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Luxury Vinyl Tile – Smart Flooring Ideas Begin at Home

Since your home style defines you to perfection, you need to be very choosy as you go shopping for luxury vinyl tile for your home

For decades in a row, flooring with luxury vinyl tile has become a popular choice for homes in America, and elsewhere too. With mind-blowing styles and looks to their credit, luxury vinyl flooring certainly do not give off the chess board kind of look as in traditional houses. Here we give you a peep into the ways in which evolution has impacted and evaluated the world of luxury vinyl tile, thereby making it a favorite selection for contemporary home owners.

Introducing luxury vinyl tile

In recent times, vinyl flooring tile is categorized under the tag “resilient flooring”. Latest technology in flooring is utilized for manufacturing vinyl tile. Once upon a time, a different flooring technology was used for crafting shiny vinyl floors that looked like plastic. Such floors were quite prone to scuffs and scratches. At present, the vinyl tiles boast of exquisite matte finishes and possess more advantageous characteristics in terms of durability, maintenance and resistance to wear.

Luxury vinyl floorings are available in various forms such as sheets, planks, and tiles. Also, the tiles can be found in various colors, designs, and patterns that are formed with impressive styles that imitate the textures and appearances of wood, stone and ceramic tile. Go for the one that best aligns with your styling needs, functionality, and budget alike.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Why would you choose luxury vinyl tile in comparison to other available flooring styles?

In terms of versatility, it can be pompously said that luxury vinyl tile provides the perfect definition in the flooring market. One of the reasons behind why would you shop for luxury vinyl tile is its resistance power against mold, yeast and moisture. This is an important feature that makes it a perfect flooring option for kitchens, washrooms and cleaning rooms where leakage and moisture can occur commonly.

Another attractive feature of luxury vinyl tile is its cheap and affordable price compared to other flooring options. Additionally, vinyl flooring tile is easier to install and its long term maintenance cost is very low. The underlayment portion of vinyl is such that it gives a warm touch on the upper layer; while the underfoot of these tiles are softer than the feel of actual tiles, wood or stones.

Things to know before you install luxury vinyl tile

Before you plan to install vinyl tile at home, you may like to identify and assess your own requirements before triggering the buying mode. Start the process by measuring the size of your room where the tiles have be installed. Do know that dark colored tiles would make your rooms look smaller, and vice versa. After you identify the color of the tiles as needed, the next task is to identify the size of your required floor pattern. Mostly, small patterns are more suitable for small rooms. Conversely, for bigger rooms, you might have to choose a large pattern.

The next assessment would be of the wallpaper or color of the room. It is recommended that you match the chosen luxury vinyl tile patterns with the existing paint or wallpaper. For example, if you have a large painting in the room, then you may like to install small vinyl tile. Finally, before you decide upon the perfect luxury vinyl tile for your home, remember that glossy tiles are more resistant to deterioration.

Know a bit of technicalities- luxury vinyl tile installation

It is a known fact that an individual cannot master all the traits, but little knowledge about things like tiles and floor installation would not do any harm. Thus, before you hire an unknown professional for making your home beautiful, gather some knowledge about the installation process of luxury vinyl tile.

First of all, assess the shape of the surface on which the tiles would be laid, this is known as the substrate. You should consider the nature of the substrate: whether you are installing over concrete, wood or old vinyl, because each of them have their own specific characteristics. An underlayment might be required in some cases, and sometimes, prior to installation, moisture testing might be essential. Thus, discuss these points with your professional tile laying agency before you install vinyl tiles in your kitchen, bathrooms, or any other area at home.

Then, take a good look at the subfloor in your rooms; this is because commercial luxury vinyl tile is somewhat restricted to certain flooring norms. For example, in certain cases, high-quality vinyl tile might require your subfloors to get some modifying effects. Or, you might be asked to set up an entirely new subfloor. It is recommended that you discuss these points with your retailer before professional layers are sent in for installation, and gain complete awareness about your flooring requirements.

Common methods of installation

Now that you know a few points to discuss with your retailer before you install vinyl flooring tile solutions, get some idea regarding various installation methods. Although the installation methods are specifically dependent upon the manufacturer and the style you have chosen, there are still some common methods of installation.

The first commonly used method is regarded as “full spread.” Here, glue is spread over the entire surface where the tiles are to be fixed. The second method is known as “perimeter adhered” wherein the glue has to be put over the outside edges and at the ridges. The third method of installation is known as “floating” which indicates that the flooring will not be bonded to the surface by any glue.

Take some useful tips for the installation day

In case you have gas appliances, it will be safe to contact your gas company personnel so that they can disconnect and reconnect the gas connection safely, before and after the installation processes are carried out. If you are installing tiles in the bathroom, have a talk with the retailer with regards to moving out the toilet, if required, and be clear whether his representative will be able to do it. Otherwise you may have to call a plumber. The area where you are going to install luxury vinyl tile should be a climate controlled zone, and the levels of humidity within the area should be kept between 45-65%.

Here are some tips for you after installation!

In case the installation has been done with the help of full spread or perimeter adhered method, you should not replace any furniture or appliance before 72 hours after installation. However, in the case of floating method, furniture pieces and appliances can be replaced soon after the installation.

Way forward

So, wait no longer and get going with the style of vinyl tile that best aligns with your needs and preferences. With a bit of research, you can look forward to creating an altogether new look for any given space!



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