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All You Need to Choose the Best Mohawk Hardwood Floors for Your Home

When it comes to make your home interiors more appealing, there are a few things that have a bigger impact than the others. One such important thing is the flooring of your rooms. If you have rooms with a really attractive floor, then you can rest assured that you don’t have to put in much effort behind anything else to make your room look truly stunning.

Now, there are a number of options that you have when it comes choosing the right flooring. It is important that you choose the right brand for your flooring. One of the leading brands in flooring is Mohawk Hardwood.

Mohawk is one of the leading names in flooring in North America, known for its high quality products and the wide variety of designs. Mohawk is also an industry leader in green initiatives. So, if you are looking for an attractive, effective and responsible way to floor your rooms, then this might be just the right option for you.

How to Choose the Right Hardwood Flooring for your Home?

Before, you choose the right hardwood flooring for your home, there are a few things that you should consider. If you choose the right hardwood floors then it would give a feeling of richness and calmness and also give a classic look to your home. So, whether you are going for Mohawk Hardwood or any other brand, it is important that you take a few things in consideration before you choose the right flooring for your home.

The Options You Have

The first step in choosing the right hardwood floor is to carefully look at the options you have. Mohawk, along with couple of other leading manufacturers offer you the following options

  • The Wood Species – Hardwood comes in variety of different species. They vary in the color, grain pattern and durability. Oak and Maplewood are widely used for their durability. On the other hand, exotic species like mahogany are not as durable, but they bring a more unique flavor to your interiors

  • The Color – Hardwood floors come in variety of different colors, ranging from blond to dark black.

  • The Texture – Usually, the flooring comes shiny and well polished. However, you can also choose to have an antique or timeworn finish to your floors

  • The Finish– Most leading companies would offer you hardwood that is pre-finished. This eliminates the chance of dust accumulating on the boards and also reduces the hassles during installation

  • The Width – You can get a wide variety of options in the sizes, shapes and width of the boards. You can choose between narrow strips, which are less than three inches wide and wider planks, which are more than 3 inches wide. You can also choose from parquet squares or even rectangles and squares.

Some Quick Facts about Hardwood Flooring

Let us take a look at the some facts about hardwood flooring which would help you decide whether it would be right for you or not –

  • Hardwood flooring is suitable for all rooms except for your bathroom. Hardwood floors can get damaged by water.

  • If you have pets running around in your house, you should get their nails trimmed to prevent any scratches which would damage the floor. To make your pets comfortable, you might want to lay on a carpet as the floor is hard and hence, uncomfortable for them.

  • You would also need to put an underlayment like cork beneath the surface as that would give a cushion and also provide insulation.

Solid Or Engineered Hardwood – Which One Should You Get?

Solid hardwood is milled from a single piece of wood. Solid hardwood can last for decades as they can be repeatedly sanded. However, there is an issue with solid hardwood as well. Since, it is a natural material that goes through minimal processing, it is susceptible to both temperature and humidity changes.

Engineered woods, on the other hand are not made from a single piece of wood but they are made by bonding layers of hardwood material. They offer a greater stability to temperature and humidity.

Therefore engineered hardwood is a better option in most cases but there are some instances, where a solid wood floor would be a better option. Get in touch with the professionals and decide what the right one is for you.

Color Trends to Follow

As said before, hardwood comes in a range of different colors. Therefore, you need to put in effort in choosing the right color for your floor.

  • Honey Tones – Honey Tones hardwoods are the ones that have warm, golden hues. They work wonderfully to balance the coolness of industrial interiors.

  • Pale White Shades – If you want your home to have an aura of simplicity and lightness, then you should go for pale white shades.

  • Broad Boards – Broad boards bring a stately feel to your home. Most of the broad boards come in darker colors. However, some manufacturers like Mohawk also offer lighter colors in broad boards.

The Benefits of Mohawk Hardwood

Mohawk hardwood is one of the most highly recommended brands when it comes to hardwood flooring. This is because there are a number of benefits of using Mohawk Hardwood floors

  • They use high quality materials and hence their floors are durable and long-lasting

  • They offer you a wide variety of options in both solid and engineered hardwood. You can choose from a wide range of colors, wood species and finishes.

