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A Comprehensive Review of Anderson Hardwood Flooring


The most elegant homes in history are made of a brown shade of hard wood. When many people think of elegant floors, this shade comes to mind. While it is considered elegant, the tone is dull, expensive and monotonous. Anderson Hardwood provides an alternative that helps you achieve all the properties of natural hardwood at a fraction of the price.

We offers a gorgeous selection of hardwood floor with a touch of grey. The tone of the floor is muted and minimalistic, in tandem with the Scandinavian appeal sweeping the world of interior décor. It is complemented by sheep skin rugs, bronze accentuation and a wooden feel. It spices things up for your home with a range of wood finishes to match your taste.

Hardwood Varieties

Anderson Hardwood Flooring offers a range of finishes that are versatile and chic. These finishes allow the house to achieve a complementary feel that can be combined with such finishes as steel which are in vogue. It is therefore perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, living area, among others. It comes in a variety of textures, colors and patterns to match individual needs.

  • Anderson Hardwood

This is a distressed and rustic feel with an ancient touch. It was mainly used in barns and factory floors because of its ability to resist abrasion. It is sophisticate and elegant to walk on. It ages handsomely by maintaining both color and texture. You have an option of four colors that release an incredible style to your house. It comes in garden and picket fence textures.

  • Virginia Vintage Hardwood

This is a unique feel to your floor that delivers chisel marks and indentations like on natural wood. It is engineered to offer a hand crafted feel of real wood. The appearance of your floor is authentic and naturally beautiful. Innovation and use of the latest technology makes the floor durable. The material used is hickory with a hardness rating of 2300. The material also performs excellent when exposed to radiant heat.

  • Lusterlock Ultra

Home owners should enjoy years of peace after installing the floor. This is the thinking that informed the development and manufacture of this flooring material. It has been proven to last up to six times more than products in its range. The materials used make it resistant to abrasion and scuff. It comes in a range of textures and colors that make it perfect for homes, offices and areas which receive a lot of traffic.

  • Encore Plus

This floor is designed to eliminate air pockets that characterize different. The ultra high density makes the denser and harder. It is therefore more difficult to penetrate and thus stable as well as produces a better performance. The density and hardness of the surface does not affect its elegance. It is environmentally friendly, easy to install and produces peak performance.

Why Settle For Anderson?

The appearance of this is either welcoming and comforting or uncomfortable. It says a lot about the home or office. It reflects your perception in life and class. This is what Anderson seeks to deliver. A home, office or public area that is elegant, welcoming and functional.

  • Innovation- you get floors that are thoughtful, futuristic and designed to offer a specific feel to your home. The use of the latest technology makes them durable and versatile.

  • Stylish- a home that looks and feels authentic is always stylish. Anderson provides an authentic feel that leaves you living space looking elegantly stylish.

  • Installation and Warranty- the planks are delivered ready for installation with no need to stain or sand. The plies are also joined using the latest technology that prevents splitting even under extreme conditions. This explains why the company offers such a long warranty compared to other manufacturers in the market.

  • Hand crafting- the uniqueness of it’s materials is in the fact that they are crafted by experienced artisans. This means that no two planks look alike.

The use of home- made materials and innovative procedures reduce the carbon footprints of Anderson products. Anderson Hardwood is also easy to maintain without having to incur heavy expenses. They allow use of common substances and materials without damage on the surface. Their resistance to stains, scuff and abrasion gives you a natural and comfortable floor. You will receive adequate instructions on how to maintain it and a warranty in case something unexpected happens to your floor.



Carpet Express is a distributor of a wide variety of carpets and rugs, offering latest designs in residential and commercial flooring. The company offers residential carpets in a variety of styles and colors, such as textured, plush, berber, grass and frieze. The firm also provides hardwood in variety of colors, such as fawn, dune, seashell, cherry, saddle, butterscotch, spice, winter white, gunstock and natural. Shop online today at or call 800-922-5582 to speak to a sales representative.

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