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Hardwood Flooring – Where Elegance Matches Functionality

Hardwood flooring has never had the going so good for itself. This new buzzword is making heads turn in all spaces and is becoming the coveted choice for homeowners, office designers and the likes.

Latest trends in the arena of hardwood flooring, such as dark colors with rich tones and wide boards, have opened up an entirely new world of home décor and designing for consumers like you. Hardwood flooring solutions are now showcased with brand new textures that give them a more natural look, thus adding up to your personal style and giving a fresher appearance to your dream home. Here’s how to find the best look!

What defines the trend!

Quality hardwood flooring is now available in the form of wider planks than before. They can be found in the range of 5 to 7 inches while the earlier ones ranged from 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches. The benefit of wider planks is that they create a large visual appearance, thereby making for stylish selections for bigger rooms.

These days, gray tones are rising high on popularity charts as well. This is because they define the natural beauty of wood and signify its textures in more ways than one. Gray has thus evolved as a perfect selection for carpeting, tiles and walls, thereby enabling buyers to look beyond different shades of brown. Also, deep and dark shades of hardwood flooring styles are providing a bolder look to homes and offices combined. Cherry, oak and walnut give off that perfect blend of dark and glossy looks; just go for it!

White washed and glossy hardwood floors

Another way of creating a differently attractive look for hardwood flooring is through the technique of white wash. Also referred to as the lime-wash or pickling technique, here, a blend of lime and water is applied to the wooden floor for softening its natural color and creating an effect of white-wash. At present, this technique has been further modernized by using oak and ash for lightening the look of natural woods.

This mode provides a more coastal feel to the woods’ appearance. In recent years, both manufacturers and consumers have begun to classify the benefits of lesser glossy wood flooring. These variants are efficient in hiding small dents and scratches, thus proving to be advantageous for houses with small kids and pets. Nevertheless, the biggest benefit of low gloss hardwood flooring is that it provides a more authentic look to wood. This flooring style is gaining huge popularity in North America where many consumers are choosing planks with glossy levels as lower as 30%.

Hardwood Flooring

Understanding prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring

While choosing any hardwood flooring style, one of the important decisions pertains to choosing the finishing of your ideal floor. Apart from defining the entire look, a specific wood’s finishing also describes its long lasting beauty. In case of hardwood, finishing refers to the top coating that is placed upon the hardwood flooring after staining and sanding. Prefinished woods determine that the top layer has been coated in their unfinished state only.

While choosing, you need to be aware of the benefits of both these options and then decide upon your selection. Prefinished woods serve to be better in terms of durability, no stickiness on the floors, lesser waiting time for the floors to get dry, as well as nil odors, streaks or missed spots. On the other hand, you may like to opt for unfinished wood after considering the width of its boards, seamless appearance, better protection from moisture, easy repairing modes, and simpler refinishing processes.

Once you know the benefits of the both, selection would get easier and also better. Thinking differently, if you are heading for discount hardwood floors, then your selection criteria can become slightly dissimilar to the factors discussed above. In case you are searching for discounted products irrespective of their finishing, then do be cautious of the originality and authenticity of hardwood flooring sold by online and offline vendors alike.

Know the headache of cleaning!

Well, once you have enjoyed professional hardwood floor services through installation, you need to keep the floors clean on your own. One good option would be to use floor mats. Small unwanted particles such as dirt can behave like sandpaper and put scratch marks on the floors. Placing floor mats on every entrance, and requesting guests and family members to wipe their feet before passing through, would make the idea work for you with regards to keeping your newly installed floors clean.

Another effective way of preserving the brand new look of installed hardwood flooring is through regular maintenance. Apart from using a high quality broom for sweeping, and a vacuum cleaner (without the beater bar) for cleaning hard to reach zones, it makes good sense to be cautious about selecting the right cleaning products. Recommendation of specific cleaning products for maintenance is one of the hardwood floor services provided by manufacturers. It is advisable to use the recommended cleaning products and adhere to the given instructions for cleaning. Just go for it!

Comparative results of solid and engineered woods

While seeking different forms of hardwood flooring styles, you are likely to come across two variants: solid wood and engineered wood. It is a pretty difficult task to compare solid wood flooring with that of engineered wood because of the wide variety of quality and gestures available in both the forms. Do know that solid floors possess certain drawbacks; they are prone to gaps, crowns, and cups with enhanced plank sizes. Additionally, extra care is required for planning and installing such wood floors.

