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Carpet Tiles – The Convenient Floor Solution

Looking for the best carpet & carpet tile flooring solutions for your home or office? These ideas and tips for getting them installed will surely help.

All those who are redecorating their homes and remodelling their floor by themselves would certainly love to know more about carpet tiles – what they are made of, how they are installed, what are the benefits, how to maintain them, points to consider while buying a discount carpet tile solution, the different kinds of carpet squares, and much more. So, if you are looking for the best ways of procuring and installing this most sought after flooring solution for modern homes, then, you are in the right place too. Here’s our take on high-quality tiles of carpet floors.

A Closer Look at Carpet Tiles

Gone are the days when interior decoration and furnishing was a tedious and boring task. With modern day do-it-yourself solutions for beautification, protection, and easy maintenance of floors becoming popular, you can work wonders for your immediate space too. Carpet tiles are square shaped, ready to install pieces of carpet that can be arranged and set over the floor conveniently, even without the help of a professional. These tiles are like square blocks of a puzzle and form different patterns to pep up any floor. Being square in shape, these are evenly assembled and are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 16” to 24” for easy lay outs.

These carpet tiles bear similar impression of a broadloom carpet, but are surely niftier by nature. There is an exhaustive range of such tiles in different colors, textures, patterns, and styles to choose from. The good thing about them is that they offer complete independence to style floors with unique designs and minimal efforts. So, look no further and get your hands on these high-quality tiles at the earliest.

Carpet Tiles

How to Install Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are an easy substitute for the messy and intricate installation of rolled carpeting; any day! There are broadly two varieties available in the market in terms of installation viz. self-adhesive and non-adhesive. In case of installing self-adhesive tiles, the protective sheet on the back is peeled off before sticking each tile on the floor. Non-adhesive tiles are affixed with the help of double sided carpet tapes. In case of stains or any other damage, the affected tiles can be replaced without taking the trouble of removing the entire carpet off the floor, or shifting any furniture placed upon the same.

However, any structural defect of the floor might need rectification before carpet tiles are mounted directly to it. Space and alignment are also key deciding factors that need to be considered before laying the tiles; this is to avoid all visible seams or pattern distortions.

Kinds of Materials Used for Carpet Tiles

There is no dearth of the kinds of materials used for manufacturing carpet tiles. Here, the usage of high-quality, long-lasting materials attribute to the durability of these tiling options. The most popular materials include nylon, polyester, wool, and limestone. These materials are usually recycled and are developed without causing much harm to the environment.

BCF Nylon- It’s an eco-friendly, recycled fibre that does not shed after installation. It is one of the strongest synthetic fibers available and is used for the making of washable, stain-proof, and damage-proof carpet tiles.

The following variants of synthetic fibers are used by renowned manufacturers and are noted for their durability and appeal alike.

  • Aquafil Synthetic Fiber- Aquafil is a polymide similar to polyester. It is used for manufacturing water resistant and easy to clean tiles that serve as an alternative to carpeting.
  • Meraklon Modular Flooring Fiber- First of its kind and hugely popular for its cost effectiveness, this fiber places such tiles far ahead of the herd.

Durability and Maintenance of Carpet Tiles

Once the concrete hard surface of a floor is covered with carpet tiles, a natural moisture barrier is created, along with warmth being added to the space. The durability of the carpeted area depends on the volume of foot traffic and also on the amount of exposure to moisture. No matter how resilient the product is to damage, proper care is always a necessity for its maintenance and long life. Hence, even though cleaning instructions are provided with these flooring products, it is suggested to follow a few basic rules. Vacuum cleaning, steam cleaning, spotting, blotting, dry extraction etc. have to be included in the maintenance regime for increasing the life of these carpet tiles.

Carpet Tiles versus Broadloom Carpet

The biggest advantage of carpet tiles over broadloom carpets is their modular and versatile character. Because of their versatile size, these tiles can fit effortlessly in a given floor layout. The other benefits include:

  • The damaged tile can be replaced without shifting furniture or removing the entire set of tiles.
  • Installation of carpet tiles reduces waste, and is an economical option to broadloom.
  • A buffer supply of such tiles can be comfortably kept at disposal as they take very little storage space.

Where to Shop for High-quality Carpet & Carpet Tiles?

There are a host of large format retails, exclusive retails, and online stores to buy carpet tiles as per one’s requirement. Some online shopping portals even offer free shipping which provides an added advantage to buyers. To top it all, online shopping stores keep on displaying fabulous offers and special discounts all through the year on various products including such tiles. Free sample trial offers are opulent in most online stores too!

How to Choose the Perfect Carpet Squares

While shopping directly from retail outlet enables buyers to touch and feel the fabric of the tile, and identify its true color and pattern, online stores offer free sample trials to select the right one. Buying from online specialty stores provides a convenient option to match your space measurements, colour of walls, theme of space, and the fabric required. Since a professional hand is not imperative for setting these tiles, it takes away the hassle of hiring help. Browsing the internet using relevant keywords will surface innumerable online stores. So, you may like to log into a specialized online store, search for the offers on hand, shortlist from catalogues, check for a service provider, and purchase online.

Are you ready to make a difference to your interiors with these carpet tiled solutions? Go for it, today!

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