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Here’s Why You Can Easily Fall in Love with Hardwood Flooring

This always-in-fashion flooring is a for those who are thinking of re-flooring or their old homes. It’s also a great choice for those looking for long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring when buying or building a new home. Adding an to any room, hand-scraped hardwood flooring has been a the centuries. , historical a flooring in today’s modern homes because of its old-world charm. Today, this is synonymous with luxury flooring that looks also has tremendous durability and character.

Get the Natural and Authentic Look

There’s nothing that gives your floor a more distinctive character than hand-scraped hardwood. Its charm lies in the fact that you won’t find two planks scraped exactly the same since they are not milled boards that are churned out from a factory. And although distressed wood is made to look very similar to hand-scraped hardwood, it really doesn’t have the same effect since the “hand-scraped” irregularities are part of a pattern. In contrast, each plank of hand-scraped hardwood has been carefully scraped by a skilled craftsman. When the pieces are put together the result is nothing short of art in its finest form.

You’ll find this hardwood flooring in many luxury homes, mansions, country clubs and hotels.It works wellon solid or engineered wood floors. Traditionally, oak, cherry, hickory and walnut have been used to create hand-scraped hardwood for flooring. Darker woods and finishes tend to look better as they help to emphasize the lines and shadows in the original wood.


There are several advantages to this type of wood:

1. It lends a natural beauty and warmth to any room, adding rich character

2. This type of flooring lasts a long time

3. If you feel the wood has lost some of its original lustre you can always give it a fresh look by refinishing or staining

4. USA Today lists this is one of the 11 most desireable features home-buyers are looking for. So if you’re ever looking to re-sale, it’s good to know buyers are willing to pay premium price for hardwood flooring.

5. This type of flooring never goes out of style

6. It can withstand spills and stains

7. It’s easier to clean and maintain than carpets.


  • Excessive moisture content could lead to the hardwood being damaged.

  • There is some amount of maintenance required to keep hardwood flooring looking good.

How to Choose

The construction of your sub-flooring could determine whether you can use it.

Generally, there are 3 types of sub-floor construction:

  • concrete slab,

  • plywood or

  • particle board.

If you’re sub-floor is concrete your choice of hardwood may be limited to engineered hardwood which is plywood that has a veneer layer on top. You can install plywood over the concrete if you still want to use solid hardwood but that will obviously add to your expense. Particleboard is not suitable for solid wood or engineered wood. You’ll need to replace the particle board with plywood in order to install either engineered or solid hardwood flooring.

Are you ready to start shopping? There are different types of hand-scraped hardwood and your choice will depend on the amount of traffic in your home, whether you have kids or pets, etc. At , we will be glad to assist you in choosing the best product for your budget. Contact us and one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service will help you make the right choice.



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