On the other side, engineered wood flooring features other forms of benefits ahead of universal applicability and stability of use. One of the essential benefits is that their patented installation processes permit faster installing modes, along with easier replacement of planks. Engineered wood also provides ease of floating installation where the boards do not stick to each other, thereby enhancing the ease of repairs, and also helping in reducing the time needed for installation.

Finally, these flooring options are also appropriate for radiant heating systems. It is recommended that you go for self evaluation the practical way, after gathering all the aforementioned knowledge about hardwood flooring. So, are you ready for more beautiful floors at @ your home or office?

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Beautiful Sisal Carpets for your Living Spaces!

Sisal carpets add more elegance and a sense of refinement to any given space. Here’s why you should be including it in your home or office as well.

Sisal is also referred to as Sisal hemp, as from centuries in a row, hemp has remained as a chief resource for fibre for the making of floor coverings and carpets. How would you like to know a little more about the world of sisal and why the contemporary lot is looking for smarter ways of bringing it goodness home?

A small peep into the world of sisal

Traditionally, sisal is used for the making of twine and rope. It is also used for the manufacturing of cloth, paper, wall coverings, dartboards and carpets. For almost one fourth of a century, sisal also stands tall as a rich quality floor covering. Sisal rugs are made of natural plant fibres and are woven out of the same. In general, this useful, organic fibre has properties like resilience and durability, just like coir, jute, and hemp rugs that many artificial materials fail to provide.

The production of Sisal fibre is undertaken from a cactus plant known by the name of Agave Sisalana that grows in Brazil and Africa. This cactus plant thrives in arid deserts and needs little or no water for its sustenance. This particular type of cactus plant is farmed for its tensile fibres that are used for making twine and ropes. The fibrous stalks of this plant are first cut and then dried; post which the dried parts are treated in order to produce tan-tinted measurement lengthwise. Superior quality rugs and carpets can be weaved thereafter from the dried parts. Sisal is known to be 100 % biodegradable and is robust, durable and sustainable in nature.

Sisal Carpets

Benefits of using Sisal over artificial products:

  • It has marvellous stain resistant properties:

As it has stain resistant properties, there is no need to make use of chemicals to clean the materials made from sisal. This feature unknowingly ensures that its users are miles away from harmful chemicals.

  • Does not involve building up of static electricity

It does not build up static electricity which mostly all carpets build up on windy and dry days. Owing to this property, a sisal carpet can be safely used in an office that boasts of numerous computers and other equipment that are affected by the presence of static electricity while operating.

  • Durable and no compression

Long-lasting and durable, this raw material doesn’t wear off easily like wall to wall carpeting, nor does it compress after a few months of use.

  • Smart choice over artificial products

100% natural, and extremely versatile and strong, a sisal carpet would be the ideal choice for areas that have to endure elevated traffic areas like the hallways. Due to its high versatility measures, it can be used for weaving different kinds of products.

  • Can be used along with wool and sea grass

These carpets have the ability to be woven along with other textile materials like sea grass or wool; thereby giving off the combined benefits of both fibres.

  • Excellent sound insulation

Natural noise insulation is one of the added benefits of using a sisal carpet.

  • Usage of natural dyes make discolouration stay away from the carpets and rugs

This organically grown material can be dyed using natural dyes and is made available in the markets in a wide range of styles and colours. It does not involve the usage of artificial colours; so there are no issues pertaining to fading caused by sunlight or other natural means.

  • Health benefits of using Sisal

Being 100% natural, Sisal is also recommended to people who are prone to allergies or are suffering from ailments like asthma. By installing a discount sisal carpet, users can keep breathing hazards at bay.

Drawbacks or restrictions of using Sisal products

  • The only place where synthetic sisal rugs cannot be put to use is wet or damp and high humidity areas like kitchens, basements or bathrooms.
  • As it is an organic element, the chances of developing water stains cannot be negated.
  • Wholesale sisal rugs cannot be used outdoors as a result of their high water absorbing qualities.
  • Direct exposure to the sun’s rays is capable of spoiling the natural sheen of Sisal materials. Remember, all fibres, whether un-dyed or dyed, change their colour if they are exposed to sunlight for a long time. So, in case Sisal rugs and carpets are placed out in the sun for drying or removing mites, they must be turned regularly.

