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An Overview of Congoleum Flooring Products

The beauty, style and elegance of any house have their foundation on the floor. This is why Congoleum Flooring has remained innovative and committed to producing the best quality products for years. The company holds patents and the rights to numerous products that are related to the industry. Since 1886, the company has worked hard to provide the most innovative products for residential and commercial flooring. It has invested in the latest technology to support production of the best products in the market. Its strategic plans include development of futuristic designs that are enhanced in terms of style and quality.

Congoleum Flooring Products

Congoleum is defined by the wide range of flooring products it offers to the market. These products come in different and unique sizes, textures and designs to meet the dynamic needs to commercial, residential and outdoor spaces. Here are a range of products from Congoleum to consider.

  • Duraceramic

Duraceramic is a flagship product by Congoleum flooring inspired by nature and designed for lovers of natural appearances. It has a striking realistic appearance and a practical feel. It incorporates modern technology to enhance its dirt resistance, comfort and resilience. The flooring materials are available in two sizes; 12”x24” and 16”x16”. Its installation is easy and first, including on floors and subfloors. The material does not affect the quality of air in a room it has been installed. The silvery feel provides a natural buffer against antibiotics.

  • Congeleum Timeless

Timeless has a more personal taste with its grey shade. It gives a feeling of a combination of tile and wood planks that is seamlessly done. Timeless flooring comes in a range of colors and texture that provide a perfect match for different business and residential spaces. Congoleum offers a range of benefits including sound dampening properties, a versatile structure, an impactful finish and endurance. Each variety fits with its unique properties.

  • Ovations

Grains do not fit on all surfaces. This is the reason behind development of ovations. They are surfaces that appear ceramic in finish with different textures. There are different varieties of ovations including classic Bisque, Light Mocha, Stone Ford Almond and Golden Clay. Other ovations include Sunstone Earthen Brown, Stone Ford Wheat, Textured Slate Blue Stone and Textured Slate Brown. Textured stone also comes in sand, sage and clay varieties.

  • Congoleum Vinyl Composite Tile

In line with the reputation of producing high quality flooring products for years, Congoleum has developed high performance Commercial Vinyl Composition Tile. This tile comes in the traditional 12”x12” size. It is made of 80% limestone that makes it even more durable. This is the perfect floor for an area that experiences heavy traffic. It requires minimal maintenance and retains the smooth elegant appearance despite the heavy traffic. It comes in vibrant colors that will spice up your reception.

Why Select Congoleum?

Congoleum is known for producing the most resilient flooring materials since 1886. The skill and expertise has been mastered over the years and is reinvented from time to time. It has incorporated the latest technology allowing the floors to respond to changing customer needs. These are among the other reasons to choose Congoleum.

  • Use of wear layer technology-this is a technology that provides an extra layer that enhances the texture and appearance of your floor. It makes the surface livable despite continuous and heavy use.

  • ScotchGard Protector- this is a substance applied on the surface to enable easy wiping of spilled substances on the surface almost immediately. This will protect your floor from staining. It also makes cleaning easier.

  • Underflor- this is a specially manufactured material to provide a smooth under surface for installation of the floor. It saves an incredible deal of time and makes DIY installation easier. It also facilitates customization to fit your taste and style.

  • Technology during installation- a good floor is determined by installation. Congoleum recognizes this aspect and thus provides instructional manual and necessary materials to aid in installation. The techniques and technology developed ensures that your surface is even, smooth and comfortable to live.

Congoleum Flooring gives your working, living or public area an elegant and stylish finish. The products are high quality in texture and appearance. They are also affordable without compromising on the quality and appearance of your living area. Use of the latest technology makes maintenance affordable and easier. Availability of user instructions makes flooring easier when you DIY. The results are impressive on any surface considering the availability of a variety of sizes, patterns, shapes and textures.



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