  • Their prices are also among the most competitive in the industry

  • You can easily get professionals who would install the floor without any hassles

As you can see from the benefits, Mohawk Hardwood is one of the best options for you when you want to install top quality hardwood flooring at your home. There are a few online stores where you can get hardwood floor from some of the best brands, including Mohawk. This makes it easier to get the best floors, right from the comfort of your home.

So, choose the best Mohawk Hardwood floors and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home just the way you have always desired.

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The Latest Armstrong Commercial Flooring Trends of 2017

2017 has already set in, and it’s time to refurbish your office space with trendy Armstrong Commercial flooring solutions. For everyone who wants to actively find out more about new options and what is hot in 2017, we have a list of the best options.

Trend#1: Carpet Tile

Despite many new designs and creations, carpet tile remains one of the best choice. The simple fact is – carpet flooring is easier to maintain and highly sustainable. Carpet tiles are easy to install without affecting the floor area of the space, unlike broadloom installation. Moreover, carpet tiles can easily accommodate varied shapes of rooms and reduce wastage.

When it comes to replacement, carpet tile offers plenty of options. For example, if a single tile wears out, or is damaged, it can be easily replaced with a new tile. It saves time, money and effort. As releasable adhesive is used to install Armstrong commercial carpet tile, it makes replacement much easier.

Trend#2: Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is on top of the list forever!

Vinyl composite tile, or VCT, is the ultimate choice for commercial flooring material. It is made of limestone and vinyl. It is mainly used in institutional and commercial applications. In fact, vinyl composite tile is one of the less expensive choices to install; however, the waxing of this type of is an expensive process in the long run.

Another choice of vinyl that is really trending in 2017 is luxury vinyl time. It is the ultimate choice for all commercial applications and use. You can find luxury vinyl in different styles and designs, which includes hardwood flooring, natural stone look etc.

In fact, luxury vinyl tile is the best choice as it can imitate expensive flooring designs and looks at less than half the price. It is also easier to maintain. Moreover, it doesn’t require frequent waxing and cleaning.

This trend is definitely here to stay!

Trend#3: Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly commercial flooring remains the topmost trend of 2017 due to various reasons. While it is a boon for the environment, it is highly durable, resilient, and comes in an amazing variety of options like concrete, bamboo, hardwood, cork, rubber, wool, and linoleum.

All the eco-friendly designs offer an innovative platform to showcase, through designs, how to value the environment and save time, energy, and money.

In fact, it is really easy to adopt environment-friendly practices within the organization. You can start by making small yet significant changes and taking maintenance initiatives within the organization. Companies that have successfully incorporated these changes to adopt this have also experienced positive changes in the organization. It is not only effective for health but also for overall awareness.

Trend#4: Rubber

Rubber flooring is yet another popular choice that has become a preferred material over the years. In fact, rubber offers a unique appearance and maintains aesthetics too. It offers awide variety in terms of design trends and is now available in a host of styles, colors, patterns, and variety. Apart from the fact that rubber is less expensive and eco-friendly, it is highly resilient and durable. Thus, rubber is the most preferred material for high traffic zones in an organization.

The Choice of Colors in Trends

When it comes to commercial flooring, color is the last thing on the minds of people. However, color is one of the most important aspects to maintain the aesthetics within an organization.

So, if you have been thinking that color is a secondary choice to other decisive factors, it is not!

For this, experts are now using color psychology. Interior decorators, artists, marketing professionals, and color experts have together suggested the importance of color and its effects on various industries. Color has a major impact on behavior, perception, and performance. So, there’s no reason to choose just pale and dull colors for a commercial space instead of bright hues.

In most offices, you would come across commercial flooring in white, gray, or blue hues. It is a common belief that these colors enhance productivity and improve profit over the years. However, on the contrary, there are several corporate environments where you can find bright colors like yellows, reds, greens, and pinks – it is believed that these colors offer an energetic vibe; it displays diversity, creativity, and universal openness.

Major Advantages of Armstrong

It has several advantages, especially when it is done by professionals. Armstrong Commercial is one such brand that ensures tremendous potential and improvement with an array of options.

Benefits of this depend on the type of material you have chosen for a specific commercial area. For instance, the choice of material for a factory or warehouse would be different from a corporate office.