Maintenance of Sisal materials

Sisal is relatively trouble free to maintain. This natural vegetable fibre is known to have non magnetizing properties and therefore does not attract dust. Natural vegetable fibres are highly absorbent and thus they can expand and shrink because of changes in the humidity levels or the surroundings. Maintaining the natural beauty of these rugs is important so that their usage can be prolonged. These simple measures can be adopted for taking care of your rugs/ carpets made of sisal too:


Vacuuming should be practiced at least once or twice a week. Doing so ensures that the fine dust elements that get fixed or sandwiched between the fibres, and can cause additional wear and tear, are removed. For good results, a vacuum with adjustable brushes and a powerful airflow would serve to be the best option.

Immediate removal of spills

As these carpets are excellent absorbents when exposed to excessive dampness or wet areas, they might shrink or show signs of puckering. Do know that steam cleaning, shampooing and wet-cleaning of sisal materials brings no good and may lead to the spoiling of this material.

Do you need a professional carpet cleaner?

Calling upon the services of a professional for periodic cleaning and dry extraction of dust, mites and other accumulated pollutants is a good idea as well. The correct approach towards cleaning sisal based carpets would be by testing the cleaning material on a lesser visible area, and based on the results, using the same on other affected areas. This can be best undertaken with the help of a professional. Thus, before starting the cleaning process, it is wise to call for professional assistance and thereafter proceed with all given instructions accordingly.

There is no dearth of options with regards to discounted Sisal carpets online. You may like to invest in wholesale Sisal rugs, or browse through the many categories of sisal rugs online for decking up your rooms in a more elegant fashion. Sisal is easy to buy and use as it provides low cost maintenance and plenty of added benefits. We are sure that after knowing about the many pluses of this carpet, you are ready to invest in this winning product? Do so today!

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Armstrong Commercial Flooring for an Eternal Appeal

Armstrong commercial floors are proving to be the best choice for many; and rightfully so. Along with being robust, compact, and attractive, they showcase many other features too. Take a look.

Are you searching for smart flooring options for your office, store, or any other place of work? Commercial flooring is quite different from the flooring that is installed for residential purposes. This type of flooring is mainly utilized in offices or professional work places. The major difference between home flooring and commercial flooring is in their designs that are fundamentally different. Commercial flooring is easy to clean and maintain, whereas, on the other hand, hardwood flooring that is installed in home spaces requires high levels of maintenance. This is due to the organic nature of the flooring materials put to use.

Different kinds of floors for commercial spaces

There are three types of commercial flooring solutions that can be installed in work spaces. They are as follows:

  • Resilient flooring: This option uses vinyl type flooring that is usually strong and can withstand good load.
  • Man-made flooring- This type of flooring uses stones and floors made out of man-made materials. These raw materials are sturdy and capable of fitting the largest of spaces.
  • Natural stone flooring- This flooring type utilizes stones that are found naturally. They are cut into shapes and then utilized for application. Overall, natural stone flooring is very strong and hard to break.

So, there is absolutely no end to choices with respect to Armstrong commercial floors; go for the one that best aligns with your needs and budget.

Armstrong Commercial Flooring

Deciding on a flooring type

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider while choosing a flooring for commercial application is to be sure about what kind of work is going to take place on the same. The purpose of usage of the floor should dictate its basic design. The traffic, environment, and exact usage would help in deciding upon the style of flooring. Installing a floor requires proper planning. You need to assess the needs, resources (both economic and manpower), and long term expenses before finalizing the floor type for your living spaces. If you are equipped with a sufficient budget, then it is wise to go for a better quality flooring type. But even then, it is essential to research and then take the final decision.

Sometimes, a costlier flooring type requires very less maintenance and thus leads to value-based user experiences. Since maintenance would always remain a major issue, it is better to go for the one with the lesser maintenance type, if and only if the budget permits. Epoxy and stained concrete are easy to maintain and do not pop up with issues every now and then. You may like to take a look at the other Armstrong commercial floor solutions on sale on online specialty stores as well.

Major factors of consideration

1. Durability is a major factor of consideration while choosing commercial flooring. The durability of commercial flooring depends on many determinants such as traffic, quality, application, etc. These factors must be carefully analyzed before the type can be decided upon.

2. Safety of the flooring is another key decision factor while choosing a flooring type. You cannot use a flooring type meant for 10 people, where the average traffic would be more than 1000 people. The flooring will not be safe and hence, might break.

