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Durable Laminate Flooring and Floor Tiles that will make you go “Wow!”

Laminate flooring solutions are making it to the top of the list of designers, interior decorators, and owners alike. Durable and good-looking, they will make your head turn too!

Trying to choose the new flooring for the house or the work space can be a tad difficult if you do not know what to choose, and where to buy from. At present, there are various types of floorings that are available in the market, though only very few suit the space that needs to be decorated. Be it an office space or a house, each space has its own flooring needs. For instance, even in the same house, if one is very conscious about the interior decor of the place, choosing different type of flooring will help to maintain the integrity of the flooring, and thereby the whole space.

To put in simple words, it can be said that the type of flooring that is used in bathrooms or the kitchen cannot be used in bedrooms or the living room. While we are on this subject, let us see what the laminate flooring has to offer in terms of flooring and home decor.

What are laminate floorings?

These types of floorings have various layers of synthetic flooring products that have been fused together with the help of lamination; they are called laminate floor tiles or laminate floorings. Having simple installation, this particular type of flooring has gained immense popularity in a short period of time and has been the choice of flooring for one and all – be it office space or a household.

These types of floorings also have the ability to stimulate the look of an actual stone or wooden flooring with their layers of laminated flooring sheets. The inner sheets in these floor options are composed of fiber materials or resins that have the ability to withstand high wear and tear.

Types of durable laminate floor tiles:

The laminate floorings that are currently available in the market are available in various textures, shapes, colors and patterns. These options help to bring out the decor of the place, if installed at the right places, and in the right way. Interesting patterns can be incorporated into these laminated tiles by a simple process of lamination. All that manufacturers have to do is combine two different sheets with variations in their patterns and fuse them together and form a new laminated tile.

There is no limit to the designs that can be incorporated into such tiles. Mention the type of design that you need in the laminate flooring and you can have it. The most common types of laminated tiles found in the market are,

  • Stone patterned tiles

  • Wood laminate floors

  • Normal laminate floor tiles, and so forth.

Installing the laminate floorings

These laminate floorings are completely easy to install and can be put together by simple DIY techniques or by following the instruction manual for installation. Professional help needs to be sought only if owners require no hiccups in installation, or if the place that needs the flooring requires a lot of pre-treatment for imparting good results.

There are many variations when it comes to installing laminate flooring; these include:

Click type laminated tiles:

These types of tiles have a socket and joint kind of setting at the edges. The tiles, regardless of their shape, can be placed in the formation next to the other, just by making sure that the joint sits perfectly into the socket. All one has to do is click the tiles into place to install them. This is less expensive and does not take up much time.

  • Glue type laminate tiles:

These types of laminate floorings need to be glued together and the end result is sturdy and durable laminated flooring. Compared to click type flooring, the installation of such floors takes time, and is a bit expensive too.

  • Pre-glued laminated tiles:

These types of floors are glued prior to purchase but need to be moistened before installing them in the required place. Moistening these tiles activates the glue to show their action.

Proper care for the laminated tiles

After installation of these tiles, the laminated flooring solutions need some regular care and maintenance to make sure that they have a longer lifetime.

  • The laminated surfaces have to be cleaned regularly since the dust and other small particles on the floor can scratch the surface and leave marks.

  • Since these floors have fibers and resins in them, they need to be kept dry; the flooring may swell in size if the water is allowed to sit on the surface for a long period of time.

  • Dragging furniture pieces around can also leave scratch marks. To avoid that, soft adhesive pads can be placed on the legs of the furniture, thereby making the tip of their legs soft on the floors.

  • If there are gaps on the flooring tiles, they need to be tapped back into place to avoid any kind of dust or small particles from moving within the gaps.

Purchasing discount laminate flooring

These days, people have the liberty to purchase laminated flooring tiles directly from the manufacturers or online, wherein, wood laminate floorings can be purchased at a discounted price. In most cases, manufacturers offer attractive deals to help their customers purchase these laminated flooring without any fuss. When the warranty is considered, manufacturers generally provide different rates for office spaces and households. Usually, residential space owners have a bigger chance of getting lifetime warranty on these laminated floorings. When purchased in bulk, further discounts can be obtained on their whole sale rates as well.

Way Forward

Laminate flooring has been the choice of flooring for households and office spaces since many decades. With loads of benefits that this type of flooring has in store, especially when compared to other flooring types, has put the flooring type on the front. Apart from the usual benefits, laminated floors and tiles are known for their safe, organic compositions that make them so desirable. All in all, laminated floorings are here to stay and continue to solve the flooring needs of most people.

