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Give your House a Magnificent New Look with Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Your house is the one place on earth where you want to feel most comfortable. It should be welcoming and relaxing to live. Besides the walls, the floor is among the largest surfaces indoors. It needs to be both functional and relaxing to walk on and in appearance. The most elegant floors are expensive to install and maintain. However, sheet vinyl flooring offers an affordable option that leaves your house looking elegant and classy.

Where Can You Install a Vinyl Floor?

The uses of a room dictate the best floor to install. Areas where water is used like the bathroom or laundry section require a rough surface. A smooth surface will fit the bedroom and living areas. However, vinyl floors can be installed in the following among other areas in your house.

  • Bathroom– the bathroom is used on daily basis and experiences a lot of traffic. The floor should be easy to clean, durable and resilient enough to handle daily traffic. These are the exact properties provided by sheet vinyl flooring. It can also withstand the humidity that is obvious in this area. It comes with antimicrobial properties that will make your bathroom free of microorganisms.

  • Living or family room– your living area should offer comfort to adults and children alike. It should also be appealing, easy to clean and resistant to stains. Choose a floor that is warm and resistant to strains emanating from beverages and spilled foods. Because of the level of activity in the living room, the floor should withstand high levels of traffic. Vinyl offers a cost effective option.

  • Office or formal setting– the appearance of your office will affect your productivity. The right carpet and flooring is required. You need to consider whether the kind of furniture required, noise levels, visitors expected and the possibility of use by children especially for home offices. It is not necessary to have an expensive executive carpet. Vinyl comes in elegant options of color, texture and thickness. Guests entering your office will be greeted by an elegant floor. This raises your profile as a business.

  • Bedroom– the privacy of the bedroom should not lead to neglect. In fact, this is one room that should reflect personal taste and uniqueness. Though it does not receive a lot of traffic, it should be relaxing since it is used for privacy purposes. Bedroom for kids require special attention especially use of attractive colors and a resilient material. Children bedrooms should be easy to clean and resistant to stains.

Vinyl flooring can still be used on other areas like the kitchen, dining room, basement and laundry. Click here for more details on how to choose a perfect material for your floor. Work with an experienced flooring expert to ensure that the decision made works depending on the uses of a room. Consider long term maintenance and general appearance of the material you choose for your floor.

How to Install Vinyl Floor

Replacing or revamping the floor is an excellent way to change the appearance of your room. You may install vinyl personally or enlist the assistance of flooring professionals. This ensures that installation is done in the recommended way and thus lives up to your expectations.

  • Begin by emptying the room of all furniture. Ensure that the floor is smooth and free of nails, scraps, old adhesives, etc. It will guarantee a flat surface. Old vinyl should also be removed to ensure that the surface is even.

  • Measure that area that needs to be covered. A few inches should be added for fitting purposes. Research on the best thickness for different rooms depending on their use.

  • Store the materials in the room overnight to acclimatize. It makes it easier to install and durable too.

  • When its time to fit, do so parallel to the longest wall. Corners are fitted using pieces of the excess vinyl cut when fixing the sheet. Choose a pattern that pleases you. Press hard to avoid bubbling under the surface.

A professional finish is achieved when the patterns are matched and compliment the other surfaces and installations around the house. Hiring a professional is preferred though not mandatory. The charges will depend on the size of surface where the vinyl is being applied. Personal taste, uses of a room, maintenance needs and your budget will determine the sheet vinyl flooring choice you make. Choose a pattern and material that makes your room comfortable and functional.

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The Free Checklist for Anyone Buying a Stanton Carpet

There are many homeowners who make mistakes that could seem simple, but are very costly when deciding on the upholstery for their homes. Look at the checklist below to help you make an informed choice on your Stanton Carpet and enjoy comfort in your home.

