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Is the New Smartstrand Carpet Fiber Overrated?

Sarona, the makers of Smartstrand carpet claim that they are about to make all the other fabrics in their category obsolete. This is because of the quality of fabric used and the advantages it presents to users. But is this an overrated assessment? Is the carpet worth the hype it has received? Here are some details that will help you make a decision.

  • Superior Stain Resistance

This element is incorporated into the fiber other than forming part of the coating. This innovative technology raises the level of protection ensuring that such stains as red wine, mustard or even the stubborn cherry. These stains are easily removed using ordinary and mild detergents. The technology also protects the original color of the fiber from removal by bleach. This makes it ideal for a home where there are children. The inevitable spills will not leave your carpet with multiple colors or stains.

  • Eco Friendly

The world is becoming increasingly sensitive to environmental sustainability. The percentage of renewable materials used in making the Smartstrand carpet is 37% natural. It is extracted from plants which are available naturally from the environment. The renewable component in this case is corn sugar. Further, the process of manufacturing uses 30% less energy compared to other carpets. This reduces the emissions of carbon footprints associated with this carpet. The only other carpets that beat the environmental friendly rating of Smartstrand are wool and polyester.

  • Resilient

Carpets are used on the floor. Different edgy objects will be placed on the floor. Others will be dragged with the possibility of leaving wheel marks. On some surfaces, the amount of traffic is likely to wear and tear the path. However, this carpet is built to resist pressure for the longest time and still maintain its elegant appearance. In fact, it gives nylon a real run for its money. Durability is therefore not an issue when you get good quality fabric. It is necessary to ensure that the construction is done properly. This is the only installation element that is likely to affect the performance of your floor in the long run.

The qualities outlined above make Smartstrand carpet ideal for a home with kids. It also makes it the perfect choice where the floor is prone to staining. Should you want to cover an area with a lot of traffic, you have the perfect fabric. In line with environmental concerns, this is the best choice for any home or office space.

Maintenance Procedure and Tips for Smartstrand

The concern for many home owners is how to maintain a clean surface. Maintenance is more important for a home with kids or an area experiencing a lot of traffic. Keeping it clean without affecting the overall appearance is a challenge for many home owners and office managers. How do you maintain this kind or carpet?

  • Go for vacuum cleaning- though the fiber is stain resistant, too much use of bleach will wear off the fiber, affecting its color, appearance and quality. Dry vacuuming is recommended because it penetrates into the material and dissolves all kind of dirt.

  • Spot cleaning- experts recommend that you clean the affected area immediately. Allowing the spill to stay longer makes it difficult to clean. It will require a stronger detergent or bleach beyond taking more time. This will easily damage the fiber.

  • Choose the right products- there are products approved for carpet cleaning. These products are recommended when you buy the carpet. Because of the different materials used in making carpets, it is advisable that you stick to a particular cleaner to avoid damaging the strands through weakening or discoloration.

  • Regular cleaning is recommended- the color and texture of a carpet is important in maintaining the appearance of a room. As such, regularly clean your carpet using appropriate products. Allowing dirt or stains to stay on makes them difficult to remove. In fact, it is recommended that you engage a professional cleaner once every 8 to 12 months.

  • Cut snags off the carpet using scissors other than pulling them. This helps to maintain the strength of these strands. In case the carpet is extensively damaged, consider repairing it instead of allowing the tear to extend. When drying the carpet, dry both the front and back.

Smartstrand carpet has received excellent reviews. In fact, most of the people who have used the carpet confirm that the assertions made by the manufacturers on quality, stain resistance and resilience are true. We only need to wait a little longer to ascertain about durability. Otherwise, the current rating is deserved.

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The Perfect Space With Mullican Flooring

Mullican flooring recognizes the floor as a significant determinant of elegance and class in any living space. This drives the commitment to always produce high quality hardwood that is environmentally friendly. The company offers a range of products produced in the United States under strict quality guidelines.

Unique and High Quality Collection

The first space you will notice when you walk into a home or office is the floor. Everyone has a unique taste on color, texture, material, size, etc. Mullican thus provides a wide range of elegant, rustic finishes, wire brushed and hand-sculpted treatments. The planks include a random selection of both 6 and 7 inch planks with a width that is as exceptionally wide as 7 inches.

Mullican flooring has broken the record by offering a lifetime moisture warranty for the first time in the industry. The warranty is offered on selected products. The reputation and quality of these products are enhanced by the fact that the company boosts of the most efficient drying process using the kiln in the industry. You are guaranteed the most consistent and high quality products through a stringent inspection process that monitors every piece at every stage. The grade of Mullican products is always assured.