3. Comfort is another factor to consider. It is impractical to ask the traffic at your workplace to pace around or even sit if the floor isn’t comfortable. Comfort is an important feature that has to be looked into at all costs. Remember, users can spoil their feet on uncomfortable floors. If the floor is too hard, they will find it difficult to walk or even stand a while. Whereas, a completely soft floor is detrimental as they cannot walk properly due to the inability to get a proper grip. Hence, it becomes essential to emphasize on the right “comfort” factor while choosing floor solutions.

How to make your commercial flooring durable?

As mentioned before, installing commercial flooring depends more on the usage of the flooring than upon any other thing else. Therefore, choosing the right flooring option depends on how the floor is going to be used. Durability is one of the most important things that you should concentrate upon along with other factors. Explore a list of different types of floorings that can be chosen for commercial spaces, such as yours.

Ceramic Flooring:

It is one of the most efficient and long lasting floor types. Ceramic floors remain fresh and are resistant to damage in the long run. They can handle a fair amount of traffic due to their strong and durable properties.


Concrete flooring is what you see on the walking paths of streets. This is one of the most durable types of flooring that is resistant to wear and tear. As it is apt for handling high traffic, it serves to be the right choice for exteriors with a high degree of footfall.


Rubber is soft and soothing to the feet. Using this floor type in any workplace helps reduce stress on the legs of users, and helps in faster movement around the place. It is also equipped with long term withstanding capabilities.


Armstrong commercial hardwood is one of the most customizable types of flooring that offers different levels of durability in line with the quality of hardwood that you would want to use. It is popularly used in residential spaces as well.

Natural Stone:

Natural stones like limestone, marble, etc. can be used as a flooring option because of their ability to withstand extreme pressure and high traffic. Being 100% natural products, such stones give off a cooling effect in all commercial spaces.


Vinyl floorings are best in every sense because they are customizable and hence can be obtained within any given budget. In addition to this, you may also explore from among a vast range of designs, colors, and shades for choosing the perfect vinyl floor for your commercial space.

Armstrong Commercial Flooring

Armstrong commercial flooring services offers a new dimension to commercial flooring with novel and stylish designs in place. They are equipped to handle daily pressures of traffic in all kinds of commercial workplaces and have their own safety zone sheets. These safety zone sheets have made this type of flooring better and more durable. It is easier to clean and maintain such floors post installation as well. Glossing of these floors have also never been easier. Low and medium glossing may be introduced to reduce the cost, which is also a major decision factor for you. Low maintenance and high performance durability, with high withstand capacity, is what sets this type of commercial flooring apart from the rest.

Way forward

Choosing an appropriate Armstrong flooring distributor can help you get the task done easily. By doing so, you can be assured of availing professional and expert solutions on time. Thus, make the right decision by getting only the best.

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Laminate Flooring- Why is it the Best Flooring Option?

Looking for something different to tread on? Laminate flooring provides smart and elegant solutions to impart a new look and feel under feet.

Laminate flooring offer a variety of options and is often chosen as the best floor solution, irrespective of their price. With superior selection and easy installation processes to their credit, laminate floors assure that your house looks just the way you want your dream home to be, and all at a reasonable price. With numerous options like cherry, walnut, beech, merbau, oak and maple laminate flooring, there is sure to be something for everyone. Built up of multiple layers, laminate floors are sturdy and durable. Besides, they not only upscale the appearance of any given room where installed, but also boast of acoustic, waterproof properties that make them easy to clean and maintain.

Things to Consider When Buying Laminate Flooring

When you wish to have hardwood flooring with elegant laminate tile styles, but don’t want to spend much, laminate flooring is what you need. This flooring option comprises of a fiberboard layer, balancing layer, numerous sealants, and many other thin layers of fiber.  An image of specific hardwood grain or stone tile is imprinted on the layer, thereby making it as close to real substances found in nature as possible.

The topmost layer contains a protective sheet that is both wear and tear resistant, and makes your flooring look as good as new for a long time. Once you decide to install laminate & laminate floors, you may have to take multiple decisions that would impact your purchase of laminate flooring. Some essential points to consider are given here:

Laminate Flooring

1. Laminate Floor Design

With plenty of choices available on the racks, it will be overwhelming for you to select the one that best matches your needs. Although, depending on the room you want laminate flooring to be installed, you can select accordingly. For instance, in your kitchen, you may like to craft a traditional look with recessed-panel cabinets, undermount sink, granite countertops, and white cabinets placed on medium tone hardwood floors. Similarly, for the laundry room, go for subtle styled laminate flooring with concrete planks and waterproof properties.

