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Anderson Hardwood- Bringing Elegance to Your Homes

Anderson hardwood is a smart, new-generation flooring solution for residential and commercial spaces. Long-lasting and appealing to the core, it is the way to go.

Rich, strong and welcoming, hardwood floors are a time honored choice for many. The persisting warmth of wood reflects its essence in more ways than one. Anderson Wood Company, a popular name in the hardwood manufacturing business, provides you with this intense aura of wood through a wide range of products. With exceptional craftsmanship, innovative design, and impeccable quality in store, it offers its customers unmatched hardwood flooring experiences.

Yes, durability and quality are benchmark of Anderson’s products. Besides, as there are numerous breathtaking styles in fashionable grey accents, popular deep espresso tones, and costal-inspired painted floors, you will be spoiled for choice as to what to get home. So, look no further than Anderson hardwood for attaining the floors of your dream.

Anderson Flooring – Strong, Stylish, and Inexpensive

Anderson offers a myriad range of options for people with limited budget as well as those who wish to spend a fortune for refurnishing or building their houses. Anderson’s residential line of products is known for its strength, beauty, style and durability. There are many advantages of installing Anderson hardwood flooring. For one, these floors don’t require high maintenance. They are easy to clean, and can be fitfully maintained by using ordinary detergents and home based solutions.

Hardwood from Anderson : What to look out For?

Traditionally, concrete slabs were poorly built. Then, Anderson came up with parquet blocks that were capable of being fitted over existing concrete slabs. Besides, a full length plank was created for added functionality. This kind of hardwood is very durable and performs impressively under constant dampness as well. Here, the products on sale offer excellent textures including wire-brushing, pebbling and rustic hand scraping. Many of these are designed by skilled artisans and give off an exquisite appeal; they promise to last for a long time too.

Anderson Hardwood

Take a peep into the coveted Anderson hardwood flooring collection:

  1. Anderson Floors – Exotic Impressions

Do you desire to install hardwood floor with a rare and distinctive touch? Are you concerned about its environmental impact? Anderson floors are the answer for you. With its catalogue in your hand, you will have access to a highly popular, environmentally sustainable engineered collection of floorings.

  1. Anderson’s Brevard Collection — Sleek and sophisticated

Oh yes, it can surely be a tedious struggle to find the perfect hardwood flooring that gives off sophisticated style without sacrificing upon those welcoming elements that truly define a home. Anderson hardwood has designed the ultra-modern and sleek Brevard collection that satisfies homeowners craving for a house with an inviting nature. This collection is available in four impressive varieties including Boggs Trail, Millstone, River Walk and Shadow Creek.

  1. Anderson’s Rustique Hickory flooring

The Rustique Hickory collection from Anderson has plentiful varieties that homeowners can select from:

  • Cherished: This version has a slightly textured surface that creates an appealing look to match any theme or decor. Shades of amber and gold make every board of this flooring unique. By installing this flooring in the hallways, living room, or entertainment room of your home, you may be assured of getting a ‘wow’ from your guests and loved ones alike.
  • Classic: This lively and bright version of flooring carries a fresh appearance. By offering the appeal of hardwood sawed from a newly cut log, it turns any room into a glowing environment. The golden, light brown and caramel hues of this version create an inviting and friendly atmosphere that is perfect for entryways and kitchens.
  • Timeless: These richly colored boards feature whiskey hues and deep brown highlights. It establishes a refined style and is perfect for dining rooms, home offices, and sitting rooms.
  • Treasured: This water-colored style is a smart blend of mocha, caramel and grey hues; all in all, it offers a breathtaking surface appearance. Its semi-smooth surface and uneven boards offers the look of traditional hardwood flooring.

Read More information here:-  Anderson Hardwood- Bringing Elegance to Your Homes



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