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Vinyl Plank Flooring- Redefining Your Home’s Flooring Exceptionally

Powered by easy installation processes and economical to procure, vinyl plank flooring is among the hottest new trends going on in the flooring industry.

All around the world, prestigious flooring companies are selling vinyl wood plank flooring solutions for giving off elegance and functionality alike.

If you are reading this then you are probably planning to replace your flooring, or are looking for brand new flooring ideas. Or, you have heard about the smart features and functionality of vinyl plank and desire the same look in your new house. Whatever be the reason, you may like to explore several flooring companies that come up with ample options to choose from. The products on offer may be anything from cork, ceramic tile, marble, or vinyl plank flooring; pretty often hardwood also becomes a prime choice as it provides durable and long lasting solutions.

Why is Vinyl Plank Flooring so Popular?

The task of installing hardwood flooring is often considered to be a process that’s accompanied by a huge cost of maintenance, and is also quite expensive to buy. Even in a small house, the costs of installing the same might go up to thousands of dollars. Backed up by these reasons, along with many others, there are buyers who prefer to install alternate flooring options that look similar to hardwood but have cheaper price tags and involve less maintenance. May be something like resilient vinyl planks!

So if you want your home to give you a feel of a floor made of hardwood, but you are in no way ready to bear the hassle and expenses associated with hardwood, then choosing high-quality vinyl plank flooring can be an effective option for you. These resilient flooring ideas are available in various styles and patterns. They comprise of many benefits of hardwood as well. They are easy to maintain and clean and serve to be an attractive option at affordable prices.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Cost Effective to your Floors – A Smart Flooring Choice

Well, as discussed earlier, in comparison to hardwood (with respect to its looks), laminate and vinyl flooring solutions are by far the most cost effective options that are quite durable too. You will be able to install vinyl plank flooring in a 15 feet room at an affordable cost of (say) less than a $70. What’s more? There are no comprises made with respect to your choice of looks and imparted comfort levels too!

The cost efficiency of vinyl flooring can also felt with respect to its durability; especially when compared to hardwood. These flooring options can take up to loads of mistreatment and are not easily susceptible to tinges and scratches. You will find several commercial buildings making efficient utilization of the cost effectiveness of adura luxury vinyl and tile plank vinyl. These floors are very useful for taking up the load of the heavy traffic that is common place with such locations.

These cost effective vinyl plank flooring planks are widely available in many distinct colors from which you can select the one that best meets your tastes and preferences. These are offered in light wood form that would remind you of ash or bamboo, and also the dark look of cherry, to make your space all the more adorable to live in.

So, give that perfect look to your environment at a far more affordable price than any other flooring type – you will not be disappointed by the results.

Advantageous Features of Vinyl Flooring in Comparison to Hardwood

Now that you are aware that vinyl wood plank flooring is a cost effective solution to your anxiety of installing expensive hardwood flooring, it’s a good time to know the benefits of the former over the latter.


These resilient vinyl planks are easy and simple to clean in comparison to hardwood flooring. Damp washing methods, with the cleaners approved by the manufacturer, is the standard cleaning technique for maintaining these floors for years in a row.

Strength of the Surface

High quality vinyl plank flooring is composed of a very strong top layer. The manufacturers thus provide warranty of these flooring for both residential as well as commercial usage. The upper layer of these resilient flooring is made up of top quality virgin PVC; this feature makes them brilliant in repelling dents and scratches.


Are you perplexed as to how extremely strong vinyl planks can be soft? It is a common notion that ceramic and hardwood floors give off an uncomfortable feel to you barefoot. On the other hand, vinyl flooring offers a warmer and softer feel to your feet.

Time to Install

The hardwood floors that are sold unfinished can take a couple to a number of days to get installed. Typically, vinyl wood plank flooring can be easily installed in much lesser time than hardwood flooring. Less installation time indicates lesser hassle and of course lesser costs to consumers like you.

Variety of Selection

You will get various options of vinyl flooring manufacturers, both offline as well as online. These manufacturers offer several product lines that would definitely cater to the needs of consumers from all walks of life. More so, they would offer you their approved cleaners for reducing your hassles further.

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Armstrong Hardwood Flooring- A Classy Addition to Your Home

The stylish Armstrong hardwood floors are smooth, striking and exclusively designed for going well with your tastes of interior décor. They are widely available in a variety of models and designs. The major and most famous pattern types are inclusive of products with micro bevel looks and square patterns. This kind of floor flaunts high durability metrics, smart looks, contemporary features, extra-smooth body texture, and many things else.