For More Information Follow Here:-  Durable Laminate Flooring and Floor Tiles that will make you go “Wow!”

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Hardwood Flooring for Exquisite Interiors – It’s just what YOU Need!

Hardwood flooring is fast becoming the first choice in offices and homes alike. They are durable, of high-quality, and resilient – for years in a row!

Perhaps all of us know about wood flooring. But, there is nothing wrong in starting off from the basics, right? So, what is wood flooring? Wood flooring is a type of flooring that uses wood timber. Commonly seen in a majority of households these days, such floors are either chosen on the basis of their structural or aesthetic qualities. Wood flooring is mainly preferred because of its durability and environment friendly manufacturing processes

Hardwood Flooring

Take a little peep into the world of hardwood flooring, right here!

Types of hardwood flooring

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Solid wood manufacturing
  • Other wood manufacturing
      • Rotary Peel
      • Sliced Peel
      • Dry Solid Sawn
  • Engineering wood manufacturing
      • Lamella
      • Core or substrate
      • Aesthetics

A Little More About Hardwood Flooring

The main two types or styles of hardwood flooring are solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring. The major thing to consider about wood flooring is moisture. Moisture plays an important role in the manufacturing and installing process of the same. Excessive moisture is harmful for wood as it makes it soggy and slippery, which you would not want. Hardwood floors are manufactured from the hardwoods you can find in America, like oak, white ash, cherry, maple, etc. The construction of these floors requires the right materials and the right composition, wherein the composition varies from place to place.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is a type of flooring, which can only be installed on or above the ground level, or over a wooden sub-floor. It consists of a single wooden piece carved on the lines of necessary requirements. Such wooden pieces flaunt tongue and groove sides, which make it easy to connect two or more pieces of wood. Since wood reacts wildly to moisture, and a single piece of wood gets harmed in worse ways than its layers, this type of flooring is seldom used in floodable basements.

In fact, basements are primarily built only over wood type sub-floors, because they retain moisture and turn icky. The amazing part about any solid wood flooring is that it lasts longer than normal human life and can also be refinished and relocated over its entire lifespan.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

This wood flooring type has become a quintessential and extremely useful type of flooring, which most urban people prefer over other options. However, such floors are costlier than solid flooring. The main purpose of engineering this kind of hardwood was because of the need to use wood and natural alternatives, especially where solid wood flooring was impossible.

Engineered quality hardwood flooring can be used in any place and everywhere. Yes, engineered wood floors consist of layers over layers of wood, which help in moisture repelling.

  • A minimum of three layers are present in this type of flooring.
  • Cross-ply engineered wood flooring is dimensionally stable and doesn’t get affected by moisture content.
  • The cross-ply also helps in one other important aspect. Engineered wood flooring does not expand or contract with respect to climatic changes, which solid wood flooring does, thereby leaving a glaring hole of sorts.

Engineered wood flooring is of all sizes. Another major importance that engineered flooring has over the other types is that it has many layers, and each layer can have different species of wood. This gives builders the liberty to use different quality wood at different places to reduce the total cost.

Long Strip Hardwood Flooring

Long strip type wood flooring is a mixture of engineered-type and solid wood-type flooring.

  • It has several thin pieces of wood, which are glued together to form a single heap.
  • This type does not hold moisture and still has the life of solid wood flooring.
  • Long strip hardwood flooring is usually chosen when the application of flooring requires a floating surface. If the surface is floating, this floor doesn’t absorb moisture and serves to be more stable than other options.

Is Hardwood Flooring Better than Laminate Flooring? Why?

Hardwood flooring styles can be replaced, cleaned and repeatedly repaired to keep on giving a new and fresh look, whereas laminate flooring cannot give that guarantee. Laminate flooring has to be replaced from scratch in case of any major damages. Hardwood is stronger than laminate and can handle extreme stress in a small area. Another major advantage is that laminate flooring buckles with moisture, but properly manufactured hardwood does not cause buckling, thus leaving all inmates safe. Looks do matter, don’t they? And hardwood floors give you a sleeker and posher look than the highest quality laminate flooring.

