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The Latest Armstrong Commercial Flooring Trends of 2017

2017 has already set in, and it’s time to refurbish your office space with trendy Armstrong Commercial flooring solutions. For everyone who wants to actively find out more about new options and what is hot in 2017, we have a list of the best options.

Trend#1: Carpet Tile

Despite many new designs and creations, carpet tile remains one of the best choice. The simple fact is – carpet flooring is easier to maintain and highly sustainable. Carpet tiles are easy to install without affecting the floor area of the space, unlike broadloom installation. Moreover, carpet tiles can easily accommodate varied shapes of rooms and reduce wastage.

When it comes to replacement, carpet tile offers plenty of options. For example, if a single tile wears out, or is damaged, it can be easily replaced with a new tile. It saves time, money and effort. As releasable adhesive is used to install Armstrong commercial carpet tile, it makes replacement much easier.

Trend#2: Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl is on top of the list forever!

Vinyl composite tile, or VCT, is the ultimate choice for commercial flooring material. It is made of limestone and vinyl. It is mainly used in institutional and commercial applications. In fact, vinyl composite tile is one of the less expensive choices to install; however, the waxing of this type of is an expensive process in the long run.

Another choice of vinyl that is really trending in 2017 is luxury vinyl time. It is the ultimate choice for all commercial applications and use. You can find luxury vinyl in different styles and designs, which includes hardwood flooring, natural stone look etc.

In fact, luxury vinyl tile is the best choice as it can imitate expensive flooring designs and looks at less than half the price. It is also easier to maintain. Moreover, it doesn’t require frequent waxing and cleaning.

This trend is definitely here to stay!

Trend#3: Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly commercial flooring remains the topmost trend of 2017 due to various reasons. While it is a boon for the environment, it is highly durable, resilient, and comes in an amazing variety of options like concrete, bamboo, hardwood, cork, rubber, wool, and linoleum.

All the eco-friendly designs offer an innovative platform to showcase, through designs, how to value the environment and save time, energy, and money.

In fact, it is really easy to adopt environment-friendly practices within the organization. You can start by making small yet significant changes and taking maintenance initiatives within the organization. Companies that have successfully incorporated these changes to adopt this have also experienced positive changes in the organization. It is not only effective for health but also for overall awareness.

Trend#4: Rubber

Rubber flooring is yet another popular choice that has become a preferred material over the years. In fact, rubber offers a unique appearance and maintains aesthetics too. It offers awide variety in terms of design trends and is now available in a host of styles, colors, patterns, and variety. Apart from the fact that rubber is less expensive and eco-friendly, it is highly resilient and durable. Thus, rubber is the most preferred material for high traffic zones in an organization.

The Choice of Colors in Trends

When it comes to commercial flooring, color is the last thing on the minds of people. However, color is one of the most important aspects to maintain the aesthetics within an organization.

So, if you have been thinking that color is a secondary choice to other decisive factors, it is not!

For this, experts are now using color psychology. Interior decorators, artists, marketing professionals, and color experts have together suggested the importance of color and its effects on various industries. Color has a major impact on behavior, perception, and performance. So, there’s no reason to choose just pale and dull colors for a commercial space instead of bright hues.

In most offices, you would come across commercial flooring in white, gray, or blue hues. It is a common belief that these colors enhance productivity and improve profit over the years. However, on the contrary, there are several corporate environments where you can find bright colors like yellows, reds, greens, and pinks – it is believed that these colors offer an energetic vibe; it displays diversity, creativity, and universal openness.

Major Advantages of Armstrong

It has several advantages, especially when it is done by professionals. Armstrong Commercial is one such brand that ensures tremendous potential and improvement with an array of options.

Benefits of this depend on the type of material you have chosen for a specific commercial area. For instance, the choice of material for a factory or warehouse would be different from a corporate office.

For new floors and old, you can get the following benefits:

  • Enhanced work environment

  • Improved image of your business amongst employees and customers

  • It repairs damages, cracks, and holes

  • Eliminates risk of injuries to employees

  • Eliminates chances of product and/or equipment damage

  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance

  • Seals concrete completely to eliminate bacteria, dust, and debris from gathering in cracks or pores

  • Provides a smooth and slip-resistant surface that can prevent accidental injuries

  • Prolongs service life of an organization and/or facility

Best Choice for High Traffic Zones

In any commercial facility, there’s always a chance of experiencing high traffic. Target those high traffic areas and choose appropriate flooring. If the chosen material for commercial flooring cannot withstand the flow of traffic, it becomes a waste of money and energy. So, if you really want to avoid such instances, consider the following materials:

  • Concrete: Highly durable and easiest to clean, concrete flooring is the ultimate choice. It resists water when properly sealed and works efficiently with beaming heat. Moreover, it is the most long-lasting flooring materials. You can choose stylish concrete for the floor and use different colors, aggregators, and patterns for finishing.

  • Natural Stone: A rather expensive choice, natural stones like limestone, sandstone, and granite are also equally durable and resilient. Stone flooring can withstand heavy traffic with ease and last for years.

  • Luxury Vinyl Tile: LVT, also known as floating wood, is a multi-layered synthetic material used for flooring. It is fused with a process of lamination to ensure longevity. LVT is a preferred choice because it is water, scratch, and noise-resistant. It can also replicate the basic look of all other types of flooring such as wood, natural stone, ceramic tile, etc.

  • Porcelain Tile: Tile is, by far, the hardest flooring product to be used. It is the ultimate choice for high traffic zones in an office or commercial environment. Porcelain tiles are manufactured to meet the needs of contemporary designs and suit any décor and style. It is also used to replicate other flooring products with ease for optimal versatility.

Armstrong commercial flooring gives you plenty of choices in terms of material, flooring product, style, design and finish. You can either choose a new flooring material or replace your old floor with a stylish theme. This trends ensure long-lasting results.



Carpet Express is a distributor of a wide variety of carpets and rugs, offering latest designs in residential and commercial flooring. The company offers residential carpets in a variety of styles and colors, such as textured, plush, berber, grass and frieze. The firm also provides hardwood in variety of colors, such as fawn, dune, seashell, cherry, saddle, butterscotch, spice, winter white, gunstock and natural. Shop online today at or call 800-922-5582 to speak to a sales representative.

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