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Top Reasons for Designers Opting for Cushion Backed Carpet Tiles

With a staggering increase in the types and sizes of carpet tiles dominating the commercial flooring market, users are finding it tough to freeze their choice upon the best option

When was the last time you checked out a brick-and-mortar or online store to buy the best quality carpet tiles on the rack? If it was a few years ago, then you may not have encountered the wide range of carpets and flooring solutions that you would do today. This is especially true in terms of a commercial carpet tile catalog published online.

With thousands of floor design offers available for grabs, interior designers and decorators are finding it difficult to consider the best choice for offices, stores, public buildings and other commercial spaces on their project trackers. Surely, it can be a next to impossible task to differentiate between an estimated 27,000 floor products that are up for sale in online and offline markets and select the best for any given project.

Given that most contemporary flooring manufacturers are using similar or same types of yarn and other construction techniques for creating their carpet floor products, it is well-advised to go for differentiators. These backings go entirely unnoticed after the flooring has been installed; yet, they manage to leave behind their impact on the longevity and durability of the carpet tile they protect in more ways than one. Here, we will help you know some top reasons that why carpets backed by cushions serve to be the best solution for the floors of commercial environments.

Cushion backed carpet tiles make your design last longer

When you invest in stand-out flooring product, you would not want its appearance to deteriorate in just a few years. This is especially true for high-end, expensive carpet tiled floors that have been installed to perfection and boast of exquisite designs that make them different from the rest.

However, consistent and regular usage of commercial floors leads to wear and tear of carpeted floors in heavy-traffic areas. In such a scenario, the cushioned backing of soft, modular carpets would play a significant role in appearance retention and long-term performance of the design selected by you for dressing the floors.

The overall appearance and appeal of hard-back carpets is known to worsen even more quickly. This is attributed to the fact that carpet fibers absorb the harsh impact of wheeled and foot traffic directly. Herein, thick cushion backing transfers the immediate impact to itself rather than the surface of the flooring product in use, thus preventing it from wear and tear, fading, and unattractive looks.

Open cell backing is known to increase the life by almost 40-50% in comparison to hard-backed modular carpets. These backings keep the floor tiles looking as good as new for a longer time. In addition, they give off plusher and more striking impressions for one and all.

Cushion backed carpet tiles are more streamlined

Another important benefit of using open cell cushion backed tiles is that they are totally non-reactive. In other words, they never react with the leftover traces of adhesive on the subfloor, courtesy the previous installations of other floor products. Therefore, there are absolutely no floor compatibility issues and the new installations can be performed in the easiest of ways. By being non-reactive in nature, these tile backings do away with time-consuming and cumbersome floor preparations, costly raw materials for installation, and additional labor charges. They pave the ground for shorter and simpler installation processes at all times.

By opting for a carpet tile solution with cushion backing, you can streamline the various installation processes and keep it on track. By coordinating the different steps of installation, such as removing the existing adhesive and other remnants, sealing and priming floors and sub-floors, laying out the flooring, and more, these backings simplify the entire act like no other. In most cases, the streamlined installation procedure becomes akin to removing an old floor and freshly installing a new one!

Floors end up feeling as good as they look

By choosing appropriate interior design options, you can give off truly satisfying experiences to the users of your floors in commercial spaces. In general, cushion-backed carpets always succeed in improving the comfort quotient of any given space, especially with regards to acoustics and sound physical comfort.

It generally absorb 50 percent more noise than their hard-backed counterparts. This effectively means that in case of closed or open-plan spaces, your floor designs will end up reducing the overall background noise levels. A quieter work environment would be directly linked to lower stress levels and improved productivity.

In addition, such cushion backing integrate the same technology that’s found in high-performance, soft-feel athletic shoes; thus, they provide a higher level of underfoot comfort to those treading on them. This kind of backing reduces muscle fatigue in the case of workers who are standing at most times across the day by almost 24%; alongside, they decrease the heel impact load by as much as 30%.

This kind of comfort is of particular importance for employees in commercial spaces, especially in the retail and service sectors where they end up standing on their feet for hours in a row. They are also helpful in office environments wherein sit-to-stand working modes are implemented for enhancing employee wellness and health.

Cushioned carpet tiles have optimum design freedom

Yet another essential reason that lures interior designer into using a carpet tile design backed by cushions is that they get to design visually stunning spaces for their clients. Along with looking exquisite to the core, these tiled floors are great for everyday use as well. These days, most premium flooring product manufacturers are adding appropriate backing to their modular carpet collections. The act is affording enhanced comfort advantages along with immense design flexibility of exquisite carpeted tiles on sale.

Modern and good-looking carpet tiles is easily available in an exhaustive range of patterns, sizes and design aesthetics. Regardless of whether you desire to opt for accent tiles with vibrant pops of color or create tailor made patterns from customized products, you can do it all with the innumerable options available on the racks.

Go right ahead and create particular patterns of your choice or facilitate way-finding in large spaces and you will get a winning environment every time. For instance, the modular carpets can be laid out in different kinds of arrangements for shaping the unique aesthetics that you may have envisioned for your commercial interior environment.

Protecting commercial carpet tiles

When you choose to buy commercial carpet tile solutions, you end up making significant investments. These investments have to be nurtured with care and should be well-maintained to give off the best returns for years in a row. To meet this end, it is important to understand that no two kinds of carpet solutions are created equally, and therefore, they have to be protected after considering their components. For instance, the long-lasting modular carpets with cushioned backs and hard backs have to be treated differently to make them last longer.

The hard-backed make their carpet fibers absorb the harsh impact of daily foot traffic directly when treaded upon. This makes their fibers compressed, worn, bent and distorted over a given period of time. Because of repeated usage, these carpet fibers appear damaged and listless. In contract, with the cushioning protect the carpet fibers by absorbing the direct impact of everyday foot traffic, thus protecting them against premature wear and tear.

Regular cleaning and vacuuming of such floors will help in extending their life and looks manifold. More so, it is essential that pointed heels and all other sharp ended furniture pieces are to be avoided on such carpets to make the look as elegant as when they are newly installed. Professional carpet cleaning agencies, and commercially available cleaning agents recommended by the manufacturers give such floors an altogether new lease of life and are to be used as frequently as possible.

Invest in carpet tiles that have adequate cushioning and witness your commercial spaces becoming an interior designer’s delight. You will not be disappointed with the results – that’s a promise!




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