Engineered hardwood floors are essentially the most important type of flooring you need in a place that requires that bit of extra stability and the ability to withstand a few extra kilograms of weight. Hardwood floors are stronger and better than laminate floors because of the use of layers, which is quite common in such type of flooring. Laminate flooring do not boast of any extra scratch proofing features and are quite breakable, whereas this type of flooring is completely scratchproof, hard, and long lasting – due to the layering.

The best hardwood flooring – how and where?

Hardwood floor contractors are all over the place, with many companies having flooring as their main business. The best way to get discounted hardwood flooring is to search in and around your locality (or on the internet) and make sure that the flooring chosen by you is of the best quality and suits your budget. Do not jump to shops based on their advertisements, rather, make a survey and choose what you feel is the best for you – your home and safety comes first, then money follows.

The last word

Choosing the best flooring is up to you. If cost is your major concern, then going in for wood flooring will rob you off your budget, and you will have to dig deep into your pocket for this. However, this investment is something that you will not regret even if you shell out a little more – this is because of durability, simple maintenance, and better stability features that you get in return.

Are you game for hardwood flooring?

For More Information Follow Here:-  Hardwood Flooring for Exquisite Interiors – It’s just what YOU Need!

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Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring for More Elegant Interiors!

Vinyl floors are cheap, yet sturdy flooring materials made from polyvinyl chloride resins and plasticizers. They are waterproof too.

Flooring is an important aspect of housing. Without proper flooring, it is impossible to walk inside your house. Presence of inappropriate flooring will lead to falling or stumbling upon everything that is present around. Hence, all you need is a floor that can withstand you and the things that you store. Going in for the sturdiest option at the best rate, you will find that vinyl floors make the cut. Let’s take a look at what they have in store.

Vinyl Floors

As mentioned above, vinyl floors are made from polyvinyl chloride resins and plasticizers. If maintained well, these floors can last a lifetime. You should know how to maintain vinyl floors, else they will look worn down and too old; too soon. In addition to the basic designs offered by normal vinyl, newer designs match better and give out a more expensive look in the form of wood strip flooring, carpet tiles, etc.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tiles – in YOUR Budget too!

These vinyl floor designs can be availed at affordable rates, and give off a rich look within your budget. Such tiles are almost a DIY type of flooring with the self-adhesive backing ability of vinyl type floors. You need nothing special to install these self-adhesive vinyl floors. Just remove the backing tape and stick the tiles. It is that simple. Vinyl flooring is the most common type of flooring that you will see in typical middle class homes. Luxury vinyl tile floors should be swept often and cleaned with a vinyl cleaner, which might require a little bit of investment.

Such tiles are completely waterproof, and hence, are the best floors to be used in a kitchen or on road pavements. These days, you can see luxury vinyl tiles in other rooms (as well!) because of the improvement in the design and quality of floors.

Luxury Vinyl Floors

Luxury vinyl floors are the costliest type of vinyl floors, and incorporate a combination of luxury vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl planks. These floors are called such because they mimic the appearance of richer and costlier forms of flooring. This mimicking of style makes this type of flooring costlier than normal vinyl floors. Vinyl flooring has long been associated to bargain flooring, and with luxury being prefixed, it seems more like an oxymoron to the common man.

However, this is the best flooring you can get if you are on a budget and need to give your home a rich and posh look. Good old fashioned marketing, and new technologies combined have made luxury vinyl flooring solutions shoot to fame and become a preferred form of flooring. It is the perfect piece of flooring in urban landscape because of the cost, the ability to go with any sort of floor, and faster installation modes than normal hardwood floors.

Features of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Plank sheet flooring is also another common name for this type of vinyl flooring. The features of luxury floors are what make them so wanted and so sought after.

  • It Simulates Natural Materials:

Natural materials that are used for flooring, such as wood, granite, etc. can be easily simulated by vinyl flooring options. Luxury vinyl tiles are the cheapest simulators of the costly forms of flooring. Be it any wood or stone, you can replicate your ideas on a vinyl tile and get the job done.

  • It is plank shaped:

LVT floor installation involves the use of planks. Planks, as in polyvinyl planks, not wood. Since LVT mimics the style of wood flooring, these tiles feature square shapes in the form of planks, which can be put together to form a complete unit. The normal size of an LVT plank is 12”x12” or 16”x16”. LVT is also available in the form of long planks, those in the sizes of 7 inches to 48 inches.

