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Choose Laminate Flooring as a Durable, Easy to Clean Back splash in Your Floor

Incredible, yet true; the quality of contemporary laminate flooring has attained such excellence that it would be hard to differentiate between the artificial and the real material – appearance wise. Also called floating wood tile in the United States, it constitutes a multi-layer synthetic flooring compound fused together through complex lamination progression.

Laminate flooring mimics hard wood, ceramic or stone with infinitely detailed photographic image layer of the actual materials reproduced through rotogravure process immediately beneath a transparent wear resistant top layer. The inner core layer usually comprises melamine resin, along with fiber board stuff, while the bottom layer protects from dampness and moisture. However, it is often controlled by European Standard (EN 13329:2000) that specifies laminate floor covering requirements and testing procedures.

Types and Finishes of currently available Laminate flooring

Types include looks such as:

  • Pine Wood grain look

  • Maple Wood grain look

  • Cherry Wood grain look

  • Oak Wood grain look

  • Stone Natural look

  • Ceramic Tiles look

  • Marble Natural look

Finishes include:

  • Glossy

  • Embossed

  • High-gloss

Growing Popularity

It is becoming more and more popular with builders and home owners who want to renovate their old and withered floor covering because of the following reasons.

  • Cost effectiveness – Though looking as good as hard wood flooring, Laminate flooring can be laid at a fraction of the cost of Pine, Maple, Cherry or Oak flooring.

  • Fast and easy Installation – Compared to installation of hard wood flooring that not only takes plenty of time and money (because of many man-hours needed for it), this kind of flooring can be installed easily and quickly. As a matter of fact, most home owners treat it as DIY job.

  • Durability – Even though most manufacturers provide conditional lifetime guarantee for their product, cases are not rare for quality Laminate Floors lasting well over 25-30 years.

  • Minimum maintenance – There is practically no maintenance for these floorings, save and except occasional vacuuming and slight mopping.


Installation of these floors, as earlier said, is quite easy and simple as these laminates come as self-locking tongue and groove planks which can be clicked into one another. Oftentimes, glue backing is also provided for quicker installation. However, since these installed laminate floorings literally ‘float’ over the sub-floor, you need to introduce a foam or film underlayment to protect the flooring from moisture and dampness. Also you need to provide a slight gap (1 – 10 mm or 0.039 – 0. 394) between the flooring and the wall to allow it to expand without any hindrance. Of course, skirting boards can always be taken away and then reinstalled after the flooring job is over. However, saw cuts on the planks are routinely required at edges, while professional installers mostly use door jamb undercut saws to cut out some space, allowing the flooring to go under the door jamb.

The Negative side

Moisture and dampness can kill even the best flooring and so it is unsuitable for areas likely to encounter wetness or damp conditions. Such flooring is not advisable in rest rooms unless all edges are thoroughly glued during installation and the perimeter is sealed with silicone caulk.

Once withered or damaged, Laminate flooring needs to be replaced; it cannot be reconditioned like real wood flooring.



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