For new floors and old, you can get the following benefits:

  • Enhanced work environment

  • Improved image of your business amongst employees and customers

  • It repairs damages, cracks, and holes

  • Eliminates risk of injuries to employees

  • Eliminates chances of product and/or equipment damage

  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance

  • Seals concrete completely to eliminate bacteria, dust, and debris from gathering in cracks or pores

  • Provides a smooth and slip-resistant surface that can prevent accidental injuries

  • Prolongs service life of an organization and/or facility

Best Choice for High Traffic Zones

In any commercial facility, there’s always a chance of experiencing high traffic. Target those high traffic areas and choose appropriate flooring. If the chosen material for commercial flooring cannot withstand the flow of traffic, it becomes a waste of money and energy. So, if you really want to avoid such instances, consider the following materials:

  • Concrete: Highly durable and easiest to clean, concrete flooring is the ultimate choice. It resists water when properly sealed and works efficiently with beaming heat. Moreover, it is the most long-lasting flooring materials. You can choose stylish concrete for the floor and use different colors, aggregators, and patterns for finishing.

  • Natural Stone: A rather expensive choice, natural stones like limestone, sandstone, and granite are also equally durable and resilient. Stone flooring can withstand heavy traffic with ease and last for years.

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile: LVT, also known as floating wood, is a multi-layered synthetic material used for flooring. It is fused with a process of lamination to ensure longevity. LVT is a preferred choice because it is water, scratch, and noise-resistant. It can also replicate the basic look of all other types of flooring such as wood, natural stone, ceramic tile, etc.

  • Porcelain Tile: Tile is, by far, the hardest flooring product to be used. It is the ultimate choice for high traffic zones in an office or commercial environment. Porcelain tiles are manufactured to meet the needs of contemporary designs and suit any décor and style. It is also used to replicate other flooring products with ease for optimal versatility.

Armstrong commercial flooring gives you plenty of choices in terms of material, flooring product, style, design and finish. You can either choose a new flooring material or replace your old floor with a stylish theme. This trends ensure long-lasting results.

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Bruce Hardwood Guide – Benefits, Installation, Usage, Cleaning and Maintenance

Bruce hardwood floors are the classic epitome of beauty and everlasting quality. It resembles style and class at its best and is allegedly one of the most sought-after choices of flooring. It is surprising for homeowners to know that you can also install hardwood flooring all by yourself. All you need is an appropriate floor system, some tools, confidence to prepare, and the installation guide.

So, are you ready to learn?

Hardwood Installation Guide

Bruce hardwood flooring is easy to install. You just have to follow any of these 3 steps:

  • Nail

  • Apply Adhesive

  • Floating technique in which floor boards would be attached to one another

The method of installation you choose would depend on the choice of hardwood – engineered or solid. If you are using engineered hardwood, you can apply all 3 methods, though floating is the easiest and fastest too. In case of solid hardwood, it can only be attached with adhesive or nailed. Before selecting the product, make sure you consider all the options carefully so that you can get the best and choicest flooring system

Difference between Engineered and Solid Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is dimensionally more stable. It does not react to changes in humidity and temperature. This type of wood is perfect for basements and other lower grade areas.

Similarly, solid hardwood is derived from a single piece of hardwood that expands and contracts to the changes in seasonal temperature and the relative humidity of your region. As such, solid hardwood is only recommended for above ground level areas of the house.


Hardwood has a natural and classic style. It lends warmth to the interiors of your home and is ideal for a traditional structure and look. Engineered hardwood becomes the finest choice here because the performance of these types of floors is simply brilliant. It can be installed in any corner of your home, including bathrooms and basement.

Some of the benefits of Bruce hardwood engineered flooring include:

  • Robust Construction: It gives the feel of real wood, built in multiple layers, and bonded properly. The topmost layer of hardwood style shows natural beauty and characteristics of selected wood. Under the surface layer of hardwood, there are several layers of HDF (high-densityfibreboard), which creates boards with excellent stability and strength. It is the superior stability of hardwood that makes floors resistant to any kind of changes in humidity and temperature. Homeowners can install engineered hardwood floor anywhere, even in the moisture-prone corners of their homes like abasement.

