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The Perfect Space With Mullican Flooring

Mullican flooring recognizes the floor as a significant determinant of elegance and class in any living space. This drives the commitment to always produce high quality hardwood that is environmentally friendly. The company offers a range of products produced in the United States under strict quality guidelines.

Unique and High Quality Collection

The first space you will notice when you walk into a home or office is the floor. Everyone has a unique taste on color, texture, material, size, etc. Mullican thus provides a wide range of elegant, rustic finishes, wire brushed and hand-sculpted treatments. The planks include a random selection of both 6 and 7 inch planks with a width that is as exceptionally wide as 7 inches.

Mullican flooring has broken the record by offering a lifetime moisture warranty for the first time in the industry. The warranty is offered on selected products. The reputation and quality of these products are enhanced by the fact that the company boosts of the most efficient drying process using the kiln in the industry. You are guaranteed the most consistent and high quality products through a stringent inspection process that monitors every piece at every stage. The grade of Mullican products is always assured.

Selecting the Correct Mullican Products

A hardwood floor looks great on any room. Mullican recognizes this and provides high quality, unique and diverse products for different spaces. Availability of different products makes it easier for you to pick the right color, size, texture, etc for your space. As such you will enjoy the incredible benefits of a hardwood floor on any space around the house.

  • Wood Species

Mullican uses the highest quality wood species from Appalichian Mountains. The woods selected include oak, walnut, maple and hickory, all domestic species. Some of the excellent domestic species chosen include tiger wood and cherry, both from Brazil. These species are chosen because of their distinct grain patterns. For instance, the choice of oak is informed by its distinctively discernable grains. For maple, it is considered to be very subtle. The quality of hardwood selected makes it idea for high traffic areas because it resists indentation and can withstand the pressure of objects being dragged on the surface without reducing in quality.

  • Color Selection

There is a distinct wood color which can only get lighter or richer. Mullican offers the traditional hard colors of saddle, caramel, gunstock and natural. The exotic species come in other dramatic and subtle colors that are usually photo sensitive. As such, to achieve their rich color, they need extended exposure to the sun. To get the real-rich color of a wood floor, you will need to have it installed for between six months and one year. The color reaches full maturity during this period. For some species, the color gets lighter with time. This is mainly attributed to sunlight exposure.

  • Surface Treatment

Surface treatment is meant to enhance the natural beauty of hardwood. As the trend gains popularity, it is giving the resulting surface more pronounced grains and a special texture. You have the option of hand sculptured feel, distressed texture and a wire brushed surface. It takes master craftsmen to create the hand-crafted and distressed textures. The species that respond the best to the hand scraped texture are hickory and maple. Oak flooring responds best to the wire brushed texture.

  • Customized Widths

There is a natural width to wood. Mullican tries as much as possible to maintain this through production of planks that are between 3 and 7 inches. The planks give your floor a natural wooden appearance. For small rooms, you have the option of 2.25 inch width which is the traditional size. This reduces the number of seams on the floor, making it to appear larger.

Mulican Floors

Mullican offers an opportunity to select the widest collection of floors. There is a prefinished collection that features Castilian Solid, Chatelaine, Hillshire, Linconshire, Knob Creek and Meadow Brooke, among others. The unfinished collection includes the Clear, Select and Better, #1Common and #2Common, among others. In terms of construction, you make a choice between the Engineered and Solid. There is a selection of 274 products and counting, made in USA. A wide range of colors is available for you to choose. The colors come in varieties of black, brown, grey, tan, orange, yellow, white and red. Surface textures options available are white-wash, wire-brushed, smooth and hand sculpted.

Mullican flooring offers everything you would imagine on a floor. The variety is meant to meet your taste options. This is your idea partner in creating the space you have always desired.



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