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Give a Relaxed Feel to Your Feet with Mohawk Carpet

Whenever any home owner thinks about enhancing the beauty of house flooring, the primary aspect that comes to mind is a carpet. There are varied reasons for this too. Firstly, these carpets are very attractive. Secondly, the cost involved in decorative flooring is much high in comparison to carpets which provide you the same kind of decorative feel and look. Moreover, with huge availability of brands and make, this becomes the most preferred choice. Amongst the many brands, one brand that stands out is Mohawk carpet.

Mohawk carpet has forever dominated the flooring industry. It fulfills almost every requirement and application for carpets owing to its varied benefits. Mohawk carpet is created out of Dupont’s novel Sorona polymer along with the carpet fiber, which is utilized in making the carpet, is a fresh classification of yarn known as Triexta. Mohawk carpet is acquiring a lot of popularity in the market for large number of good reasons.

Mohawk Carpet can be maintained easily, the stains are easy to remove, and it has the ability to absorb more wear and tear. These carpets are not very expensive, but it makes your place look very stylish and classy. It is an admitted fact that they can be used for years if treated in a proper way. It is vital to use caution while cleaning so that it does not tear. If by any chance you snag any yarn, it can be tattered. So, light force is recommended when vacuuming the carpet.

The different styles of Mohawk that are accessible in the market are Frieze, Plush, Patterned and numerous others are available for you to choose from.

Some of the benefits of Mohawk Carpet that give you an idea as how amazing this product are mentioned below.


The softness of this carpet is amazing. Some carpet yarns do have a scratchy sensitivity when rubbed, but this particular carpet is amazingly velvety and silky and does not have a residue effect. The softness is not due to the chemical applied, but it is owing to the polymer that is used which makes it naturally soft. The very feel of this carpet will make you satisfied and the smoothness will lead to you liking these carpets more and more every time you put your feet on them.

Eco Friendly

This carpet is made from roughly 35% Dupont Sorona. It is a polymer, which is a resultant from corn sugar. It is an exceptional thing that a carpet comes out from a renewable source. Mohawk carpet just makes use of this novel Eco fiber, but on the other hand, the fiber itself needs minimum energy to create and gives out less greenhouse releases that other fibers and yarns do.

More Durable

The fiber used in this carpet which is Treixta, is thought to be more durable than majority of the other yarns and is as strong as or even stronger than normal nylons. In the previous times, Nylon was considered the finest for carpet yarns. In the current times, Mohawk has altered the game and is now supposed to be the best wearing carpets obtainable in the market.

Can Resist Stains

The polymer that is used in making this carpet has distinctive and matchless properties that resist stains to pervade the yarn. Lifelong stain resistance is provided to these carpets by Mohawk. Manufacturers often give a helpline number when they offer warranty. At times, the stain can be removed with a clean and a simple towel and water, but if the stain is stubborn, before you attempt any chemical, it is recommended to use the helpline number. Remember that expert advice is always better than trying it yourself. This is why it is recommended that you always purchase from a reputed and authorized online dealer.


The guarantee on Mohawk Carpets is impressive. They offer Lifetime Stain Resistance, 15-year Soil Resistance, 15-year Quality Preservation, and 10-year of Fade Resistance.

The Mohawk Carpet is able to conceal any irregularities, which the floor has, and covers all the bumps all around. Sometimes inferior carpet noticeably shows distorted places in the floor beneath and it looks very unattractive.

Mohawk Carpets are available Online

These carpets are amazing products that the flooring industry has bestowed upon you. Moreover, it can change the way as how we all think regarding the carpet and overall flooring experience. At online portals, you can easily come across varieties of Mohawk carpets. You will get several designs and patterns of this carpet. During festive season, you can get good deals and discount offers. It is just that, we need to look for an authentic website that is dealing in sales of these carpets. Once you find a reliable online source, purchasing these carpets will be very easy and convenient. So choose wisely and see your flooring getting enhanced.

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An Effective Guide to Choosing a Soft Carpet

The two primary factors that dictate your choice in a floor carpet are comfort and style. With the markets being saturated with a multitude of designs, makes, models and types of carpets, it becomes a daunting task indeed to choose one that suits your needs and your budget. Despite all the floating variables, the one thing that all home owners have a penchant towards is installing a soft carpet. There is no better way to end a hectic day than to lie back on your couch, while your feet rests on soft carpeting.

What’s more? If you have small children, a soft, but firm carpet can easily break their fall to keep them unharmed. In case you own pets, carpets can save your expensive floor from scratches. Thus, not only do they add a sense of charm to your home, high quality carpets also have functional uses that are directed towards keeping your home safe.

A clear understanding of the different types of carpeting material that you can choose from will come in handy when picking out your carpet. An educated decision will always lend itself to be resourceful in the long term, especially when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your soft and elegant carpets. So, before jumping to the care and upkeep of your carpets and rugs, it is vital to understand how different carpets are made in different ways, and need to be treated accordingly.

