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Armstrong Flooring – Quality Floor Redefined

Armstrong commercial flooring adds volumes to the aesthetics and appeal of offices, stores, hospitals and other places frequented by high traffic.

If you have a commercial place and intend to renovate it, there are numerous creative ways you can go about the task on hand. Armstrong commercial flooring for offices and commercial spaces is very popular among interior designers. It adds style and beauty to your overall business environment as well. Offering a wide range of flooring solutions, the tiles, planks and flooring options thus provided satisfy the taste and budget of all individuals. Besides, they are easy to install and maintain. From designs and colors to the type of tiling you want on your floors, you will have to figure out the perfect solution that matches your business needs. With so many options to choose from, you will be spoilt for choices too.

Armstrong Flooring

Go for it – you will not be disappointed with the results.

The Beauty of Armstrong Commercial Floor Tile

Armstrong is a well-known name offering excellent flooring solutions for homes and businesses. When you put Armstrong tiling, you know you are getting good and complete value for your money. Armstrong commercial floor tiling is stylish, beautiful, strong and durable. It can withstand heavy and busy foot traffic that tends to get on the office floors; thereby promising to stay as good as new for years in a row.

Types of Flooring for Commercial Applications

  1. Commercial Laminate

From realistic edge designs to line variations and embossing techniques; from lengths and widths to installation and maintenance; Armstrong considers every aspect thoroughly. This is especially true while developing laminate products for reflecting the realism of natural hardwood flooring. Armstrong commercial laminate flooring adds gloss and texture to your office and is more distinguished than any other laminate products in the market. Built with state-of-art technology, it has several layers to keep it intact and durable.

Have a look at some of them:

  • Commercial Vision Guard layer protects the tiling against surface spills, scratches, stains, scrapes, fading and wear through.
  • MasterWorks Technology with VTx is the designed layer that offers most realistic visuals with its flooring.
  • The HydraCore Plus layer ensures moisture resistance, lasting durability, and stability.
  • The Balancing layer offers moisture resistance as well as balance.
  • Here, the Quiet Comfort Premium Underlayment acts as a seamless moisture barrier and offers superior sound absorption.
  1. Commercial Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is the most preferred option for commercial spaces. It brings a classic appeal and natural warmth to any room. Armstrong Commercial hardwood flooring meets the design requirements and traffic demands of educational, retail, office, light and hospitality industrial applications. You can select from a generous collection including exotic and domestic species, piano smooth stripes, and rustic wide planks. Yes, this flooring solution is available in a variety of colors that accentuates the natural beauty of wood as well as delivers the ‘wow’ factor you wish to have in your space.

Some of its key features are:

Performance and Maintenance

Armstrong hardwood flooring offers brilliant performance and installs easily in commercial environments and business spaces, helping revenue-generating spaces to remain functional and more appealing to visitors and clients. It plays a key role in lowering labor costs and maintenance expenses for managers and facility owners.

Color Variation over Time

Wood reacts naturally when exposed to light. Exotic hardwoods might become darker or lighter while some gain richness in color over a period of time. The most dramatic changes occur within the first six months of installation. To avoid any drastic changes in the look of the installed floors, it is a good idea to invest in high-quality flooring options that promise to retain their looks for long.

Hardness Scale

The hardness or the density of the wooden species and its capability to withstand heavy foot traffic, pets and children impacts the performance of such floors. However, it varies from species to species. For instance, resilient and strong oak is being used as an industrial benchmark since ages.

Find More information here:-  Armstrong Flooring – Quality Floor Redefined



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