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Hardwood Flooring – Where Elegance Matches Functionality

Hardwood flooring has never had the going so good for itself. This new buzzword is making heads turn in all spaces and is becoming the coveted choice for homeowners, office designers and the likes.

Latest trends in the arena of hardwood flooring, such as dark colors with rich tones and wide boards, have opened up an entirely new world of home décor and designing for consumers like you. Hardwood flooring solutions are now showcased with brand new textures that give them a more natural look, thus adding up to your personal style and giving a fresher appearance to your dream home. Here’s how to find the best look!

What defines the trend!

Quality hardwood flooring is now available in the form of wider planks than before. They can be found in the range of 5 to 7 inches while the earlier ones ranged from 2 ½ to 3 ½ inches. The benefit of wider planks is that they create a large visual appearance, thereby making for stylish selections for bigger rooms.

These days, gray tones are rising high on popularity charts as well. This is because they define the natural beauty of wood and signify its textures in more ways than one. Gray has thus evolved as a perfect selection for carpeting, tiles and walls, thereby enabling buyers to look beyond different shades of brown. Also, deep and dark shades of hardwood flooring styles are providing a bolder look to homes and offices combined. Cherry, oak and walnut give off that perfect blend of dark and glossy looks; just go for it!

White washed and glossy hardwood floors

Another way of creating a differently attractive look for hardwood flooring is through the technique of white wash. Also referred to as the lime-wash or pickling technique, here, a blend of lime and water is applied to the wooden floor for softening its natural color and creating an effect of white-wash. At present, this technique has been further modernized by using oak and ash for lightening the look of natural woods.

This mode provides a more coastal feel to the woods’ appearance. In recent years, both manufacturers and consumers have begun to classify the benefits of lesser glossy wood flooring. These variants are efficient in hiding small dents and scratches, thus proving to be advantageous for houses with small kids and pets. Nevertheless, the biggest benefit of low gloss hardwood flooring is that it provides a more authentic look to wood. This flooring style is gaining huge popularity in North America where many consumers are choosing planks with glossy levels as lower as 30%.

Hardwood Flooring

Understanding prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring

While choosing any hardwood flooring style, one of the important decisions pertains to choosing the finishing of your ideal floor. Apart from defining the entire look, a specific wood’s finishing also describes its long lasting beauty. In case of hardwood, finishing refers to the top coating that is placed upon the hardwood flooring after staining and sanding. Prefinished woods determine that the top layer has been coated in their unfinished state only.

While choosing, you need to be aware of the benefits of both these options and then decide upon your selection. Prefinished woods serve to be better in terms of durability, no stickiness on the floors, lesser waiting time for the floors to get dry, as well as nil odors, streaks or missed spots. On the other hand, you may like to opt for unfinished wood after considering the width of its boards, seamless appearance, better protection from moisture, easy repairing modes, and simpler refinishing processes.

Once you know the benefits of the both, selection would get easier and also better. Thinking differently, if you are heading for discount hardwood floors, then your selection criteria can become slightly dissimilar to the factors discussed above. In case you are searching for discounted products irrespective of their finishing, then do be cautious of the originality and authenticity of hardwood flooring sold by online and offline vendors alike.

Know the headache of cleaning!

Well, once you have enjoyed professional hardwood floor services through installation, you need to keep the floors clean on your own. One good option would be to use floor mats. Small unwanted particles such as dirt can behave like sandpaper and put scratch marks on the floors. Placing floor mats on every entrance, and requesting guests and family members to wipe their feet before passing through, would make the idea work for you with regards to keeping your newly installed floors clean.

Another effective way of preserving the brand new look of installed hardwood flooring is through regular maintenance. Apart from using a high quality broom for sweeping, and a vacuum cleaner (without the beater bar) for cleaning hard to reach zones, it makes good sense to be cautious about selecting the right cleaning products. Recommendation of specific cleaning products for maintenance is one of the hardwood floor services provided by manufacturers. It is advisable to use the recommended cleaning products and adhere to the given instructions for cleaning. Just go for it!

Comparative results of solid and engineered woods

While seeking different forms of hardwood flooring styles, you are likely to come across two variants: solid wood and engineered wood. It is a pretty difficult task to compare solid wood flooring with that of engineered wood because of the wide variety of quality and gestures available in both the forms. Do know that solid floors possess certain drawbacks; they are prone to gaps, crowns, and cups with enhanced plank sizes. Additionally, extra care is required for planning and installing such wood floors.

On the other side, engineered wood flooring features other forms of benefits ahead of universal applicability and stability of use. One of the essential benefits is that their patented installation processes permit faster installing modes, along with easier replacement of planks. Engineered wood also provides ease of floating installation where the boards do not stick to each other, thereby enhancing the ease of repairs, and also helping in reducing the time needed for installation.

Finally, these flooring options are also appropriate for radiant heating systems. It is recommended that you go for self evaluation the practical way, after gathering all the aforementioned knowledge about hardwood flooring. So, are you ready for more beautiful floors at @ your home or office?



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