether new look and feel to your abode.



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