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Luxury Vinyl Tiles – Cheap but Luxurious Option for Smarter Homes

Luxury vinyl flooring is a refreshing option in the world of expensive flooring crafted out of ceramic tiles, natural stones or wood.

Luxury vinyl flooring has become an ideal choice of homemakers to make their house or office floors look elegant and stylish. It is considered as first-rate flooring material, costs less per square meter, and is both resilient and enduring. Besides, LVT floor installation is easy, thus it saves a lot of money that would have otherwise gone for manual hours of floor installation. In fact, people with technical skills and handy basic tools can install vinyl flooring themselves. Are you one such DIY expert?

There are luxury vinyl tiles that look exactly like their authentic counterparts without costing a fortune. Any room can look beautiful and rich with these look-alikes. Most people dream of having amazingly and warm lovely wood as flooring. But then, they are restricted because of the budget. However, because of advancements in manufacturing technology, such interested buyers can now access smart flooring solutions that look like the choicest wood.

Yes, from exotic wood to hard-to-find or tropical wood, you may like to opt for luxury vinyl tile and plank sheet flooring with wooden patterns for your bathroom, hallways, or basement. You may also install the same patterns in your kitchen, areas with heavy foot traffic, or places with a strong likelihood of attracting stains and spills.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Luxury Vinyl Flooring

People often think of adjectives such as boring or dull when they conjure up images of luxury vinyl tiles belonging to the yesteryears. But a far cry from the old-age brown square patterns or the dingy orange ones from your grandmother’s kitchen, the latest luxury vinyl tiles are a sight to behold. Over the years, technology has improved the look imparted by vinyl tiles manifold and has replaced them with more resilient flooring.

Following are five reasons to shop vinyl tile no matter which room you are redecorating:

  1. Wide range of colors and styles

The second layer of luxury vinyl floors makes them versatile and beautiful. There is a printing process known as rotogravure, which is used to imprint the design on this layer. This printing method uses a rotary press along with photoengraved plates to imprint the design over the vinyl.

Invincible LVT luxury vinyl tile solutions are extremely resilient and versatile as they are made to stimulate the look of numerous natural substrates. Marble, brick, linoleum, wood, tiles, and stones are some of the available options in this popular range. A multitude of textures, patterns and colors create endless possibilities; so, go for the one that suits you best. Irrespective of your style preference and budget, you will be spoilt for choices.

  1. Easy to clean

Luxury vinyl tile flooring solutions are typically no wax floors. These surfaces are easy to clean as the floor on which they are installed would shine without applying any wax. A damp mop can do the cleaning job easily. Besides, the top wear layer is also highly resistant to scratching and staining. However, you must know that no-wax floorings eventually lose their shine. They must be recoated with no wax material once the shine starts getting diminished.

  1. Wear-resistant and long-lasting

Most luxury vinyl tile and plank wood consist of 3-4 layers sandwiched together, thus creating a material that is both beautiful and durable. The first layer consists of backing material made of fiberglass; the second layer is a printed layer of vinyl adhering to the base layer. Over these, there exists a cushioning layer with some style. And then, there is a final layer made from vinyl. The wear layer is vinyl made and protects the floor from wear and tear. Depending on the thickness, this layer is also resistant to gouging and dents. Remember, the thicker the wear layer, the more lasting your flooring will be.

  1. Comfortable underfoot

If you are planning to install flooring in areas where you expect a lot of traffic, like in your kitchen or living room, it will be the best to install luxury vinyl tile that includes a cushioned backing. When compared with laminate or wood flooring, cushioned luxury vinyl flooring collection will always offer a higher degree of comfort for heavy traffic.

  1. Less complicated installation

It is a good idea to hire professionals for installing any kind of flooring. But then, as the process of installing luxury vinyl flooring is less complicated than other type of flooring options, you may go about the task yourself. If you desire a wooden floor or an evenly surfaced tiled floor, talk to the sales person to give you that kind of flooring only. You may like to install this kind of flooring on an existing one as well. This not only saves you money and time, but also makes the floor last for years in a row.

The Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Apart from the obvious cost benefits, luxury vinyl floorings offer numerous other advantages:

  • Where stone flooring can be hard and cold underfoot, vinyl tiles offer warm and softer stepping as they are perfectly equipped to retain the heat within.

  • Hardwood flooring can be damaged by pets and spillages; however, these vinyl alternatives are resistant to scuffs and scratches. They are non-absorbent to liquids and are child/pet friendly.

  • Luxury vinyl flooring is manufactured to be durable and resilient. So, it can comfortably withstand heavy traffic and can be installed in high traffic spaces like corridors and hallways.

  • It is moisture resistant and can be used in bathrooms and kitchens as well.

  • Both wood and stone can bounce the sound around, but luxury vinyl floorings have sound absorbing properties that reduce noise issues.

  • As given, vinyl tiles save on costs; not only are they inexpensive but also require less in terms of maintenance. They are durable and long-lasting too.

Vinyl floorings have gone through wonderful innovative changes. People have started realizing that luxury vinyl floorings are an excellent solution available for today’s commercial and residential purposes. Here, you have a wide variety of designs, patterns and colors to select from. You may also opt for different textures – from the gorgeously pebbled ones to those that are smart and absolutely smooth to touch. If you desire a non-slip finish, you may go in for the same as well.

Thus, if you wish to install elegant flooring for the look of stone or wood, but if you are tight on budget, luxury vinyl tile is an ideal option. With numerous designs and high quality finishes to bank on, it will not be difficult to find the best one to match your décor scheme and taste.



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