  • High Quality: It is genuine and high-quality material. Even though it is not solid wood, it offers the same amount of beauty and warmth. Moreover, it adds lifetime value to your home. Quality engineered hardwood floors can last and perform well for years. At the best, you can also find avariety of textures, colors, finishes and species of wood to choose from.

  • Ease of Installation: Engineered hardwood is easier to install. It can be glued, floated, or stapled, depending on your choice of product. Floating floors can be installed easily and can directly go to the existing floor.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The warmth and beauty of hardwood floor is truly appealing. It can enrich your home and the craftsmanship that goes behind hardwood manufacturing is appreciable. Each and every hardwood piece is guaranteed to serve the purpose. It requires bare minimum care to maintain hardwood floors and keep it looking clean and like new.

Follow these simple cleaning tips to maintain hardwood floor:

  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule: Simply vacuum the floor, sweep, or dust mop weekly. It is a basic cleaning schedule that would keep your hardwood floor clean and lustrous for years. Remove any dirt, grit, or pet hair to prevent scratches. You can also use hardwood floor cleaner and spray for larger areas.

  • Monthly Cleaning: Once in a month, you should clean the hardwood floor thoroughly. Use a floor cleaning system to eliminate traces of dirt from big areas. Using a mop, ensure that the corners of the house and furniture are cleaned thoroughly. Mop under the bed, furniture, appliances, and other difficult areas too.

  • Refinish: Always make it a point to refinish the area of hardwood that shows signs of damage or wear. Refinishing those areas can increase thelongevity of the floor and add long-lasting luster too. It can also protect the floor from scratches and nicks. You may also consider applying a re-coat or re-sand the region.

With regular care, cleaning and maintenance, it becomes easier to maintain engineered hardwood floor.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

As you step into a house with Bruce hardwood flooring, it can surely change your mind. The richness, warmth, and feeling of the interiors are simply the best. Timeless style, exceptional quality, and premium hardwood combined with brilliant craftsmanship and artistry can redefine your homes.

Reasons to choose hardwood are noted as under:

  • Design: Hardwood gives you a scope to try an array of inspiring designs. You can enjoy the luxury of its design, styles, species, specialty finishes, and colors. Hardwood floor is now defined as per style – traditional, domestic, exotic, hand-scraped, rustic etc. Moreover, the versatility of hardwood makes it the ultimate choice to match any decoration or style.

  • Superior Materials: Hardwood floors are a replica of natural beauty. Any design you choose, would come up with the color and flavor of domestic woods, and add value to your home. Every type of hardwood preserves a distinctive look, has dense graining, worm holes, burls, natural knots, and real resemblance with wood.

  • Artistry and Craftsmanship: Hardwood designers, manufacturers, and installers pay attention to craftsmanship. It requires traditional artistry, precision, and finesse to bring out the best in each and every piece of hardwood.

Bruce hardwood is the most preferred choice because it goes through rigorous quality testing and inspection. As a result, you get flawless designs and long-lasting quality. Create your own home with a difference using hardwood – a perfect blend of real wood, real style, and real design.

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Where Should You Use the Sisal Carpet?

As people become more sensitive to the health of their living spaces and environmental sustainability, they have resulted to using the natural fiber sisal carpet. This is a departure from the use of nylon fiber whose raw material is fossil fuel. Sisal is made from renewable materials creating the greenest and most sustainable flooring option. Why has the popularity of sisal grown so fast? To understand this, lets look at the pros and cons of choosing sisal.

Pros of Using a Carpet Made of Sisal

  • Natural Fiber

Sisal fiber is a natural which makes it free of any toxic elements. It is therefore the perfect material for people with allergies and asthma. The fabric is not classified under volatile organic materials which enhances air quality within your home.

  • Durable

Sisal carpet ranks top among the most durable flooring options. It not only beats the other natural carpeting fabrics but on its own right, it is impressively resilient. The fibers are incredibly strong and tough. This explains why sisal is used on marine ropes and baling twines. Sisal has also been chosen as the eco-friendly replacement for asbestos and fiber glass in the auto industry.