  • It has a unique composition:

Mostly, vinyl floors comprises of 100% composition of vinyl. However, LVT floors boast of a mixture of limestone to bring about the natural style of tiles. For example, if you need to bring about a wood textured LVT, then it is essential to have 75% lime and 25% vinyl combination. This helps to create a nearly original looking wood floor, even though it is a vinyl floor.

  • Layers:

The layers in LVT floors are the same as in a normal vinyl floors. They contain different layers of Aluminium Oxide, Design layers, Clear Film, and Backing layers. These four layers are subdivided among themselves to give maximum stability and great weight bearing capacity.

Know more about vinyl flooring tiles

Specify any look that the place needs, and vinyl tiles will have them in their range. Starting from its origin in Philadelphia, luxury vinyl flooring has been doing the rounds in terms of modern flooring solutions. Such solutions make heads turn whenever someone visits the place that has just been touched by the magic of luxury vinyl tiles.

Right from the coveted wood and stone look, to the concrete look, vinyl flooring tiles can be purchased in many different shapes and patterns. These tiles add a special appeal to any place and can transform the look of commercial/ residential floors completely. Owners of all office buildings and a majority of households would love to decorate a few of their rooms with luxury vinyl tiles, especially if they want a particular room to be a place for something important.

Luxury vinyl flooring through the ages

What started out as a rubber tile, soon had to be compensated with something more resistant to staining, and with the idea of using something that did not pollute the environment to a great extent. Thus, luxury vinyl flooring had its birth through a series of polymerization and plasticization. After being exhibited in the Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago for the first time, luxury vinyl tiles started doing the rounds worldwide. Later, their production was discontinued during war days, and was once again reinstated when people started looking around for hard surface flooring.

Are you also keen to install luxury vinyl tiles in your immediate space – just go for it!

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The Eternal Glamour of Hand-scraped Hardwood is Here!

Hand-scraped hardwood flooring solutions look classy, authentic, subtle and standard. They are easy to clean and natural too. What else does one need?

There was a time when carpets used to adorn all kinds of homes. People used to cover their floors by using either wall to wall carpeting, or vinyl, plastic and ceramic tiles. The same good old days are back now with the comeback of wooden floors. If you are also thinking to join this movement, why not try hand-scraped hardwood flooring?

Hand-scraped Hardwood

What is Hardwood Flooring?

This is a type of wooden floor that is created by professional craftsmen who carve and design wood in such a way that it looks aged and distressed. They will either gauge or scrape the wooden material with wire or brush, thus transforming brand new wood to give off an old, antique look.

These hand-scraped wood floors can also be created by using different colours, preferably stain colours, so that a complete old-fashioned look comes to the fore. Some professionals use sand for creating uneven patterns on hardwood. The level of skill is such that these craftsmen can transform wood into centuries old stuff as well. But for that, you need to pick the right people also.

Why go for hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring is natural. Usually, they are more than helpful in giving any commercial or living space a classy look. Another reason to use wooden floors is that wood is highly energy efficient. In fact, wood helps to distribute heat throughout any room evenly, and thus helps in avoiding the installation of any unnecessary ducts, vents, and registers. Here, the catch is to use high quality wood only, else the hardwood floors may fail to give off the desired appeal.

Also, wooden flooring does not cause any kind of allergies. So, if you have a toddler who crawls around the house, or an animal that has fur and dander to shed, wooden floors will be the perfect answer.

Advantages of hand scraped hard wooden flooring


Since the wood is tampered to create an aged look, you do not need to panic every time your baby throws around the toys or scratches the floor with them, as such actions will only add to the grandeur of the floor.

Customized beauty:

There is always an option to alter the design of the floor according to your custom needs. For example, if one desires to make the wood look centuries old, all he needs to do is add more and more marks on the travel paths.

Easy maintenance:

Of course, maintaining hand scraped hardwood is not as easy as you thought, but is much less stressful when compared to carpets. These floors should be vacuumed at least once a week. This helps in cleaning off the dust and dirt to perfection. If you feel that some areas are comparatively dirtier, you need to vacuum them a little more that the rest of the floored areas.

Also, if there is any spill, be it food, beverage or any other thing, wipe it off immediately. Use an absorbent towel and then rinse the area before the marks settle in. Wipe till the spill is entirely removed. Wet spills may damage the wood so be careful with these. Also, the floors must be cleaned on a regular basis. Use water, liquid dish soap and distilled white vinegar to clean the hand-scraped hardwood floors. Wipe using smooth but firm strokes.