High-quality Armstrong hardwood flooring is usually available in two different types- engineered wood and solid hardwood. The wood species consisting of domestic compound are inclusive of maple, cherry and oak. The outstanding quality and strength of this flooring solution has transformed it into being one of most favorable options for the commercial builders and homeowners.

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

The Stylish Choice for your Beautiful Home

Armstrong engineered maple hardwood flooring are available in natural, contented and real colors that need minimal levels of maintenance. This amazing flooring creation offers a naturally ensured, allergy free environment at all times; thus more exclusive value to your home. The cross-ply format of this flooring structure controls the floors from contracting and enlarging as well! Moreover, resilient Armstrong hardwood flooring can be installed on a huge variety of sub floors, along with already existing floors inclusive of wood and concrete slabs. The process of installing these floors is not too much complex and the entire process would not take much time.

One useful recommendation is that when you have plans of installing Armstrong hardwood floor for your home or office, it is always better to contact the authorized dealers to get the task done in a professional way. They would offer you quality products accompanied with cost-effective services on the basis of your respective necessities. Most authorized dealers would even offer you professional installers and upholding services for making the process less cumbersome and quick.

Check Out Maple Wood Floors

Armstrong engineered maple hardwood flooring is an existing example of how the very ‘classy’ maple wood can enhance the beauty of any given space. This collection is available in natural colors without any artificial additions; not even in the wood’s appearances on redefining. Maple is a species of wood that possesses very minute spores; thus resulting in ignorable markings. This feature of natural maple wood makes it all the more attractive to the eyes of new homeowners who want something catchy in their environment.

Well-designed maple wood floorings can be found in both 3 inches and 5 inches planks. For buyers striving for a modern look to their homes, the 3 inches planks are deemed to be the perfect choice. On the other hand, the 5 inches planks are suitable for those homeowners who want a traditional look for their home and are also in love with smooth finishing.

Mostly, these maple wood floors would be available in four different color forms that are just enough to beautify the looks of your home. Plank Natural, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and Nutmeg, all these colors are presented so perfectly that they would definitely make you feel the real warmth of the space that they are installed in.

Versatility and Comfort of Armstrong Commercial Hardwood Flooring

In most cases, Armstrong commercial hardwood flooring is truly rooted with the means of satisfying your individual style of designing, installation, upholding and cost controlling. For meeting up the challenges in commercial places, commercial hardwood floorings are made by mixing the fine features of natural hardwood with enhanced functionalities. These are highly durable and provide a natural charm to your office.

These commercial hardwood floors can be extremely used in educational establishments, sanatoriums, restaurants, gyms, clubs, offices, and many other locations. By using this flooring solution, you can offer a sense of pleasure and ease to those entering your residential or commercial space to the hilt. Additionally, these flooring products are quite affordable and can be easily installed and maintained efficiently.

Fashionable Armstrong Hardwood Residential Flooring

If you are searching for a stylish and long lasting alternative of flooring for your home, Armstrong hardwood flooring is the perfect choice indeed. This flooring option is notable due to its enchanting beauty, flexibility, potency and fashionable look. The hardwood version of residential flooring solutions are available in various designs, patterns and textures for matching up your exclusive home décor. They are available in a wide range of both solid as well as engineered products; just go for the one that best meets your tastes and budget.

Armstrong hardwood flooring solutions need minimal maintenance. They can be easily cleaned up by cheap floor cleaning products. Search for reputable dealers in this regard and select your favorite floor amongst the wide variety available. The customer care department of local flooring stores and Armstrong floors online shops can assist you for making a perfect selection that would be most suited for your specific needs.

Cleaning Armstrong Hardwood Floors

These solid and wooden hardwood floors from Armstrong are easy to clean. In most cases, their life and looks gets increased with proper maintenance over a period of time.

  • Before cleaning, it is important to check the floor’s condition. If you find any chipped or scraped part in its finishing, then make sure that you do not use water to clean it anyway. However if the condition is good, you may use a damp mop for cleaning the same.
  • Waxing is also an effective option for this type of floor. If you discover any water spot on the waxed floor, then use a steel wool drenched in water. Rub it over the stains for removing them. For getting rid of cigarette burns, a mild soap can be utilized as well.
  • If you are cleaning your hardwood floor with polyurethane work, then, you would have to take away all the rugs and furniture out of the room. You may either use a vacuum cleaner or a broom for this purpose. Take a mop after soaking it in soapy water which is to be followed by rubbing with fresh water. Then, follow various steps of cleaning the floor with a towel until it is dried up.
  • Along with regular cleaning, it is extremely essential to follow the dos and don’ts for preventing dirt from stepping on the floors. Keep floor mats on every door that lead to the house. Use only neutral pH cleaners for cleaning Armstrong hardwood floors.

