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Laminates that beautify your home!

An attractive floor purely enhances the look and persona of any living space. Thus, it is very important to make a right choice by choosing the best laminate for your home. There are many types of flooring like hardwood flooring, vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, carpet and tile flooring. A lot of people are opting laminate flooring these days because it requires low-maintenance, it is stain resistant, easy to install and has long durability.

Laminate Flooring: Exquisite and easy to maintain

Laminate flooring is a versatile and easy-to-maintain floor covering. They add on to the authenticity of hardwood in various designs and colours. It has acquired popularity because it is easier to maintain and gives a different look than hardwood flooring or tiles. It is considerably cheap, hygienic (because various other floorings contain antimicrobial resin) and requires less skill to install that alternate flooring substances.

Laminate flooring can mimic stone, wood and other materials less than the real thing. So, there are provisions of laminate tiles and laminate wood flooring too in the market. They are resistant to 3S’s and those are scratches, spills and stains. So if you have babies and pets, it won’t be a problem. It has long durability and is easy to keep tidy.


Fabrication of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is also known as floating wood tile. It is laminated multi-layered synthetic flooring.

  • The wear layer helps to resist scratches and gives an easy-to-clean surface. It helps to resists sunlight fadedness and stains.

  • The decor layer recreates the natural image of wood, tiles or stone in various laminate flooring styles.

  • The inner core is composed of melamine resin and fibre board materials. It is resistant to dents.

  • The final backer layer gives stability and additional support.

  • Adhesive felt pads are used to prevent scratching on the laminate floor.

Installation of Laminate Flooring

It is a DIY project to install a laminate flooring which you can do it yourself or with friends over the weekend. Many installation guides are provided from the company. Even if one damages the plank, a tool kit is provided to repair it easily. If there are major changes then you have to replace the individual plank.

Laminate Flooring can be clicked into one another like tongue and groove planks. It floats on top of a foam sheet; it also provides moisture and sound-reducing properties. Little space is left near the edges so that they don’t obstruct when they expand.

It is essential to keep the laminates clean and dust free otherwise scratches could make the lamination look older. It is also important to keep the floor dry so that the planks don’t expand due to moisture. If water spills on the floor then it will not damage it if it is cleared in sometime. Prolonged period of moisture might affect the planks, though these days a lot of water resistant planks are also installed.

Due to ease of installation, it is considered one of the less expensive methods for flooring. It is durable, versatile and needs dry cleaning with occasional wet cleaning.

Decorating with Laminate Flooring

  • Create a contrast with dark coloured walls and furniture if you are using white or any light laminate flooring.

  • Grey laminate flooring could help to redeem coolness in home with bright coloured walls such as light green and blue. A beach theme can be used with grey flooring.

  • Red, Beige and brown colour laminate flooring can be highlighted in contrast to light coloured walls and furniture. Whereas, dark furniture which gives a wooden look will add an authentic touch to the house.

  • For high traffic areas medium range of hues for wood looks will be apt. Light coloured floorings will make dirt visible and dark coloured will show pet hair and dust.

Cleaning Your Laminate Tile and Laminate Floor

  • Regular Cleaning: Daily cleaning with broom, using vacuum cleaner or using slightly damp cloth will give a clean and neat look to the floor every day.

  • Deep Cleaning: Different products are available in the market for cleaning laminate floor.

  • Tip: Do not use water directly on the floor otherwise it will make the floor swell. Do not use soap based products because they can make the film look dull and weary.

Recently, laminate floors have moderated in tile patterns also. It is water, stain and sunlight fade resistant so that with proper maintenance the floor could look new for years. Just a sweep or regular vacuum will work to make it tidy. It also offers a wide range of laminate flooring styles according to the taste of people. Many discount offers are available in the market so that it is affordable for every person who wishes to install laminate flooring in their house.



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