2. High-Pressure Laminate v.s. Direct-Pressure Laminate

The difference between Direct-Pressure Laminate (DPL) and High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) exists in their many layers. The more the number of layers, the better are the resultant floors. Usually, high-pressure laminate has five layers while direct-pressure laminate has three layers. Undoubtedly, the high pressured floors are more preferable, but then, they are more expensive than their counterparts. You may like to install these in your living room or kitchen where there is much foot traffic and activities are commonplace. Direct pressured floors are best installed in the bed room or the study room because of their elegant appeal and long-lasting attributes.

3. Laminate Floor Installation

User friendly and easy to install, there are three types of laminate floor installation methods:

a. Special Glue Laminate Floors: These floorings require special glue for their installation. Glue is manually applied on the planks and then installed. It is the most inexpensive, typical and old fashioned laminate flooring method possible.

b. Factory made pre-glued special laminate floors: These types of flooring have glue pre-applied in the factory. The plank is moistened and then the glue is applied. However, the installation is done manually. This option is a little expensive but more preferable since it requires less manual work.

c. Glue free laminate floors: These floors don’t require any kind of adhesive for their installation. The planks have locks that are fitted together and then installed.

4. Know your brands

It is necessary to buy laminate flooring from reputed manufacturers and well-known brands to obtain highest-grade flooring. Popular brands offer high quality flooring in a wide range of colours and textures. They also have their team to help you install these flooring at your home or office. If you are a little confused about which texture or pattern will best accentuate your room, you can check the online stores of famous brands and then take your decision. If you consult professional tile layers in person, they will even help you customize the flooring on the basis of your likings and preferences.

Reasons for Choosing Laminate Flooring

1. Inexpensive
These are not real wood floors; they are different and hence are not very expensive. Besides, these laminate wood flooring are durable and sturdy; additionally, they look very natural and last longer. Thus, investing in laminate flooring is certainly worth the money.

2. Durability

Laminate floors are constructed using several layers of fibrous material. The layers are fused together for creating comfortable and soft flooring. This type of flooring is resistant to heavy foot traffic, sharp pet claws and liquid spills. This high durability metric of laminate floors makes it a preferable option for installation in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms and hallways.

3. Installation

Laminate installation is easy, and boasts of minimal renovation disruptions. There are different ways in which these floors can be installed by a professional team. Once laid out efficiently, they remain sturdy and appropriate for many years.

4. Care

Laminate flooring does not require any wax or polish; hence they are easy to maintain and clean. These are sunlight resistant; so there is no need to worry about them wearing or tearing easily. Besides, any kinds of spills can be wiped off with a damp cloth, without leaving behind any stains.

5. Style

Laminate Flooring styles differ and come in a variety of textures and colors. In terms of colors, users will find it interesting to choose from an extended palette of deep reds, dark blues and brown shades. Here, the textures include smooth, classic, distressed, rustic as well as natural surfaces.

Discount Laminate Flooring – Buying Tips to Save More:-

Discount laminate flooring is not very difficult to find and can be easily purchased from online or offline stores. Presenting the perfect solutions for smart home remodelling, and high in demand, laminate flooring is available in different textures, colours, designs, and sizes; mostly at discounted prices. When you look for discounted laminate flooring, it is recommended to check the store policy before you make any purchase. Since these floorings can be purchased at a promotional price or availed of at discounted rates, store owners might decline to take back the tiles that are of no use to you.

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Carpet Tiles for an Enchanting Makeover

Looking towards smarter ways of making your floors appear better than before? These days, utilization of carpets in enhancing the interiors of living spaces, irrespective of whether they are for residential or commercial purposes, is a common idea adopted by many.

To add that much needed dash of novelty and creativity, the introduction of carpet tiles has turned out to be a successful thought. Majorly utilized in airports and office spaces, carpet tiles are now being used in residential spaces as well. Compared to regular carpets, they are easy to manage and can be simply dismantled and reassembled without seeking assistance from professionals.

These types of tiles are readily available online. So, you may like to choose from a wide range of patterns and shapes that they are available with specialty stores and flooring portals. Moreover, these tiles can be purchased in accordance to the place that needs remodeling. Wait no longer and grab this opportunity of enhancing your interiors with an exciting makeover, right away!