All you need to do is take good care of your favorite hardwood flooring to offer a lavish look to your friends and relatives…..They will love to walk on the same.

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Top Sisal Carpets for Beauty, Warmth and Toughness

Soft and maze-like, Sisal is more durable and resilient than many other artificial flooring materials. Their tough and beautiful nature make Sisal floors suitable for any place, whether it is a living room, office, staircase, hallway etc.

Sisal area rug and carpets are made out of natural plant fibers. Their origin is attributed to the long spiny leaves of Agave sislana, a cactus plant that grows in Brazil, Florida, Tanzania, Caribbean, Kenya and Africa. It is believed the Sisal originated in Mexico. Being a cactus, it is found in arid desert climates where there exists an obvious scarcity of all other kinds of fibers.

Agave sislana has been produced for a long time because of its tensile fibers with loads of functionality. Its strength, along with the resistance to damage in seawater, makes this useful fiber suitable for being developed into rope and twine to be used in the marine industry. It also depicts wide ranged usage in agricultural and industrial fields.The fibrous stems are cut, dried and treated into tan-colored lengths. These twines are also woven into a variety of products that are more popularly known as Sisal carpet flooring.

Sisal carpet is an ecofriendly choice since it is a 100% biodegradable sustainable resource. It uses minimal amount of pesticides or herbicides during growth; hence, the damages caused to the environment is further reduced. Since Sisal based products are made entirely of natural plant fiber, the irregularity found in nature is reflected in the same to impart a unique look. Natural Sisal fiber cannot be drawn into a perfectly uniform covering. The range of weaving patterns that are used with Sisal area rugs are slubs, knots and lines.

Sisal Carpets

The Sisal Plant

Sisal has a typical life span of 7 to 10 years. On an average, about 200 to 250 commercially usable leaves can be created by a plant. About 1000 fibers are produced by each leaf which are up to 3 feet in length and are harvested by hand. The suitable climate for their growth is 75 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. Being from Agave family, Sisal can also be distilled to produce tequila like liquor.

Advantages of Sisal Carpet

There are a number of advantages that come your way if you plan to buy Sisal carpet over the other carpets made of synthetic materials.

  • Stain resistant: The stain resistant properties of such carpets make them suitable for use around pets or children; and without the need for any chemical treatments.
  • Durability: Sisal is one of the toughest natural plant fibers. Sisal rugs and carpets last longer and do not compress or wear out as much as wall-to-wall carpeting do.
  • No static electricity: Carpets usually build up static electricity on dry and windy days, but this is not the case with a Sisal carpet. This property makes this flooring idea highly advantageous to be used in offices where there are computers. Also, the same characteristic makes them less likely to attract dirt.
  • Versatility: These carpets come off as a smarter choice, even when compared to natural fiber rugs. Their extremely tough and versatile nature makes them ideal for hallways, staircases, and other such high-traffic areas. Another unique property of Sisal fiber is that it can be woven and mixed with other textiles like wool and sea grass; thereby giving the perks of both the fibers. Wool Sisal carpeting, which has 60% of Sisal and 40% wool, is a preferred rug as it gives forth warm, soft and durable properties. Sisal is malleable and can be easily woven into smooth and decorative rugs.
  • Customizability: The edges of Sisal made rugs can be trimmed in any various fabrics, as desired by you. Manufactured rugs often feature a thick blue or black canvas border or a natural unbleached fabric. Even left-over materials from curtains, table cloths or other complimentary fabrics can be easily stitched onto the fabric.
  • Sound absorbent: It has a dense molecular structure, so, its ability to absorb sound is better than that of other carpet types.

Disadvantages of Sisal Carpet

The benefits of using a Sisal carpet are certainly numerous, however, there are some things you need to be careful about when using this rug.

  • Roughness: Some buyers might find the texture too coarse for their feet, but, the surface is likely to soften with regular use and vacuuming.
  • No water resistance: These rugs are not supposed to be used in moist areas like bathrooms since they are made up of organic materials and are prone to water stains. But then, the organic nature of these floor solutions make them regulate the amount of humidity by absorbing moisture on moist days and releasing the same during the drier ones.