Some other things to know

  • Your wooden floor is organic. It can breathe, expand, as well as move. So it is not recommended but paramount that the best quality wood is used.
  • There is a myth that wooden floors cannot be installed over concrete floors. High-quality hand scraped wooden floor busts this myth. Just use the best quality wood, keep the concrete dry, and use a vapour barrier between the wood and concrete; and you are all set to go.
  • Wide planks of wood flooring are made from old trees. The planks are manufactured from the central portion of the trunk. Then, these planks are kept under controlled climate so that the moisture is removed. This process can last up to 12 months. Thereafter, kiln drying is done, and craftsman check if the hand scraped hard wood flooring has turned out to be perfect or not.
  • If you are a nature lover and can’t see so many trees being cut down, you always have the option to go for already existing antique wooden pieces of flooring.
  • Hand scraped wooden floors don’t need to be replaced for decades. However, you must choose the best quality wood only.
  • If your kids or pets end up making scratch marks, and you are very adamant not to see them, just calm down. You can repair such marks yourself. Just use the same colour stain marker or repair kit, which is easily available with your local flooring distributors.

Where to buy?

There are many online stores where one can get discount hand scraped hardwood floors. You can also check in your locality. The main goal is to find genuine and highly skilled craftsmen for doing the task well. These artisans should be able to tell the best quality wood from the average quality ones. They should be highly skilled so that they can make just the perfect design for their customers.

Way Forward

Hand-scraped hardwood flooring is the best option for you if you love original and natural products. Give it a shot because you will not be disappointed. In the case of any doubts, ask your local shop owner or the one you have decided to freeze your purchases from. Lastly, hardwood wood flooring has been around for quite some time. Just find the skilled professionals and get it installed. Then, sit back and relax as the hardwood will last for many decades if maintained carefully and diligently. Keep your floors clean and they will give off the classiest look possible.

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Accentuating the Aura of Living Spaces with Carpet Tiles

Also known as carpet squares or modular carpet tiles, carpet tiles are available in various styles and designs, so you have a wide range to choose from.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tile is a form of carpeting that uses square sections or tiles of carpet instead of rolled up carpets. They can be easily installed without creating any mess. Carpet tiles were mostly being used in schools and airports but they have started becoming quite a popular choice for residential spaces too. Let us look at a few classifications of the features of commercial carpet tiles available to you:

  1. Fiber Types

100% Wool

Carpet and carpet tiles made from wool feel totally natural and soft under your feet. Their fiber-like structure makes them stain-resistant and hard-wearing. They are eco-friendly, natural, bio-degradable and renewable.

Wool Blends

These feature a combination of wool and synthetic fiber – nylon. The combination is usually a blend of 80% natural wool and 20% synthetic fiber but the ratio can be varied. Their perks include better durability and resistance offered by synthetic materials, along with the natural look and feel of natural wool.

Dyed Nylon

Carpet tiles made of dyed nylon offer advantages such as an increased resistance to stains, which also mean more durability.

BCF Nylon

Carpet tiles made from nylon offer increased resilience and durability. Also, they are resistant to even the toughest of stains if treated properly. Moreover, the choice of colors is larger than ever because nylon can be easily dyed, and allows access to more variants when compared to other fibers.

  1. Carpet Backing Material

Unlike rolling up carpets, you can choose from a wide range of backing material in the case of carpet tiles. These include:

  • Vinyl

  • Fiberglass

  • A blend of vinyl and fiberglass

  • Urethane

  • Woven Polypropylene

  • Recycled vinyl

  1. Backing Styles

Carpet tiles can be adhesive or non-adhesive, i.e. they can either be stuck to the floor or not. Some tiles have a peel-and-stick feature while others require glue for sticking them to the floor. Now that you know a few styles that carpet tile solutions are available in, let us look at some of the advantages modular carpet tiles have over rolled up carpets.

  1. Easier Installation

Compared to the standard rolled carpets, carpet tiles are much easier to install. More often than not, they come with Do-It-Yourself Kits which provide you with a step-by-step procedure on how to effectively install your new flooring. Also, they can be installed or laid out in less messier ways than rolled carpets.

  1. Does Not Require Much Preparation

To set up your new residential or office carpet, you do not need to prepare your floor in advance. Carpet tiles can be installed over different flooring means, including wood and tiles. This allows you to carpet your floor without any additional renovations.

