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The Dos and Don’ts of Mohawk Hardwood

Mohawk hardwood ranks top among the most graceful floors. When properly maintained, it retains beauty and strength for years. Unlike tiles and cemented floors, special attention is required to maintain the high quality surface. Here are tips that will give you an excellent floor for the longest time.

  • Basic Care

The floor should be swept on regular basis with soft bristles or a broom. This is especially important for high traffic areas to eliminate gritty dirt and sand pebbles that result in a rough surface. When the dirt particles build up on the walkway, the wooden surface is scratched, leaving it rough and unattractive. It is vulnerable to elements if the coat is removed.

The vacuum can also be used to clean Mohawk hardwood floor. However, ensure that it does not have a beater bar or the power rotary brush head. The floor easily fades when exposed to UV light or excessive direct sunlight. Just like most woods, it will fade and age when left exposed for an extended period of time. One idea to ensure an even aging is to rearrange your living area on regular basis.

Protecting the Wood from Damage

  • If you have pets around the house, ensure that their nails are always trimmed. The paws should also be kept clean to ensure that they do not drag substances and materials that can stain or scratch the surface. You may lay a rag over the areas where pets spend most of their time. This ensures that their claws do not scratch the surface.

  • Wooden surfaces are very sensitive to humidity. It gets worse in the dry season because they tend to crack. The humidity over the wooden surfaces should be maintained at 35-55%. If this is not available in nature, a humidifier will do. This is also the reason you should use UV light guards to prevent direct sun heat on to the wooden surface. The sun dries the surface causing it to crack.

  • Stains are difficult to remove when they fall on wooden surfaces. To prevent the surface from soaking up these stains, they should be wiped immediately. Use the right materials, substances and methods to get rid of stains. Avoid abrasive materials that leave the surface stained. There are excellent cleaning substances provided by Mohawk. Use them to avoid compromising on the quality of your floor.

  • There are substances that might prove difficult to remove on the surface. They include chewing gums and wax. One of the most effective methods to remove them without damaging the surface is to use ice. Ice hardens the wax or gum making it easier to remove. Be gentle when removing these substances to avoid scratching the surface.

Providing Extra Protection

It is important to protect the surface even as you take necessary maintenance measures. Some of the measures include investing in heavy mats that prevent direct furniture contact with the wooden surface. You may also use protective pads on the feet of heavy furniture to avoid pressure on the wooden surface.

You should also place a mat at the entrance and exit of all rooms. This ensures that soil and sand pebbles are not brought into the house. Dirt from one room will also be captured at the door. High traffic areas should also be protected using a mat. They include the front of vanities, stoves, kitchen sinks and walk ways. The mats also reduce wear and tear though they affect the attractiveness of the surface.

You need to avoid certain actions that are likely to affect the quality of the floor surface.

  • Remove spiked shoes when walking into the room. Mohawk hardwood is very comfortable and warm to walk on. Removing the shoes prevents the spikes from damaging the floor by poking holes.

  • Follow the right cleaning procedures and use the correct materials. Some of those to avoid are damp mops, wet mops and running water. The wood soaks water and since it is indoor, drying becomes a challenge.

  • The cleaning materials used should not contain silicon, tung oil, citrus or lemon. These substances damage the top coat of this wood.

  • Harsh scoring substances should also be avoided. They include steel wool, scouring powders and metallic surfaces. They damage the floor immensely.

The quality of your Mohawk hardwood floor will depend on how well you maintain it. Use recommended substances, materials and procedures. When properly maintained, it will give you excellent service over a long time.



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