Selecting the Correct Mullican Products

A hardwood floor looks great on any room. Mullican recognizes this and provides high quality, unique and diverse products for different spaces. Availability of different products makes it easier for you to pick the right color, size, texture, etc for your space. As such you will enjoy the incredible benefits of a hardwood floor on any space around the house.

  • Wood Species

Mullican uses the highest quality wood species from Appalichian Mountains. The woods selected include oak, walnut, maple and hickory, all domestic species. Some of the excellent domestic species chosen include tiger wood and cherry, both from Brazil. These species are chosen because of their distinct grain patterns. For instance, the choice of oak is informed by its distinctively discernable grains. For maple, it is considered to be very subtle. The quality of hardwood selected makes it idea for high traffic areas because it resists indentation and can withstand the pressure of objects being dragged on the surface without reducing in quality.

  • Color Selection

There is a distinct wood color which can only get lighter or richer. Mullican offers the traditional hard colors of saddle, caramel, gunstock and natural. The exotic species come in other dramatic and subtle colors that are usually photo sensitive. As such, to achieve their rich color, they need extended exposure to the sun. To get the real-rich color of a wood floor, you will need to have it installed for between six months and one year. The color reaches full maturity during this period. For some species, the color gets lighter with time. This is mainly attributed to sunlight exposure.

  • Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is meant to enhance the natural beauty of hardwood. As the trend gains popularity, it is giving the resulting surface more pronounced grains and a special texture. You have the option of hand sculptured feel, distressed texture and a wire brushed surface. It takes master craftsmen to create the hand-crafted and distressed textures. The species that respond the best to the hand scraped texture are hickory and maple. Oak flooring responds best to the wire brushed texture.

  • Customized Widths

There is a natural width to wood. Mullican tries as much as possible to maintain this through production of planks that are between 3 and 7 inches. The planks give your floor a natural wooden appearance. For small rooms, you have the option of 2.25 inch width which is the traditional size. This reduces the number of seams on the floor, making it to appear larger.

Mulican Floors

Mullican offers an opportunity to select the widest collection of floors. There is a prefinished collection that features Castilian Solid, Chatelaine, Hillshire, Linconshire, Knob Creek and Meadow Brooke, among others. The unfinished collection includes the Clear, Select and Better, #1Common and #2Common, among others. In terms of construction, you make a choice between the Engineered and Solid. There is a selection of 274 products and counting, made in USA. A wide range of colors is available for you to choose. The colors come in varieties of black, brown, grey, tan, orange, yellow, white and red. Surface textures options available are white-wash, wire-brushed, smooth and hand sculpted.

Mullican flooring offers everything you would imagine on a floor. The variety is meant to meet your taste options. This is your idea partner in creating the space you have always desired.

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Choose Laminate Flooring as a Durable, Easy to Clean Back splash in Your Floor

Incredible, yet true; the quality of contemporary laminate flooring has attained such excellence that it would be hard to differentiate between the artificial and the real material – appearance wise. Also called floating wood tile in the United States, it constitutes a multi-layer synthetic flooring compound fused together through complex lamination progression.

Laminate flooring mimics hard wood, ceramic or stone with infinitely detailed photographic image layer of the actual materials reproduced through rotogravure process immediately beneath a transparent wear resistant top layer. The inner core layer usually comprises melamine resin, along with fiber board stuff, while the bottom layer protects from dampness and moisture. However, it is often controlled by European Standard (EN 13329:2000) that specifies laminate floor covering requirements and testing procedures.

Types and Finishes of currently available Laminate flooring

Types include looks such as:

  • Pine Wood grain look

  • Maple Wood grain look

  • Cherry Wood grain look

  • Oak Wood grain look

  • Stone Natural look

  • Ceramic Tiles look

  • Marble Natural look

Finishes include:

  • Glossy

  • Embossed

  • High-gloss

Growing Popularity

It is becoming more and more popular with builders and home owners who want to renovate their old and withered floor covering because of the following reasons.

  • Cost effectiveness – Though looking as good as hard wood flooring, Laminate flooring can be laid at a fraction of the cost of Pine, Maple, Cherry or Oak flooring.

  • Fast and easy Installation – Compared to installation of hard wood flooring that not only takes plenty of time and money (because of many man-hours needed for it), this kind of flooring can be installed easily and quickly. As a matter of fact, most home owners treat it as DIY job.

  • Durability – Even though most manufacturers provide conditional lifetime guarantee for their product, cases are not rare for quality Laminate Floors lasting well over 25-30 years.

  • Minimum maintenance – There is practically no maintenance for these floorings, save and except occasional vacuuming and slight mopping.


