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Bruce Hardwood: the Perfect Solution for Better looking Homes

Bruce Hardwood serves to be the first choice for people looking for long-lasting, aesthetically appealing flooring solutions. We help you take a look at this coveted option.

More often than not, hardwood flooring would serve as the perfect flooring choice for any area of your home or office. Amongst several other brands present in the market, Bruce hardwood is a trusted name since a century. It features 75 quality checkpoints for gaining superior quality in terms of extracting exactness in milling procedures and inspections. So, if you are looking for a lavish and comfortable selection of well-designed patterns, color, class and hardwood finish, then this Company’s catalogue is surely the way to go!

Bruce Hardwood

Why Choose Bruce Hardwood Flooring Solutions?

To meet the demands of contemporary times, Bruce hardwood floors are available in different colours like brown, beige, white, copper, tan, etc. to match the elegance and décor of residential and commercial spaces alike. With many variants to choose from in the world of hardwood flooring from Bruce, it is fairly simple to find the option that is most suitable for your home. Each of these colours are available in different looks like distressed wood, hand scraped wood, specialty wood, and traditional wood. Most popular for their traditional wood flooring, Bruce hardwood products can be distinguished from others on the basis of high-quality wood finish, gloss provided to the floor, size of flooring panels, thickness of wood, etc.

Calculating Bruce Hardwood Flooring Requirements – the Right Way

When you are all set to invest in Bruce Hardwood flooring, it is a good idea to draw a simple outline of your room with exits, the area of flooring in connecting rooms, hallways, and other places that lead into the room. You may also assess their décor, color on the walls, and flooring materials before proceeding. Thereafter, take the measurement of the room in terms of its length and width. Armed with this information, you are in the right position to start hunting for the hardwood flooring of your choice – either online or offline.

Points to Consider while buying Hardwood Floors

If you are intending to purchase your floors online, then, you may like to browse through the various product categories, look up pictures of rooms with similar flooring to match with your requirements, and freeze your buy upon the wooden floor that best aligns with your budget and taste.

In case you are going to a store, the salesman might ask you a few questions which may be related to the purpose for which the room will be used, durability required for the floor, if there is any door which will in turn open inside the room, or if you are having children or pets at home. The salesmen might even ask you pertinent questions regarding the style and color of the flooring that you have in mind, the natural sources of light in the room, the type of furniture that the room contains, and so forth. According to your answers, you will be suggested the type of flooring that will be best suited for your room.

Questions that Require Answers from your Hardwood Flooring Seller

You may also want to ask the salesmen regarding the estimate charges of the flooring, any particular requirements prior to installing the flooring, whether the store has samples that you can take home, and if these samples cost anything, etc. You may also like to inquire about the cost of professional installation, the method of installation, ways of disposing old flooring along with its charges, the requirement for any new moldings or toe kicks, whether the installers are certified or not, etc.

Discount on Bruce Wood Flooring

The company provides you with the best rates on Bruce Hardwood flooring. If you are in need of further discounts, you may choose to visit the store when it is giving lucrative offers or heavy discounts on its product range. You may be lucky enough to avail a discount on Bruce Hardwood flooring if you are buying in very large quantities.

Cleaning your Hardwood Floor

There are many ways to clean your hardwood floor. Sweep, dust, mop or vacuum the hardwood floor once a week, or more only if it is needed. However, do remember to stay away from ordinary home cleaning materials or solutions that are ridden with harsh chemicals. It is well-advised to use only those hardwood floor cleaners that are recommended by Bruce.

Maintaining the Beauty of your Hardwood Floors

The following do’s and dont’s for maintaining the elegance and beauty of your hardwood floor will keep your rooms looking fresh and new for long.


