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Armstrong Commercial Flooring for an Eternal Appeal

Armstrong commercial floors are proving to be the best choice for many; and rightfully so. Along with being robust, compact, and attractive, they showcase many other features too. Take a look.

Are you searching for smart flooring options for your office, store, or any other place of work? Commercial flooring is quite different from the flooring that is installed for residential purposes. This type of flooring is mainly utilized in offices or professional work places. The major difference between home flooring and commercial flooring is in their designs that are fundamentally different. Commercial flooring is easy to clean and maintain, whereas, on the other hand, hardwood flooring that is installed in home spaces requires high levels of maintenance. This is due to the organic nature of the flooring materials put to use.

Different kinds of floors for commercial spaces

There are three types of commercial flooring solutions that can be installed in work spaces. They are as follows:

  • Resilient flooring: This option uses vinyl type flooring that is usually strong and can withstand good load.
  • Man-made flooring- This type of flooring uses stones and floors made out of man-made materials. These raw materials are sturdy and capable of fitting the largest of spaces.
  • Natural stone flooring- This flooring type utilizes stones that are found naturally. They are cut into shapes and then utilized for application. Overall, natural stone flooring is very strong and hard to break.

So, there is absolutely no end to choices with respect to Armstrong commercial floors; go for the one that best aligns with your needs and budget.

Armstrong Commercial Flooring

Deciding on a flooring type

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider while choosing a flooring for commercial application is to be sure about what kind of work is going to take place on the same. The purpose of usage of the floor should dictate its basic design. The traffic, environment, and exact usage would help in deciding upon the style of flooring. Installing a floor requires proper planning. You need to assess the needs, resources (both economic and manpower), and long term expenses before finalizing the floor type for your living spaces. If you are equipped with a sufficient budget, then it is wise to go for a better quality flooring type. But even then, it is essential to research and then take the final decision.

Sometimes, a costlier flooring type requires very less maintenance and thus leads to value-based user experiences. Since maintenance would always remain a major issue, it is better to go for the one with the lesser maintenance type, if and only if the budget permits. Epoxy and stained concrete are easy to maintain and do not pop up with issues every now and then. You may like to take a look at the other Armstrong commercial floor solutions on sale on online specialty stores as well.

Major factors of consideration

1. Durability is a major factor of consideration while choosing commercial flooring. The durability of commercial flooring depends on many determinants such as traffic, quality, application, etc. These factors must be carefully analyzed before the type can be decided upon.

2. Safety of the flooring is another key decision factor while choosing a flooring type. You cannot use a flooring type meant for 10 people, where the average traffic would be more than 1000 people. The flooring will not be safe and hence, might break.

3. Comfort is another factor to consider. It is impractical to ask the traffic at your workplace to pace around or even sit if the floor isn’t comfortable. Comfort is an important feature that has to be looked into at all costs. Remember, users can spoil their feet on uncomfortable floors. If the floor is too hard, they will find it difficult to walk or even stand a while. Whereas, a completely soft floor is detrimental as they cannot walk properly due to the inability to get a proper grip. Hence, it becomes essential to emphasize on the right “comfort” factor while choosing floor solutions.

How to make your commercial flooring durable?

As mentioned before, installing commercial flooring depends more on the usage of the flooring than upon any other thing else. Therefore, choosing the right flooring option depends on how the floor is going to be used. Durability is one of the most important things that you should concentrate upon along with other factors. Explore a list of different types of floorings that can be chosen for commercial spaces, such as yours.

Ceramic Flooring:

It is one of the most efficient and long lasting floor types. Ceramic floors remain fresh and are resistant to damage in the long run. They can handle a fair amount of traffic due to their strong and durable properties.


Concrete flooring is what you see on the walking paths of streets. This is one of the most durable types of flooring that is resistant to wear and tear. As it is apt for handling high traffic, it serves to be the right choice for exteriors with a high degree of footfall.


Rubber is soft and soothing to the feet. Using this floor type in any workplace helps reduce stress on the legs of users, and helps in faster movement around the place. It is also equipped with long term withstanding capabilities.


Armstrong commercial hardwood is one of the most customizable types of flooring that offers different levels of durability in line with the quality of hardwood that you would want to use. It is popularly used in residential spaces as well.

Natural Stone:

Natural stones like limestone, marble, etc. can be used as a flooring option because of their ability to withstand extreme pressure and high traffic. Being 100% natural products, such stones give off a cooling effect in all commercial spaces.


Vinyl floorings are best in every sense because they are customizable and hence can be obtained within any given budget. In addition to this, you may also explore from among a vast range of designs, colors, and shades for choosing the perfect vinyl floor for your commercial space.

Armstrong Commercial Flooring

Armstrong commercial flooring services offers a new dimension to commercial flooring with novel and stylish designs in place. They are equipped to handle daily pressures of traffic in all kinds of commercial workplaces and have their own safety zone sheets. These safety zone sheets have made this type of flooring better and more durable. It is easier to clean and maintain such floors post installation as well. Glossing of these floors have also never been easier. Low and medium glossing may be introduced to reduce the cost, which is also a major decision factor for you. Low maintenance and high performance durability, with high withstand capacity, is what sets this type of commercial flooring apart from the rest.

Way forward

Choosing an appropriate Armstrong flooring distributor can help you get the task done easily. By doing so, you can be assured of availing professional and expert solutions on time. Thus, make the right decision by getting only the best.



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