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Bruce Hardwood Guide – Benefits, Installation, Usage, Cleaning and Maintenance

Bruce hardwood floors are the classic epitome of beauty and everlasting quality. It resembles style and class at its best and is allegedly one of the most sought-after choices of flooring. It is surprising for homeowners to know that you can also install hardwood flooring all by yourself. All you need is an appropriate floor system, some tools, confidence to prepare, and the installation guide.

So, are you ready to learn?

Hardwood Installation Guide

Bruce hardwood flooring is easy to install. You just have to follow any of these 3 steps:

  • Nail

  • Apply Adhesive

  • Floating technique in which floor boards would be attached to one another

The method of installation you choose would depend on the choice of hardwood – engineered or solid. If you are using engineered hardwood, you can apply all 3 methods, though floating is the easiest and fastest too. In case of solid hardwood, it can only be attached with adhesive or nailed. Before selecting the product, make sure you consider all the options carefully so that you can get the best and choicest flooring system

Difference between Engineered and Solid Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is dimensionally more stable. It does not react to changes in humidity and temperature. This type of wood is perfect for basements and other lower grade areas.

Similarly, solid hardwood is derived from a single piece of hardwood that expands and contracts to the changes in seasonal temperature and the relative humidity of your region. As such, solid hardwood is only recommended for above ground level areas of the house.


Hardwood has a natural and classic style. It lends warmth to the interiors of your home and is ideal for a traditional structure and look. Engineered hardwood becomes the finest choice here because the performance of these types of floors is simply brilliant. It can be installed in any corner of your home, including bathrooms and basement.

Some of the benefits of Bruce hardwood engineered flooring include:

  • Robust Construction: It gives the feel of real wood, built in multiple layers, and bonded properly. The topmost layer of hardwood style shows natural beauty and characteristics of selected wood. Under the surface layer of hardwood, there are several layers of HDF (high-densityfibreboard), which creates boards with excellent stability and strength. It is the superior stability of hardwood that makes floors resistant to any kind of changes in humidity and temperature. Homeowners can install engineered hardwood floor anywhere, even in the moisture-prone corners of their homes like abasement.

  • High Quality: It is genuine and high-quality material. Even though it is not solid wood, it offers the same amount of beauty and warmth. Moreover, it adds lifetime value to your home. Quality engineered hardwood floors can last and perform well for years. At the best, you can also find avariety of textures, colors, finishes and species of wood to choose from.

  • Ease of Installation: Engineered hardwood is easier to install. It can be glued, floated, or stapled, depending on your choice of product. Floating floors can be installed easily and can directly go to the existing floor.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The warmth and beauty of hardwood floor is truly appealing. It can enrich your home and the craftsmanship that goes behind hardwood manufacturing is appreciable. Each and every hardwood piece is guaranteed to serve the purpose. It requires bare minimum care to maintain hardwood floors and keep it looking clean and like new.

Follow these simple cleaning tips to maintain hardwood floor:

  • Weekly Cleaning Schedule: Simply vacuum the floor, sweep, or dust mop weekly. It is a basic cleaning schedule that would keep your hardwood floor clean and lustrous for years. Remove any dirt, grit, or pet hair to prevent scratches. You can also use hardwood floor cleaner and spray for larger areas.

  • Monthly Cleaning: Once in a month, you should clean the hardwood floor thoroughly. Use a floor cleaning system to eliminate traces of dirt from big areas. Using a mop, ensure that the corners of the house and furniture are cleaned thoroughly. Mop under the bed, furniture, appliances, and other difficult areas too.

  • Refinish: Always make it a point to refinish the area of hardwood that shows signs of damage or wear. Refinishing those areas can increase thelongevity of the floor and add long-lasting luster too. It can also protect the floor from scratches and nicks. You may also consider applying a re-coat or re-sand the region.

With regular care, cleaning and maintenance, it becomes easier to maintain engineered hardwood floor.

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring?

As you step into a house with Bruce hardwood flooring, it can surely change your mind. The richness, warmth, and feeling of the interiors are simply the best. Timeless style, exceptional quality, and premium hardwood combined with brilliant craftsmanship and artistry can redefine your homes.

Reasons to choose hardwood are noted as under:

  • Design: Hardwood gives you a scope to try an array of inspiring designs. You can enjoy the luxury of its design, styles, species, specialty finishes, and colors. Hardwood floor is now defined as per style – traditional, domestic, exotic, hand-scraped, rustic etc. Moreover, the versatility of hardwood makes it the ultimate choice to match any decoration or style.

  • Superior Materials: Hardwood floors are a replica of natural beauty. Any design you choose, would come up with the color and flavor of domestic woods, and add value to your home. Every type of hardwood preserves a distinctive look, has dense graining, worm holes, burls, natural knots, and real resemblance with wood.

  • Artistry and Craftsmanship: Hardwood designers, manufacturers, and installers pay attention to craftsmanship. It requires traditional artistry, precision, and finesse to bring out the best in each and every piece of hardwood.

Bruce hardwood is the most preferred choice because it goes through rigorous quality testing and inspection. As a result, you get flawless designs and long-lasting quality. Create your own home with a difference using hardwood – a perfect blend of real wood, real style, and real design.



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