  • In case there is a spill, wipe it off immediately.
  • Keep a doormat on the entrances of your interiors as well as exteriors to collect the dirt as well as moisture; and hence avoid the same from being traced on the floors of your room.
  • Experts in home improvement would suggest that you keep area rugs in front of the kitchen sink, and at all other important places where there is a lot of movement. These rugs should be made out of breathable material in order to prevent moisture retention (that leads to bad odors and germ infestations.)
  • Remember to place runners as well as area rugs with slip-resilient backings on the more used areas.
  • Trim the nails of your pets regularly to prevent any unwanted scratches on the floor.
  • Avoid rolling heavyweight appliances as well as furniture on top of the floor to prevent external damages.
  • These days, home owners invest in Residential Floor Protectors for placement beneath the stands of their furniture; this keeps scratches and unsightly stains at bay.
  • Ensure a relative humidity level between 35% and 55% in the rooms that have hardwood flooring.
  • The flooring should be protected from direct sunlight exposures.
  • Lastly, it is essential to use Bruce hardwood floor care products in the manner recommended by the company.


  • Avoid ammonia based cleansers, detergents, bleaches, polishes, soaps, and acidic materials like vinegar for cleaning your Bruce hardwood floors.
  • You must not allow water to stand on the floor for a long period of time. It should be wiped off as soon as possible.
  • Never walk across the floor wearing shoes with spike heels or any piercing objects bulging from the same.

By following these tiny tips, your hardwood flooring will last for a really long time and also look as new as when it was laid out in the beginning.

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Carpet Tiles – The Convenient Floor Solution

Looking for the best carpet & carpet tile flooring solutions for your home or office? These ideas and tips for getting them installed will surely help.

All those who are redecorating their homes and remodelling their floor by themselves would certainly love to know more about carpet tiles – what they are made of, how they are installed, what are the benefits, how to maintain them, points to consider while buying a discount carpet tile solution, the different kinds of carpet squares, and much more. So, if you are looking for the best ways of procuring and installing this most sought after flooring solution for modern homes, then, you are in the right place too. Here’s our take on high-quality tiles of carpet floors.

A Closer Look at Carpet Tiles

Gone are the days when interior decoration and furnishing was a tedious and boring task. With modern day do-it-yourself solutions for beautification, protection, and easy maintenance of floors becoming popular, you can work wonders for your immediate space too. Carpet tiles are square shaped, ready to install pieces of carpet that can be arranged and set over the floor conveniently, even without the help of a professional. These tiles are like square blocks of a puzzle and form different patterns to pep up any floor. Being square in shape, these are evenly assembled and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 16” to 24” for easy lay outs.

These carpet tiles bear similar impression of a broadloom carpet, but are surely niftier by nature. There is an exhaustive range of such tiles in different colors, textures, patterns, and styles to choose from. The good thing about them is that they offer complete independence to style floors with unique designs and minimal efforts. So, look no further and get your hands on these high-quality tiles at the earliest.

Carpet Tiles

How to Install Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are an easy substitute for the messy and intricate installation of rolled carpeting; any day! There are broadly two varieties available in the market in terms of installation viz. self-adhesive and non-adhesive. In case of installing self-adhesive tiles, the protective sheet on the back is peeled off before sticking each tile on the floor. Non-adhesive tiles are affixed with the help of double sided carpet tapes. In case of stains or any other damage, the affected tiles can be replaced without taking the trouble of removing the entire carpet off the floor, or shifting any furniture placed upon the same.

However, any structural defect of the floor might need rectification before carpet tiles are mounted directly to it. Space and alignment are also key deciding factors that need to be considered before laying the tiles; this is to avoid all visible seams or pattern distortions.

Kinds of Materials Used for Carpet Tiles

There is no dearth of the kinds of materials used for manufacturing carpet tiles. Here, the usage of high-quality, long-lasting materials attribute to the durability of these tiling options. The most popular materials include nylon, polyester, wool, and limestone. These materials are usually recycled and are developed without causing much harm to the environment.

BCF Nylon- It’s an eco-friendly, recycled fibre that does not shed after installation. It is one of the strongest synthetic fibers available and is used for the making of washable, stain-proof, and damage-proof carpet tiles.

The following variants of synthetic fibers are used by renowned manufacturers and are noted for their durability and appeal alike.

  • Aquafil Synthetic Fiber- Aquafil is a polymide similar to polyester. It is used for manufacturing water resistant and easy to clean tiles that serve as an alternative to carpeting.
  • Meraklon Modular Flooring Fiber- First of its kind and hugely popular for its cost effectiveness, this fiber places such tiles far ahead of the herd.

