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Is the New Smartstrand Carpet Fiber Overrated?

Sarona, the makers of Smartstrand carpet claim that they are about to make all the other fabrics in their category obsolete. This is because of the quality of fabric used and the advantages it presents to users. But is this an overrated assessment? Is the carpet worth the hype it has received? Here are some details that will help you make a decision.

  • Superior Stain Resistance

This element is incorporated into the fiber other than forming part of the coating. This innovative technology raises the level of protection ensuring that such stains as red wine, mustard or even the stubborn cherry. These stains are easily removed using ordinary and mild detergents. The technology also protects the original color of the fiber from removal by bleach. This makes it ideal for a home where there are children. The inevitable spills will not leave your carpet with multiple colors or stains.

  • Eco Friendly

The world is becoming increasingly sensitive to environmental sustainability. The percentage of renewable materials used in making the Smartstrand carpet is 37% natural. It is extracted from plants which are available naturally from the environment. The renewable component in this case is corn sugar. Further, the process of manufacturing uses 30% less energy compared to other carpets. This reduces the emissions of carbon footprints associated with this carpet. The only other carpets that beat the environmental friendly rating of Smartstrand are wool and polyester.

  • Resilient

Carpets are used on the floor. Different edgy objects will be placed on the floor. Others will be dragged with the possibility of leaving wheel marks. On some surfaces, the amount of traffic is likely to wear and tear the path. However, this carpet is built to resist pressure for the longest time and still maintain its elegant appearance. In fact, it gives nylon a real run for its money. Durability is therefore not an issue when you get good quality fabric. It is necessary to ensure that the construction is done properly. This is the only installation element that is likely to affect the performance of your floor in the long run.

The qualities outlined above make Smartstrand carpet ideal for a home with kids. It also makes it the perfect choice where the floor is prone to staining. Should you want to cover an area with a lot of traffic, you have the perfect fabric. In line with environmental concerns, this is the best choice for any home or office space.

Maintenance Procedure and Tips for Smartstrand

The concern for many home owners is how to maintain a clean surface. Maintenance is more important for a home with kids or an area experiencing a lot of traffic. Keeping it clean without affecting the overall appearance is a challenge for many home owners and office managers. How do you maintain this kind or carpet?

  • Go for vacuum cleaning- though the fiber is stain resistant, too much use of bleach will wear off the fiber, affecting its color, appearance and quality. Dry vacuuming is recommended because it penetrates into the material and dissolves all kind of dirt.

  • Spot cleaning- experts recommend that you clean the affected area immediately. Allowing the spill to stay longer makes it difficult to clean. It will require a stronger detergent or bleach beyond taking more time. This will easily damage the fiber.

  • Choose the right products- there are products approved for carpet cleaning. These products are recommended when you buy the carpet. Because of the different materials used in making carpets, it is advisable that you stick to a particular cleaner to avoid damaging the strands through weakening or discoloration.

  • Regular cleaning is recommended- the color and texture of a carpet is important in maintaining the appearance of a room. As such, regularly clean your carpet using appropriate products. Allowing dirt or stains to stay on makes them difficult to remove. In fact, it is recommended that you engage a professional cleaner once every 8 to 12 months.

  • Cut snags off the carpet using scissors other than pulling them. This helps to maintain the strength of these strands. In case the carpet is extensively damaged, consider repairing it instead of allowing the tear to extend. When drying the carpet, dry both the front and back.

Smartstrand carpet has received excellent reviews. In fact, most of the people who have used the carpet confirm that the assertions made by the manufacturers on quality, stain resistance and resilience are true. We only need to wait a little longer to ascertain about durability. Otherwise, the current rating is deserved.



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