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Care and Maintenance of Anderson Hardwood

Hardwood remains the most preferred elegant flooring option. Anderson Hardwood leads the pack in providing excellent quality and dynamic solutions in this space. Their floors are easy to install and maintain. They also maintain the elegant appearance for a long time without requiring a lot of attention.

You have the option of original wood or composite material. Both leave your floor looking elegant and comfortable. However, each comes with own advantages and disadvantages. That notwithstanding, installation and maintenance attention given to both varieties are almost similar.

Proper maintenance of Anderson Hardwood floors is necessary guarantees its long life. Maintenance means taking care of the surface as well as the tiles or materials installed. There are recommended procedures, substances and materials to use. When they are used, the integrity of your floor will be maintained.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is part of daily care required to maintain an elegant floor surface. The tips shared here are specific to hardwood floors, though some may be shared with other floor types. They also apply to both original wood and composite hard wood.

  • Clean the floor regularly using sweeping broom, a dust mop or a vacuum cleaner. The sweep broom is used to get rid of chaff, stone pebbles and dust that are likely to scratch the surface of the wooden floor. They may also push the wooden planks apart creating dangerous wedges. Water or other liquids may sip through the surface. Insects like cockroaches may also hide in the cleavages.

  • Use a mop and specified cleaner on regular basis. The mop should be dump but not wet. It helps to absorb dust and the tiny particles on the surface without pushing water between the planks. It also provides the required humidity on the surface to protect the wood from cracking under heat. Ensure that the material used to manufacture the mop is soft and tender on the surface to avoid scratching. Anderson Hardwood comes with recommended cleaning materials and procedures that will make your work easier and professional.

  • Regularly revive the appearance of your floor by giving it a fresh coat. The substance used in coating leaves the surface shiny and smooth. It helps to cover the scratches that may have been caused by traffic. Ensure that the gloss used is the recommended variety and is applied using the professional procedure.

Maintaining the integrity of the floor requires close attention on daily basis. There are steps you can take to ensure that you floor always appears elegant regardless of its age. Here are some of these steps.

  • Wipe stains as fast as possible- this protects the wood from staining. Allowing a spill to stay longer on the floor complicates its removal. There are substances that are recommended for removing spills and stains on Anderson Hardwood floors. In fact, there is a cleaning kit that ensures that the top surface remains smooth. Use these products.

  • Protect your floor using mats- dirt on the surface causes scratches on the wooden top. The mat should be placed on the entrance to capture soil and sand particles that may scratch your wood. It also gets rid of substances like plat juices that may stain your floor.

  • Trim the nails of pets- pets may scratch the surface of the Anderson Hardwood floor and in the process damage it. They should not be allowed to play on the floor. The areas where they frequent should be protected using mats.

  • Use mats strategically around the house- areas that experience heavy traffic easily get damaged. To protect them, the use of mats is recommended. These areas include sinks, walkways, entrances and lounge areas.

There are other measures that will help you maintain an excellent living space for a long time. Your floor, being wooden, should be protected from direct sunlight. This combines with protection against heat. Light cause the surface to fade while heat leaves cracks. There are Anderson Hardwood floor protectors that are used to reduce pressure on the floor to prevent indentation. Heavy objects being moved on the surface should be lifted.

A long lasting and beautiful Anderson Hardwood floor requires regular maintenance. Shoes with spikes should not be used on the floor. Heavy shoes and especially those with trends should also be removed at the door. There are cleaning substances that will damage the floor. They include those made of ammonia, wax, bleaches, polishes and oily soaps. Acidic materials like vinegar should also be avoided. Use the recommended soaps that are gentle on the surface to maintain a smooth surface.



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