Choosing carpet tiles for homes and offices

This particular flooring alternative for home décor is available in a variety of choices; with each variant fitting to perfection in the place that needs some change or remodeling. Once you are done with the installation of these tile-like carpets, you will see that they do not look any different than the regular carpets that people use for covering their floors. It’s just that they are easier to maintain, more attractive, and longer lasting than their traditional counterparts

Carpet Tiles

Points to consider

Before you move ahead to purchase these items for your floors, make sure to know more about different types of carpet tile available in the market. As mentioned, the range of variants is vast and needs some careful consideration before choosing the same. You would not like to go back on your choice once you have made your final purchase. That would just be a waste of money and your time. So, make your decision on the basis of these few factors when you go about the task of hunting the right tiles for your space.

Given under are some of vital points that need to be taken care of before choosing carpet tiles online for your floors.

  • Look through the size of tiles and decide which one suits your place better.

  • Compare between the fibers types of different tiles and opt for the one that is long lasting.

  • Check how each and every tile is manufactured.

  • Look at how the tiles needs to be styled and think of the patterns that would suit the flooring at your place.

The right place to buy carpet tiles

E-commerce has had its touch everywhere in this world. Right from impacting small products to selling the larger ones with flair, it has paved the way for everything to be sold and purchased online. Nowadays, you need not go to a brick-and-mortar store to pick up the items of your choice; just log in and pick your floor dressings online. Moreover these online shopping sites have a replacement scheme that some physical dealers may not provide to their customers in person. So, make sure to check upon the terms, conditions, and online credibility details of the retailers of your choice, and also for the warranty details that are meant to cover your purchase of carpet tiles. With secure payment modes in place, you will soon be treading on the tiles of your choice; just go for it.

Places to install carpet tiles

Be it stores, offices, or households, they all have spaces that require such carpet tiles more than anything else. Be it commercial or residential spaces, these types of carpet squares are always considered as a boon. So, if you are still wondering about their utility, do know that they can be easily installed in the following places with the highest levels of ease and convenience.

  • For basements:

Basements are worst hit during the time of flooding. It is surely a matter of concern if one has to take off an entire carpet when it gets damaged due to flood waters. With these carpet squares installed, even after flooding, you can dismantle and dry them, or replace the squares that have been damaged badly. This is why, such tiles make for an apt product for your basement flooring.

  • For three season rooms:

Your household may have a front porch with the facility of a 3 season room that connects the inside of the house to the outside. You may need the place to be warm and cool at the same time. These carpet tiles provide you with the comfort metrics that normal carpets fail to give on a day-to-day basis. Special type of carpet tiling is available for this particular need and can be gained via easy online means.

  • For already existing floors:

Most homeowners would prefer to have soft flooring for their bedrooms, and sturdier ones for their living rooms. Soft carpet squares are the perfect add on for the existing floors in any bedroom. On the other hand, entryways, living rooms, kitchens, drawing rooms, etc would require more robust carpeting as they tend to experience more foot fall across the day. Moreover, the right color and texture of carpeted tiles would accentuate the overall look and feel of your interiors, so choose them carefully.

Installing carpet tiles

These smart flooring solutions for contemporary and traditional spaces can be easily installed without asking for professional help. Once you know the pattern that these tiles need to be installed in, setting them that way is a relatively easy affair. You can also try to give a pattern your own twist by placing a few tiles of carpet floors in a creative fashion. In case, you think that this task is not something that you can handle on your own, you may like to seek professional assistance to create the right impact.

Carpet and carpet tiles- how do they differ?

When you ask people about this, they are sure to say that switching over to carpet tiles is a better option than using regular carpets. If one part of the carpet gets damaged, then the entire thing has to be changed. This is due to the fact that mending a small portion would give an ugly look to the carpet. When it comes to maintaining such carpet squares, you can simply replace the ones that need change. They are easy to install and dismantle; and add a lot of elegance to your environment.

Purchasing carpet tiles online

It is recommended that you check the authenticity of your preferred retailer before purchase. Some retailers may provide discount carpet tiles, while few others help buyers with extended warranty period. Once you are ready to freeze your decision of carpet tile for sale online, just go ahead and pay. You will love to receive the shipment in a few days.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile – Smart Flooring Ideas Begin at Home

Since your home style defines you to perfection, you need to be very choosy as you go shopping for luxury vinyl tile for your home

For decades in a row, flooring with luxury vinyl tile has become a popular choice for homes in America, and elsewhere too. With mind-blowing styles and looks to their credit, luxury vinyl flooring certainly do not give off the chess board kind of look as in traditional houses. Here we give you a peep into the ways in which evolution has impacted and evaluated the world of luxury vinyl tile, thereby making it a favorite selection for contemporary home owners.