  1. Easy to Maintain

Unlike other types of flooring, carpet tiles are extremely easy to maintain and care for. Since most of the tiles are not required to be glued to the floor, they can readily be taken apart for cleaning. After cleaning, they can be left out to dry and can be replaced later. Moreover, if a part of the floor gets stained beyond repair or has undergone some other damage, the damaged tile (or tiles) can be replaced; much unlike rolled carpets where you would have to change the entire roll.

  1. Stain Resistance

Carpet tiles are available in a number of different styles and patterns. Most of them feature an increased resistance to stains. So, you need to worry less about pet stains or your children spoiling the flooring.

And now – some of the advantages carpet rolls have over carpet tiles:

  1. Well-hidden Seams

Carpet rolls have evenly placed seams by default, and these can be installed in such a way that their seams remain hidden from view. In comparison to this, the seams of carpet tiles are visible quite easily. Due to this, the installation has to be done extremely carefully; if not done the right way, the seams will appear to be uneven.

  1. Resistant to Persistent Moisture

Unlike carpet tiles, carpet rolls can withstand persistent moisture. Carpet rolls are not easily damaged by mould and mildew. When it comes to carpet tiles, this restraint poses a threat to their condition. The subfloors and base should be carefully checked for moisture or unevenness before installation.

  1. Less Expensive

Carpet rolls are cheaper compared to carpet tiles. Since carpet tile manufacturers go through a number of levels and require more selection of materials and precision, their outputs are more expensive than carpet rolls.

You have learned some of the advantages and disadvantages of carpet tiles. Go ahead; you will be able to choose your flooring solutions more wisely while shopping at a carpet & tile warehouse or anywhere else. Before that, you would also need to know where these modular carpet tiles can be installed for better performance characteristics, in spite of almost every room asking for carpet tiles.

Installing Carpet Tiles – Everywhere!

  • Over Existing Flooring

If you have gone through the above details, you will know that carpet tiles can be placed over existing flooring. Along with ensuring an even base, this feature also enhances the look of your room. Wood and tiles used for floors add more value to your house but when they are topped with carpet tiles, their overall comfort and aesthetics is enhanced multifold. What’s more? These tiles always succeed in keeping the value of your house protected and intact – in many more ways than one!

  • Basements

The usage of carpet tiles in basements is an ideal choice, especially if your basement is prone to floods. House-owners living in such areas know the difficulty that arises when your basement gets flooded and ruins the flooring. Carpet tiles can be easily removed in case of floods or water blocking and replaced once the floor is dry.

  • Office Rooms

Installing carpet tiles in offices adds to the look of the office on a low budget. They can be renovated based on the latest trends.

Have you realized why you should be replacing your flooring with carpet tiles yet?

Read More Information Follow Here:- Accentuating the Aura of Living Spaces with Carpet Tiles

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Armstrong Commercial Floorings That Give off a Royal Look!

Armstrong commercial floors have been known to attract customers because of their excellent durability and easy maintenance metrics that make them easier to live with.

These days, people have started showing renewed interest in fancy floorings, ever since Armstrong floorings have come into light. The kind of look, space and feel that wooden floorings manage to give off are more than what one bargains for! This is why, Armstrong floorings have become a trend and are being liked by designers, architects, retailers, and customers like never before.

Armstrong Commercial Floorings

Take a look at what is in store for you!

Armstrong floorings are available in a wide range of patterns, textures, and options. Armstrong floorings can be of the following types:

  • Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

  • Armstrong Laminate Flooring

  • Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

  • Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Tiles

  • Armstrong VCT

How must one choose suitable flooring?

With these many Armstrong manufactured products to select from; customers are bound to end up with installing one or the other kind of flooring in their house. However, before you jump on to the conclusion as in which flooring to use, just by deciding which name looks prettier, allow us to present a closer look at these floorings.

The first rule is to know how the flooring will look after being installed. Then, how durable will it be, is it easy to maintain these floorings, and other relevant questions should guide your visit to the shop that sells contemporary flooring solutions.

For all Seasons!

However, you must not get too picky either. Floorings will always need some kind of maintenance depending on the kind of season, the warmth and the cold that is outside, humidity levels, and the climate where the flooring is getting installed. Due to these many variations, manufacturers have developed floorings with such technology that allows customers to enjoy some relief when it comes to season changes. Also, the level of resistance provided to the floorings has been engineered to remain intact without getting damaged.