Before you take a carpet out of the shop, there are several things to consider. Begin by understanding the things that make one carpet better than the other. At the back of the carpet, there will be a specification label. This is what gives information about the manufacturer of the carpet, the type of fiber used to make the carpet, warranty, and the style and color of the carpet. There are carpets that will also reveal the anti-stain and anti-static treatments have been applied to the carpet.

The specs that are rarely included on the label of the carpet include the pile density rating, the pile height and the tuft twist count. Not many carpet manufacturers come clean about these details because they want you to buy their product with as little information as possible. What they do is make the comparison process so difficult that it becomes close to impossible to shop for the same Stanton Carpet, which might be going for less at another shop down the street.

The PAR Rating System

Many manufacturers of carpets have a durability scale that they use to let their customers know about the carpets they are selling to them. The scale rates the carpets from one to five. Five is considered the most durable, however, I think that these systems are not the best because they are not an accurate or true to life test. I would suggest that you try one of the best carpet foot traffic tests there are to figure out the carpet grade your home needs. The test takes into account the following factors:

  • The number of adults living in the home

  • Whether the home has children or grandchildren, teenagers and pets

  • How often the home is thoroughly vacuumed

  • Size of the house

  • How many times the carpets will be cleaned professionally every year

Points are given for each of the categories and the higher the points the heavier the traffic, hence the tougher the carpet you will need.

The tuft twist rating

Carpet strands are normally grouped together to form tufts. These tufts are then twisted as heat is being applied to set the fibers permanently. The tightness with which the strands are set is what determines the durability of the carpet. A tuft that is durable will have 7 twists and at times even more. When the twists go below 5, the carpet is termed as low grade. Note that the lowest number of twists is three while the highest is 7.5

The problem with buying the low grade carpets is that with time and use, they tend to untwist or blossom. This is what makes a carpet appear worn out. When the rating is higher, the carpet will be less likely to untwist, which means it will appear new for a longer period of time.

Choosing the fiber of the carpet

The fiber determines how the carpet will feel on your feet. It also determines durability to some extent. The best fiber that is available in the market today is nylon. Even though people will choose different fibers for their own reasons, this material is undoubtedly the most durable of them all. It is very resistant to abrasion and is easy to clean with anti stain treatments. When buying, you will be confronted with a choice between the 6.0 and the 6.6 variations. Both are strong and durable, however, looking for a carpet made with Teflon technology makes it even more durable.

Other reasons to choose nylon include:

  • The fiber has exceptional strength

  • It is resistant to abrasion

  • It cannot be damaged by oil and many other chemicals

  • It is low in absorbency, making the cleanup of spills easier

Tip: if you love the soft look and feel of wool but cannot afford the real woolen carpet, it is time to try softer nylon fibers that are sold under brands such as Tactesse and Lisse, The carpet is softer than the regular nylon one and will not burn a hole through your savings.

Other materials that make carpets include olefin, polyester, and smart-strand. These are the considerations to make before walking out of the store with one Stanton Carpet. There are other minor issues like color to think about but when you get this right, you are good to go.

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Shaw Carpets – Where Design Meets Sustainability

Looking for a cutting edge designer carpet that is easy to install and maintain? Shaw carpets is the brand that gives you cutting edge and sustainable design ideas to create the perfect look. Beautify your premises and be ecologically sound at one stroke.
Way back in 1946, a small business named Star Dye Company set up a dyeing unit for tufted scatter rugs. By way of good quality products, innovative designs, great service and a desire to create customer satisfaction, this small business entity was catapulted into the list of the largest carpet manufacturers in the world. Shaw Carpets, as it is called now, fulfils the need for practical, innovative and functional flooring in commercial and residential spaces alike. If you have been waiting to lay your hands on the finest floor solutions, then durable and resistant carpets by Shaw serve to be the right choice for you!
There are multiple uses and customizations for flooring needs. Diverse industries have their own set of flooring needs that have to be looked into with careful consideration by floor installers and their users alike. Shaw carpets takes pride in catering to the needs of industries across the spectrum.