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Top Reasons for Designers Opting for Cushion Backed Carpet Tiles

With a staggering increase in the types and sizes of carpet tiles dominating the commercial flooring market, users are finding it tough to freeze their choice upon the best option

When was the last time you checked out a brick-and-mortar or online store to buy the best quality carpet tiles on the rack? If it was a few years ago, then you may not have encountered the wide range of carpets and flooring solutions that you would do today. This is especially true in terms of a commercial carpet tile catalog published online.

With thousands of floor design offers available for grabs, interior designers and decorators are finding it difficult to consider the best choice for offices, stores, public buildings and other commercial spaces on their project trackers. Surely, it can be a next to impossible task to differentiate between an estimated 27,000 floor products that are up for sale in online and offline markets and select the best for any given project.

Given that most contemporary flooring manufacturers are using similar or same types of yarn and other construction techniques for creating their carpet floor products, it is well-advised to go for differentiators. These backings go entirely unnoticed after the flooring has been installed; yet, they manage to leave behind their impact on the longevity and durability of the carpet tile they protect in more ways than one. Here, we will help you know some top reasons that why carpets backed by cushions serve to be the best solution for the floors of commercial environments.

Cushion backed carpet tiles make your design last longer

When you invest in stand-out flooring product, you would not want its appearance to deteriorate in just a few years. This is especially true for high-end, expensive carpet tiled floors that have been installed to perfection and boast of exquisite designs that make them different from the rest.

However, consistent and regular usage of commercial floors leads to wear and tear of carpeted floors in heavy-traffic areas. In such a scenario, the cushioned backing of soft, modular carpets would play a significant role in appearance retention and long-term performance of the design selected by you for dressing the floors.

The overall appearance and appeal of hard-back carpets is known to worsen even more quickly. This is attributed to the fact that carpet fibers absorb the harsh impact of wheeled and foot traffic directly. Herein, thick cushion backing transfers the immediate impact to itself rather than the surface of the flooring product in use, thus preventing it from wear and tear, fading, and unattractive looks.

Open cell backing is known to increase the life by almost 40-50% in comparison to hard-backed modular carpets. These backings keep the floor tiles looking as good as new for a longer time. In addition, they give off plusher and more striking impressions for one and all.

Cushion backed carpet tiles are more streamlined

Another important benefit of using open cell cushion backed tiles is that they are totally non-reactive. In other words, they never react with the leftover traces of adhesive on the subfloor, courtesy the previous installations of other floor products. Therefore, there are absolutely no floor compatibility issues and the new installations can be performed in the easiest of ways. By being non-reactive in nature, these tile backings do away with time-consuming and cumbersome floor preparations, costly raw materials for installation, and additional labor charges. They pave the ground for shorter and simpler installation processes at all times.

By opting for a carpet tile solution with cushion backing, you can streamline the various installation processes and keep it on track. By coordinating the different steps of installation, such as removing the existing adhesive and other remnants, sealing and priming floors and sub-floors, laying out the flooring, and more, these backings simplify the entire act like no other. In most cases, the streamlined installation procedure becomes akin to removing an old floor and freshly installing a new one!

Floors end up feeling as good as they look

By choosing appropriate interior design options, you can give off truly satisfying experiences to the users of your floors in commercial spaces. In general, cushion-backed carpets always succeed in improving the comfort quotient of any given space, especially with regards to acoustics and sound physical comfort.

It generally absorb 50 percent more noise than their hard-backed counterparts. This effectively means that in case of closed or open-plan spaces, your floor designs will end up reducing the overall background noise levels. A quieter work environment would be directly linked to lower stress levels and improved productivity.

In addition, such cushion backing integrate the same technology that’s found in high-performance, soft-feel athletic shoes; thus, they provide a higher level of underfoot comfort to those treading on them. This kind of backing reduces muscle fatigue in the case of workers who are standing at most times across the day by almost 24%; alongside, they decrease the heel impact load by as much as 30%.

This kind of comfort is of particular importance for employees in commercial spaces, especially in the retail and service sectors where they end up standing on their feet for hours in a row. They are also helpful in office environments wherein sit-to-stand working modes are implemented for enhancing employee wellness and health.

Cushioned carpet tiles have optimum design freedom

Yet another essential reason that lures interior designer into using a carpet tile design backed by cushions is that they get to design visually stunning spaces for their clients. Along with looking exquisite to the core, these tiled floors are great for everyday use as well. These days, most premium flooring product manufacturers are adding appropriate backing to their modular carpet collections. The act is affording enhanced comfort advantages along with immense design flexibility of exquisite carpeted tiles on sale.