Different Types of Armstrong Commercial Flooring

Here are the different kinds of Armstrong floorings that have revolutionized the world.

Armstrong Hardwood

The dense range of floorings that one finds at Armstrong is a no match.

  • Armstrong Hardwood is available in all sorts of different styles, and they can be preferred for any kind of flooring purpose.

  • Floorings are made of high quality products and therefore these Armstrong commercial floorings are ranked as the best floorings in the industry.

Definitely, with such an extensive catalog that one can find here, at discount prices too, this flooring type is definitely worth installing. This is especially true because of the reputation that Armstrong has built regarding its quality in the industry. Armstrong Hardwoods have a reputation courtesy their durability metrics and smart features, and since they last longer than others, these floors certainly make for a more preferable choice.

Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Armstrong Laminates have been considered as an industry standard certified product.

  • The laminate products are those floorings that look like real hardwood.

  • Armstrong has ensured that all the specifications that it offers regarding its floorboards are top-notch. Hence, the Company pays attention to the fact that the flooring’s detailed textures and color guides are replicated to perfection.

  • These floorings are super easy to clean and it is indeed easy to install laminate floors.

  • The beautiful smooth texture that laminate floorings give to any room reflects like coastal floorings for many years to come. For instance, the sweet ocean-kissed look of certain floorings in this genre is truly unmatched.

The stunning high gloss finish that outshines the beautiful texture and color of this Armstrong commercial laminate is highly recommended for you too – just go for it!

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

Armstrong vinyl sheets are one of kind flooring.

  • The vinyl sheets combine a plethora of visuals that go from dramatic floorings to extremely authentic floorings.

  • Highly textured and dramatic floorings such as slate, limestone, sisal and linen are used to give an ultra-sensational touch.

  • Along with the looks, the floorings have got an impressive durability as well. Since they are so durable, they hardly need any maintenance and are recommended for customers looking for easy-maintenance floorings.

  • The versatility that is found in vinyl floorings is commendable as well.

  • Lastly, the levels of ease faced while installing these floorings is too high to be ignored that easily.

Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Armstrong commercial luxury vinyl tile flooring accurately represents true hardwood and replicates real textures for increasing the beauty of the resultant vinyl products.

  • These tiles are available in a wide range of textures and sizes, with varied but authentic lengths and widths that feature beautiful edges and ends.

  • Armstrong luxury vinyl tiles are constructed and engineered by using specially crafted exotic woods.

  • The specific procedures that vinyl flooring undergoes ensure that the floors remain strong, resistant to humidity and durable for a long time.

  • Along with this, these floors also boast of varied textures and colors like other Armstrong flooring; yes, they will put you in a dilemma as to which one to choose and which one to leave.

Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile

Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile is offered in a variety of different styles and patterns.

  • The large variety that is on offer when it comes to Armstrong vinyl composition tiles, allows customers to choose and create their own flooring designs to perfection.

  • You may like to mix and match to come up with something new and different from the regular range of ready-made floorings; your ideas are bound to give a completely different look to your room.

  • Mix some colors or choose one texture, either way, vinyl composition tiles will look great.

  • Vinyl is meant for floorings that are meant to last under heavy traffic. It is also useful for commercial applications like the floors in a church, school, office, or any such other public place.

Armstrong woods have earned the reputation as a flooring brand that does not create any mess during installation. Easy installation, along with low maintenance floorings, serves to be a win-win deal for all valuable customers. Try out these durable and engineered flooring solutions that are meant to cater to you and your house; and give yourself a royal and luxurious feel every time you walk on them!

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Vinyl Flooring: For Real Wood like Aesthetic Feel!

Yes, vinyl mainly wins over other forms of flooring because of multiple factors such as strict standards and quality control measures that are put into use while manufacturing.

Known that materials such as wood, stone and ceramic might have a bit more aesthetic value than vinyl, one simply cannot ignore the fact that they are costly and slap high maintenance tasks on the customer. Vinyl flooring is slip-resistant and is relatively soft; it is not harmful from the customer’s point of view either. That is why; it is the most popular form of flooring in existence. In addition, this kind of flooring is comparatively modern in terms of patterns and textures, and can be installed in a very short span of time.

Vinyl Flooring

Hygienic- What and what not?

