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A Small Guide to Vinyl Flooring

These days, homeowners go for different options of vinyl flooring as it provides a wide range of patterns and colors to choose from. This kind of flooring alternative makes it easy for buyers to personalize their house’s interior design by matching their floors with the existing wall color and style of furniture. Vinyl sheet flooring, unlike laminate or hardwood floors, is not very expensive, and this is the biggest reason why vinyl floors are being preferred by interior designers, developers, and architects too. To top it off, it is common for contemporary home improvement stores to offer discounted flooring options, thereby allowing for enhanced savings for consumers like you.

Vinyl Flooring

There are several pros and cons in purchasing discount sheet vinyl flooring. Here are some of them to help you score a good deal:

Discounted Vinyl Flooring: Pros & Cons

Ensure that you buy discounted vinyl sheets without compromising on the quality of the product. Internet is an excellent way to make the purchase; yes, you are spoiled with choices for different types of patterns, designs and colors. However, for lucrative online purchasing experiences, it is a good idea to contact your supplier and enquire about his policies for product exchange, product guarantee and returns, as well as about the shipping and handling policies. Remember that not all stores will take back defective flooring if you have installed it once.

Also some websites have customer feedback and testimonials that allow you to check if their products are worth it. Discounted stores offer a wide array of vinyl flooring texture and designs, but then, this in itself might prove to be a concerning affair. So, do make sure that when you go for shopping for discounted vinyl floorings, you have done your homework beforehand.

The checklist of things to do before investing in floors made of vinyl includes:

  • A fair estimate of your budget.
  • The exact measurement of the floor space where vinyl will be installed.
  • The existing color and design of your interior décor.
  • The kind of flooring installed in other areas of your immediate environment, etc.

What is Vinyl Flooring made of?

Vinyl floors are made of different kinds of vinyl that may either be composite or solid forms. While solid vinyl is made of vinyl pieces kept in a vinyl base, composite vinyl is composed of vinyl pieces set in non-vinyl fillers. Solid vinyl is the more durable and expensive amongst the two. Good quality vinyl flooring contains a larger amount of vinyl components that makes the same capable of handling rough usage, spills, and other kinds of physical pressures. Most vinyl floors have a cushion backing that adds a layer of thickness to the floor. This feature comes in handy during vinyl installation in kitchens and other areas that are prone to breakables falling on the same.

Sheet and Tile Vinyl

In general, vinyl floors are available in two forms: sheet and tile. Those who believe in DIY projects, and would rather install floorings on their own, prefer using vinyl tiles. In comparison to vinyl sheets, tiles are quicker and easier to install as they are backed with adhesives that can be peeled off easily, positioned on the floor, and stuck to perfection. Vinyl flooring installation processes require clean and smooth surfaces that offer a good and fit. Here, users need to be careful about the methods of applying glue and other adhesives too. For instance, if the installation is done by applying external glue, it may become difficult to remove the same at a later stage, especially if a replacement is required. Then, there is the vinyl-backed type of flooring where glue is applied only on the edges and its removal is easy. Do know that sheet vinyl costs more than tiles per square feet, and also requires more time for its installation.

With so many vinyl floor options to choose from, it becomes important for you to invest in the product that aligns with your budget and needs alike. For this, it makes good sense to make your investments after careful research only.

Top 5 Reasons for Choosing Vinyl Flooring

  1. 100% waterproof

It’s sealed, durable, and strong surface layer makes vinyl wood plank flooring and tiles perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Being 100 percent waterproof, this kind of flooring is easy to maintain and clean as well.

  1. Durable and comfortable

Vinyl floorings combine exceptional comfort with durability. There are quiet and soft to walk upon and do not fray easily. As vinyl is a good thermal conductor, it provides enhanced levels of comfort with its under-feet heating features too.

  1. Easy to install Over New / Existing Floors

Vinyl installation processes can be managed by professionals as well as through simple DIY means. Available in both tiles and planks form, they are extremely easy to install. However, as this kind of flooring alternative adds a little height to the existing leveled floor, it needs to be installed after taking the required measurements carefully. Also, do know that the cutting of these planks do not require any special machine; a simple knife does the job conveniently.

  1. Impressive Textures and Designs

Vinyl floorings have rich textures. For example, vinyl plank flooring is usually created using a specialized embossing technique that creates an authentic wooden look. The designs and textures of vinyl emulate natural materials like natural stone and timber, thereby enhancing the look of the flooring, wherever installed.

  1. Durability

Vinyl flooring is a durable option, which if properly maintained, can last for –
years. Almost all the vinyl floors have a wear layer on the top that guarantees long lasting life, even in heavy traffic areas.

Go for vinyl and give your interiors an altogether new and exciting look. You will love the results!



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