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At Armstrong Commercial – Find the Perfect Floor for Your Space

Armstrong Commercial Luxury flooring feature innovative and creative designs that are scratch, stain and scuff resistant and keep looking like new for a long time.

Are you looking to remodel the floor in your living space? The wear and tear on your carpet cannot be hidden any longer, and with guests coming home for the summer, you need to change the floor soon. Where do you begin? What do you have in mind? So many questions to deal with! Well, at the very onset, do you want a traditional look or a more contemporary look for your floors? Well, at Armstrong Commercial, you have a wide range of luxury flooring ideas that will inspire you to achieve the look you have been dreaming about. Let us discuss flooring ideas room by room. No wonder, many homeowners and corporate offices are opting for these luxury flooring solutions.

Innovative Flooring Design Ideas for your Kitchen

Depending on your lifestyle and budget, find the perfect floor for your kitchen that will complement your countertop and cabinets.

– Modern homeowners are always on the lookout for something that lasts a lifetime and does not require too much maintenance. Hardwood flooring with its natural finish is definitely a premium flooring option that adds richness to the floors of your home. It has a wide variety in hardwood flooring, like the wide plank hardwood with natural grain patterns or authentic hand sculpted distressed planks with contemporary designs; they all add real value to your home.

Do you desire the tiled look or the hardwood planked look? With luxury vinyl tiles you can achieve the high end looks on the floor of your kitchen. The luxury vinyl tiles captures the natural stone and ceramic look perfectly, on the other hand, the waterproof luxury vinyl planks capture the real hardwood colors and textures accurately. These two premium quality products are easy to install and provide a soft and warm surface under your foot.

Vinyl sheet or tile? Modern technology and innovative printing process has helped the flooring industry in producing premium quality vinyl sheet floors that capture the look of actual stone or hardwood to perfection. You will be surprised to know that these vinyl tiles are easy to install and come with a DIY manual. Yes, remodeling your kitchen floor could just be half a day’s job. The vinyl sheet as well as the vinyl tiles have a protective layer on them, no wonder they are scratch proof and stain resistant, making them a good option for your kitchen.

If you are looking for a low maintenance flooring option, then it would be a good idea to explore the highly durable laminate floors. You can get the same natural stone or hardwood look on your kitchen floor at a much lesser price than real hardwood.

With so many options, reconstructing and remodeling your kitchen floor can be fun!

Unique Flooring Options for your Bathroom

Those days are long gone when you laid out stone, ceramic or porcelain on the floor of your bathroom because it is a wet area. With the help of modern technology, it has created thousands of high quality bathroom flooring products that are moisture resistant and unique in their designs. The beautiful and durable engineered stone tile flooring from this Company can meet your demands of a natural stone or ceramic design. Homeowners all over the world love this engineered stone tile flooring from Armstrong Commercial because they are beautiful, comfortable, durable and very easy to maintain. Yes, lay them on the floor of your bathroom and enjoy the strong, yet warm to the touch floors.

– The versatile luxury vinyl sheet and vinyl flooring can be installed in your bathroom because they are waterproof and moisture resistant. The fiber glass structure of the innovatively engineered vinyl flooring makes it an excellent choice for the floors of your bathroom. These vinyl sheets capture the real hardwood or natural stone look to perfection. Install them on your bathroom floor and you will definitely fall in love with the patterns that complement the other fittings in your bathroom.

– Did you know that laminate floors could be installed in your bathrooms too? Surprised! Well, laminate floors have come a long way and not only are they durable, but they are also easy to maintain. Update your bathroom floors with these user friendly laminate floors that do not dent or scratch easily. Just use a damp mop to clean your laminate flooring; can it get easier? Laminate floors can replicate any design and pattern, from a more rustic look with a hand scraped wooden plank to a natural stone and tile look, they easily blend into the décor of your bathrooms.

Warm and Soft Flooring Options for your Bedrooms

Bedroom is your personal intimate space, and you definitely want it to be beautiful, peaceful and cozy. Did you know that you could have the bedroom of your dreams, just like the one you saw on an interior design website, without spending a fortune on remodeling it?

Want a rustic country look? Then, you must go in for a wide plank hardwood floor, which complements any style and décor of the room. These luxurious wide plank hardwood floors add value and beauty to any bedroom. Oak, walnut, birch, cherry and maple are some of the options available in traditional hardwood floors, and many modern home owners love the durability and affordability of these hardwood floors. Yes, looking after these scratch resistant hardwood floors is very easy, all you need to do is vacuum clean them every day and every few years they just need to be sanded, buffed and refinished.

Strike that masculine chord in your bedroom with the hand scraped hardwood floors from Armstrong Commercial. Wooden floors definitely add a certain character and warmth to your bedroom; no wonder, modern home owners are attracted to the beauty of wooden floors. What is your type of interior decorating style? Do you prefer a soft and subtle scraping or a deeper hand scraping for a more rustic look? Well, there is a hand scraped wooden floor for every type of décor.

Modern home owners prefer the stylish laminate floors from Armstrong Commercial because they are more practical and convenient. Yes, laminate planks or tiles are the perfect choice for your bedroom floors because they are easy to clean and maintain. With a vast range of designs and colors, there is no dearth of choices to resort to. Laminate floors replicate the look of real wood perfectly and can be installed in your bedroom at a fraction of a cost as compared to real hardwood floors.

In case you have completed your online research and are sure of installing vinyl flooring in the residential or commercial space of your choice, then, it is well advised that you have a fair idea about the exact size and nature of your floors / subfloors as well. An interior designer or a representative of Armstrong Commercial will be the right person to guide you forward and help you understand the exact requirements without fail. For instance, vinyl flooring, which succeeds in giving off the look that you desire, be it tile, wood or anything else, is affordable and beautiful alike. As vinyl is generally constructed in the form of layers, the layer that is of utmost importance and counts more than any other, is the top layer or the wear layer. The wear layer has to be thick and long-lasting to be able to sustain all the rough usage and traffic that it is exposed to at all times. In general, the thicker the wear layer, the better it is for efficient flooring.

To maintain the luster and shine of your wooden floors, all that you need to do is use a dust mop or a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and debris from your wooden floors. For any kind of spillage, just use a clean and soft cotton cloth to wipe it away. If you have wooden floors in your living space, then it is recommended that you use rugs and door mats at the entrance so that any kind of dirt on your shoes and be removed at the doorway itself. With a little bit of care and maintenance, you can enjoy the warmth of the wooden floor for a lifetime. Yes, minor damages to the wooden floor can be taken care of with treatment products for your particular kind of floor, but if the damage is too big to be treated easily, then it is recommended that you take professional help to replace the wooden plank or tile.

Completely refurbish the floors of your home with the latest flooring options from Armstrong Commercial.



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