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Spice Up Your Living Room With Top-Notch Sisal Carpet

Sisal carpets are made from sisal plant. Although some people might not consider sisal as an ideal material for making carpets, here are some of the reasons why you should consider sisal carpet for your floor.

Great stair addition – If you are looking to spice up your stair cases then sisal carpets are a good match. They are coarse which provides friction for grip. However, they are more expensive compared to their sea grass and coir counterparts. On the other hand, they attract huge fitting costs compared to conventional carpets.

Hardwearing – Homeowners who have bought any sisal carpet design will attest to the fact that it’s tougher than other carpet types. However it hardly keeps moisture and therefore not suitable for use in the kitchen


If you are looking for durable carpeting material among natural rugs and carpeting options, then you should consider sisal. They are strong and tough compared to other materials such as jute.

The look of sisal is puzzling in itself. Just like other materials it comes in creamy white, beige and tan. The fibers form a woven looking fabric that can fit in with any décor. If you are looking to spice up with different colors then sisal holds dye. It can also be woven to take different looks as well. Here are some advantages of using sisal carpets

  • Sisal is biodegradable given that it’s made from plant fiber, once it has served its purpose, it will not take forever lying at your homestead.

  • Sisal comes with a low maintenance cost. All you need is regular vacuuming in order to keep it in shape.

  • It is static resistant and not very flammable

  • It is fast absorbent. So absorbent that it acts as a natural humidifier for your home. This means your home will stay cool even on hot days.


  • Given its absorbent nature, it’s easily prone to staining making it difficult to steam clean or wet shampoo.

  • It’s quite durable due to the tough material. Despite this being the case it’s still rough to touch. If softness is what you are looking then this is not your best bet.

Treatment option available for your floor covering

Despite the tough sisal nature, sisal carpets stain easily with liquids. To ensure you don’t continually suffer from stain related problems, it’s important to use a polymer coating that is sprayed before delivery

What you need to know before buying.

If you have doubts on the right carpet size, material and finding a blend that will complement your interior decor, then this buying guide will answer any question regarding the sisal carpets. You will also learn different ways to incorporate sisal rugs in your home.


Size is an important consideration if you are looking to purchase a carpet. If you are looking to cover the dining area or stair case tile then you should find a larger size. When you want to protect the entry way from dirt or mud, you should choose a sizable square or rectangular shaped carpet


Naturally, sisal is used in making tines or ropes, and this can create natural rugs that come in uniquely textured surface. Such consistencies work best in laid back and stylish living room. Also, blending the sisal with other fibers gives it a more comfortable feel and is perfect for different areas within your house. Carpets blended with wool are gaining popularity since they are softer and enticing for bare feet walking.


The nature of the carpets makes them best suited for different areas of the house. A sisal carpet wouldn’t be an ideal fit on children’s room or playroom due to its susceptibility to stain and its rough texture. However, its durable construction works well on high traffic areas.


If you are looking for a more retro sisal carpet look, consider placing round designs on top of each other either at the family room or living room. Rectangular shapes are best alternative for long rooms or under the dining table. Oval shaped are great additions when placed at the end of coffee tables. If you are looking to complement the rustic bed in your master room then sisal runner will be ideal.



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