Tips for Installing Sisal Carpeting

  • The best options are using glue down Sisal, a double sided carpet pad or a thin felt carpet directly to the floor. This way, the Sisal fiber will be held in a secure place and there would not be any issues pertaining to the padding underneath.
  • Cross seams should be avoided as they are quite visible.
  • Installation of Sisal is tricky, it would be best to have it done by a professional.

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Better Home Rugs and Carpets by Milliken

Milliken carpets are the way to go if you desire a chic yet functional look for your space. Get these affordable and long-lasting flooring solutions underfoot today.

The history of Milliken carpets and rugs date back to 1865, when they made their appearance courtesy a tiny wool fabric company in Portland. With their strict adherence to quality and consistency in innovation, these carpet choices were able to expand their reach to numerous cities, and then across the whole country.

Today, Milliken & Company has over 1000 associates with over 2000 patents in 60 different facilities globally. This organization has the widest distribution channels for offering extensive line of yarns, fabrics and even chemical products for keeping astronauts safe. Alongside, it helps in providing homes, and large-scale businesses with extreme comfort and protection. Wherever you look, Milliken design ideas and products are available for everyday life: be it in major industries including automotive, furnishings, apparel, chemicals and industrial textiles, or elsewhere!


Leading Innovations in the World of Carpets

You might have missed out on the brand name, but it’s most likely that you have walked on and seen Milliken Floors and carpet tiles. Milliken floor coverings include area rugs and carpet tiles that are available in diverse colors, patterns and styles. There are options of purchasing carpet rolls, mats and modular floor coverings for decorating homes, offices, public buildings and commercial properties. With so many attractive colors and looped surface, these Milliken carpets can be laid both in a checkerboard and broadloom patterns to match up to your tastes and preferences.

Why Should you Buy a Milliken Carpet?

Milliken carpets offer superior floor coverings for all kinds of properties with stunning designs to match every environment. The good thing is that they look appealing anywhere they are used. Whatever you requirement is, you can find a Milliken carpet that gives off a unique look and shine. Now-a-days, carpet tiling is considered among the most popular flooring solutions because they pave the way for the best-in-class house remodeling ideas. Because of their sturdiness and heavy built, they don’t have to be glued and can be quickly laid on the entire floor.

Features of a High-quality Milliken Carpet

Milliken carpet tiles distinguish themselves with sustainable production methods, captivating designs, robustness and durability. An interesting collection is foam-based Milliken formworks; wherein the carpet tiles are antimicrobial treated, are extremely resistant, and offer good value for money. Moreover, these carpet tiles feature a long lasting warranty for their antistatic properties. Milliken rugs and carpets are ideal for offices, exhibition stands, hallways, and kitchens as they can withstand huge traffic.

Other advantages of Milliken carpets are easy-cleaning, superior cushioning, great sound absorbency, carbon-neutral production processes and anti-stain coatings; all these properties make users feel good about their choice of carpets.

Limitless designs

Thanks to their modular designs, Milliken area rugs and carpets can be mixed and matched to create a room of your dreams or something simply practical for use. You can add colored lines or create patterned combinations for enhancing the aesthetics of any space in your personal or work environment. For instance, while dressing your playschool, you may like to install specific colored lines from the playground to the classroom; a map kind of a design for helping children find their way.

Stylish and Elegant

Milliken products have been known to adorn many homes, apart from giving a dash of style and elegance to airports, commercial environments, and plush hotels. This signature line of flooring solutions boasts of about 50 original designs to flaunt numerous inspirations including woven wide American prairies, art galleries, Italian tiled halls and exotic jungles. The company’s highest recommended product line is the Pastiche that is actually made with innovative Invista Stainmaster nylons to generate the perfect balance; overall, these products speak volumes of their wonderful plush denseness and craftsmanship.

Step on it

Despite millions of feet trudging upon these carpets every single day, Milliken flooring products have unparalleled resiliency that has never gone unnoticed by people. Thus, if you are shopping for area rugs or broadloom carpets, it will be best to stick with this brand as it has earned worldwide recognition for its durability and quality.

Quality says it all @ Milliken Carpet Home Design Ideas

With their unquestionable dedication of offering superior performance and excellent quality carpets with keen attention to deigns, all Milliken rugs and carpets for residential and commercial use come with warranty. If you own authentic Milliken products that have worn out, or show any signs of matting or crushing from foot traffic because of extended use, the company will readily replace it provided it is still under warranty.