Introducing luxury vinyl tile

In recent times, vinyl flooring tile is categorized under the tag “resilient flooring”. Latest technology in flooring is utilized for manufacturing vinyl tile. Once upon a time, a different flooring technology was used for crafting shiny vinyl floors that looked like plastic. Such floors were quite prone to scuffs and scratches. At present, the vinyl tiles boast of exquisite matte finishes and possess more advantageous characteristics in terms of durability, maintenance and resistance to wear.

Luxury vinyl floorings are available in various forms such as sheets, planks, and tiles. Also, the tiles can be found in various colors, designs, and patterns that are formed with impressive styles that imitate the textures and appearances of wood, stone and ceramic tile. Go for the one that best aligns with your styling needs, functionality, and budget alike.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Why would you choose luxury vinyl tile in comparison to other available flooring styles?

In terms of versatility, it can be pompously said that luxury vinyl tile provides the perfect definition in the flooring market. One of the reasons behind why would you shop for luxury vinyl tile is its resistance power against mold, yeast and moisture. This is an important feature that makes it a perfect flooring option for kitchens, washrooms and cleaning rooms where leakage and moisture can occur commonly.

Another attractive feature of luxury vinyl tile is its cheap and affordable price compared to other flooring options. Additionally, vinyl flooring tile is easier to install and its long term maintenance cost is very low. The underlayment portion of vinyl is such that it gives a warm touch on the upper layer; while the underfoot of these tiles are softer than the feel of actual tiles, wood or stones.

Things to know before you install luxury vinyl tile

Before you plan to install vinyl tile at home, you may like to identify and assess your own requirements before triggering the buying mode. Start the process by measuring the size of your room where the tiles have be installed. Do know that dark colored tiles would make your rooms look smaller, and vice versa. After you identify the color of the tiles as needed, the next task is to identify the size of your required floor pattern. Mostly, small patterns are more suitable for small rooms. Conversely, for bigger rooms, you might have to choose a large pattern.

The next assessment would be of the wallpaper or color of the room. It is recommended that you match the chosen luxury vinyl tile patterns with the existing paint or wallpaper. For example, if you have a large painting in the room, then you may like to install small vinyl tile. Finally, before you decide upon the perfect luxury vinyl tile for your home, remember that glossy tiles are more resistant to deterioration.

Know a bit of technicalities- luxury vinyl tile installation

It is a known fact that an individual cannot master all the traits, but little knowledge about things like tiles and floor installation would not do any harm. Thus, before you hire an unknown professional for making your home beautiful, gather some knowledge about the installation process of luxury vinyl tile.

First of all, assess the shape of the surface on which the tiles would be laid, this is known as the substrate. You should consider the nature of the substrate: whether you are installing over concrete, wood or old vinyl, because each of them have their own specific characteristics. An underlayment might be required in some cases, and sometimes, prior to installation, moisture testing might be essential. Thus, discuss these points with your professional tile laying agency before you install vinyl tiles in your kitchen, bathrooms, or any other area at home.

Then, take a good look at the subfloor in your rooms; this is because commercial luxury vinyl tile is somewhat restricted to certain flooring norms. For example, in certain cases, high-quality vinyl tile might require your subfloors to get some modifying effects. Or, you might be asked to set up an entirely new subfloor. It is recommended that you discuss these points with your retailer before professional layers are sent in for installation, and gain complete awareness about your flooring requirements.

Common methods of installation

Now that you know a few points to discuss with your retailer before you install vinyl flooring tile solutions, get some idea regarding various installation methods. Although the installation methods are specifically dependent upon the manufacturer and the style you have chosen, there are still some common methods of installation.

The first commonly used method is regarded as “full spread.” Here, glue is spread over the entire surface where the tiles are to be fixed. The second method is known as “perimeter adhered” wherein the glue has to be put over the outside edges and at the ridges. The third method of installation is known as “floating” which indicates that the flooring will not be bonded to the surface by any glue.

Take some useful tips for the installation day

In case you have gas appliances, it will be safe to contact your gas company personnel so that they can disconnect and reconnect the gas connection safely, before and after the installation processes are carried out. If you are installing tiles in the bathroom, have a talk with the retailer with regards to moving out the toilet, if required, and be clear whether his representative will be able to do it. Otherwise you may have to call a plumber. The area where you are going to install luxury vinyl tile should be a climate controlled zone, and the levels of humidity within the area should be kept between 45-65%.