Carpet Styles Explained

There are three primary carpet styles- cut pile, loop pile and a combination of the two. Every carpet in the world hosts one of the three styles. However, a common consumer might be more familiar with categorizing soft carpet styles as frieze, Berber, plush, etc., which are essentially subcategories of the above mentioned styles. Let’s dig deeper into what makes a cut pile, loop pile and a cut-loop pile carpet.


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Everything You Need to Know About Anderson Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floor lends a regal look that can transform even the most mundane looking interiors into a visual spectacle. Anderson hardwood flooring does just that, and it can help your interiors achieve timeless charm and elegance. It doesn’t matter if you are planning on remodeling your home or installing new flooring from scratch, a hardwood floor is almost always the right choice. Hardwood is available in a variety of designs- from a professional, well-polished look to a rugged, rustic look and everything in between. However, the sheer number of hardwood options currently available in the markets is enough to daunt any home owner. This article is aimed at helping customers make the right choice in hardwood flooring.

Choosing the right hardwoodThe first step in installing quality hardwood flooring is choosing the right wood. Oak is one of the most popular types of wood flooring as it exudes a sense of grandeur and finesse in any house it is laid in. This alone can significantly increase the resale value of your house. Some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing your hardwood floors are :

    • Wood Species: Thanks to their ease of availability and sturdiness, oak, maple and cherry are among the top favorite species,. Exotic varieties like Brazilian cherry or mahogany are well known for their excellent finish, but aren’t as durable as the former options. The color and the texture of hardwood depends entirely on the wood species, thus a fair degree of compromise between the style, color and texture is necessary to gain the best results.
    • Board Width: Hardwood floors feature a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from narrow strips to broad planks to parquet squares and rectangles. Broad planks exude a vintage look, while the parquet squares befits the modern style.
    • Hardness: The hardness of planks plays an important role in determining the degree of scratches left on your floor. Harder species such as red oak can handle scars and scratches with an elegance that is unseen in softer varieties such as pine.
  • Finish: Hardwood finishes provides the wood its characteristic sheen. Most hardwood planks flaunt a factory pre-finish, which helps keep dust at bay and makes installation easier. This coating also helps keep the wood far more durable and long lasting, as compared to site applied finishes.


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Decorate Your Floor with Elegant Bliss Carpets

Generally, the women look after and clean their homes! They make most purchase decisions regarding the décor of their personal space. The way they choose carpets and rugs is also a reflection of their personal style and taste. For instance, if you as a woman, love neutral tones, your living spaces will have a soft touch of pastel shades around; but if you love bright colors then your home will have the warmth of darker shades. The designers and experts at Bliss Carpets have interviewed many female shoppers across America to learn what they like and expect from floor coverings. After gathering all the information, they are imbibing the same in their designs for producing beautiful carpets with fabulous patterns and features to make you say ‘Love it’.

Environment-Friendly Bliss Carpets

Are carpets the best flooring option for you if you have small kids and pets running around the house? Yes, Bliss carpets, which have been appropriately rated as the ‘Nicest Carpets in the World’, are not only pet and kid friendly but also perform very well in high foot traffic zones in offices and homes. They leave the overall décor and floors looking and feeling beautiful at all times.


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A High Quality Miliken Carpet will make your Guests Swoon!

Milliken carpets are known to adorn homes and offices alike. They are giving the right touch of beauty and elegance to airports, plush hotels, and other commercial places as well.


Milliken manufacturers are committed to designing excellence; they are fueled by innovation. With the help of trained and experienced professionals, they manufacture high quality floor coverings, performance materials, and specialty chemicals. One of their exceptional products is Milliken carpet. With the fusion of unique technologies and extra-ordinary design, Milliken carpets are more customizable and colorful, longer lasting and tougher, softer and more sustainable than most regular carpets. These carpets beautify commercial environments, homes, airports, hotels and offices with flair. Home owners, architects and designers are inspired by the textures and innovative patterns produced by Milliken’s certified methods of carbon-neutral manufacturing.

In case you are looking for a high quality Miliken carpet to add to the looks of your floor, then this blog is surely for you.

Leading innovations in carpets:

The different producers in a well-arranged and exhaustive Milliken carpet catalogue are manufactured digitally using the millitron printing machine, which is a computer-controlled inkjet carpet printing machine that etches the most exquisite carpeting solutions like no other. Unlike the other regular machines that add color to only corners and tips of the carpet fibers, the unique printing process by Milliken fills the entire carpet with all required colors. Milliken carpet lends emotional power, beauty and elegance to all spaces and is the right way to go.

Sustainable excellence:

The USP of a Milliken carpet lies in its sustainability. These carpets are manufactured using renewable resources that are certified carbon neutral by ISO. An ISO certification guarantees that the product meets the highest customer and environmental standards at all times. Milliken uses meaningful design, unique insights and deep science for tackling today’s tough concerns and issues. 99% of the Milliken carpet and rugs are recycled or reused. If you are choosing a Milliken product, you can be assured of choosing an eco-friendly product!