With impressive citations and gleaming write-ups to boast of, there is no doubt of the quality attributed to Milliken. In fact, very few other products in the same industry can match up to the offers in its exhaustive product catalogues. So the next time, when you shop for textiles, rugs, or carpets, you definitely know what to buy.

What to look for when buying Milliken Carpet?

Multiple designs, styles, colors, materials, stain resistances and warranties make carpet shopping a bit overwhelming. So, whenever you are looking for Milliken Carpet, ensure that you do your research properly. Check out different retail shops and ask for bid and samples. You can also find them online. Do not fall in love with the first sample that you see at the first store. Carpets will stay for a long time with you. Thus, select them after proper research only!

The Right Choice- Buy Milliken Carpet Tile

Usually, when people think of carpet flooring, they tend to look for comfortable and classy looking carpet tiling. The purpose of installing carpet is to increase the durability and longevity of floors and make them look better. Branded carpets last longer and thus investing in them is worthwhile. Milliken carpets and area rugs are most preferred by people in home improvement projects. Easy to install, maintain, and clean, they add a dash of style and elegance. Available in a huge variety of colors and patterns, you can have flooring that enhances the décor of your house with Milliken by your side. Not only will you have amazing looking floors, you will also save a lot of money in the process.

Milliken carpets may not be the first thing that you notice in houses, but it is one of the most necessary things. Go for discount carpet tiling or sale for availing the best Milliken carpet tiles at the right price. However, ensure that you also check the quality of the carpets before freezing your buy.

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Soft Carpet: Excellent Choice to keep your Feet Happy!

A soft carpet pampers your feet and makes you feel good. Choose high-quality carpets that are both plush and comfortable to add more value to your investments in smart flooring ideas.

Carpets are everywhere – at homes, offices, stores, market places, airports hospitals, schools, and more. Yes, carpets are no longer a luxury but a necessity. They add to the elegance of any room. A soft carpet is quite preferred and offers a comfortable feeling to your personal or work environment. For example, they are very ideal for bedrooms where you walk barefoot. Available in patterned, striped, textured and plain designs, a soft carpet would instantly add style and comfort to your space; and how!

Soft Carpet

Key Features

  • Soft carpets offer a twisted pile and smooth texture. They are suitable for bedrooms, hallways, main living areas and stairs.
  • Partially made with plant-based materials that are renewable annually, these carpets are environment-friendly and tend to last longer.
  • Their soil protection and permanent built-in stain properties are combined with unrivalled durability metrics; thereby allowing you to enjoy your carpets’ style and beauty for years.
  • The advanced softness technology integrated in these carpets enables easy and quick clean-up processes. This means that such popular carpets require little maintenance and can be installed in residential as well as commercial properties alike.

Factors to Consider while Selecting a Soft Carpet

  • It should offer a comfortable feel and look.
  • It must retain and conduct heat.
  • It must make you feel warmer on cooler days.
  • It must offer softer feel barefoot, and more!

Today, there is no dearth of carpet choices in the market. So, it becomes difficult to get a clear grasp on which is the best one to match your requirements. The presence of different textures, multiple designs, and other essential factors of consideration make carpet shopping a tough task. To make your soft carpet buy more lucrative, you need to ensure that you do your research properly. You may like to go through different retail shops, or check out various bid and samples, before freezing your buy online or offline.

High Quality, Durability and Stain Resistance

Soft carpets are usually as plush and comfortable as they are advertised. While other carpets might have a scratchy feeling on rubbing, the soft ones give off a silky and smooth feel without any residual effects. In most cases, their softness is not because of any chemical application; they use polymers for making them intrinsically soft. Soft Step carpet tiles are designed by using the fibre Treixta, which is naturally more durable than other yarns.

This fibre is as strong as other nylon fabrics and is noted for its long-lasting nature as well. The polymer used for manufacturing such a carpet is loaded with unique properties that do not allow any stains to invade the yarn. These durable carpets are surely the way to go if you desire to make your environment elegant and functional.

The Obstacles with Buying a Soft Carpet

  • Owners may find it difficult to push the vacuum over and across soft carpets without putting in much effort. The vacuum in use has to be light-weight and equipped with a strong power-head for effective cleaning.
  • If there are accidental spills on a soft carpet, then, cleaning becomes a very difficult task. Soft carpets are plush and have heavy carpet padding. Whenever any soft drink or water falls on the carpet, it becomes sticky and takes time to dry.
  • If there are any pets in the house, their fur and soiled paws mess up such carpets. Advanced vacuuming is required for cleaning the fur from these carpets.

