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Anderson Hardwood – Strong, Stylish, and Inexpensive Flooring Solution for YOU

Anderson Hardwood is a time-honored selection for many homeowners. It’s superb craftsmanship, innovative design and impeccable quality has made it durable and long lasting.

Wish to install hardwood flooring with a distinctive and rare touch? Do you love exotic wood floors but also are worried about environmental impact or endangered wood species? Anderson Hardwood is the answer for you. This range of hardwood offers you with a highly popular and environmentally sustainable flooring collection. By browsing the Company’s online catalogue, you can avail wood floorings for all kinds of tastes and budgets.

Anderson Hardwood

Why Anderson Hardwood?

You might purchase hardwood flooring only once in your life and so you do deserve the best ever. There are many advantages of Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring. For one, they require quite low maintenance, and easy-to-clean using ordinary cleaning products. The commercial and residential line of Anderson has made a large impact with its style, durability, strength, and beauty….. Are you ready to try the same?

Why go for Wood Flooring Installation?

Wood floors installation has been around for hundreds of years and Anderson Hardwood has reinvented the same in an altogether new way. The Company is consistently making improved hardwood with impressive durability metrics and other features in place. Its product oriented efforts has eliminated the need for wasteful and old-fashioned solid wooden floors by offering superior products. Yes, the Company’s hardwood engineered products are surely the best in the market.

Anderson Flooring – 5 Tips to Make Yours Last Longer

Anderson hardwood floors can easily outlive other flooring solutions but you must take good care to keep them clean. When you install your floors for long term use, it is essential to reduce the rate at which the floors begin to show their age naturally.

Following are some tips that will help you preserve the value of your Anderson flooring:

  1. Remove spills straightaway and use a soft cloth to wipe it off.

  2. Never wet-mop or damp-mop the floor. This will not only sabotage the flooring but also void the warranties.

  3. Avoid using household cleaners containing oil, silicone, tung oil and ammonia, oil soaps, paste wax or liquid as they will negatively affect the floor’s ability of torecoat.

  4. Use protective pads under the furniture legs to reduce scratches and dents made by furniture.

  5. Install rugs on high-traffic and pivot points of the house and rearrange these rugs often.

Remember that you have a wooden floor. With time, wood ages and so you must help it age with grace. Anderson Hardwood Flooring is strong, durable and beautiful. But when it is put through so much use and abuse, it doesn’t last as long as expected. Use the above tips and you will have stunning wooden floorings for years to come.

Anderson Hardwood: The striking beauty of Elements hardwood floors

The Element Collection from Anderson has a defined and special character that distinguishes each of its three variants, thus making it an ideal choice for houses and businesses. Unique textures, strong colors, and distinct designs give these floors pizzazz and character. Made of solid pine, most of them are wire-brushed and have hand-scrapped planks for creating a delicate and brilliant finish. When they are assembled, narrow pieces are laid alongside with wider boards for casting a style that is one-of-its kind.

  1. Clay: It is guaranteed to stay for decades and is considered to be a smart investment for any homeowner with an eye for style. Tawny streaks with darker brown hues make the flooring beautifully marbled without restricting its sensibility.

  2. Lava: This floor has dark and deep shadows of brown to give off a timeless and classy personality to any room. Its personality can create an attractive dining room or a dazzling kitchen; there are some hues that promise to make a bedroom cozier too.

  3. Fossil: Sandy colors, careful stains of pine, and highlighted natural variations make this hardwood type a coveted option for many. This hardwood flooring is inviting and energetic and can be easily installed at homes and duplexes. Golden and warm, it creates a well lit look brilliant look for any room.

The Rustique Hickory collection from Anderson has also some memorable varieties which homeowners can select from:

  • Timeless: It establishes a refined style and is perfect for dining rooms, home offices, and sitting rooms. These richly colored boards come in whiskey hues and deep brown highlights.

  • Cherished: Installing this flooring in the hallways, living room, or entertainment room will keep your guests in awe. Shades of amber and gold make every board of this flooring unique. This version has a slightly textured surface for creating an appealing look that promises to match the theme of your house.

  • Treasured: The semi-smooth surface and uneven boards of this Collection offers a traditional hardwood flooring kind of a look. This water-colored style is a smart blend of mocha, caramel and grey hues; it offers a breathtaking surface appearance to any space!

  • Classic: The golden, light brown and caramel hues of this version create an inviting and friendly atmosphere which is perfect for entryways and kitchens. This lively and bright version of flooring carries a fresh appearance. With an appearance of being sawed from a newly cut log, it turns any room into a glowing environment.

Besides, there are numerous breath-taking styles in fashionable grey accents, popular deep espresso tones and costal-inspired painted floors.

Installation & Warranties

Anderson Hardwood Floors Dalton builds durable floors as well as provides comprehensive warranties. Their no-wax and factory applied finish eases the hardwood floor installation for all users. Each plank is ready-to-install and comes out of a carton. This flooring solution does not require any staining or sanding. With the Company’s UV curved finish, users can be assured of superior wear ability and durability of these products. Moreover, Anderson products characterize easy installation with the Groove system and Eagle Tongue on half inch products.

Every Anderson Engineered Hardwood Flooring is created using an exclusive cross-locked engineered process. This process perpetually locks the piles together and delivers more split resistance and dimensional stability. Many of the products enjoy lifetime warranty while others feature a limited 20 years warranty. Thus, the next time you consider a renovation or construction work, go for Anderson Hardwood Flooring and get real hardwood floors without costing you a fortune.


Anderson Hardwood Flooring Products are strong, rich and welcoming. They are a time-honored choice for many businesses and homes. With undeniable warmth to their credit, it is not difficult to take a second glance and go for Anderson for all your home improvement projects. Durability and quality are the benchmark of Anderson’s products.

Are you prepared to say “yes” to these wonderful flooring solutions? Go for them right away!

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