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Durable and Versatile Berber Carpets to add to the Glam Quotient of Your Home

If you are looking to add a touch of class and elegance to your living space, then Berber Carpets offer durable and cost effective solutions for your environment.

You have moved into a new house and are looking to cover your floor to enhance the beauty of your living space and add warmth to your home décor aesthetics. The next stop is to find a long-lasting and elegant flooring solution that will take care of your immediate and future décor needs to perfection. However, before proceeding with your buy, it is a good idea to assess your requirements. Will your floors be subjected to high traffic across the day? Do you have pets and kids? What are the chances of dust accumulation? Here, Berber carpets make for a profitable option for buyers with large and small sized families, as well as having different budget constraints. What follows below will set you on the right track too.

Modern carpet designers and manufacturers have come a long way from the traditional hand-woven wool rugs made by the Berber people of North Africa. These days, Berber carpets are being manufactured with different types of innovative synthetic materials that are treated to be stain-resistant. Busy homeowners, and those who are forever on the go, will easily fall in love with such carpets because they are easy to maintain. It’s best to research online for the Berber carpets of your dreams and then choose the one that best aligns with your specific needs.

Agreed that once you sit down to search for the perfect flooring for your home it can be very time-consuming and you are bound to get confused, right? So many options, so many terminologies, innovative materials, trendy designs, how do you decide what is good for you and your home? It would be a good idea to educate yourself so that you don’t go ahead and blindly purchase a carpet that is totally wrong for you and your family. Let us help you find the best carpets by Berber for your home.

Moroccan Berber Carpets

In a market that is flooded with various types of options for covering your floor, how can you be unique? Well, the incredible history behind the popularity of highly durable Berber carpets is a very interesting one. Way back in 622 AD, it was a family tradition wherein the Berber women would weave intricately designed carpets with different looping techniques and color patterns, and the young girls would watch them and learn the same technique to carry on the tradition. At that time, some vintage Berber carpets were handcrafted by the master weavers and gifted to elite families; these were the high-end luxury carpets that were made with sheared wool of the Atlas Mountain sheep and camel hair. An interesting superstition attached to traditional Berber carpets was that if the edges of these rugs and carpets are left unburned, then envious evil spirits would be attracted towards the beauty of these carpets and cause harm to them. Well, many master weavers still follow the practice of burning the edges of their high-end carpets. Interesting!

Moroccan Carpets woven by the people from the mountainous region would have rugs with larger loops and looser knots, basically to keep their users warm and offer protection from the cold temperatures in the mountains. On the other hand, the Southern Berber tribes of Morocco made rugs that had finer and more sophisticated weaves; they were usually meant to be spread on the bed and a sheet. These expert craftsmen created unique designs, patterns and textures with their flat weaves to make the most exquisite Moroccan carpets. With the help of modern technology, the same old Berber carpets have come a long way indeed. Yes, from enjoying humble beginnings to becoming the most popular flooring options for homes and offices, they have seen it all.

American Berber Carpet

In the 1950’s, wall-to-wall carpeting was a luxury that was out-of-reach for most American families. But now, with the advent of modern technology, and for the first time, this luxury has become more accessible, affordable and therefore more desirable to the masses. An American Berber carpet is all about its exquisite weave and make-up. Add beauty and quality to your home with the American Berber carpets that are made with fine wool, nylon and olefin. The different levels and arrangements of the loops promise to give such carpets a classic appeal and also add warmth and softness under your foot. Now you need not think twice before getting wall-to wall carpeting done on the floors of your living spaces!

Tunisian Berber Carpet

The most interesting part about this carpet is that the price of the carpet goes up with the number of knots per square meter. A high-end luxurious silk Berber carpet can have up to 250,000 knots per square meter. Wow, so many knots to reckon with! Tunisia is well-known for using various forms of weaving. Tunisian women still follow the tradition of knotted weaving which is so typical of Kairouan. The gorgeous designs of the Zarbia pile rugs from Kairouan feature Kufesque borders, bouquets, reels, assembly and Greek motifs. When the Tripolitanian Berbers migrated to Tunisia, they brought with them more complex and fine geometrical designs which were known as the ‘Mergoum’ technique. These beautiful and luxurious carpets are made of wool, camel hair, silk and many more materials. Once you get to know these woven carpets for sale in better ways, you will love to add class and elegance with these beautifully designed and detailed Tunisian Berber Carpets.

Now that you have been introduced to the rich history of these Berber carpets, would you still want to buy a cheap imitation? Definitely not, right? All you need to do is shell out that little extra cash so that you can have a carpet of the highest quality – one that you will be able to proudly hand over to your descendents.

Cleaning Tips for your Berber Carpets

Cleaning and maintaining your carpets on a regular basis can make a huge difference in how they look after a few years.

– If you want to maintain the original good looks of your Berber carpets then throw in some foot mats at the entrance so that all dirt and grime is trapped at the entryway itself.

– The unique weave of Berber carpets tends to hold water; therefore you need to be extra cautious about water spills. In case, there is any water spillage, blot away the moisture with paper towels instantly.

– Invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner so that you can clean your carpets on a regular basis and prevent all the dust and grime from grinding into the same.

Buy Berber Carpets by all means – your space deserves them!





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