Installation of these floors, as earlier said, is quite easy and simple as these laminates come as self-locking tongue and groove planks which can be clicked into one another. Oftentimes, glue backing is also provided for quicker installation. However, since these installed laminate floorings literally ‘float’ over the sub-floor, you need to introduce a foam or film underlayment to protect the flooring from moisture and dampness. Also you need to provide a slight gap (1 – 10 mm or 0.039 – 0. 394) between the flooring and the wall to allow it to expand without any hindrance. Of course, skirting boards can always be taken away and then reinstalled after the flooring job is over. However, saw cuts on the planks are routinely required at edges, while professional installers mostly use door jamb undercut saws to cut out some space, allowing the flooring to go under the door jamb.

The Negative side

Moisture and dampness can kill even the best flooring and so it is unsuitable for areas likely to encounter wetness or damp conditions. Such flooring is not advisable in rest rooms unless all edges are thoroughly glued during installation and the perimeter is sealed with silicone caulk.

Once withered or damaged, Laminate flooring needs to be replaced; it cannot be reconditioned like real wood flooring.

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Choose Vinyl Flooring for Your Home or Office Premises

When considering flooring, or rather new flooring options in an apartment, people tend to spend hours debating whether carpet or hardwood would serve their purpose (and pocket) in implementing such ideas. However, most of them overlook or fail to see a few other options that could serve their purpose at an affordable cost and yet look admirably well.

Yes; you have guessed it right. I am talking about the contemporary brands of vinyl flooring that not only matches with your bedroom and living room décor to the fullest but also lasts a lifetime, if looked after carefully.

Why, out of all the different segments of the floor covering materials available in the market today, It rules the roost – even among top quality products such as plank wood, engineered wood and laminate flooring.

Popularly known as resilient flooring, vinyl has already earned its status as the most venerable floor covering for a host of reasons, some of which are outlined below.

>> LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) is the order of the day – In the form of one of the several sub-categories of it, which is available in sheets, planks and tiles, LVT alone accounts for more than $949 million (43%) of the entire flooring revenue in a nationwide survey. The reasons, however, are simple – it is user friendly, pocket friendly, easy to install, easy to remove and above all, easy to clean and easy to maintain.

>> Popularity with real estate builders – Real estate builders who have a penchant towards cutting costs yet maintaining quality of their housing projects have found vinyl flooring as the ideal material for their apartments and condominiums the customers appreciate and are satisfied with (in view of the budget). Why, even in replacement category, it tops the list. Studies reveal that replacement flooring in the residential sector in the United Sates, It has taken up the lion’s share as of 2015.

>>It is family friendly too – More and more families with kids, pets, permanent guests and running with tight budgets are finding vinyl flooring as the best solution for keeping the home clean and tidy all the while. Their worst fears with newly acquired puppies are allayed soon as the floor can be wiped and cleaned no sooner than the puppy (not yet house trained) makes a mess of it.

>>Availability factor – It is available in several convenient categories, of which Sheet Flooring and tiles flooring are the two common types. While the former is laid down in sheet form (6 or 12 feet width), the latter comes in tiles form (9” x 9” or 12” x 12”). It is easier to install and preferred by many; ergo vinyl tiles provide more colorful combinations, some often emulating ceramic look. However, the tiles type does not guarantee hundred percent water-proof as the sheet type does.

>>Biggest advantage of using this is the cost factor. It is the most cost effective form of redoing a floor in terms of providing overall floor covering. It is durable too and stands up fairly well to heavy foot traffic. It is pleasurable to walk on, while it suppresses noise to some extent. Also, since vinyl flooring comes in wide array of colors and designs, it can match well with your house décor effortlessly.

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Looking for New Flooring for Your Old Residence? Go for Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring

Fashions and styles often appear after the lapse of certain period or era. For instance, floor mounted automobile gear shift levers have come back again, replacing steering column mounted shifters that reined supreme till the forties. So are the running boards that were abolished during the same period. Who knows, maybe the horror-invoking ‘Ahooga-Ahooga’ electric horn will reappear as customary feature for future generation hybrid anti-petrol motor cars.

Yet another reincarnation of age-old home décor, such as flooring accessory that was quite popular during 1600s in the form of hand- scraped hardwood floors that have become a craze today. While hand scraping was indulged in primarily towards creating smooth surface in the olden days, it has turned into an art form today. What is more, hand-scraped hardwood floors can now be customized to suit your lifestyle, courtesy a handful of dedicated manufacturers.

What determines Material Prices

There are quite a few factors that determine Hand-scraped Hardwood flooring prices,such as:

  •    Hardness Rating – This will give you an idea of how strong the material is, as also whether it will be able to withstand the type of usage that you have in mind. However, this is done through Janka Rating System which measures the force required to embed a 11.28 mm or .444 inch steel ball into wood to half the ball’s diameter, while leaving an indentation. It is commonly used to verify whether the specimen is suitable for use as flooring. Also, the hardness of the wood varies with the direction of the grains.