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Armstrong Hardwood Flooring- A Classy Addition to Your Home

The stylish Armstrong hardwood floors are smooth, striking and exclusively designed for going well with your tastes of interior décor. They are widely available in a variety of models and designs. The major and most famous pattern types are inclusive of products with micro bevel looks and square patterns. This kind of floor flaunts high durability metrics, smart looks, contemporary features, extra-smooth body texture, and many things else.

High-quality Armstrong hardwood flooring is usually available in two different types- engineered wood and solid hardwood. The wood species consisting of domestic compound are inclusive of maple, cherry and oak. The outstanding quality and strength of this flooring solution has transformed it into being one of most favorable options for the commercial builders and homeowners.

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

The Stylish Choice for your Beautiful Home

Armstrong engineered maple hardwood flooring are available in natural, contented and real colors that need minimal levels of maintenance. This amazing flooring creation offers a naturally ensured, allergy free environment at all times; thus more exclusive value to your home. The cross-ply format of this flooring structure controls the floors from contracting and enlarging as well! Moreover, resilient Armstrong hardwood flooring can be installed on a huge variety of sub floors, along with already existing floors inclusive of wood and concrete slabs. The process of installing these floors is not too much complex and the entire process would not take much time.

One useful recommendation is that when you have plans of installing Armstrong hardwood floor for your home or office, it is always better to contact the authorized dealers to get the task done in a professional way. They would offer you quality products accompanied with cost-effective services on the basis of your respective necessities. Most authorized dealers would even offer you professional installers and upholding services for making the process less cumbersome and quick.

Check Out Maple Wood Floors

Armstrong engineered maple hardwood flooring is an existing example of how the very ‘classy’ maple wood can enhance the beauty of any given space. This collection is available in natural colors without any artificial additions; not even in the wood’s appearances on redefining. Maple is a species of wood that possesses very minute spores; thus resulting in ignorable markings. This feature of natural maple wood makes it all the more attractive to the eyes of new homeowners who want something catchy in their environment.

Well-designed maple wood floorings can be found in both 3 inches and 5 inches planks. For buyers striving for a modern look to their homes, the 3 inches planks are deemed to be the perfect choice. On the other hand, the 5 inches planks are suitable for those homeowners who want a traditional look for their home and are also in love with smooth finishing.

Mostly, these maple wood floors would be available in four different color forms that are just enough to beautify the looks of your home. Plank Natural, Brown Sugar, Cinnamon and Nutmeg, all these colors are presented so perfectly that they would definitely make you feel the real warmth of the space that they are installed in.

Versatility and Comfort of Armstrong Commercial Hardwood Flooring

In most cases, Armstrong commercial hardwood flooring is truly rooted with the means of satisfying your individual style of designing, installation, upholding and cost controlling. For meeting up the challenges in commercial places, commercial hardwood floorings are made by mixing the fine features of natural hardwood with enhanced functionalities. These are highly durable and provide a natural charm to your office.

These commercial hardwood floors can be extremely used in educational establishments, sanatoriums, restaurants, gyms, clubs, offices, and many other locations. By using this flooring solution, you can offer a sense of pleasure and ease to those entering your residential or commercial space to the hilt. Additionally, these flooring products are quite affordable and can be easily installed and maintained efficiently.

Fashionable Armstrong Hardwood Residential Flooring

If you are searching for a stylish and long lasting alternative of flooring for your home, Armstrong hardwood flooring is the perfect choice indeed. This flooring option is notable due to its enchanting beauty, flexibility, potency and fashionable look. The hardwood version of residential flooring solutions are available in various designs, patterns and textures for matching up your exclusive home décor. They are available in a wide range of both solid as well as engineered products; just go for the one that best meets your tastes and budget.

Armstrong hardwood flooring solutions need minimal maintenance. They can be easily cleaned up by cheap floor cleaning products. Search for reputable dealers in this regard and select your favorite floor amongst the wide variety available. The customer care department of local flooring stores and Armstrong floors online shops can assist you for making a perfect selection that would be most suited for your specific needs.

Cleaning Armstrong Hardwood Floors

These solid and wooden hardwood floors from Armstrong are easy to clean. In most cases, their life and looks gets increased with proper maintenance over a period of time.

  • Before cleaning, it is important to check the floor’s condition. If you find any chipped or scraped part in its finishing, then make sure that you do not use water to clean it anyway. However if the condition is good, you may use a damp mop for cleaning the same.
  • Waxing is also an effective option for this type of floor. If you discover any water spot on the waxed floor, then use a steel wool drenched in water. Rub it over the stains for removing them. For getting rid of cigarette burns, a mild soap can be utilized as well.
  • If you are cleaning your hardwood floor with polyurethane work, then, you would have to take away all the rugs and furniture out of the room. You may either use a vacuum cleaner or a broom for this purpose. Take a mop after soaking it in soapy water which is to be followed by rubbing with fresh water. Then, follow various steps of cleaning the floor with a towel until it is dried up.
  • Along with regular cleaning, it is extremely essential to follow the dos and don’ts for preventing dirt from stepping on the floors. Keep floor mats on every door that lead to the house. Use only neutral pH cleaners for cleaning Armstrong hardwood floors.

All you need to do is take good care of your favorite hardwood flooring to offer a lavish look to your friends and relatives…..They will love to walk on the same.



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