Taking Care of Your Carpet: Tips for Soft Carpet

Maintaining and cleaning soft carpets requires time and efforts. You may need to completely disengage the beater bar and vacuum with suction only for premium soft carpet care. Following are effective tips for soft carpet maintenance:

  • Large Wheels: Use a vacuum that has large wheels; it is easy to move across soft carpeting.
  • Efficient Airflow: Avoid using vacuum cleaners that have sealed or concentrated suctions.
  • Adjustable Heights: Use highest settings wherever required.

Installing soft carpet is easy but cleaning it is a little overwhelming. However, you can use an aqua soft carpet brush for efficient cleaning. This brush is also the first choice for carpet scrubbing. It is equipped with medium crimped bristles to offer gentle but thorough cleaning. Such a carpet cleaning brush loosens and removes stains and spots from soft carpets easily. Surely, with easy care metrics, extraordinary softness, and time-tested durability, a soft carpet is an ideal choice for people with any type of flooring.

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Mohawk Hardwood Floor is the Best Choice for Your Home

Mohawk Hardwood is the first choice for designers and architects in current times. Smart and functional, they serve as durable flooring solutions for homes and offices alike.

Are you considering home improvement? Well, to help gain a contemporary and classic look, you can check Mohawk Engineered Hardwood for feature-rich chic results. Mohawk has been a leading name in the world of hardwood and laminate floor ideas. The Company offers thousands of patterns, colors and styles to select from. For any remodeling project, you can select from materials such as vinyl sheet goods, tiles, carpets, bamboo, laminate hardwood, veneer hardwood, solid hardwood or cork. Mohawk products are long lasting, easy-to-clean and require low maintenance.

If you are considering changing your floorings with hardwood floor, Mohawk Hardwood Floors is what you must go for. From gentle natural hues to rich honey tones, from classic smooth finishes to vintage hand scrapped distressed, there’s a Mohawk Hardwood to fit any look you desire.

Mohawk Hardwood Floor

Mohawk Wood Floors: Quality Flooring Choice

Reconstructing your house is ultimate fun when the decorator inside you comes out and you do the remodeling to make your dream house a reality. Even when you are tight on budget, you can create enough changes within a space by installing hardwood flooring. It is a cost-effective option that can update your house with a variety of colors, textures, brands and styles. Mohawk textile Company is one of the largest industries offering a diverse range of flooring products such as hardwood, carpets, tiles, rugs, laminates and luxurious vinyl. It uses PureBond, DuraBeauty, Uniclic, Scotchgard and Armor Max for manufacturing best and exceptional flooring options for you.

Mohawk Hardwood Wood Flooring is made using several lawyers of plywood. Only the topmost layer is of actual hardwood. This eliminates the traditional installation of solid planks which are indeed heavy. The underlying layers are made up of fast growing, less expensive and underutilized wood species. You will be able to spot the difference between the layers if you observe them from the side. However, once installed, it is absolutely not possible to distinguish between engineered and solid hardwood materials.

Superior Quality and Styles

Mohawk Hardwood Wood Flooring features many stylish designs. Some of the most preferred Mohawk Hardwood options are walnut, cherry, maple, hickory and oak.

The other categories include:

  • Character Class: Character Class has the highest level of variation with maximum color contrast. This type of hardwood has visually distinct knots, clear mineral marks, and larger filled knots.

  • Traditional Class: This class starts revealing more natural character and can include darker or lighter boards.

  • Vintage Class: This kind of flooring is more natural with the presence of darker and lighter boards and larger knots.

  • Refined Class: Refined Class is the highest grade of hardwood flooring with most uniform color and longer board lengths. Also, there are virtually no knots or blemishes on this floor solution by Mohawk.

Available in dozens of designs and colors, Mohawk hardwood floors ably accentuate the look of your house. Here, you will find numerous shades, trending textures, broad and stately boards, natural elements, and honey based tones to decorate your flooring.

Buying Guide for Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring adds natural warmth to your house as well as increases your home’s financial value. There are numerous styles of hardwood flooring to select from including exotic, domestic, distressed, hand-sculpted and wire-brushed. Hardwood flooring can be installed in any space of your house and is available in different constructions to allow for flexible installations.

