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Armstrong Commercial Floorings That Give off a Royal Look!

Armstrong commercial floors have been known to attract customers because of their excellent durability and easy maintenance metrics that make them easier to live with.

These days, people have started showing renewed interest in fancy floorings, ever since Armstrong floorings have come into light. The kind of look, space and feel that wooden floorings manage to give off are more than what one bargains for! This is why, Armstrong floorings have become a trend and are being liked by designers, architects, retailers, and customers like never before.

Armstrong Commercial Floorings

Take a look at what is in store for you!

Armstrong floorings are available in a wide range of patterns, textures, and options. Armstrong floorings can be of the following types:

  • Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

  • Armstrong Laminate Flooring

  • Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

  • Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Tiles

  • Armstrong VCT

How must one choose suitable flooring?

With these many Armstrong manufactured products to select from; customers are bound to end up with installing one or the other kind of flooring in their house. However, before you jump on to the conclusion as in which flooring to use, just by deciding which name looks prettier, allow us to present a closer look at these floorings.

The first rule is to know how the flooring will look after being installed. Then, how durable will it be, is it easy to maintain these floorings, and other relevant questions should guide your visit to the shop that sells contemporary flooring solutions.

For all Seasons!

However, you must not get too picky either. Floorings will always need some kind of maintenance depending on the kind of season, the warmth and the cold that is outside, humidity levels, and the climate where the flooring is getting installed. Due to these many variations, manufacturers have developed floorings with such technology that allows customers to enjoy some relief when it comes to season changes. Also, the level of resistance provided to the floorings has been engineered to remain intact without getting damaged.

Different Types of Armstrong Commercial Flooring

Here are the different kinds of Armstrong floorings that have revolutionized the world.

Armstrong Hardwood

The dense range of floorings that one finds at Armstrong is a no match.

  • Armstrong Hardwood is available in all sorts of different styles, and they can be preferred for any kind of flooring purpose.

  • Floorings are made of high quality products and therefore these Armstrong commercial floorings are ranked as the best floorings in the industry.

Definitely, with such an extensive catalog that one can find here, at discount prices too, this flooring type is definitely worth installing. This is especially true because of the reputation that Armstrong has built regarding its quality in the industry. Armstrong Hardwoods have a reputation courtesy their durability metrics and smart features, and since they last longer than others, these floors certainly make for a more preferable choice.

Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Armstrong Laminates have been considered as an industry standard certified product.

  • The laminate products are those floorings that look like real hardwood.

  • Armstrong has ensured that all the specifications that it offers regarding its floorboards are top-notch. Hence, the Company pays attention to the fact that the flooring’s detailed textures and color guides are replicated to perfection.

  • These floorings are super easy to clean and it is indeed easy to install laminate floors.

  • The beautiful smooth texture that laminate floorings give to any room reflects like coastal floorings for many years to come. For instance, the sweet ocean-kissed look of certain floorings in this genre is truly unmatched.

The stunning high gloss finish that outshines the beautiful texture and color of this Armstrong commercial laminate is highly recommended for you too – just go for it!

Armstrong Vinyl Flooring

Armstrong vinyl sheets are one of kind flooring.

  • The vinyl sheets combine a plethora of visuals that go from dramatic floorings to extremely authentic floorings.

  • Highly textured and dramatic floorings such as slate, limestone, sisal and linen are used to give an ultra-sensational touch.

  • Along with the looks, the floorings have got an impressive durability as well. Since they are so durable, they hardly need any maintenance and are recommended for customers looking for easy-maintenance floorings.

  • The versatility that is found in vinyl floorings is commendable as well.

  • Lastly, the levels of ease faced while installing these floorings is too high to be ignored that easily.

Armstrong Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Armstrong commercial luxury vinyl tile flooring accurately represents true hardwood and replicates real textures for increasing the beauty of the resultant vinyl products.

  • These tiles are available in a wide range of textures and sizes, with varied but authentic lengths and widths that feature beautiful edges and ends.

  • Armstrong luxury vinyl tiles are constructed and engineered by using specially crafted exotic woods.

  • The specific procedures that vinyl flooring undergoes ensure that the floors remain strong, resistant to humidity and durable for a long time.

  • Along with this, these floors also boast of varied textures and colors like other Armstrong flooring; yes, they will put you in a dilemma as to which one to choose and which one to leave.

Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile

Armstrong Vinyl Composition Tile is offered in a variety of different styles and patterns.

  • The large variety that is on offer when it comes to Armstrong vinyl composition tiles, allows customers to choose and create their own flooring designs to perfection.

  • You may like to mix and match to come up with something new and different from the regular range of ready-made floorings; your ideas are bound to give a completely different look to your room.

  • Mix some colors or choose one texture, either way, vinyl composition tiles will look great.

  • Vinyl is meant for floorings that are meant to last under heavy traffic. It is also useful for commercial applications like the floors in a church, school, office, or any such other public place.

Armstrong woods have earned the reputation as a flooring brand that does not create any mess during installation. Easy installation, along with low maintenance floorings, serves to be a win-win deal for all valuable customers. Try out these durable and engineered flooring solutions that are meant to cater to you and your house; and give yourself a royal and luxurious feel every time you walk on them!



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