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Bruce Hardwood: the Perfect Solution for Better looking Homes

Bruce Hardwood serves to be the first choice for people looking for long-lasting, aesthetically appealing flooring solutions. We help you take a look at this coveted option.

More often than not, hardwood flooring would serve as the perfect flooring choice for any area of your home or office. Amongst several other brands present in the market, Bruce hardwood is a trusted name since a century. It features 75 quality checkpoints for gaining superior quality in terms of extracting exactness in milling procedures and inspections. So, if you are looking for a lavish and comfortable selection of well-designed patterns, color, class and hardwood finish, then this Company’s catalogue is surely the way to go!

Bruce Hardwood

Why Choose Bruce Hardwood Flooring Solutions?

To meet the demands of contemporary times, Bruce hardwood floors are available in different colours like brown, beige, white, copper, tan, etc. to match the elegance and décor of residential and commercial spaces alike. With many variants to choose from in the world of hardwood flooring from Bruce, it is fairly simple to find the option that is most suitable for your home. Each of these colours are available in different looks like distressed wood, hand scraped wood, specialty wood, and traditional wood. Most popular for their traditional wood flooring, Bruce hardwood products can be distinguished from others on the basis of high-quality wood finish, gloss provided to the floor, size of flooring panels, thickness of wood, etc.

Calculating Bruce Hardwood Flooring Requirements – the Right Way

When you are all set to invest in Bruce Hardwood flooring, it is a good idea to draw a simple outline of your room with exits, the area of flooring in connecting rooms, hallways, and other places that lead into the room. You may also assess their décor, color on the walls, and flooring materials before proceeding. Thereafter, take the measurement of the room in terms of its length and width. Armed with this information, you are in the right position to start hunting for the hardwood flooring of your choice – either online or offline.

Points to Consider while buying Hardwood Floors

If you are intending to purchase your floors online, then, you may like to browse through the various product categories, look up pictures of rooms with similar flooring to match with your requirements, and freeze your buy upon the wooden floor that best aligns with your budget and taste.

In case you are going to a store, the salesman might ask you a few questions which may be related to the purpose for which the room will be used, durability required for the floor, if there is any door which will in turn open inside the room, or if you are having children or pets at home. The salesmen might even ask you pertinent questions regarding the style and color of the flooring that you have in mind, the natural sources of light in the room, the type of furniture that the room contains, and so forth. According to your answers, you will be suggested the type of flooring that will be best suited for your room.

Questions that Require Answers from your Hardwood Flooring Seller

You may also want to ask the salesmen regarding the estimate charges of the flooring, any particular requirements prior to installing the flooring, whether the store has samples that you can take home, and if these samples cost anything, etc. You may also like to inquire about the cost of professional installation, the method of installation, ways of disposing old flooring along with its charges, the requirement for any new moldings or toe kicks, whether the installers are certified or not, etc.

Discount on Bruce Wood Flooring

The company provides you with the best rates on Bruce Hardwood flooring. If you are in need of further discounts, you may choose to visit the store when it is giving lucrative offers or heavy discounts on its product range. You may be lucky enough to avail a discount on Bruce Hardwood flooring if you are buying in very large quantities.

Cleaning your Hardwood Floor

There are many ways to clean your hardwood floor. Sweep, dust, mop or vacuum the hardwood floor once a week, or more only if it is needed. However, do remember to stay away from ordinary home cleaning materials or solutions that are ridden with harsh chemicals. It is well-advised to use only those hardwood floor cleaners that are recommended by Bruce.

Maintaining the Beauty of your Hardwood Floors

The following do’s and dont’s for maintaining the elegance and beauty of your hardwood floor will keep your rooms looking fresh and new for long.


  • In case there is a spill, wipe it off immediately.
  • Keep a doormat on the entrances of your interiors as well as exteriors to collect the dirt as well as moisture; and hence avoid the same from being traced on the floors of your room.
  • Experts in home improvement would suggest that you keep area rugs in front of the kitchen sink, and at all other important places where there is a lot of movement. These rugs should be made out of breathable material in order to prevent moisture retention (that leads to bad odors and germ infestations.)
  • Remember to place runners as well as area rugs with slip-resilient backings on the more used areas.
  • Trim the nails of your pets regularly to prevent any unwanted scratches on the floor.
  • Avoid rolling heavyweight appliances as well as furniture on top of the floor to prevent external damages.
  • These days, home owners invest in Residential Floor Protectors for placement beneath the stands of their furniture; this keeps scratches and unsightly stains at bay.
  • Ensure a relative humidity level between 35% and 55% in the rooms that have hardwood flooring.
  • The flooring should be protected from direct sunlight exposures.
  • Lastly, it is essential to use Bruce hardwood floor care products in the manner recommended by the company.


  • Avoid ammonia based cleansers, detergents, bleaches, polishes, soaps, and acidic materials like vinegar for cleaning your Bruce hardwood floors.
  • You must not allow water to stand on the floor for a long period of time. It should be wiped off as soon as possible.
  • Never walk across the floor wearing shoes with spike heels or any piercing objects bulging from the same.

By following these tiny tips, your hardwood flooring will last for a really long time and also look as new as when it was laid out in the beginning.



Carpet Express is a distributor of a wide variety of carpets and rugs, offering latest designs in residential and commercial flooring. The company offers residential carpets in a variety of styles and colors, such as textured, plush, berber, grass and frieze. The firm also provides hardwood in variety of colors, such as fawn, dune, seashell, cherry, saddle, butterscotch, spice, winter white, gunstock and natural. Shop online today at or call 800-922-5582 to speak to a sales representative.

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