Durability and Maintenance of Carpet Tiles

Once the concrete hard surface of a floor is covered with carpet tiles, a natural moisture barrier is created, along with warmth being added to the space. The durability of the carpeted area depends on the volume of foot traffic and also on the amount of exposure to moisture. No matter how resilient the product is to damage, proper care is always a necessity for its maintenance and long life. Hence, even though cleaning instructions are provided with these flooring products, it is suggested to follow a few basic rules. Vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning, spotting, blotting, dry extraction etc. have to be included in the maintenance regime for increasing the life of these carpet tiles.

Carpet Tiles versus Broadloom Carpet

The biggest advantage of carpet tiles over broadloom carpets is their modular and versatile character. Because of their versatile size, these tiles can fit effortlessly in a given floor layout. The other benefits include:

  • The damaged tile can be replaced without shifting furniture or removing the entire set of tiles.
  • Installation of carpet tiles reduces waste, and is an economical option to broadloom.
  • A buffer supply of such tiles can be comfortably kept at disposal as they take very little storage space.

Where to Shop for High-quality Carpet & Carpet Tiles?

There are a host of large format retails, exclusive retails, and online stores to buy carpet tiles as per one’s requirement. Some online shopping portals even offer free shipping which provides an added advantage to buyers. To top it all, online shopping stores keep on displaying fabulous offers and special discounts all through the year on various products including such tiles. Free sample trial offers are opulent in most online stores too!

How to Choose the Perfect Carpet Squares

While shopping directly from retail outlet enables buyers to touch and feel the fabric of the tile, and identify its true color and pattern, online stores offer free sample trials to select the right one. Buying from online specialty stores provides a convenient option to match your space measurements, colour of walls, theme of space, and the fabric required. Since a professional hand is not imperative for setting these tiles, it takes away the hassle of hiring help. Browsing the internet using relevant keywords will surface innumerable online stores. So, you may like to log into a specialized online store, search for the offers on hand, shortlist from catalogues, check for a service provider, and purchase online.

Are you ready to make a difference to your interiors with these carpet tiled solutions? Go for it, today!

Find More Information Here:- Carpet Tiles – The Convenient Floor Solution

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Hardwood Flooring: There’s a lot that goes Under your Feet!

Hardwood flooring options are many and have to be purchased after careful consideration. So, what all goes into the making of such floors? Read on to find more.

What is hardwood flooring all about? This is a type of flooring that is made up of wood timber. The floors are either structural or aesthetic. These days, floors made of hardwood are catching the fancy of property owners, architects and designers mainly because of their durability metrics and environment friendly manufacturing processes. Long-lasting and appealing to the core, this kind of flooring depicts its own old world charm and adds volumes to just about any setting.

So, whether you have plans of renovating your residential space or are looking towards constructing your office from the scratch, high quality hardwood flooring is what you should be looking at next.

There are different types of wood flooring. These are:

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Solid wood manufacturing
  • Other wood manufacturing
    • Rotary Peel
    • Sliced Peel
    • Dry Solid Sawn
  • Engineering wood manufacturing
    • Lamella
    • Core or substrate
    • Aesthetics

Once you determine the measurements of the flooring area and gain a fair idea about the pattern that will match adjoining spaces, you will be better positioned to choose the flooring option that meets your budget and needs alike.

A Little More About Hardwood Flooring

The two major types or styles of hardwood flooring are solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring. In most cases, hardwood floors are manufactured from the wood variants found in America, like oak, cherry, maple, white ash, etc. These floors need to be constructed with the right set of materials and composition for imparting the right finish to modern homes. An essential thing to consider about wood flooring is moisture. Yes, moisture plays an important role in the manufacturing and installing process of this flooring. Remember, excessive moisture is harmful for wood as it makes it soggy and slippery. Therefore, manufacturers ensure adequate moisture retention capacity in their choice of raw materials to ensure good results.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is a type of flooring that can be installed only on or above the ground level, or over a wooden sub-floor. It consists of a single wooden piece that has been carved as per the requirement. These floors have tongue and groove sides to make two or more pieces of wood connect in better ways. As wood reacts wildly to moisture, and floors made of a single piece of wood are capable of faster deterioration than those boasting of layers, solid hardwood floors are seldom used in floodable basements. They are primarily built over wood type sub-floors as they retain moisture and may turn icky over time. The amazing part about solid wood flooring is that it lasts longer than normal human life and can also be refinished and relocated over its entire lifespan.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The main reason that guided the engineering of hardwood was the need to use wood and natural alternatives in places where solid wood flooring was impossible. This wood flooring type has become an essential addition to the world of flooring, and is surely a smart option that’s preferred by many. However, it is costlier than solid flooring.