Modern and good-looking carpet tiles is easily available in an exhaustive range of patterns, sizes and design aesthetics. Regardless of whether you desire to opt for accent tiles with vibrant pops of color or create tailor made patterns from customized products, you can do it all with the innumerable options available on the racks.

Go right ahead and create particular patterns of your choice or facilitate way-finding in large spaces and you will get a winning environment every time. For instance, the modular carpets can be laid out in different kinds of arrangements for shaping the unique aesthetics that you may have envisioned for your commercial interior environment.

Protecting commercial carpet tiles

When you choose to buy commercial carpet tile solutions, you end up making significant investments. These investments have to be nurtured with care and should be well-maintained to give off the best returns for years in a row. To meet this end, it is important to understand that no two kinds of carpet solutions are created equally, and therefore, they have to be protected after considering their components. For instance, the long-lasting modular carpets with cushioned backs and hard backs have to be treated differently to make them last longer.

The hard-backed make their carpet fibers absorb the harsh impact of daily foot traffic directly when treaded upon. This makes their fibers compressed, worn, bent and distorted over a given period of time. Because of repeated usage, these carpet fibers appear damaged and listless. In contract, with the cushioning protect the carpet fibers by absorbing the direct impact of everyday foot traffic, thus protecting them against premature wear and tear.

Regular cleaning and vacuuming of such floors will help in extending their life and looks manifold. More so, it is essential that pointed heels and all other sharp ended furniture pieces are to be avoided on such carpets to make the look as elegant as when they are newly installed. Professional carpet cleaning agencies, and commercially available cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturers give such floors an altogether new lease of life and are to be used as frequently as possible.

Invest in carpet tiles that have adequate cushioning and witness your commercial spaces becoming an interior designer’s delight. You will not be disappointed with the results – that’s a promise!


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Sheet Vinyl Flooring – All set to go the Long Way in 2017

Are you still making outdated choices when looking for products for updating your floors? 2017 has a lot in store for the lovers of durable and stylish vinyl flooring solutions. With an impressive collection of floor ideas and trends to boast of, vinyl is all set to rock your world. No longer akin to the ugly, outdated linoleum belonging to the 1980s, high quality sheet vinyl flooring has taken off in the best possible way, having left all competitors behind. As per experts following vinyl floor trends, or professionals linked with flooring companies, there are some exciting innovations in store for people desiring hot new looks in their commercial or residential spaces.

It’s no secret. This industry is witnessing a boom and some of the most popular trends are being witnessed with consistency across all flooring markets. In other words, vinyl sheets and floors are trending upwards and higher. They are rubbing shoulders with tile, wood, laminate, carpet, wood-look and other flooring trends like never before. As far as style, pattern and other features are concerned, the well-rounded opinions about vinyl point to a fast growing flooring segment. This is evident from the fact that the market for sheet vinyl has increased by over 26 percent since 2015, and is taking bigger strides every day.

Consumers are going for well-researched and sound purchase decisions while opting for durable sheet vinyl flooring. Courtesy the advanced technology that is available for grabs, vinyl sheets and tiles are being made to look like wood, stone, or just about anything else. Given this, and the innumerable customisation options served by suppliers, these floors are notching one success story after another. In most cases, these floors are becoming the cynosure of all eyes as they are water resistant and require negligible care and maintenance for making them look as good as new at all times. Along with the many installation methods they have to their credit, these floors are affordable priced and portray plentiful benefits. In more ways than one, manufacturers are staying focused on high-quality and better-looking product ranges and lines.

These days, buyers are seeing different trends in engineered hardwood floors as well. Whether it is about offering rustic oil-finished oak vinyl sheets or the more contemporary and smoothed maple floor tiles, vinyl floor dealers and manufacturers are creating smart visuals that are tough to tell apart from their real versions. With more and more interior designers, architects and end users realising the coloration options and patterns, greater focus is being put on the aesthetic appeal imparted by vinyl flooring, regardless of where they are laid out.

Given below are some interesting pointers about vinyl sheet flooring and the reasons behind their increasing popularity.

