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Why Bruce Hardwood is Important for Your Flooring?

The real essence and beauty of Bruce Hardwood can only be felt after it is installed in your living space. Read ahead and explore the importance of and benefits of installing Bruce Hardwood in your personal or work space.

The importance of good flooring

The right flooring can increase the aesthetic appeal of any building and is one of the reasons for flooring in houses becoming an important aspect during construction. Flooring that compliments the surroundings has the ability to enhance all kinds of interiors. But a good flooring is not only associated with beauty; it is also associated with strength and durability. The flooring in any house should also not be a safety hazard. Taking all these factors into consideration, today, wood flooring has taken over all other types of flooring, especially Bruce hardwood which has become the preferred construction material over softwood.

Flooring is a permanent part of any building and having good quality flooring is very vital. Quality flooring enhances the beauty of your home as well as improves your living lifestyle. Today, investments in high quality flooring options has not only become important for homeowners but has also extended to other areas. Yes, in the contemporary scene, builders are putting a lot of emphasis on good flooring in any type of construction.

Timber has been the most popular choice for construction for centuries. Did you know that hardwood such as oak and beech have proved their worth in all types of constructions, ranging from churches and cottages to manor houses? What’s more? They still continue to occupy a seat of pride in all major building projects. Hardwoods have their sources in broad-leaved and slow-growing trees, and hence, are more durable and stronger than softwoods. This is solely because of their higher density. Since, the longevity is far more than that of softwood; it finds use in many applications including joinery, construction, furniture and high-quality flooring.

Bruce Hardwood

Different types of hardwoods

There are more than fifty different species of wood which can be used for flooring. American black walnut and Brazilian pie are not easily available; and hence, expensive white oak and maple, which are readily found, cost lesser than their other cousins.

Bruce Solid hardwoods are of three main types:

  • Tropical hardwoods, such as Kapa, Sapele and Cumaru, which can be found in Africa, Asia and South America
  • Temperate hardwoods like ash, oak, maple and cherry which have their origin in Canada, Eastern United States, China, Europe, and Japan
  • European hardwoods consisting of oak and beech are generally sourced from France, Germany and Croatia

An understanding of engineered hardwood flooring

Though there are many wood manufacturing styles which include solid wood manufacturing, rotary-peel, sliced peel and dry-solid swan, engineered hardwood flooring type is amongst the most popular and globally used flooring. An engineered wood floor is a finished product of several layers of wood with the top layer being a hardwood veneer. It normally features pre-finishing for added appeal. These products can be installed in places where wood couldn’t be installed before. Thanks to engineered Bruce hardwood floor, which is available with any Bruce Hardwood flooring retail distributor, flooring has now become possible in basements and over radiant-floor heating systems. This floor type can also be used in areas with high-moisture content because of its less likelihood of warping.

Advantages of using hardwood flooring

Whether you are looking to renovate your residence or your workplace, there are many reasons why solid Bruce hardwood flooring should be your premier choice for floor material.

  • Easy to clean and maintain

The chief reason for opting for Bruce hardwood flooring is that it is very easy to clean. Just a regular sweep, vacuuming, or an occasional mop is enough to keep the floor shining. Excess dirt or any spills can be taken care of with Bruce hardwood floor care products which promise to restore its elegance in no time. For maintenance, a quick varnish (once in a while) will have it looking as good as new.

  • Strong and durable

The high-quality kiln-drying, manufacturing, installing and finishing of Bruce hardwood floors makes them last for generations. They are tough and are able to withstand heavy foot traffic. This is especially true in working environments with high foot falls, wherein they perform to perfection without getting scratched, dented, damaged or scrapped.

  • Stylish appearance

With their timeless appeal, Bruce hardwood floors impart elegance and style to any building; and make any area look spacious when installed. Carpets, tiles and linoleum products go in and out of fashion but, hardwood flooring is there to stay….Thus offering the natural beauty and value of wood which stays on forever.

  • Environment-friendly

With eco-friendly products becoming global, Bruce hardwood makes for a healthy flooring choice. This type of hardwood is free of grout lines, fibers and embossing; in most cases, it does not run the risk of trapping dust, pollen, allergens, animal dander or any other pollutants. Overall, it serves to be the best choice when you are considering flooring, especially if there is a patient suffering from allergy in your household.

  • Wide range of styles

Never out of style, hardwood has been used for flooring purposes since ages. The wide variety and availability of different types of trees and wood makes it possible for you to make a choice from a wide range of colors, designs, grains, consistencies and patterns for the flooring of your residence or work area.

  • Increase in resale value

Though hardwood tends to be an expensive proposition, its durability, strength and appearance makes it worthwhile. These extremely tough flooring solutions are able to withstand any activity and often last for years. Bruce Hardwood also increases the intrinsic worth of the space in which it is installed. Getting Bruce hardwood flooring is a wonderful long-term investment, which enables faster resale and bring about a higher price in the long run.

In a nutshell, whether you are flooring your new house or just replacing a damaged floor, there is a wide range of hardwood available, the most popular being oak. You can also make your pick of widths from wide planks or the traditional narrow strips and choose your color to match your flooring to the existing décor of your space. The existence of modern adhesives has led to a wide variety of species being made available as “engineered” boards – you may like to go for them too!

The bottom line is that with its array of benefits over other flooring materials, the effect that Bruce hardwood flooring has on the value and aesthetics of your home has to be experienced to be believed. Before buying, check out Bruce hardwood flooring reviews, and invest in Bruce hardwood flooring to make your environment look chic and elegant!



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