Engineered quality hardwood flooring can be used at all places to render a smooth and elegant finish. Such wooden floors consist of layers over layers of wood, which help in moisture repelling. A minimum of three layers are present in this type of flooring. Cross-ply engineered wood flooring is dimensionally stable and doesn’t get affected by moisture content. Premium quality cross-ply does not expand or contract with respect to climatic changes, a la solid wood flooring; neither does it leave behind glaring holes as a result of weathering and depreciation.

Engineered wood flooring is available in all sizes and may or may not consist of different species of wood in its various layers. This gives builders the liberty of using different kinds of hardwood based raw materials at different places, thereby reducing their overall construction cost.

Long Strip Hardwood Flooring

Long strip type wood flooring is a mixture of engineered-type and solid wood-type flooring. It has several thin pieces of wood that are glued together to form a single heap. This type does not hold moisture and still has the life of solid wood flooring. Such flooring is a good option when the application of flooring requires a floating surface. Do know that with floating surfaces, floors do not absorb much moisture and tend to be more stable than otherwise.

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Laminates that beautify your home!

An attractive floor purely enhances the look and persona of any living space. Thus, it is very important to make a right choice by choosing the best laminate for your home. There are many types of flooring like hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, carpet and tile flooring. A lot of people are opting laminate flooring these days because it requires low-maintenance, it is stain resistant, easy to install and has long durability.

Laminate Flooring: Exquisite and easy to maintain

Laminate flooring is a versatile and easy-to-maintain floor covering. They add on to the authenticity of hardwood in various designs and colours. It has acquired popularity because it is easier to maintain and gives a different look than hardwood flooring or tiles. It is considerably cheap, hygienic (because various other floorings contain antimicrobial resin) and requires less skill to install that alternate flooring substances.

Laminate flooring can mimic stone, wood and other materials less than the real thing. So, there are provisions of laminate tiles and laminate wood flooring too in the market. They are resistant to 3S’s and those are scratches, spills and stains. So if you have babies and pets, it won’t be a problem. It has long durability and is easy to keep tidy.


Fabrication of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is also known as floating wood tile. It is laminated multi-layered synthetic flooring.

  • The wear layer helps to resist scratches and gives an easy-to-clean surface. It helps to resists sunlight fadedness and stains.

  • The decor layer recreates the natural image of wood, tiles or stone in various laminate flooring styles.

  • The inner core is composed of melamine resin and fibre board materials. It is resistant to dents.

  • The final backer layer gives stability and additional support.

  • Adhesive felt pads are used to prevent scratching on the laminate floor.

Installation of Laminate Flooring

It is a DIY project to install a laminate flooring which you can do it yourself or with friends over the weekend. Many installation guides are provided from the company. Even if one damages the plank, a tool kit is provided to repair it easily. If there are major changes then you have to replace the individual plank.

Laminate Flooring can be clicked into one another like tongue and groove planks. It floats on top of a foam sheet; it also provides moisture and sound-reducing properties. Little space is left near the edges so that they don’t obstruct when they expand.

It is essential to keep the laminates clean and dust free otherwise scratches could make the lamination look older. It is also important to keep the floor dry so that the planks don’t expand due to moisture. If water spills on the floor then it will not damage it if it is cleared in sometime. Prolonged period of moisture might affect the planks, though these days a lot of water resistant planks are also installed.

Due to ease of installation, it is considered one of the less expensive methods for flooring. It is durable, versatile and needs dry cleaning with occasional wet cleaning.