  • Just like laminate and tiles, vinyl floors are upping the ante with regards to realistic wooden looks. These wood-look, especially the current options, are fitfully equipped to the tile and wood flooring trends in 2017. The sheets are giving tough competition to realistic wood-look markets along with giving laminates a run for their money. In the given scenario, manufacturers are improving upon their vinyl product lines at lightening speed to remain on top. Complete with more versatility and less maintenance features, these wood-look vinyl floor options are well known for their ease of maintenance and waterproof capabilities.

  • For buyers looking for the classic stone appeal in their vinyl sheets, there’s a lot on the cards as well. Similar to wood-look vinyl sheet floors, stone-look vinyl also uses updated technologies for creating looks that mimic timeless, natural stones to the hilt. Now, it is no longer a necessity to dig deeper into your pocket for soft, porous marble-like floors. With stone-look vinyl floors that appear like traditional marble, concrete, brick, tile or just about any other stone on the racks, modern day floor solution providers have opened a whole new world of affordable and drop-dead gorgeous vinyl sheets and rolls.

  • As far as metalliclook vinyl tiles and planks are concerned, they all look cool in appearance and are popping across the vinyl floor stores like never before. Metallic vinyl sheets are manufactured with the help of new technologies and are fast creating looks that were so far impossible to manufacture. These sheets are best installed in bathrooms and bold spaces for casting their signature looks.
  • Even it continues to re-brand itself with fresh enthusiasm, the tag of “luxury” is seen to precede particular vinyl products. The LVT and other vinyl floor options in the luxury category portray far more realistic designs, and are known to be more water-resistant and durable than their counterparts. They come packaged with never-before-seen vinyl installation methods to make their overall layout processes easier and quicker. These luxury vinyl planks are more robust, tougher, longer lasting, as well as more appealing than the older, outdated versions of vinyl planks. In most cases, they feature protective wear layers that work as bodyguards to keep the floors safe from weather and other elements.

  • To offer better and more reliable waterproof flooring options, vinyl manufacturers have started developing products with waterproof core that make your vinyl planks or tiles 100% waterproof. By installing waterproof flooring, users can enjoy wood-look flooring solutions in their bathrooms, kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, etc. without having any concern of spoiling their floors due to water retention or excessive exposure to moisture.

  • Peel and stick floors in vinyl are being used exponentially in rentals and the spaces used by young homeowners desirous of saving money on installation and materials. The looks provided are improving continuously and are being used on coffee tables, as crafts materials, and more. Though the installation of installing peel and stick vinyl floors do not add to the ultimate real estate value in any way, they are expected to keep trending amongst young people with small-sized living spaces.

Be it groutable viny tiles or loose lay sheet vinyl flooring that’s incredibly convenient to install, the luxury vinyl planks and sheets markets is raging at all its might. Homeowners are impressed by the ease of installation and durability metrics of these realistic looking floors. As is evident, there is absolutely no dearth of things that are taking centre stage in the world of sheet vinyl flooring industry currently. There exists a wide range of different, unique options that are likely to be around for years in a row. In other words, the possibilities are endless. Go ahead and select the best vinyl sheets for beautifying your office or home. With plenty of embossed textures and realistic patterns in their collections, the manufacturers of such sheets and tiles have got all your flooring desires covered.


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Vinyl Flooring Care and Maintenance Tips

People first notice your floor immediately they step into your house. As such, the quality of the floor will significantly raise the value of a property. There are numerous flooring options based on personal taste, uses of a room, budget, etc. The choice of vinyl flooring stands out because of several advantages it presents to the room and home owner.
  • Fast installation- every home owner wants to install the floor as fast as possible. This will minimize disruptions at your work area and reduce your flooring budget. There is technology referred to as Uniclic that saves time and can allow you to DIY. Within a few hours, the entire floor will be complete. If you would like to keep your flooring simple and elegant, vinyl is the best option.
  • Easy to maintain- vinyl flooring offers incredible maintenance options for home owners. The floor is resistant to dust and stains. This reduces the work required to keep it clean. Keeping it in premium condition only requires frequent mopping or vacuuming. As long as stains are cleaned immediately, the possibility of sticking is greatly reduced.

For more information visit: