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Looking for New Flooring for Your Old Residence? Go for Hand-scraped Hardwood Flooring

Fashions and styles often appear after the lapse of certain period or era. For instance, floor mounted automobile gear shift levers have come back again, replacing steering column mounted shifters that reined supreme till the forties. So are the running boards that were abolished during the same period. Who knows, maybe the horror-invoking ‘Ahooga-Ahooga’ electric horn will reappear as customary feature for future generation hybrid anti-petrol motor cars.

Yet another reincarnation of age-old home décor, such as flooring accessory that was quite popular during 1600s in the form of hand- scraped hardwood floors that have become a craze today. While hand scraping was indulged in primarily towards creating smooth surface in the olden days, it has turned into an art form today. What is more, hand-scraped hardwood floors can now be customized to suit your lifestyle, courtesy a handful of dedicated manufacturers.

What determines Material Prices

There are quite a few factors that determine Hand-scraped Hardwood flooring prices,such as:

  •    Hardness Rating – This will give you an idea of how strong the material is, as also whether it will be able to withstand the type of usage that you have in mind. However, this is done through Janka Rating System which measures the force required to embed a 11.28 mm or .444 inch steel ball into wood to half the ball’s diameter, while leaving an indentation. It is commonly used to verify whether the specimen is suitable for use as flooring. Also, the hardness of the wood varies with the direction of the grains.




Carpet Express is a distributor of a wide variety of carpets and rugs, offering latest designs in residential and commercial flooring. The company offers residential carpets in a variety of styles and colors, such as textured, plush, berber, grass and frieze. The firm also provides hardwood in variety of colors, such as fawn, dune, seashell, cherry, saddle, butterscotch, spice, winter white, gunstock and natural. Shop online today at or call 800-922-5582 to speak to a sales representative.

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