Select your Style

Hardwood Flooring features a wide range of flooring species, colors and textures that matches almost everybody’s styles and preference. The following factors must be taken into consideration while buying the right hardwood flooring for your home or office.

Species: Mohawk flooring is available in a myriad range of domestic species like oak, American cherry, maple, walnut and hickory; along with dozens of exotic species like cumaru, Brazilian Cherry, tigerwood and andiroba. If you know that your flooring is expected to take up a lot of abuse, then, opt for hard-surface species like red oak. Each species differs in its grain patterns. Besides, different species of Mohawk hard wood would also vary in their degree of hardness and durability; so, choose accordingly.

Texture: Hardwood flooring is available in an array of textures like hand-sculpted, wire-brushed and distressed. Mohawk craftsmen devotionally form distressed and hand-sculpted floors for creating a unique look for any given space.

Color: Domestic as well as exotic Mohawk flooring ideas are available in different colors. Natural and exotic collections offer extensive coloring range while the domestic and exotic species are photosensitive and require sunlight for displaying the desired rich color. From traditional hardwood colors like gunstock, natural, saddles and caramel to many dramatic and subtle colors, these planks accentuate the look of your environment like no other.

Repair and Refinish

Mohawk Hardwood usually comes prefinished to save upon significant expenses and time resources of its owner. You get to select from a variety of finishes too. The topmost layer of such hardwood flooring is thin that leaves scope for limited repairing in comparison to the solid planks that can be sanded and refinished extensively. However, small and minor damages can be refinished and repaired frequently. Since, Mohawk Hardwood is less expensive and affordable; replacing single section or strips is economical and more practical in the long run.

Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Mohawk Hardwood Flooring maintains its strength and beauty for years. Vacuum or sweep your floor regularly using soft bristled broom. This avoids the formation of gritty dirt and particle build-ups on the wooden flooring. Do not use vacuums with beater bar or power rotary brush head. Besides, it is also recommended to use protective window coverings that block the heat and UV rays of the sun. Generally, hardwood floorings gradually age when not covered. So, ensure that you re-arrange your furniture, rugs and carpets to allow for even aging of your hard wood floors.

Benefits of Hardwood flooring

Mohawk Hardwood Wood Flooring is moisture-resistant, eco-friendly, durable, easy-to-install and more economical. There are so many finishes available that you will be spoilt for choice. However, the initial costs of such planks is higher than that related to the installation of regular solid planks; but then, this cost is valid as it involves labors charges as well. Other than that, a self-locking system offers floating installation capabilities and can be placed directly on the concrete without any nailing. Moreover, its moisture resistance quality makes this flooring more favorable in high humidity environments, basements, and rooms with radiant floor heating.

By combining premium woods and meticulous craftsmanship, Mohawk Hardwood offers an impeccable array of stylish options for home improvement. From intricate textures or cool smooth surfaces to exotic Brazilian Cherry and natural maple, you may go for any popular option to enhance and accentuate the look of your house.

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Anderson Hardwood – Strong, Stylish, and Inexpensive Flooring Solution for YOU

Anderson Hardwood is a time-honored selection for many homeowners. It’s superb craftsmanship, innovative design and impeccable quality has made it durable and long lasting.

Wish to install hardwood flooring with a distinctive and rare touch? Do you love exotic wood floors but also are worried about environmental impact or endangered wood species? Anderson Hardwood is the answer for you. This range of hardwood offers you with a highly popular and environmentally sustainable flooring collection. By browsing the Company’s online catalogue, you can avail wood floorings for all kinds of tastes and budgets.

Anderson Hardwood

Why Anderson Hardwood?

You might purchase hardwood flooring only once in your life and so you do deserve the best ever. There are many advantages of Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring. For one, they require quite low maintenance, and easy-to-clean using ordinary cleaning products. The commercial and residential line of Anderson has made a large impact with its style, durability, strength, and beauty….. Are you ready to try the same?

Why go for Wood Flooring Installation?

Wood floors installation has been around for hundreds of years and Anderson Hardwood has reinvented the same in an altogether new way. The Company is consistently making improved hardwood with impressive durability metrics and other features in place. Its product oriented efforts has eliminated the need for wasteful and old-fashioned solid wooden floors by offering superior products. Yes, the Company’s hardwood engineered products are surely the best in the market.