The strict standards enforced by the manufacturers of vinyl flooring ensure that it comes with several health benefits. These benefits mainly arise due to the fact that it is very easy to clean vinyl floors. Antimicrobial coatings and germ killers are also offered by manufacturers which easily boost the sales of this flooring type. One factor that plays down vinyl flooring’s hygiene card is that it generates gases that can be harmful to the lungs. Thus, it can spoil indoor air quality.

Vinyl Flooring- Structure and Make

Vinyl flooring sheets consist of numerous layers, each of which have their own purpose. The base layer is fundamental and supports all other layers. On top of that is a fiber glass that holds the sheet straight and flattens the same. The pattern layer is responsible for offering color, texture and looks to the sheet. The wear layer and the top coat are just protective layers that add sheen to this flooring option.

Vinyl- Existence and History

Sheet vinyl came into existence in the mid-20th century and is one of the coveted types of vinyl that gets installed very fast. It is made up of a mix of quite a number of raw materials, each one of them, serving its own purpose.
Poly vinyl chloride is used for its rigid nature that toughens the sheet vinyl.
Foam gel is used for adding comfort and texture to the material and sometimes for insulation as well.

Urethane makes the vinyl durable and long lasting.

While sheet vinyl flooring installation is done, preferably by professionals, it can be permanently glued hard to the floor or can be loosely placed over the floor for gaining higher durability metrics.

Vinyl Composition Tile

Vinyl Composition Tile, popularly abbreviated in the flooring industry as VCT, is made up of vinyl and ground limestone. The specialty of this mixture is that it doesn’t exactly show itself off as a mixture that people usually expect it to be. The only way possible for the installation for VCT is gluing it down; this has to be done mandatorily by a professional. This is because these tiles are square-shaped and very tough in nature. Therefore, while installing, it should be noted that each tile is placed closely and perfectly in sync with its neighbors. Vinyl floor tiles are manufactured using a process similar to that of vinyl sheets. But in reality, vinyl tiles turn out to be way harder than other sheets.

Vinyl Flooring – Different from Laminate flooring

Vinyl flooring is often confused with laminate flooring as it cannot be distinguished and identified easily, which leads to people getting stuck between deciding as to which one of them is better. Although both vinyl and laminate flooring are durable and inexpensive, there are a lot of differences that might get overlooked by customers like you.

Here, thickness, materials, resistance to water and comfort level are different. Base materials make all the difference. We can begin with two simplifications:

Vinyl’s flooring is 100% plastic core and is super resistant to moisture. It can be designed to look like wood boards and can be joined with a ‘click’ which snaps two tiles together. Laminate flooring is not as moisture resistant as vinyl flooring; however, it can be installed in a DIY way. Laminate flooring wins over vinyl flooring in terms of looks and installation.

As far as costs are concerned, both vinyl and laminate floorings stand at the same level. Laminate floorings take an upper hand over vinyl floorings in terms of factors such as resale value and comfort.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Plank wood flooring provides a fresh and unique look to the floor and is thus in demand for its aesthetic appeal. At the same time, over the years, the quality and appearance of vinyl planks has been improved phenomenally, and has thus led to the skyrocketing of resilient flooring’s popularity. This in turn has led to plank vinyl flooring’s growing demand in the industry. Beyond that, vinyl plank is less expensive than all other types of floor coverings – except for laminate floorings, as mentioned before. This is mainly due to the cheap availability of additional raw materials at an inexpensive rate.

Moreover, there are certain vinyl planks that appear in a rather distressed look, or are heavily antiqued. This is mainly for those who prefer their floors to look in such a way. Vinyl planks can be easily installed with a lock/click mechanism.

What to See while Choosing a Vinyl Floor

While choosing a vinyl floor, there are a lot of factors to be considered. Your choice of style is essential. There is a wide range of options available in the market that resembles stone and hardwood finish that can be very realistic. Texture, pattern, and finish are also very important factors as they contribute to the tactile, visual and aesthetic appeal of the floors, respectively.

Care should be taken as to how tough the selected vinyl planks are.
They should also stand up to spills and traffic.
Waxing and buffing should be avoided.
Vinyl can be installed on any flat surface which is dry and clean.
A plywood base is always recommended for better installation.

Vinyl flooring – the Last Word

DIY friendly in nature, Vinyl tiles can be readily installed with the help of spray adhesives, self sticking materials, or with other options. However, installation of these sheets is largely done by professionals. Thus, it is best to seek professional assistance in order to install the best vinyl flooring, appropriately.

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