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Vinyl Plank Flooring- Redefining Your Home’s Flooring Exceptionally

Powered by easy installation processes and economical to procure, vinyl plank flooring is among the hottest new trends going on in the flooring industry.

All around the world, prestigious flooring companies are selling vinyl wood plank flooring solutions for giving off elegance and functionality alike.

If you are reading this then you are probably planning to replace your flooring, or are looking for brand new flooring ideas. Or, you have heard about the smart features and functionality of vinyl plank and desire the same look in your new house. Whatever be the reason, you may like to explore several flooring companies that come up with ample options to choose from. The products on offer may be anything from cork, ceramic tile, marble, or vinyl plank flooring; pretty often hardwood also becomes a prime choice as it provides durable and long lasting solutions.

Why is Vinyl Plank Flooring so Popular?

The task of installing hardwood flooring is often considered to be a process that’s accompanied by a huge cost of maintenance, and is also quite expensive to buy. Even in a small house, the costs of installing the same might go up to thousands of dollars. Backed up by these reasons, along with many others, there are buyers who prefer to install alternate flooring options that look similar to hardwood but have cheaper price tags and involve less maintenance. May be something like resilient vinyl planks!

So if you want your home to give you a feel of a floor made of hardwood, but you are in no way ready to bear the hassle and expenses associated with hardwood, then choosing high-quality vinyl plank flooring can be an effective option for you. These resilient flooring ideas are available in various styles and patterns. They comprise of many benefits of hardwood as well. They are easy to maintain and clean and serve to be an attractive option at affordable prices.

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Cost Effective to your Floors – A Smart Flooring Choice

Well, as discussed earlier, in comparison to hardwood (with respect to its looks), laminate and vinyl flooring solutions are by far the most cost effective options that are quite durable too. You will be able to install vinyl plank flooring in a 15 feet room at an affordable cost of (say) less than a $70. What’s more? There are no comprises made with respect to your choice of looks and imparted comfort levels too!

The cost efficiency of vinyl flooring can also felt with respect to its durability; especially when compared to hardwood. These flooring options can take up to loads of mistreatment and are not easily susceptible to tinges and scratches. You will find several commercial buildings making efficient utilization of the cost effectiveness of adura luxury vinyl and tile plank vinyl. These floors are very useful for taking up the load of the heavy traffic that is common place with such locations.

These cost effective vinyl plank flooring planks are widely available in many distinct colors from which you can select the one that best meets your tastes and preferences. These are offered in light wood form that would remind you of ash or bamboo, and also the dark look of cherry, to make your space all the more adorable to live in.

So, give that perfect look to your environment at a far more affordable price than any other flooring type – you will not be disappointed by the results.

Advantageous Features of Vinyl Flooring in Comparison to Hardwood

Now that you are aware that vinyl wood plank flooring is a cost effective solution to your anxiety of installing expensive hardwood flooring, it’s a good time to know the benefits of the former over the latter.


These resilient vinyl planks are easy and simple to clean in comparison to hardwood flooring. Damp washing methods, with the cleaners approved by the manufacturer, is the standard cleaning technique for maintaining these floors for years in a row.

Strength of the Surface

High quality vinyl plank flooring is composed of a very strong top layer. The manufacturers thus provide warranty of these flooring for both residential as well as commercial usage. The upper layer of these resilient flooring is made up of top quality virgin PVC; this feature makes them brilliant in repelling dents and scratches.


Are you perplexed as to how extremely strong vinyl planks can be soft? It is a common notion that ceramic and hardwood floors give off an uncomfortable feel to you barefoot. On the other hand, vinyl flooring offers a warmer and softer feel to your feet.

Time to Install

The hardwood floors that are sold unfinished can take a couple to a number of days to get installed. Typically, vinyl wood plank flooring can be easily installed in much lesser time than hardwood flooring. Less installation time indicates lesser hassle and of course lesser costs to consumers like you.

Variety of Selection

You will get various options of vinyl flooring manufacturers, both offline as well as online. These manufacturers offer several product lines that would definitely cater to the needs of consumers from all walks of life. More so, they would offer you their approved cleaners for reducing your hassles further.

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