Decorating with Laminate Flooring

  • Create a contrast with dark coloured walls and furniture if you are using white or any light laminate flooring.

  • Grey laminate flooring could help to redeem coolness in home with bright coloured walls such as light green and blue. A beach theme can be used with grey flooring.

  • Red, Beige and brown colour laminate flooring can be highlighted in contrast to light coloured walls and furniture. Whereas, dark furniture which gives a wooden look will add an authentic touch to the house.

  • For high traffic areas medium range of hues for wood looks will be apt. Light coloured floorings will make dirt visible and dark coloured will show pet hair and dust.

Cleaning Your Laminate Tile and Laminate Floor

  • Regular Cleaning: Daily cleaning with broom, using vacuum cleaner or using slightly damp cloth will give a clean and neat look to the floor every day.

  • Deep Cleaning: Different products are available in the market for cleaning laminate floor.

  • Tip: Do not use water directly on the floor otherwise it will make the floor swell. Do not use soap based products because they can make the film look dull and weary.

Recently, laminate floors have moderated in tile patterns also. It is water, stain and sunlight fade resistant so that with proper maintenance the floor could look new for years. Just a sweep or regular vacuum will work to make it tidy. It also offers a wide range of laminate flooring styles according to the taste of people. Many discount offers are available in the market so that it is affordable for every person who wishes to install laminate flooring in their house.

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Anderson Hardwood- Bringing Elegance to Your Homes

Anderson hardwood is a smart, new-generation flooring solution for residential and commercial spaces. Long-lasting and appealing to the core, it is the way to go.

Rich, strong and welcoming, hardwood floors are a time honored choice for many. The persisting warmth of wood reflects its essence in more ways than one. Anderson Wood Company, a popular name in the hardwood manufacturing business, provides you with this intense aura of wood through a wide range of products. With exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, and impeccable quality in store, it offers its customers unmatched hardwood flooring experiences.

Yes, durability and quality are benchmark of Anderson’s products. Besides, as there are numerous breathtaking styles in fashionable grey accents, popular deep espresso tones, and costal-inspired painted floors, you will be spoiled for choice as to what to get home. So, look no further than Anderson hardwood for attaining the floors of your dream.

Anderson Flooring – Strong, Stylish, and Inexpensive

Anderson offers a myriad range of options for people with limited budget as well as those who wish to spend a fortune for refurnishing or building their houses. Anderson’s residential line of products is known for its strength, beauty, style and durability. There are many advantages of installing Anderson hardwood flooring. For one, these floors don’t require high maintenance. They are easy to clean, and can be fitfully maintained by using ordinary detergents and home based solutions.

Hardwood from Anderson : What to look out For?

Traditionally, concrete slabs were poorly built. Then, Anderson came up with parquet blocks that were capable of being fitted over existing concrete slabs. Besides, a full length plank was created for added functionality. This kind of hardwood is very durable and performs impressively under constant dampness as well. Here, the products on sale offer excellent textures including wire-brushing, pebbling and rustic hand scraping. Many of these are designed by skilled artisans and give off an exquisite appeal; they promise to last for a long time too.

Anderson Hardwood

Take a peep into the coveted Anderson hardwood flooring collection:

  1. Anderson Floors – Exotic Impressions

Do you desire to install hardwood floor with a rare and distinctive touch? Are you concerned about its environmental impact? Anderson floors are the answer for you. With its catalogue in your hand, you will have access to a highly popular, environmentally sustainable engineered collection of floorings.

  1. Anderson’s Brevard Collection — Sleek and sophisticated

Oh yes, it can surely be a tedious struggle to find the perfect hardwood flooring that gives off sophisticated style without sacrificing upon those welcoming elements that truly define a home. Anderson hardwood has designed the ultra-modern and sleek Brevard collection that satisfies homeowners craving for a house with an inviting nature. This collection is available in four impressive varieties including Boggs Trail, Millstone, River Walk and Shadow Creek.

