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Sheet Vinyl Flooring – All set to go the Long Way in 2017

Are you still making outdated choices when looking for products for updating your floors? 2017 has a lot in store for the lovers of durable and stylish vinyl flooring solutions. With an impressive collection of floor ideas and trends to boast of, vinyl is all set to rock your world. No longer akin to the ugly, outdated linoleum belonging to the 1980s, high quality sheet vinyl flooring has taken off in the best possible way, having left all competitors behind. As per experts following vinyl floor trends, or professionals linked with flooring companies, there are some exciting innovations in store for people desiring hot new looks in their commercial or residential spaces.

It’s no secret. This industry is witnessing a boom and some of the most popular trends are being witnessed with consistency across all flooring markets. In other words, vinyl sheets and floors are trending upwards and higher. They are rubbing shoulders with tile, wood, laminate, carpet, wood-look and other flooring trends like never before. As far as style, pattern and other features are concerned, the well-rounded opinions about vinyl point to a fast growing flooring segment. This is evident from the fact that the market for sheet vinyl has increased by over 26 percent since 2015, and is taking bigger strides every day.

Consumers are going for well-researched and sound purchase decisions while opting for durable sheet vinyl flooring. Courtesy the advanced technology that is available for grabs, vinyl sheets and tiles are being made to look like wood, stone, or just about anything else. Given this, and the innumerable customisation options served by suppliers, these floors are notching one success story after another. In most cases, these floors are becoming the cynosure of all eyes as they are water resistant and require negligible care and maintenance for making them look as good as new at all times. Along with the many installation methods they have to their credit, these floors are affordable priced and portray plentiful benefits. In more ways than one, manufacturers are staying focused on high-quality and better-looking product ranges and lines.

These days, buyers are seeing different trends in engineered hardwood floors as well. Whether it is about offering rustic oil-finished oak vinyl sheets or the more contemporary and smoothed maple floor tiles, vinyl floor dealers and manufacturers are creating smart visuals that are tough to tell apart from their real versions. With more and more interior designers, architects and end users realising the coloration options and patterns, greater focus is being put on the aesthetic appeal imparted by vinyl flooring, regardless of where they are laid out.

Given below are some interesting pointers about vinyl sheet flooring and the reasons behind their increasing popularity.

  • Just like laminate and tiles, vinyl floors are upping the ante with regards to realistic wooden looks. These wood-look, especially the current options, are fitfully equipped to the tile and wood flooring trends in 2017. The sheets are giving tough competition to realistic wood-look markets along with giving laminates a run for their money. In the given scenario, manufacturers are improving upon their vinyl product lines at lightening speed to remain on top. Complete with more versatility and less maintenance features, these wood-look vinyl floor options are well known for their ease of maintenance and waterproof capabilities.

  • For buyers looking for the classic stone appeal in their vinyl sheets, there’s a lot on the cards as well. Similar to wood-look vinyl sheet floors, stone-look vinyl also uses updated technologies for creating looks that mimic timeless, natural stones to the hilt. Now, it is no longer a necessity to dig deeper into your pocket for soft, porous marble-like floors. With stone-look vinyl floors that appear like traditional marble, concrete, brick, tile or just about any other stone on the racks, modern day floor solution providers have opened a whole new world of affordable and drop-dead gorgeous vinyl sheets and rolls.

  • As far as metalliclook vinyl tiles and planks are concerned, they all look cool in appearance and are popping across the vinyl floor stores like never before. Metallic vinyl sheets are manufactured with the help of new technologies and are fast creating looks that were so far impossible to manufacture. These sheets are best installed in bathrooms and bold spaces for casting their signature looks.
  • Even it continues to re-brand itself with fresh enthusiasm, the tag of “luxury” is seen to precede particular vinyl products. The LVT and other vinyl floor options in the luxury category portray far more realistic designs, and are known to be more water-resistant and durable than their counterparts. They come packaged with never-before-seen vinyl installation methods to make their overall layout processes easier and quicker. These luxury vinyl planks are more robust, tougher, longer lasting, as well as more appealing than the older, outdated versions of vinyl planks. In most cases, they feature protective wear layers that work as bodyguards to keep the floors safe from weather and other elements.

  • To offer better and more reliable waterproof flooring options, vinyl manufacturers have started developing products with waterproof core that make your vinyl planks or tiles 100% waterproof. By installing waterproof flooring, users can enjoy wood-look flooring solutions in their bathrooms, kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, etc. without having any concern of spoiling their floors due to water retention or excessive exposure to moisture.

  • Peel and stick floors in vinyl are being used exponentially in rentals and the spaces used by young homeowners desirous of saving money on installation and materials. The looks provided are improving continuously and are being used on coffee tables, as crafts materials, and more. Though the installation of installing peel and stick vinyl floors do not add to the ultimate real estate value in any way, they are expected to keep trending amongst young people with small-sized living spaces.

Be it groutable viny tiles or loose lay sheet vinyl flooring that’s incredibly convenient to install, the luxury vinyl planks and sheets markets is raging at all its might. Homeowners are impressed by the ease of installation and durability metrics of these realistic looking floors. As is evident, there is absolutely no dearth of things that are taking centre stage in the world of sheet vinyl flooring industry currently. There exists a wide range of different, unique options that are likely to be around for years in a row. In other words, the possibilities are endless. Go ahead and select the best vinyl sheets for beautifying your office or home. With plenty of embossed textures and realistic patterns in their collections, the manufacturers of such sheets and tiles have got all your flooring desires covered.




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