Anderson Flooring – 5 Tips to Make Yours Last Longer

Anderson hardwood floors can easily outlive other flooring solutions but you must take good care to keep them clean. When you install your floors for long term use, it is essential to reduce the rate at which the floors begin to show their age naturally.

Following are some tips that will help you preserve the value of your Anderson flooring:

  1. Remove spills straightaway and use a soft cloth to wipe it off.

  2. Never wet-mop or damp-mop the floor. This will not only sabotage the flooring but also void the warranties.

  3. Avoid using household cleaners containing oil, silicone, tung oil and ammonia, oil soaps, paste wax or liquid as they will negatively affect the floor’s ability of torecoat.

  4. Use protective pads under the furniture legs to reduce scratches and dents made by furniture.

  5. Install rugs on high-traffic and pivot points of the house and rearrange these rugs often.

Remember that you have a wooden floor. With time, wood ages and so you must help it age with grace. Anderson Hardwood Flooring is strong, durable and beautiful. But when it is put through so much use and abuse, it doesn’t last as long as expected. Use the above tips and you will have stunning wooden floorings for years to come.

Anderson Hardwood: The striking beauty of Elements hardwood floors

The Element Collection from Anderson has a defined and special character that distinguishes each of its three variants, thus making it an ideal choice for houses and businesses. Unique textures, strong colors, and distinct designs give these floors pizzazz and character. Made of solid pine, most of them are wire-brushed and have hand-scrapped planks for creating a delicate and brilliant finish. When they are assembled, narrow pieces are laid alongside with wider boards for casting a style that is one-of-its kind.

  1. Clay: It is guaranteed to stay for decades and is considered to be a smart investment for any homeowner with an eye for style. Tawny streaks with darker brown hues make the flooring beautifully marbled without restricting its sensibility.

  2. Lava: This floor has dark and deep shadows of brown to give off a timeless and classy personality to any room. Its personality can create an attractive dining room or a dazzling kitchen; there are some hues that promise to make a bedroom cozier too.

  3. Fossil: Sandy colors, careful stains of pine, and highlighted natural variations make this hardwood type a coveted option for many. This hardwood flooring is inviting and energetic and can be easily installed at homes and duplexes. Golden and warm, it creates a well lit look brilliant look for any room.

The Rustique Hickory collection from Anderson has also some memorable varieties which homeowners can select from:

  • Timeless: It establishes a refined style and is perfect for dining rooms, home offices, and sitting rooms. These richly colored boards come in whiskey hues and deep brown highlights.

  • Cherished: Installing this flooring in the hallways, living room, or entertainment room will keep your guests in awe. Shades of amber and gold make every board of this flooring unique. This version has a slightly textured surface for creating an appealing look that promises to match the theme of your house.

  • Treasured: The semi-smooth surface and uneven boards of this Collection offers a traditional hardwood flooring kind of a look. This water-colored style is a smart blend of mocha, caramel and grey hues; it offers a breathtaking surface appearance to any space!

  • Classic: The golden, light brown and caramel hues of this version create an inviting and friendly atmosphere which is perfect for entryways and kitchens. This lively and bright version of flooring carries a fresh appearance. With an appearance of being sawed from a newly cut log, it turns any room into a glowing environment.

Besides, there are numerous breath-taking styles in fashionable grey accents, popular deep espresso tones and costal-inspired painted floors.

Installation & Warranties

Anderson Hardwood Floors Dalton builds durable floors as well as provides comprehensive warranties. Their no-wax and factory applied finish eases the hardwood floor installation for all users. Each plank is ready-to-install and comes out of a carton. This flooring solution does not require any staining or sanding. With the Company’s UV curved finish, users can be assured of superior wear ability and durability of these products. Moreover, Anderson products characterize easy installation with the Groove system and Eagle Tongue on half inch products.

Every Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring is created using an exclusive cross-locked engineered process. This process perpetually locks the piles together and delivers more split resistance and dimensional stability. Many of the products enjoy lifetime warranty while others feature a limited 20 years warranty. Thus, the next time you consider a renovation or construction work, go for Anderson Hardwood Flooring and get real hardwood floors without costing you a fortune.


Anderson Hardwood Flooring Products are strong, rich and welcoming. They are a time-honored choice for many businesses and homes. With undeniable warmth to their credit, it is not difficult to take a second glance and go for Anderson for all your home improvement projects. Durability and quality are the benchmark of Anderson’s products.

Are you prepared to say “yes” to these wonderful flooring solutions? Go for them right away!

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