Here are some tips for you after installation!

In case the installation has been done with the help of full spread or perimeter adhered method, you should not replace any furniture or appliance before 72 hours after installation. However, in the case of floating method, furniture pieces and appliances can be replaced soon after the installation.

Way forward

So, wait no longer and get going with the style of vinyl tile that best aligns with your needs and preferences. With a bit of research, you can look forward to creating an altogether new look for any given space!

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Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring: The Dream Floor for your Home

Apart from looking rich and elegant, hand-scraped hardwood is attracting buyers with its manifold features, affordable price tags and versatile designs.

The popularity of hand-scraped hardwood flooring has been flourishing since the past several years. This smart flooring solution has offered a distinctive look to the dream houses of many, and continues to do so. Since there are various manufacturers presenting their unique collections differing in texture, colors, patters, etc., one’s creation of hand-scraped floors would definitely differ from that of others. Here, you get to read more about why should be choosing the look imparted by hardwood for your floors too

Hand-scraped Wood Floorings – How are they created?

The best quality hand-scraped floors are manufactured with three to twelve layers of plywood that are placed in a specialized way, stuck with high-quality adhesives, and compressed together. The core layers on the inner side are constructed with either a hardwood or soft plywood materials that form the tongue and copse system for fastening along the borders. The thick layer on the top is then glued and compressed over the top end of the core. These types of hand-scraped engineered hardwood flooring can be sought in most species of wood.

Due to the growing popularity of engineered hardwood flooring, nowadays, manufacturers have started using innovative methods for recreating “the antique look” in their factory units. Yes, the use of automated machines for creating hand-scraped wood flooring is evolving as a common way for manufacturers, globally. So, if you are also looking for proven means of getting a traditional and warm touch to your contemporary-styled home or office, then hardwood floors are surely the right way to go.

Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring

Advantages of using engineered wooden floors

These forms of hand-scraped hardwood floors are more resistance to high levels of moisture than their solid, wood structured counterparts. This feature enhances their demand for damp basements, or in regions where lower levels of humidity prevail all across the year. Another attractive feature of such flooring is that they can be directly glued upon concrete slabs, or nailed upon a wooden subfloor. Additionally, hand-scraped wood flooring possesses the same resale value as ¾” solid wood flooring; this comes in handy if owners decide to sell their home at any given time in future.

Where should you place your concerns?

While choosing luxury hand-scraped vinyl floors for your home, it is a good idea to have a prior understanding of your demands. Also, try to select the best flooring solution that matches your needs to the furthest possible limits. Secondarily, determine the features of the area on which you are planning to lay out the wooden flooring. In terms of durability, quality hand-scraped engineered hardwood floorings are durable and long-lasting; they are commonly seen in shopping malls and airports, places that experience huge foot traffic.

Measuring for Hardwood Flooring-Engineering

Considering the fact that engineered floorings are sold as per square foot, it becomes essential to measure the square feet area of your floor; believe us, it is quite an easy task. All you need to do is take the length and breadth of the room, and multiply the two figures for arriving at the square footage. Now with the calculated square feet area, 5% area would have to be added for cutting and fitting wastages.

Expectations while Choosing a Hand-Scraped Wood Flooring Style

One important tip before you choose a style relates to gaining as much knowledge about your purchase beforehand. As you look around, you will find a number of grades that possess their own specific price category and visuals. You may also like to keep in mind that prefinished hand-scraped hardwood floorings are available in almost all types of species and colors. Nevertheless, do know that hardwood flooring is completely natural, and no two pieces would look similar. Additionally, as wooden floors are not as perfect as their synthetically produced cousins, it would be a smart move to buy 5% to 10% more than your actual requirements as provision for wastages.

Choose from a hundreds of color and styling

The first image that probably comes to mind when you plan to install hand-scraped hardwood floor is that of the standard red strip oak that is ¾ inches thick and has a width of 2 ¼ inches. But then, hardwood floorings can be obtained in different sizes ranging from 3 to 6 inches, or even more; such large-sized pieces are known as plank floors. The prefinished versions of hardwood flooring are available in various forms, generally of 5/16 to ¾ inches thickness and 12 to 84 inches length. Additionally, if you are seeking for a size that is not generally available in prefinished versions, then you may go for Custom Milled Unfinished flooring solutions that are available in different sizes, as per your requirements.

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