  1. Anderson’s Rustique Hickory flooring

The Rustique Hickory collection from Anderson has plentiful varieties that homeowners can select from:

  • Cherished: This version has a slightly textured surface that creates an appealing look to match any theme or decor. Shades of amber and gold make every board of this flooring unique. By installing this flooring in the hallways, living room, or entertainment room of your home, you may be assured of getting a ‘wow’ from your guests and loved ones alike.
  • Classic: This lively and bright version of flooring carries a fresh appearance. By offering the appeal of hardwood sawed from a newly cut log, it turns any room into a glowing environment. The golden, light brown and caramel hues of this version create an inviting and friendly atmosphere that is perfect for entryways and kitchens.
  • Timeless: These richly colored boards feature whiskey hues and deep brown highlights. It establishes a refined style and is perfect for dining rooms, home offices, and sitting rooms.
  • Treasured: This water-colored style is a smart blend of mocha, caramel and grey hues; all in all, it offers a breathtaking surface appearance. Its semi-smooth surface and uneven boards offers the look of traditional hardwood flooring.

Read More information here:-  Anderson Hardwood- Bringing Elegance to Your Homes

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Armstrong Flooring – Quality Floor Redefined

Armstrong commercial flooring adds volumes to the aesthetics and appeal of offices, stores, hospitals and other places frequented by high traffic.

If you have a commercial place and intend to renovate it, there are numerous creative ways you can go about the task on hand. Armstrong commercial flooring for offices and commercial spaces is very popular among interior designers. It adds style and beauty to your overall business environment as well. Offering a wide range of flooring solutions, the tiles, planks and flooring options thus provided satisfy the taste and budget of all individuals. Besides, they are easy to install and maintain. From designs and colors to the type of tiling you want on your floors, you will have to figure out the perfect solution that matches your business needs. With so many options to choose from, you will be spoilt for choices too.

Armstrong Flooring

Go for it – you will not be disappointed with the results.

The Beauty of Armstrong Commercial Floor Tile

Armstrong is a well-known name offering excellent flooring solutions for homes and businesses. When you put Armstrong tiling, you know you are getting good and complete value for your money. Armstrong commercial floor tiling is stylish, beautiful, strong and durable. It can withstand heavy and busy foot traffic that tends to get on the office floors; thereby promising to stay as good as new for years in a row.

Types of Flooring for Commercial Applications

  1. Commercial Laminate

From realistic edge designs to line variations and embossing techniques; from lengths and widths to installation and maintenance; Armstrong considers every aspect thoroughly. This is especially true while developing laminate products for reflecting the realism of natural hardwood flooring. Armstrong commercial laminate flooring adds gloss and texture to your office and is more distinguished than any other laminate products in the market. Built with state-of-art technology, it has several layers to keep it intact and durable.

Have a look at some of them:

  • Commercial Vision Guard layer protects the tiling against surface spills, scratches, stains, scrapes, fading and wear through.
  • MasterWorks Technology with VTx is the designed layer that offers most realistic visuals with its flooring.
  • The HydraCore Plus layer ensures moisture resistance, lasting durability, and stability.
  • The Balancing layer offers moisture resistance as well as balance.
  • Here, the Quiet Comfort Premium Underlayment acts as a seamless moisture barrier and offers superior sound absorption.
  1. Commercial Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is the most preferred option for commercial spaces. It brings a classic appeal and natural warmth to any room. Armstrong Commercial hardwood flooring meets the design requirements and traffic demands of educational, retail, office, light and hospitality industrial applications. You can select from a generous collection including exotic and domestic species, piano smooth stripes, and rustic wide planks. Yes, this flooring solution is available in a variety of colors that accentuates the natural beauty of wood as well as delivers the ‘wow’ factor you wish to have in your space.

Some of its key features are:

Performance and Maintenance

Armstrong hardwood flooring offers brilliant performance and installs easily in commercial environments and business spaces, helping revenue-generating spaces to remain functional and more appealing to visitors and clients. It plays a key role in lowering labor costs and maintenance expenses for managers and facility owners.

Color Variation over Time

Wood reacts naturally when exposed to light. Exotic hardwoods might become darker or lighter while some gain richness in color over a period of time. The most dramatic changes occur within the first six months of installation. To avoid any drastic changes in the look of the installed floors, it is a good idea to invest in high-quality flooring options that promise to retain their looks for long.

