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Anderson Hardwood Floors: Impressive Floors to Complement your Style

Are you looking for innovative designs in durable hardwood flooring for your home or office? Your search is definitely going to end at Anderson Hardwood floors.

Along with adding value to your home, wooden flooring adds value to your investment as well. However, the process of searching for new hardwood flooring for your home can be very stressful and time consuming. For any common man, the terminologies used by the manufacturers of carpets can be confusing. If you are facing the same issues, it is advisable to do your research online and clarify all your doubts from a trusted and reputed retailer or manufacturer dealing in hardwood flooring. Anderson Hardwood floors will definitely match up to what you like and what you want, to give that perfect look to your space.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” The statement holds true for hardwood flooring as well. Since wood is a product of nature, no two individual boards are the same. This is what makes wood flooring very appealing to modern homeowners, architects and designers. With many varieties and options available, your personality, preference and style will show in your choice of hardwood flooring, wherever installed. So, if you have been thinking of getting the floors of your home or office refreshed, and have little clue as to how to proceed, what follows will set you on the right track with a closer look at Anderson flooring.

Timeless Anderson Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring can last a lifetime if installed and maintained properly. Before making an investment on the right kind of wood flooring in your space, it is important that you educate yourself regarding its various pros and cons, the technologies used for installation, different kinds of hardwood flooring by Anderson, and so forth.

A hardwood flooring consultant, Jeff Hosking says, “Anderson Hardwood floors are the only pre-finished wooden flooring that accurately replicates the warm country charm and appeal of an old worn looking floor.” It is said that Anderson’s were the first to start off with the engineered flooring. From a small family owned business in 1946 to being the most successful Harwood manufacturer, Anderson Hardwood has indeed come a long way.

Terminologies Used in Hardwood Flooring

As a layman, when you are doing your research on hardwood flooring, you come across words like bird’s eye, cupping, domestic wood species, engineered, floating and yes, many more words that may confuse you. What is the difference between hand scraped and wire brushed hardwood? How is the hardness rating of a wood species determined? Plain Swan, Quarter Swan, Parquet, Overlap Stairnose, Square Nose Reducer, Phew! Confusing right? Don’t lose heart, all your queries can be answered by a reputed retailer or manufacturer. It is advisable to familiarise yourself with these terminologies before taking a decision.

Stylish and Beautiful Engineered Anderson Hardwood


Dellamano is an Italian word which means “of the hand,” and is one of Anderson’s most exquisite hand crafted floors. Available in Maple and Hickory wood, these 6.25 inches wide planks are hand scraped and sanded for giving off an elegant appearance that’s enough to wow you and your friends. The square edges and bevelled sides of these extra wide planks create an illusion of long planks that run the entire length of your room. You will definitely find many compliments coming your way when your near and dear ones visit your home and feel the welcoming warmth of the beautiful artisan crafted Anderson Harwood floors.


The Monroe collection from Anderson’s is 5” wide Classic Red Oak flooring and is everything that you must have imagined. This collection offers a wide variety of stained oak floors with a low gloss finish in five different colours. You may like to choose the colour that will best complement the décor of your space in line with your style and preference. These floors are very attractive to look at and are built to last a very long time.


The Rushmore collection is the amazing Red Oak hardwood flooring from Anderson’s. Here, the planks are 3” wide with hand rubbed stains; they are on offer in six different colours. These value-packed real wood hardwood floors are available for grabs with a 30 years warranty. Now, doesn’t that say something about the quality and assurance of the Company!

Chestnut Hill

The Chestnut Hill Hickory collections comprises of 5” wide planks that are hand scraped and complete with a natural finish. They are a designer’s delight. These engineered Anderson Hardwood floors offer timeless style and have a rustic appeal and charm that makes them truly irresistible. Most homeowners love the historic design, along with the modern appeal, imparted by this range of hardwood flooring. Chestnut Hill Hickory is available is three colours like Cambridge, Saratoga and Winchester. These durable floors usually feature a 30 years warranty period.

Eagle Lodge

Today’s lifestyle demands strength and durability from floors, The coveted Eagle Lodge collection features a 50 year residential wear warranty period to meet the expectations of all customers. Each board of the unique Eagle-Lodge collection is carved and scraped to perfection by hand. These 5” planks with a 3mm wear layer are available in Hickory, Red Oak and Maple wood species. With five different colours to choose from, they match the requirements of designers and homeowners alike.

There are many more options in Engineered Hardwood flooring from Anderson’s like the Hickory Forge, Lone Star, Hermosa Plank, Southern Vista Exotic, etc. It is recommended that you invest good time in research, so that you are aware of all that is available for grabs and can make a judicious decision about what you want.

Way Forward

You will have to get used to complimentary words when friends and family visit your house and see the quality and finish of Anderson Hardwood floors in your space. That is because Anderson Hardwood is dedicated to providing unique hand crafted wooden planks with innovative and creative designs that are unmatched in beauty and durability. Like any other floor covering, a little bit of care and maintenance can go a long way in maintaining the beauty and increasing the life span of your Anderson Hardwood floors.

To maintain the shine and appearance of your floors, just sweep or vacuum them regularly, remove spills immediately, and never ever wet-mop or damp-mop your wooden floors. If you want to keep your Anderson Hardwood floors free from dents and scratches then trim the nails of your pets, use furniture pads under the legs of your furniture, and throw a lot of rugs and carpets around your wooden floors.

Decorate the soul of your home with Anderson Hardwood floors – they will be your friend for a lifetime.