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Hardwood Flooring for Exquisite Interiors – It’s just what YOU Need!

Hardwood flooring is fast becoming the first choice in offices and homes alike. They are durable, of high-quality, and resilient – for years in a row!

Perhaps all of us know about wood flooring. But, there is nothing wrong in starting off from the basics, right? So, what is wood flooring? Wood flooring is a type of flooring that uses wood timber. Commonly seen in a majority of households these days, such floors are either chosen on the basis of their structural or aesthetic qualities. Wood flooring is mainly preferred because of its durability and environment friendly manufacturing processes

Hardwood Flooring

Take a little peep into the world of hardwood flooring, right here!

Types of hardwood flooring

  • Hardwood flooring
  • Solid wood manufacturing
  • Other wood manufacturing
      • Rotary Peel
      • Sliced Peel
      • Dry Solid Sawn
  • Engineering wood manufacturing
      • Lamella
      • Core or substrate
      • Aesthetics

A Little More About Hardwood Flooring

The main two types or styles of hardwood flooring are solid hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring. The major thing to consider about wood flooring is moisture. Moisture plays an important role in the manufacturing and installing process of the same. Excessive moisture is harmful for wood as it makes it soggy and slippery, which you would not want. Hardwood floors are manufactured from the hardwoods you can find in America, like oak, white ash, cherry, maple, etc. The construction of these floors requires the right materials and the right composition, wherein the composition varies from place to place.

Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is a type of flooring, which can only be installed on or above the ground level, or over a wooden sub-floor. It consists of a single wooden piece carved on the lines of necessary requirements. Such wooden pieces flaunt tongue and groove sides, which make it easy to connect two or more pieces of wood. Since wood reacts wildly to moisture, and a single piece of wood gets harmed in worse ways than its layers, this type of flooring is seldom used in floodable basements.

In fact, basements are primarily built only over wood type sub-floors, because they retain moisture and turn icky. The amazing part about any solid wood flooring is that it lasts longer than normal human life and can also be refinished and relocated over its entire lifespan.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

This wood flooring type has become a quintessential and extremely useful type of flooring, which most urban people prefer over other options. However, such floors are costlier than solid flooring. The main purpose of engineering this kind of hardwood was because of the need to use wood and natural alternatives, especially where solid wood flooring was impossible.

Engineered quality hardwood flooring can be used in any place and everywhere. Yes, engineered wood floors consist of layers over layers of wood, which help in moisture repelling.

  • A minimum of three layers are present in this type of flooring.
  • Cross-ply engineered wood flooring is dimensionally stable and doesn’t get affected by moisture content.
  • The cross-ply also helps in one other important aspect. Engineered wood flooring does not expand or contract with respect to climatic changes, which solid wood flooring does, thereby leaving a glaring hole of sorts.

Engineered wood flooring is of all sizes. Another major importance that engineered flooring has over the other types is that it has many layers, and each layer can have different species of wood. This gives builders the liberty to use different quality wood at different places to reduce the total cost.

Long Strip Hardwood Flooring

Long strip type wood flooring is a mixture of engineered-type and solid wood-type flooring.

  • It has several thin pieces of wood, which are glued together to form a single heap.
  • This type does not hold moisture and still has the life of solid wood flooring.
  • Long strip hardwood flooring is usually chosen when the application of flooring requires a floating surface. If the surface is floating, this floor doesn’t absorb moisture and serves to be more stable than other options.

Is Hardwood Flooring Better than Laminate Flooring? Why?

Hardwood flooring styles can be replaced, cleaned and repeatedly repaired to keep on giving a new and fresh look, whereas laminate flooring cannot give that guarantee. Laminate flooring has to be replaced from scratch in case of any major damages. Hardwood is stronger than laminate and can handle extreme stress in a small area. Another major advantage is that laminate flooring buckles with moisture, but properly manufactured hardwood does not cause buckling, thus leaving all inmates safe. Looks do matter, don’t they? And hardwood floors give you a sleeker and posher look than the highest quality laminate flooring.

Engineered hardwood floors are essentially the most important type of flooring you need in a place that requires that bit of extra stability and the ability to withstand a few extra kilograms of weight. Hardwood floors are stronger and better than laminate floors because of the use of layers, which is quite common in such type of flooring. Laminate flooring do not boast of any extra scratch proofing features and are quite breakable, whereas this type of flooring is completely scratchproof, hard, and long lasting – due to the layering.

The best hardwood flooring – how and where?

Hardwood floor contractors are all over the place, with many companies having flooring as their main business. The best way to get discounted hardwood flooring is to search in and around your locality (or on the internet) and make sure that the flooring chosen by you is of the best quality and suits your budget. Do not jump to shops based on their advertisements, rather, make a survey and choose what you feel is the best for you – your home and safety comes first, then money follows.

The last word

Choosing the best flooring is up to you. If cost is your major concern, then going in for wood flooring will rob you off your budget, and you will have to dig deep into your pocket for this. However, this investment is something that you will not regret even if you shell out a little more – this is because of durability, simple maintenance, and better stability features that you get in return.

Are you game for hardwood flooring?

For More Information Follow Here:-  Hardwood Flooring for Exquisite Interiors – It’s just what YOU Need!



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