Hardness Scale

The hardness or the density of the wooden species and its capability to withstand heavy foot traffic, pets and children impacts the performance of such floors. However, it varies from species to species. For instance, resilient and strong oak is being used as an industrial benchmark since ages.

Find More information here:-  Armstrong Flooring – Quality Floor Redefined

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Yes! You need Smart Vinyl Flooring Solutions Too!

Vinyl Flooring paves the ground for finer aesthetics and a finish that promises to last years in a row. These ideas will help your cause too!

vinyl flooring

With easy availability of numerous designs to suit the needs of residential and commercial spaces alike, vinyl sheets stand out to be one of the best choices for flooring. Vinyl sheet flooring, arguably among the sought after options for renovating or building floors from the scratch, is well known for its durability. Another added advantage of vinyl sheets is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Suiting most modern trends, this kind of flooring option has indeed come a long way from the plain old sheets of the past.

No matter what the design or style of your home is you will find appropriate vinyl flooring installation techniques to adorn your floors. So, explore the world of rustic wooden planks, smooth tile print sheets, and more – you will love to see the results!

Why Choose Vinyl Sheet Flooring for Your Home?

The best thing about vinyl flooring is that it is useful for creating an effect that always succeeds in casting positive impressions on onlookers. Be it wooden flooring solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, or discount sheet vinyl flooring for living rooms, the versatility of this solution can be used for creating a unique and distinct look, right away. Additionally, vinyl flooring is not affected by water, stains or mildew. The fact that vinyl sheet floors are easier to maintain and keep clean than carpets or marble, further adds to the popularity of this flooring solution.

Types of Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring options have been around for a long time but they are not all the same. There are many variants of such floors that are available in the market today. The common thread that runs through all of them is that they are all derived from the same ingredient – poly vinyl chloride or PVC. Here, additives called plasticizers are added for extra flexibility. Most vinyl flooring sheets have a layered structure that’s divided into two parts on the basis of the materials used – namely printed / rotogravure vinyl and inlaid vinyl. These differ on the basis of how colors and patterns are visible on the surface of the sheet as well as the amount of wear and tear they can take.

The durability of a vinyl floor is dependent on the top most layers of the used sheets. This is known as the wear layer, which is further divided into three types.

  • No Wax Vinyl

These vinyl sheets boast of a clear vinyl top that provides least resistance to wear and tear. They require regular application of polish to ensure a lustrous appeal at all times.

  • Urethane Finishing

This type of vinyl flooring has urethane coating for added protection from damage and stains. Urethane is a compound that provides greater durability and protection from wear and tear.

  • Enhanced Coatings

Coating materials such as aluminium oxide are useful for obtaining added protection from damage. They help in maintaining the shine on the surface of these sheets to make them look new for a longer period of time.

Installing a Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring installation is quite simple. For people who are into DIY handiwork, it might be right up their alley. There are various methods of installing vinyl floors at homes and commercial spaces; these would differ in line with user requirements and the type of vinyl floor chosen. The different methods include:

  • Using Glue

Vinyl sheets and tiles can be easily installed by using a special kind of adhesive which affixes it to the subfloor. An alternative to this method is by using glue on the periphery of the vinyl sheet or tile directly. An easy-to-implement option for installing Vinyl wood plank flooring as well, high-quality glue has to be chosen to add dexterity and value to the process.

  • Glue less Installation

Vinyl sheets with a fiber glass backing, instead of the usual felt back, can be installed by using glue less methods. This is a commonly used installation method for tiled vinyl flooring.

  • Self-Adhesive

Another method of installing vinyl flooring is by using sheets and tiles that are equipped with peel back tapes that have adhesive glue attached to their back surface. This makes the installation procedure hassle-free and easier than before.

Vinyl floors are a great choice for flooring ideas. They are available in different varieties to suit varied needs. For places that are likely to endure a lot of traffic; you might want to go for sheets that provide enhanced protection by using coatings of aluminium oxide. Other areas that experience less wear and tear can be installed with lower grade vinyl. Be on the lookout for discount sheet vinyl flooring to make sure that you get the best deals for floors that look impressive when installed; and go easy on the wallet too.