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Yes! You need Smart Vinyl Flooring Solutions Too!

Vinyl Flooring paves the ground for finer aesthetics and a finish that promises to last years in a row. These ideas will help your cause too!

vinyl flooring

With easy availability of numerous designs to suit the needs of residential and commercial spaces alike, vinyl sheets stand out to be one of the best choices for flooring. Vinyl sheet flooring, arguably among the sought after options for renovating or building floors from the scratch, is well known for its durability. Another added advantage of vinyl sheets is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Suiting most modern trends, this kind of flooring option has indeed come a long way from the plain old sheets of the past.

No matter what the design or style of your home is you will find appropriate vinyl flooring installation techniques to adorn your floors. So, explore the world of rustic wooden planks, smooth tile print sheets, and more – you will love to see the results!

Why Choose Vinyl Sheet Flooring for Your Home?

The best thing about vinyl flooring is that it is useful for creating an effect that always succeeds in casting positive impressions on onlookers. Be it wooden flooring solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, or discount sheet vinyl flooring for living rooms, the versatility of this solution can be used for creating a unique and distinct look, right away. Additionally, vinyl flooring is not affected by water, stains or mildew. The fact that vinyl sheet floors are easier to maintain and keep clean than carpets or marble, further adds to the popularity of this flooring solution.

Types of Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring options have been around for a long time but they are not all the same. There are many variants of such floors that are available in the market today. The common thread that runs through all of them is that they are all derived from the same ingredient – poly vinyl chloride or PVC. Here, additives called plasticizers are added for extra flexibility. Most vinyl flooring sheets have a layered structure that’s divided into two parts on the basis of the materials used – namely printed / rotogravure vinyl and inlaid vinyl. These differ on the basis of how colors and patterns are visible on the surface of the sheet as well as the amount of wear and tear they can take.

The durability of a vinyl floor is dependent on the top most layers of the used sheets. This is known as the wear layer, which is further divided into three types.

  • No Wax Vinyl

These vinyl sheets boast of a clear vinyl top that provides least resistance to wear and tear. They require regular application of polish to ensure a lustrous appeal at all times.

  • Urethane Finishing

This type of vinyl flooring has urethane coating for added protection from damage and stains. Urethane is a compound that provides greater durability and protection from wear and tear.

  • Enhanced Coatings

Coating materials such as aluminium oxide are useful for obtaining added protection from damage. They help in maintaining the shine on the surface of these sheets to make them look new for a longer period of time.

Installing a Vinyl Floor

Vinyl flooring installation is quite simple. For people who are into DIY handiwork, it might be right up their alley. There are various methods of installing vinyl floors at homes and commercial spaces; these would differ in line with user requirements and the type of vinyl floor chosen. The different methods include:

  • Using Glue

Vinyl sheets and tiles can be easily installed by using a special kind of adhesive which affixes it to the subfloor. An alternative to this method is by using glue on the periphery of the vinyl sheet or tile directly. An easy-to-implement option for installing Vinyl wood plank flooring as well, high-quality glue has to be chosen to add dexterity and value to the process.

  • Glue less Installation

Vinyl sheets with a fiber glass backing, instead of the usual felt back, can be installed by using glue less methods. This is a commonly used installation method for tiled vinyl flooring.

  • Self-Adhesive

Another method of installing vinyl flooring is by using sheets and tiles that are equipped with peel back tapes that have adhesive glue attached to their back surface. This makes the installation procedure hassle-free and easier than before.

Vinyl floors are a great choice for flooring ideas. They are available in different varieties to suit varied needs. For places that are likely to endure a lot of traffic; you might want to go for sheets that provide enhanced protection by using coatings of aluminium oxide. Other areas that experience less wear and tear can be installed with lower grade vinyl. Be on the lookout for discount sheet vinyl flooring to make sure that you get the best deals for floors that look impressive when installed; and go easy on the wallet too.



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